There Can Be Only One Chapters 3 & 4


There Can Be Only OneChapter 3

When I got to my room I jumped on the bed, the girls right behind me.

“I can’t believe you made mum suck your cock” Cathy squealed.

I pulled Vicky to me and kissed her hard on the lips, my tongue pushing its way between them only to find her tongue eager to play with mine. I felt a hand gingerly touch my now flaccid cock which I knew would not respond having cum for the third time in as many hours, but what the hell…the hand felt good and even better when it snaked its way under my shorts, and with Vicky soft lips on mine I was not going to stop.

“Hey quit it you two…I am not gonna be a gooseberry here. ”

I broke off the kiss and was somewhat surprised when I realised that it was Cathy’s hand inside my shorts gently toying with it.

“Wasting ya time there sis…going to be an hour I recon before its ready to come out to play”

Cathy gave it a teasing squeeze and took her hand out.

I sat up against the pillows as the girls kind of squatted in front of me. We all burst into laughter at what we had just done.

“Think mum will tell dad…if she does we are so dead…” Cathy started to get a little serious.

“Nah…don’t think so…she may have been tempted to tell except it was her that took of her panties and dropped to her knees to suck me off…she could have just told us to go to our room straight away. ”

“Yes, s'pose so…but still…”

“Well before dad comes home tonight we will have to get some insurance”

“Like what”

“I don’t know…but we will” knowing that I would think of something before dad gets back from his golf.

I leaned over and placed my hand on Vicky’s right breast and gave it a squeeze.

Vicky drew back from my grasp slightly, more in surprise than refusal, because as soon as she realised I was touching her tit she bent into my grasp. I moulded it in my hands.

“She likes them to be hurt” Cathy piped in as she turned her body slightly grabbing Vicky’s left nipple between her fingers and thumb and giving it a nasty twist and pull before letting go.

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“Oww…I do not Cathy Gorman…its you that like to hurt them”

I looked at them both… “You two lezzies?”

Nooo they both responded in unison, before Cathy continued.

“Last night was the first time for us to do anything like that. ”

“Like what”

“You know…” they both turned scarlet.

“I don’t…tell me”

There was the usual banter between the two girls as to whether they should tell me…and who should do the telling before Cathy said ok she would. To cut a long story short and a lot of don’t tell him that, etc. I found out that whilst Cathy was brushing Vicky’s hair she thought that the brush handle was rather phallic and before long thrust it into Vicky’s mouth. From there a little horseplay and pillow fighting until Cathy had the better of Vicky and made her strip naked and masturbate in front of her whilst Cathy played with Vicky’s tits.

“Did you go down on each other?”

Vicky immediately replied with a Ewwwww

Cathy didn’t say anything but I noticed her cheeks flush.

“You want to taste Vicky don’t you?”


“You want her to go down on you then”

Cathy Blushed even more but remained silent

“Cathieee…you don’t mean you want me to do that…only lezzies do that and we are not lezzies”

“No they don’t…lots of girls do girls and that doesn’t make them lesbian”

I sat back and listened to them

“You mean you want to do that?”


“Well I don’t”

“You ate my carrot stick with my cunt juice on it”

“It tasted disgusting and I had to because your mum came in”

I was enjoying this.

“Oh yeah…and what about when you took my fingers into your mouth…you couldn’t say you didn’t enjoy that because you certainly cleaned every drop of cunt juice from them”

Vicky blushed…”That’s because you made me”

“Did not…you took them”

I could see something developing here so I decided to butt in.

“Cathy lose your skirt”


“You heard me. ”

“It’s Vicky that is your slut…get her to take hers off”

Vicky did not say anything…which was rather surprising.

“There can be only one…now take it off”

Cathy glared at me but rose to take of her skirt and dropped it on the floor.

I shifted across the bed and told Cathy to lie next to me. She looked as though she may refuse and walk out but started to get into position.

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   “Don’t think you are going to pop this cherry cause you aren’t”

I smiled “we will see”

Once Cathy was laying down on her back, propped up on her elbows she glared “Now what”

My smile did not disappear as I softly spoke. “Well as in all things animal there is a pecking order. I am at the top. At the moment in this house I would say mum is at the bottom. Now I wonder where in that order are you and Vicky”

Cathy’s mouth started to turn into a big grin whilst at the same time Vicky’s head dropped.

