Through Angie


Sometimes I can feel him behind my eyes. Seeing the world through me. Experiencing all of my senses. I cant get him out of my head until *something* happens.
I cant let this get out. I cant even believe I'm writing in this diary. But I have to hear it. Is it real?
It cant be possible. I'm a good girl. I do my homework. I take out the trash. I volunteer. This kind of thing cant be happening to me.
But I always feel the tall, slender guy creeping into me just befor something happens. Something like the other day with Missy.
Missy is the bad one.

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   The one always defying our Mom. Why doesnt this crazy shit just happen to her and leave me out of it.
We were in the pool. I was just lounging in the shallows.
I feel his mind, slipping into mine. Not taking over, just experiencing. Then Missy gives me this look. She's alwasy been bossy but this look is different. She wades over to me. I'm looking around in confusion as to what she could want.
"Do you think this top looks hot?" Missy says.
Her ample breast do look amazing. Cleavage showing through the slit between the red fabric. But she's my sister, and I cant be into girls.
She's making me uncomfortable.

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"I dont know" I say. Finding it hard to look away.
She walks up to me. Putting her hands to either side of me, blocking me against the pool wall.
"what are you doing?" I say.
She looks me up and down and bits her lip with a devious smile. Her dark brown hair trailing down to her luscious globes.
She leans in and kisses me on the lips.
I turn away in shock.
"Missy! What are you. . " She cuts me off, cupping the side of my face and pulling me in, putting her tongue in my mouth.
I instinctively begin to move my mouth in unison with hers.
What am I doing!?
She starts to kiss and lick my neck. I gasp as she grabs my breats, gently pinching my nipples.

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   Making them hard. Its all her. Why is she doing this? Why cant I stop her.
She slowly moves her hand down my stomach to my white bikini bottoms between my soft smooth legs.
I feel tingling. The same tingling like when I'm about to masturbate.
Now the man is melded into me. I'm forgetting that I'm him and he's me and we become temporarily one.
She touches my clit through the outside of my bottoms. I grab her had to stop her but she wont take it away.
"Missy stop!" I say in a hushed and alarmed tone, looking behind me remembering that Mom is due home from work any second.
My sister stares at me with lust. She plants a leg between mine to draw open my closed crotch. Holds my hand behind me.
I'm uselessly fiddling with her hand to try to stop her but I cant deny I'm becoming more and more aroused.

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We are one.
She traps both my hands behind me.
A sigh escapes my tender lips. Shes put her hand inside my bottoms. Shes rubbing a finger up and down my slit. Bolts of pleasure twitch through my body but I cant do this. I'm not doing this.
"Mmmm. . . your pussy is wet sis"
Its just the pool!
No it isnt. My pussy is on fire.
Shes rubbing my clit harder. Staring into me.
"you want me to finger you?" she asks, smiling mischieviously.

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"Well you arent going to get fucked just yet"
"But I do want you to cum befor Mom gets home. You'll get the full treatment later. "
Oh my god. I cant believe this is happening. Waves of pleasure. Shes rubbing my clit just right. I cant help it. I moan. She giggles.
"cum for me Angie, fucking cum"
I cum hard.
I feel him leaving me.
Satisfying him in ways I cant know.
Taking the experience of this act with himto his waking world. .