Three way dare (step sis and her friend)


My name is Kevin. I live with my dad and his new family. My dad got remarried when I was sixteen. I didn't go to their actual marriage, because I was too busy bangin my step sister Kimberly, but I'm sure it was nice. Anyways, this story depicts another sensual scene from my life, dad and step mom happily married, and I taking an interest in my step sister's friends. Kimberly's best friends name is Sheridan. She's hot, like 5' 4", C cup breasts, longish blonde hair and smokin hot ass. If I had the chance I would tap the shit out of it! And luckily, that chance came, along with another one of my fantasies.

Kimberly had Sheridan over, but I was too busy doing homework before the long weekend to go and socialize with them. But I did still hang out with them. They came into my room and asked me to entertain them because "I'm so funny, I'm so witty and charming, I'm a riot," I'd go on, but then I'd be boring you. . . so, we eventually got down to Sheridan yelling, "Oh my god, lets play truth or dare! you first Kevin" and I being more risky, decided to choose dare. "OK, ummm. .

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  . I dare you to. . . whip out that cock I've been hearing about. " I, astonished, glanced at Kimberly who had an expression of, "I don't know how she knew, just go along with it!" and just as I was unbuckling my belt my dad knocked on the door. "OK girls," he said, "Kevin needs to finish his homework, so leave him alone. " "Dad, its Friday, its a long weekend. My homework can wait until later," I respond. "Well you procrastinate. So finish it now, and maybe the girls can come back. " He states. I usually just go along with whatever he says, then fuck it over later and do what I want, but this could save an awkward situation, because my penis may be big when I'm hard, but I'm a grower, not a shower. My dad left and the girls followed with Sheridan saying kinkily, "I still want a peek at that cock. "

I finished my homework at about 10:30, but it was about 9:45 when my dad interrupted me, so I'm not stupid.

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   I was fried, my sister was at her friends, my step brother was out in Arizona at a lacrosse tournament, and my dad. . . dumb ass texted me at 10:32 saying that his car hit a flat out in Coppel and he and his wify would have to stay the night in a hotel. I plop down on my bed, kick off my shoes and my jeans and crawl under the covers. I fell asleep almost immediately and start dreaming about me, standing on top of a pyramid with thousands of naked women screaming and throwing tiny pickles at me (yes I've actually had that dream, don't say a word about it, I don't care what you think or know). My dreams are interrupted, however, by a delightful sensation from my cock. I must be getting a hard on, I thought. But wait, why is there giggling and sexy moaning?

"Holy shit, Sheridan," I exclaimed, realizing that my pants are down, my cock hard and my covers thrown about. She was sitting on her knees by my bed sucking my cock, but now she's kneeling just taking the "holy shit" I threw at her. "I told you," she said innocently, "I wanted to see that cock. " "Yeah, you did," I say agreeing, getting where this is going. She bites her lower lip and runs a finger down in between her breasts. She was wearing a V-neck so it was even sexier. I sit up with my legs off my bed, but still sitting on my bed, and she flings off her shirt over by the door.

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   She grabs my cock and rubs up and down, just like I'm used to. Then she licks the head, running down to my balls. She sucks them both into her mouth and licks them. God I've always wanted that. That almost knocks me over the edge, but I come back after she squeezes my cock too hard. She stands up, slowly takes off her bra and pushes me back onto the bed. She creeps up my stomach and lays on top of me. I roll her over, looking her in the eyes and then stand up, so I can take her pants off. She turns on to her stomach, and I slide her short shorts down her legs, and she flings them off, her leg still hanging in the air. I start kissing her lower back, and sliding her small panties down her legs. After I'm finished with those, I start rubbing her soaking pussy. She moans.

Just as I'm about to whip my cock out of my boxers, which I did pull back up, I hear my door open. I whip my head around and see Kimberly, looking almost in horror at what's going on, but I knew that she was getting turned on. "What the fuck is going on?" she screams.

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   "Kimberly," Sheridan says, "I, uh. . . well I said I wanted to see his cock," she stamps her foot in frustration. "And you didn't even think to invite me?" she says? "Kimberly, you're his step sister, you can't do that," Sheridan says like I'm not right behind her. While they argue I roll my eyes, sit on my bed. . . then come up with an ingenious idea, just as my cock starts to go limp.