I turned onto my side facing Cathy as I saw her left hand reach out and take Vicky’s hair and pull it not to gently towards Cathy’s ever widening legs.

“Lick my cunt slut and make sure my little clit gets plenty of tongue action. ”

My hand automatically went into my shorts to stroke my hardening cock…surely not 4 in 4…but I defy any 15yo to watch his sister and her best friend get it on and not get a boner.

Cathy must have been like me, a first time oral experience, for within a minute she started to groanlouder as she ground her sopping cunt into Vicky’s face. I knew that she was about to cum. I stopped whacking off to place my hand over Cathy’s mouth as she was making so much noise. It must have taken just as long for Cathy to come down from her plateau as it did to get there.

Vicky for her part was now kneeling upright between Cathy’s spread legs…her face plastered in pussy cum.

I jumped up and told them not to move. Grabbing my mobile phone I took a pic of them like that.

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“Well…here’s my insurance now all we need is one of mum”

I walked over to Vicky and kissed her on the lips tasting my sister’s pussy cum.

Vicky responded and threw herself into the kiss…I knew I had her now for anything I wanted to do. I broke off the kiss.

“Nice tasting cunt you have there sis…going to have to taste that for my self. ”

“Maybe …” Cathy smiled back at me.

“So tell me sis…when spying on my computer what sites have you seen that I visit. ”

“Just about them all”

Vicky shouted “Show me…I haven’t ever seen any porn on the internet…Mum has it locked so we can’t get to anything adult”

Cathy jumped up and sat at the computer with Vicky standing right behind her looking over her shoulder

“I like the ones that involve domination and submission the best”

I smiled as I lay back on the bed listening to Vicky gasp and say wow every few seconds and are you going to make me do that…what about that…tie me up like that…to which Cathy’s reply would be always in the affirmative.

I needed a piss.

“Be right back”

The girls ignored me as they were lost in a world of their own.

I walked across the landing to the bathroom. I didn’t bother closing the door as I sprung my semi hard cock out of my shorts. Lifting the seat I let out a stream of hot piss making a loud splash as it hit the water in the bowl. Just then mum walked from her bedroom and in front of the bathroom door.

“Ross…shut the door for goodness sake that’s private…and you don’t want the girls to see”

I laughed “As if they haven’t seen my cock already”

The flow began to slow down to a trickle. Mum was still at the door her eyes glued to my cock.

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“Want to shake it for me mum?”

“Don’t be so disgusting Ross” she turned to walk away.

“Wait mum there is something I want to ask”

“What is it…hurry up I am expecting Claire…I mean Mrs Noakes any second”

I shook my cock and flushed, adjusting my cock so it sat comfortably in my shorts. I walked up to mum and stood about 2 feet away.

“You wearing panties?”

“Ross stop that…I am going to tell your dad if you don’t stop. ”

“What tell him how you took your panties off, and in front of your darling daughter and her best friend took your son’s cock into your mouth and sucked him dry…is that what you are going to tell him?”

Mums face grew ashen.

“Well are you wearing panties”

She hesitated before answering that she was.

Just then the door bell rang

That’s Mrs Noakes…I have to go…”

I grabbed her by the arm…”Not until you take them off”

“I can’t now don’t be silly…we can discuss this later”

The door bell rang again.

“Take them off”

“I have to go…Mrs. Noakes will be waiting”

“Cathy…come her please” I shouted

My bedroom door opened and out stood Cathy in just her T-shirt

Mum shouted “Cathy” when she saw her 14yo daughter naked from the waist down unashamedly showing her vagina to all…“Ohh my god…you two haven’t been…. ”

“No we haven’t mother and if we were it is nothing to do with you. ” Chided Cathy

“Go and answer the door and let Mrs Noakes in will you Cathy”

“Nooo. . . she can’t go like that she is half naked. ”

“Take your panties off and you can go and Cathy doesn’t have to.

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Mum let out a big sigh before reaching under her skirt and pulled her panties of and held them out to me.

“There is that what you want…am I humiliated enough?”

I took them in my hand and once again held them to my face. "Nice and warm but not quite so wet this time. ”

The door bell rang and mum scampered of shouting be right there. Cathy and I laughed silently to ourselves. I turned to go back into the bedroom.

“I need a pee” Cathy moved around me to get to the bathroom, and started to close the door. I placed my foot to prevent her from doing so.


