Three is the magic number


Topic: Three is the magic numberYeah, this is my first post.  So, tell me what you think.   Layla Conner flipped her honey brown straight hair over her shoulder as she closed the oak wood door to her bedroom. The room was somewhat typical. Three light grey walls, one sky blue. She had a bay window with black curtains that were drawn tightly closed. The carpet was a mix of blue and grey to match her walls. A book shelf sat catty cornered on one side of the room, a television on another wall, with a shelf full to the brim with her favorite movies. Her vanity, dresser and desk were all made of the same dark oak as the four posts on her canopy bed. The comforter was black and stuffed with a mountain of cotton. She had to have at least ten pillows on the bed, and a single dog stuffed animal sitting in the center. She walked across the plush carpet to her desk. She opened her computer and started it up as she changed into her pajamas. This consisted of a short baby blue shorts and a baby blue spaghetti strap top. She plopped down in her black computer chair and signed onto her yahoo. She sighed lightly when she saw no one of interest was on, ‘little bitch said she would be on tonight.

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   I guess she was to busy with Ryan to realize she actually has a friend…’ Layla thought to herself bitterly.   It wasn’t long before she found herself in a chat room looking for someone to talk to, or possibly have fun with. Being particularly shy, she never really tried anything with the guys at her school. Her grey eyes observed the page with slight interest as multiple messages ran through the chat room lobby. She giggled to herself at one guy as he announced to the room that he was “Horny as fuck and would like to have a girl to chat with to take care of his problem. ” It was then that a message popped up on her screen,Footballking- hey aslLilmissbitch- Hi 15/f/ny You?Footballking- 17/m/wisconsin hows it goin? whats ur name?Lilmissbitch- Good and yourself? Layla You?Footballking- a lil horny but all ight, CoreyLilmissbitch- I see, that sucks. Footballking- yeah, u think u could help me with my problemLilmissbitch- What kind of thing did you have in mind?Footballking- phone sex maybeLilmissbitch- Idk…  I’m not very good at it…Footballking- I bet u r  Footballking- come on give it a try please?Lilmissbitch- Okay, I’ll give it a try. But, I’m telling you… I’m not very good. My cell phone Number is 876-987-7698. Footballking- ight I will talk to u in a few(Lilmissbitch has signed off)Layla quickly went for her phone to make sure it was on vibrate and wouldn’t wake up the entire house. Over in Wisconsin , Corey picked up his phone dialing in the girls number. He ran a hand through his hair as he stared at his aching cock that was throbbing for attention. The phone rang thrice as he waited for Layla to pick up. “Hello?” Her voice sounded reserved, reluctant yet at the same time, sexy. “Hey,” he said in his own sexy voice.

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   “Hi…” Layla answered back slightly hesitant. “So, tell me… what are you wearing?” Layla blushed lightly when she heard the question but answered truthfully, “My Pajamas. ” “Anything underneath?” “Just some panties…” “Nice. But do you think you could take it all off for me?” Layla stood up and checked the door making sure it was locked. “Okay, I can do that…” Placing the phone down on her bed she slowly lifted her shirt over her head, running her hands over her C cup breasts, tweaking the her nipples ever so slightly. Hooking her thumbs in her shorts and underwear she pulled them down the small length of her legs. As she stood back up she trailed her fingers along her skin, leaving a trail of goose flesh in their wake.   She picked the phone back up a feeling of anticipation settled in the pit of her stomach. “Alright, all done. ” “Good, now lie back on your bed, and lick your fingers…” She did as she was told licking her fingers getting them nice and wet. “Now, I want you to trail your fingers down your neck to your breasts. Circle them around your nipples and imagine it’s my tongue and mouth traveling down your hot flesh…” Closing her stormy color lust filled eyes she did as she was told. She sucked in a shuddering breath as the cool liquid on her finger touched her skin causing her nipples to stand erect. “Heh, do you like that feeling? The feeling of my mouth on your nipples? Sucking and nipping?” “Mhmm…” Layla groaned out breathlessly. She could feel the dampness between her legs begin to grow.

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   Corey moved his hand to his cock as he began an up and down rhythmic motion. The girls small pants on the other side made his cock strain more, he couldn’t ignore it now… “Come on baby tell me what you would do to me…” Layla’s fingers didn’t stop their circular motion as she quickly thought up something that would drive the guy wild. “Well… first I would kiss you sliding my hands down the front of your chest. Then, I would start leaving open mouth kisses down your body all the way down to your hard dick. ” She could hear Corey’s slight groan of anticipation. She smiled finding the new power sweet on her tongue. Her words were his pleasure, and what better pleasure for a guy than a mind boggling blow job? “I would wrap my hand around the base of your hard dick. I would then roll my tongue around the head before slowly taking you into my mouth. ” Corey groaned louder as he imagined the girl on her knees in front of him. Sucking on his cock, teasing him. Ah, fuck. He wanted her so bad. His hand picked up the slightest bit of speed as he continued to imagine her bobbing her head up and down, while massaging his balls. “Mmm… can you imagine that? My mouth on your dick?” Her voice was sweet and tantalizing… “Yes baby, I can. ”  He groaned.

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   Knowing he was close, Corey felt the need to take control. “Baby, I want you to push your fingers into that tight little pussy of yours. ” Layla did as she was told. Plunging a finger into her wet cunt she moaned softly. “No baby, I want you push it in and out as fast as you can, Imagine my dick in that tight hole of yours. ” Layla pushed her finger in and out quickly, her eyes were closed as she imagined. She could almost feel his large member filling her then quickly pulling out only to fill her again. “Add another finger baby. ” She hissed slightly in pain as she added the second finger. She waited a brief moment for her pussy to stretch before continuing with same rhythmic thrusts of her fingers. Corey groaned louder as the girl on the other side moaned with him. He was so close. “Tell me when your gonna cum baby…” He groaned, “Fuck…” “I… I’m cumming…. ” She moaned… The second Corey heard those words he came. He sat back in his chair with a relived sigh.

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   Layla closed her eyes as her body went slightly limp. She was tired… very… tired. “Well baby, I guess I will talk to you some other time. You get some sleep. ” Layla nodded, “Yeah, you too. Get some sleep that is. ” “Goodnight baby. ” “Night. ”



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