Training Sarah PArt Five


Sarah, who now has a full understanding of what she is and how she became (or was trained) to be a submissive lesbian slut, has decided to visit her cousins house, where Sarah's world came tumbling down a number of years ago. For the full story, you should read Training Sarah Part One through Four. She arrived on a Saturday afternoon and her cousins were going to be at their mom's house on Sunday. So Sarah would stay the afternoon and evening with Aunt Judy and visit with her cousins the following day before going back to the city.

Upon arriving, Aunt Judy dressed in a light summer skirt and a cotton blouse was taken back by the sexy aura surrounding Sarah, she just seemed to ooze sex from every pore, and it sent a chill through Aunt Judy's body. Dressed in a tight fitting pair of hip hugging designer jeans, and a button up white dress shirt buttoned to give any onlooker a tantalizing view of her young full breasts and glimpses of her sheer sexy bra. Aunt Judy was no slouch, and had kept herself in great shape over the years, and having just divorced a few years ago, she was a cougar on the prowl.

Judy mentioned something about having some friends over the play cards later that evening, but encouraged Sarah to make herself at home in her daughter's room, and she would make some lunch while she unpacked.

Upon entering the room, Sarah felt many emotions rush to the surface, as this is where she was seen licking her own pussy juice off her fingers, fingered one cousin to an orgasm and licking her pussy juice off her fingers, and got caught eating her other cousins pussy right before everyone went to sleep. A shiver went through her body, causing her nipples to harden and her pussy to begin to moisten. She walked slowly into the bathroom, looked over her shoulder to make sure nobody had walked in the room, and then opened the hamper. She pulled a pair of crumpled up, dirty panties from the hamper and raised them to her nose taking a deep breath. . . they smelled just like she remembered. She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed her other hand down the inside of her jeans and past the waistband of her panties and went straight to her throbbing pussy.

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  She then looked closely at the panties, moving them around in her hand to expose the crotch, opened her mouth and stuck the crotch of the panties in her mouth and closed her lips around the panties.

Like a lightning bolt from the sky, her Aunt's voice bellowed, "What in the fuck are you doing?" As Sarah wheeled around with the panties still in her mouth, and her hand still on her pussy, she saw her Aunt's shocked face just a few feet away. Fumbling for words, she could find none, and simply dropped to her knees, wrapped both arms around Aunt Judy's right leg, buried her face into her Aunt's thigh and began sobbing. In the next 5 minutes she spilled her guts about everything. Her sister's blackmail, masturbating in the bathroom while munching on her daughters panties, fingering one and eating the other daughter, and how she was addicted to eating pussy. The chill had returned to Judy's body, but this time her nipples had hardened like bullets and her pussy was reacting much like it did when she watched porn movies. Rather than scold Sarah with contempt, she turned into Sarah slightly, causing Sarah's nose and mouth to be just under the hemline of Judy's skirt, and when she completed the turn, she rested her hand on Sarah's shoulders which positioned Sarah's nose against the front of Judy's now moistening panties.

Sarah could smell Judy's pussy, and as she wrapped her arms around her Aunt's hips and her head slipped entirely under Judy's skirt, Judy reached backwards to the bed an lowered herself slowly onto the bed.
    Wasting no time, Sarah slipped the crotch of her Aunt's panties to one side, took a deep breath, and gave her Aunt's pussy a long, deep lick, which evoked a low moan from her Aunt. Returning one hand to her own pussy, she proceeded to lick, suck and nibble her Aunt to a rather intense orgasm. Sarah then stood up, pushed her jeans and panties to her ankles, unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra. Standing completely naked in front of her Aunt, she bowed her head, and told her Aunt that she had been a bad girl. She should not have seduced her that way, and now she would submit herself to her Aunt's punishment, whatever it may be!

    After an intense orgasm, and seeing a gorgeous, naked, submissive lesbian that had just eaten your pussy in front of you, many ideas ran through Judy's head. Almost immediately, Aunt Judy said, "At my card party, you will be the waitress, you will wear a short jean skirt, you'll find a pair in the top drawer over there, and you will wear the top you came in. No panties, no bra, and you will do whatever is asked of you.

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      Once again, Sarah was in somebody else's control, her pussy was on fire, and she needed to cum. Aunt Judy pulled her panties off her legs, tossed them at Sarah and said, go ahead, suck whatever pussy juice you want off those panties while you masturbate. Go ahead, I want to watch.

    With that, Sarah began sucking on the crotch of the panties in one hand, and began to masturbate her pussy with the other. Aunt Judy just watched the spectacle and began to stroke her now naked pussy. What a find she thought, sure beats surfing porn on the internet.