“Leave it open I want to watch”

“That’s disgusting…I am not into watersports”

“Now I didn’t say I was…I am just curious…I want to see how a woman pisses”

She was about to say get lost when I opened my mouth to speak but she beat me to it…”I know…there can be only one”

She turned and sat down. I moved closer and stood just in front of her.

“Open your knees wider I can’t see”

She did as she was told but nothing happened.

“I can’t pee while you are watching”

“Well I am not moving until you do”

After a few seconds a small spurt of piss came out then stopped. Followed by another spurt and then it started to flow freely. My hand automatically moved towards Cathy’s cunt until it touched the warm piss.


I looked up to her eyes briefly but then straight back to my piss coated hand.

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   The flow started to ebb until it stopped

“You are disgusting” as she reached for some toilet tissue.

I just smiled and took the tissue from her hand. Her legs spread wider and she let out a small moan. My cock twitched. The first time I touched my sister’s cunt and it was to wipe piss from it. I dropped the soiled tissue into the bowl as she rose and flushed.

“Wash your hands pervert” she laughed and made her way back into my bedroom.

That’s exactly what I did and went back into my room.

There Can Be Only OneChapter 4

“Anyway we can’t…we don’t have one and nobody we know has one either” I heard Vicky say in a defiant voice.

“I know someone”

“What you two talking about?” I said as I passed and jumped back onto the bed. I had noticed that the computer screen was now just showing my desk top.

    “Nothing” Vicky replied rather too quickly.

    Cathy burst into laughter. “I caught her looking at your doggy porn site when I got back from the bathroom”

    “Cathieeee…I clicked on it by mistake”

    “Is that why I caught you fingering your pussy?”

    “I was not…I . .

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      . I . . . I had an itch”

    “Yeah right…anyway I do know someone”

    “Do not”

    “Mr Holly”


    “You know Mr Holly…the guy that lives in Victory Road…on the corner “

    “I don’t know him”

    “Yes you do…he is that thin bald guy that always seems to walk his dogs past our school playing fields when we are playing field hockey”

    “Ohh him. . . he always wears the same old dirty mac and has those nice looking dalmations”

    “See you already got the hots for them”

    “Do not…that has to be one of the most revolting things…” Vicky’s voice tailed off

    “Ohhh…just remembered…we have to go to the mall…I need to buy a present for my mum’s birthday tomorrow”

    “Ok…” Cathy responded quickly “Lets go and give lover boy here some time to recover…we want his cock nice and hard when he pops your cherry tonight”

    “Cathieee…who said we are going to do anything”

    Cathy pointed across to me, laughing. “Your new Master is eager to lose his virginity…see his cock is demanding a warm tight hole to invade”

    I hadn’t realised that my cock was hard and erect forming a tent in my shorts. I laughed along with Cathy.

    Cathy came over to pick up her skirt and make her way back to her bedroom to get ready to go to the mall. Vicky stood for a second and then spoke quietly.

    “Are you really going to have sex with me tonight?”

    “Buy a packet of condoms…make that two packets when you are at the mall” was my simple response as I took my cock in hand dipped into my shorts to make it more comfortable.

    Vicky gasped and ran out of the room and into Cathy’s bedroom.

    I decided to go and get a drink from the fridge.

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    As I walked past the lounge I saw Mrs Noakes and mum sitting on the sofa leafing through the latest issue church magazine. Mum was secretary or something and Mrs Noakes had come over to discuss it. Mrs. Noakes looked up as she saw me passing and shouted a greeting. I responded in a similar manner and intended on walking on until Mrs Noakes called out…

    “Ross…can I ask you something for a minute”

    “Sure Mrs Noakes. ” I went into the room and stood in front of them. I had forgotten I had a boner which outline was clearly seen beneath my shorts. Both my mother and Mrs Noakes stared at my crotch until she coughed and forcing her eyes up to meet mine, mums eyes stayed firmly glued.

    Clearly struggling with her words she managed to ask. “Are you interested in joining a camera club if we set one up in the church hall one evening a week?”

    I thought for a second before replying. “Sure…what sort of things will we be doing?”

    “Ohhh…getting in guest speakers to talk about taking better pictures…having competitions…you know the usual club things”

    “Sounds good…will there be models going that we can take pictures of?”