I walk over to them, Sheridan looks up at me. I spin Kimberly around to face me, she looks up at me like "what the fuck" but before she can say anything, I plant my lips on hers and start pulling her towards my bed. Sheridan, completely naked still, stares in complete shock at what I've just done. I lift Kimberly's shirt over her head smiling as our lips part. When I can see her face again, I can see that she is biting her lower lip, and giving me that same little sign that she did the first time we went at it. "Same way as last time?" I asked coming in for another kiss.

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   "Hell yes," she says, giving me a slight push so she can take off her bra. Finally, Sheridan decides that she wants back in, "What about me, I came in here to get a good fucking, now you're gonna go and bang her?" I grab her hand, yank her close to me and pick up where I left off. I rub her wet slit while kissing her and holding her close with my other hand. "Oh my god," I'm able to pick up through her moaning and mumbling. I figure that she's deserved it, and I Burry two fingers into her. She stiffens out and goes onto her tippy-toes.

Kimberly tears my hand off of Sheridan and yanks me onto my knees while she crawls onto the bed on her back. I grab her ankle and playfully pull her towards me. I work my way over to her and grab her pants. I tear off her pants and fling them onto my TV, where they stayed all night. Sheridan sits down right in front of me, and starts sucking my cock slowly. I peel Kimberly's panties off, the same way I did the first time: keeping her legs pressed together and in the air. While Sheridan sucks my dick and plays with herself I run a hand down Kimberly's inner thigh, making her breathe in quickly and shakily. I bring my head down, slowly kissing my way up her inner thigh again, and this time, she throws her head back, runs her hand through my hair and moans.

Sheridan Licks my balls sac, then licks the length of my meaty girth.

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   She fondles my balls and licks the head again and again. But she does that thing again where she kills the oncoming orgasm by squeezing my balls too hard. But it all worked out, because I was just starting with Kimberly. I lick her slit, sending shivers through her body and tasting my favorite strawberries all over again. Just like before, I tease her. I don't rush straight to jamming my tongue in and teasing her clit, I lick around the prize, and gently rub my hands over that delectable ass. Finally, when she starts getting the motion and gets her hips moving, I pinch her clit in between my fingers and flick my tongue over it again and again. Then I force my tongue in and out. I also push my fingers into her warm silky vagina while I lap her sweet juices.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna come," she moans. Then, just as I blow my load all in Sheridan's mouth, Kimberly creams. She crosses her legs behind my back, bringing me in closer. Sheridan pulls her head away, just as my last few shots nail her tits. Kimberly goes limp, just lying and breathing heavily on my bed. She looks over at me with an erotic smile, and I move back to check on Sheridan.


   "Now me," she said giving me her hand. I laid her down on her back and threw her legs over my shoulders. She looked up at me and said, "I like where this is going. " I looked up at Kimberly who was sitting on her legs and said, "Don't sit there all alone, come over here and sit on Sheridan. " Kimberly smiled and crawled over on all fours. I put my penis right up to her vagina, looked up at her and she looked at me pleadingly. I smiled, and started prodding her. She looked up at me with hatred. I laughed. When it looked like she was just about to start yelling, I rammed every inch of myself in. She threw her head back and let out a big moan, just as Kimberly sat on her face. Sheridan put her hands up on Kimberly's hips. Kimberly looked at me, rubbing her tits and said, "I've never done anything like this. " "You've never done anything like me," I replied with a chuckle.

I faded out for a few minutes, enjoying the sensual bliss, but came back to find that Sheridan had pushed her finger into Kimberly's ass.

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   "Oh my god, yes. Farther up my ass. Oh, deeper. " She moaned feeling herself up. Kimberly creamed all over Sheridan's face. "Kevin, faster," she screamed, "I'm about to cum! Come on!" I quickened my pace and just as I felt her contract, I felt myself slip over the edge. I whipped my cock out of her and came on her stomach and her tits again. She rubbed it around like it was lotion, then brought it to her mouth. "You know," Kimberly said crawling towards me, "I'm craving for a taste of you, Kevin. " She got off the bed and on to her knees. Sheridan got down behind her. Kimberly took my cock into her hands and started licking up and down, getting Sheridan's pussy juices and what was left of my cum. Sheridan was rubbing up and down Kimberly's body, and eventually a hand managed to find a way to Kimberly's pussy.

