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As my wet mouth introduces you to the taste of your pussy, my hard length nudges against you; demanding attention. You reach for it and wrap both hands around the stiff shaft. You rub my swollen gland with your thumbs and I moan and sway gently with pleasure. With a hungry look in your eyes, I am suddenly flipped onto my back and with lustful eagerness you pin my hands above my head with your own, kiss me hotly on the mouth and straddle my torso. Your sweet, hot, dripping pussy lips settle themselves around my length and you begin to slide up and down the shaft! Your pussy kisses the head on each upwards glide, but never quite allows entrance to the promised land. This has to be the most incredible ride I have ever been taken on, you know just how to tease me right to the edge, but not quite take me over. . . . . Aaarrrrhhh!! My balls ache with need for release and unable to stand this exquisite torture any longer, I quickly grab your hips and thrust my entire length deep inside your pulsating snatch!! God; that's good!!! You are so tight and you grip me convulsively and let out a moan which echoes my own.

Slowly you start to move up and down; the shaft gleaming hot and wet as you move expertly almost to the tip. . . . Your pace increases with the desire we both feel and I flex my hips to your rhythm.

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  . . . Your full breasts bounce erotically in front of me, the nipples so hard I could hang a coat hanger from them. . . . . I move my hands down over your smoother belly seeking and finding your love button. . . . Your whole body quivers under the attention as I flick and rub your clit. . .

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   Faster and faster we move together, bodies melded into one erotic mass; pussy and cock wanting to be bonded together forever. . . . My fingers flick you again and you convulse into a long loud orgasm. . . . The spasming of your tunnel walls is too much and my hot, sticky cum jets into you; spurt after satisfying spurt! I gasp as the last of your orgasm seems determined to milk the last drop of my nut mustard from me. At last you subside on my chest; I am very aware of your breasts against me; your nakedness against my own and even as my dick relaxes just a little, I see a look in your eyes that mirrors my own and you smile sexily and I know, that like me; you never want this to end.  After a minute or so, you roll off me and lie on your stomach next to me; one hand still reaching back and caressing my sticky cock,teasing it back into life. I lie back and enjoy the sensation, reflecting how lucky I am to have found a wonderful lady like you.  Reluctantly I move away, causing you to give up your tender mercies on my rapidly hardening cock. Sliding down the now damp sheet; I take up a position between your parted thighs as you lie spreadeagled, face-down on the bed before me.  Kneeling there, I can see a  trail of cum seeping from your sweet juicy lips.

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   I run two fingers through the rivulet and upwards to the entrance to the moist cave above. Quickly, I dip my fingers in, getting them as wet as possible, then repeat the process with my other hand. Moving both dripping hands to the gorgeous curves of your buttocks, I start to massage you with the essence of our love.  I go back again and again to your dripping entrance until your tushy is glowing wetly; my hands rubbing, stroking and kneading the demanding flesh. Taking both hands, I part your cheeks to expose your sweet, puckered little anus. I quickly dip a finger in your honey pot and run it up again to this tight hole, which is almost pouting as if it is feeling left out. Up and down my finger travels; up and down. . . making an increasingly wet track. On each pass you move your hips against my hand with growing desire, each upwards stroke penetrating your tight orifice more and more deeply. . . . With you half on your knees, I part your buttocks wide and bury my head between them.


   I press the tip of my tongue against the center of your hole and begin flicking. . . . You moan as I start swirling all around the aperture and I am all too aware of my hard dick, leaking pre-cum yet again. I shift my position so I can rub it against you and sensing my need you manage somehow to reach back and find it. I start to suck on the little asterisk of an entrance and as I do so it opens wider and wider. Your hips press urgently back into my face as if trying to engulf me anally and my tongue begins to ream you out the ribbed walls contacting and opening as your desire mounts! Now deeply settled between your cheeks, I release one hand and again seek out your clit. Your quiver and gasp lets me know that I have found my target and I synchronise  the movement of my hand to the strokes my eager tongue is making in your ass. My jaw and tongue aches, but I can't get enough and I try to go deeper and deeper with my tongue: I pray that talking is not required after this.  Taking my other hand from where it has slipped down to your sweating thigh; I reach around  under your arm so that I can cup the fullness of your breast. My tongue is going like a piston now and your clit seems to have grown under my adoring fingers. . . .

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  . Faster. . . faster. . . . . . . . I sense you tense up and quickly tweak the hard buds of nipple and clit that I have under my fingers!!!. . .

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  . With a piercing gasp you grip my head so tightly and jerk into shuddering orgasm. . . . . My tongue buried deep within feels the contraction of your anus and is reluctantly forced out. I grip your pussy tightly as the waves of pleasure roll through you then roll away panting on my back. Though physically tired, my cock stands proud and erect and needful.  When I recover slightly I can see from that look on your face that my prayers have been answered and indeed, no words are necessary. . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . .   For my DreamLover!.