    “I hadn’t thought about that…I suppose we could…I am not too sure there will be many from the church willing to pose”

    I smiled “You could pose Mrs Noakes. I am sure there would be loads that would like to photograph you”

    She let out a small laugh. “I don’t think so…”

    “I don’t think Mrs Noakes will want to pose naked in front of a load of clicking cameras” mum interjected.

    Mrs Noakes looked shocked as I pretended to be.

    “Mum…I was not thinking naked pictures…fully clothed so we can practice lighting effects”

    “And neither was I Mrs Gorman”

    I could see the redness flood up all over mum.

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    “I…ummm…I didn’t mean…” mum stopped speaking.

    “Sure Mrs Noakes…sounds like a great idea…let me know when you plan on starting it” I turned and started to walk out as I heard mum trying to apologise and Mrs Noakes trying to reassure her it was alright.

    I grabbed a coke and sat down at the kitchen table helping myself to the opened packet of biscuits. Mum came in still looking rather embarrassed as she flicked on the cappuccino machine.

    “How could you do that in front of Mrs Noakes?”

    I pretended I did not know what she was talking about. “Why it wasn’t me that said they wanted to see Mrs Noakes naked”

    “I didn’t say that either…and you know very well I am not talking about that”

    “Then what are you talking about?”

    “That…”She pointed to my cock “That…”

    I pushed the chair further out into the open and grabbed a hold of my hard cock…”Oh this”

    “Stop that…” Mum turned to look anxiously over her shoulder to see if Mrs Noakes was there. While she was looking the other way I took it out and started to stroke it. Mum gasped when she turned back around.

    “Stop Ross…put it away…Mrs Noakes…. ”

    I heard the cappuccino machine gurgling behind me whilst mum was directly in front of me.

    “Jackie…mind if I use your bathroom?” Mrs Noakes spoke from the hallway.

    Luckily mum was shielding my erect exposed cock from view.

    “Su…sure…you know where it is…second on left at top of the stairs”

    We both listened as we heard Mrs Noakes walk up the stairs.

    “See…we could easy have bee…. ”

    “Suck it”


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      . . not here…not now”

    “The sooner you get on your knees the sooner you can get back off them”

    Mum sank to her knees and took my erect cock in her mouth eagerly sucking hoping to make me cum quickly before Mrs Noakes came back down. We heard two pairs of feet come thundering down the stairs. Mum tried to get up but I held her head firmly down on my cock. The girls came into the kitchen.

    “Gosh mum you are such a slut…you cock whore” Cathy chided.

    “Go up back upstairs and keep Mrs Noakes talking until Cathy calls you Vicky” I instructed. Vicky turned and ran back upstairs.

    The Cappuccino machine beeped. Mum kept on sucking hard as if her life depended upon it. I was just about there until I saw Cathy run over to the machine and took the frothy jug off the machine and brought it over to the table.

    “Spunk in here…” Cathy held the jug down by mums bobbing head. “Cum in the jug and give mum and Mrs Noakes a special cream cup of cappuccino”

    I smiled and pushed mums head off my cock and stood up. Mum just stared.



    I wanked the last few strokes before my seed went flying into the jug. Spurt after spurt. When it stopped spurting and all was left was the drops I could squeeze out I shoved my cock back into mums mouth.

    “Suck my tube clean” She did as she was asked.

    Cathy was over stirring the frothy brew before pouring it into two cups and bringing it over to the table. What she did next was total surprise. She leaned across to me and kissed me full on the lips. “I love you Master”. Mum just gasped in shock…which I believe was Cathy’s intention all along. Cathy left the kitchen shouting “come on Vicky”

    I heard Vicky shout her good bye to Mrs Noakes as she came bounding down the stairs followed by Mrs Noakes who turned the corner just as mum had risen from her knees.

    Mum looked at the coffee and shook her head. “I can’t give her that”

    “Oh yes you can mother…and you will. ”

    A more defeated look on a woman’s face could not be seen anywhere as she lifted the cups up to take them to the lounge.

    “Oh . .

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      and one thing more mum”

    She stopped as I caught up with her on my way past to go back to my room. I leaned close to her ear and whispered “Mrs Noakes WILL pose for me…and she WILL be Naked”. I walked past a stunned woman.

    Comments on or about the story very welcome and suggestions as to where you want the story line to go may be sent to my e-mail addy. Nastymann@hotmail. co. uk




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