Kimberly was moaning through my cock, and Sheridan was biting her lower lip again (man, lower lip biting is big with girls when their turned on). I leaned back against my bed, so as not to lose my balance when I shifted my weight from foot to foot.

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   Kimberly seemed to have this cock sucking thing down.
    I think she's probably had practice. anyways, she slid her hand my the length of my shaft to balls, and gave them a slight squeeze. Not too hard, not too soft, but just right. I flinched at the wave of pleasure that was sent barreling through me. She caressed my balls and got my entire cock into her mouth. Sheridan was right behind Kimberly, moving her hips up and with Kimberly's, kissing her neck and fingering her while playing with her tit with the other. "God, I'm gonna cum. " I said. Sheridan crawled on her knees over to my cock and then Kimberly and Sheridan both started licking my cock. Just as I was about to cum, I grabbed my dick and sprayed my seed all over Kimberly's tits. Just like Sheridan, she rubbed it all over, and then brought some to her mouth. "Now finish me," Kimberly said standing up getting onto my bed on her back. I crawled on top of her, and started kissing her and fondling her tits. I maneuvered my dick so that in one swift motion it could penetrate Kimberly's vagina.

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       I brought my head back and slammed my cock right into her. "Kevin what are you, uhhh," she moaned when I shoved my cock in her. Sheridan sat back against the pillows and fingered herself. I held Kimberly close to my body and pounded away at her. She kept urging me on with every moan, and kept kissing me like she'd never have this chance again (and trust me, she will). It seemed like this moment would never end, but the I noticed that Kimberly started getting tight, and Sheridan just came. Sheridan and Kimberly cum about the same time. Kimberly threw he legs and locked me in. She started yelling, Sheridan was enjoying, then I hit my mark. I withdrew and blew my load, again, all over Kimberly's tits.

    I laid beside Kimberly, panting heavily, and Kimberly, doing the same looked at me, and kissed the tip of my nose. I laughed. Sheridan came over and said, "There's no way its over, right?" "I'm pretty wiped out, sexually that is," I replied. "Well I want more," Sheridan said. "I got what you need.


      " Kimberly said kinkily. They got up next to each other, locked hands and started kissing. They moved like machinery: Kimberly and Sheridan would move away from each other, still kissing, and then come back so their bodies would touch. 'Their gonna do it,' I thought. Three fantasies in one night, this can't be the mortal world, it had to be heaven. it wasn't. We still talk about it today. Kimberly brought her hand down and started playing with Sheridan. Sheridan started playing with her tits. I started jerking off. Kimberly stopped playing with Sheridan, laid back and spread her legs invitingly. Something tells me that they've done this before, because Sheridan came right over and did the exact same thing I did. She slid a hand down Kimberly's thigh and started rubbing her pussy. Meanwhile, Sheridan started kissing her other leg, and coming in slowly. She licked Kimberly's clit a couple of times, then put her tongue and her finger into Kimberly's dripping vagina.

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       Sheridan's tongue flicked in and out, as she licked. then she reached up to grab Kimberly's tits. Kimberly creamed and then turned on her side that her tits were facing me. Sheridan did the same, but faced the opposite way. I quickly realized where this was going. I got a perfect view of both their vaginas. They were both perfect and just the way any man would want to take them. Sheridan and Kimberly inched together until their vaginas met, then started scissoring. They came back, then slammed into each other. Kimberly's tits were flying everywhere, juices were being spread and flung to the ceiling. It had to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it was quick to finish. But after they did, they rolled over to me. I was still jerking off, because I have great stamina. Kimberly grabbed me by my the hilt of my cock, and Sheridan grabbed the tip.

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       Kimberly leaned in to lick the head of my cock, then Sheridan did the same. Then she brought her face down to my balls and Sheridan sucked my long, hard shaft. I came pretty quick. Sheridan got the first wad, Kimberly got the other two. They were both good girls and swallowed. After that, we crawled under the covers and fell asleep until about 9:30, when my step brother came knockin on the door. I, not knowing who it was or what time it was, silently flung myself over to the other side of my bed. He came in, saw Sheridan and Kimberly sleeping and crept back out into the hallway, probably wondering if I was in between them. I got dressed and went Kimberly's room to finish sleeping, so that if anyone asked, we just switched rooms for the hell of it.

    I have to say, that that was one night I'll never forget. I mean three fantasies in one friggin night! Who could want more than one in a night? I can proudly say that that night, I didn't really want any, but three came my way. .