The womans side


Most of the stories on here are men stories for men, this the other side my sideam a housewife boring middle age housewife, my life been in and around the home for years, I am not sure if my husband loves me or if I love him really I think I do, our sex life almost disappeared years ago I think he lost interest in me not the other way round
I look at myself in the mirror some times and think what the hell is happing I do my best to keep in shape my tits don't want to keep up any more my hips and ares seems huge to what they where
My husband don't seem to notice me any more his alway got some thing on mostly with his friends or its work
It was about six months ago a friend who do charity work she had been doing it over a year then asked would I like to do some you don't get paid I was bored so I agreed the works with young people that been in trouble most as no hoppers there are a few that you can help and it works most as under privileged kids
I had been there a couple of months and found I quite liked it it was three months lated I was asked if I like to join the full time team and get paid I jumped at it got mounded at from my husband but I still did it
It was not quite as easy as I thought there was six of us but one of us did what they called late call where you are on call all night if say the police had a kid and want to kick them out you pick them up and find a place for them to stay things like that
I was on late call one night and had to pick a kid up there are lots of paper work to do this one was early twenties
been fighting he was black and a right jack the lad given me loads of mouth I got him sorted
It was a week later I was on days he came in the office he had to go to court that afternoon it ended up it was given to me as I knew his case a little well he got off it seemed that was down to me the things I said for him I was pleased as much as he was I think
He had to come back to the officethe next day more paper work to do some time you never see them till they get picked up the next time but this one did turn up all dressed up flours for me he was charming thanking me I was flattered we should have some one with us and not let them in your office if you alone I know its stupid but there was only the two of us I have a button under my desk I can press if thing get out of hand and I had the desk between us and I felt safe with him Mark is his name as I filled in the forms I looked at him he was well dressed a tall good looking young man quite muscular looked fit in both senses of the word
He got chatting in a friendly way I had to stop myself I flirted back a little he picked up on it I am sure
When he left I felt as if I had been chatted up I was very flatted by that a week or so later I was shopping I was looking in a shop and some one said HI Jane I looked round and there was Mark sitting in a Mercedes my first thoughts where did you get that from he jumped out and well he came on to I got his full charm its stupid we ended up having a coffee that was to become a regular thing over a few weeks we got to know each other quite well he was by then asking me out on a date I refused till I had a row with my husband I did two things wrong I used my phone to phone Mark to see if he still wanted to meet up and I went out with him
We arranged to meet the next night like a fool I was off the rest of the week as I doing late call the week after at midday the flowing day my phone rings its Mark he gave me the come on and I took it in it made me feel good
My husband had left that morning telling me he was away the next two nights on business so I was pissed off with him late afternoon I stated to get ready to go out I was having a shower and looked down at my crouch I keep it trimmed I had quite a bush I gave it a trim a little shorter than normal this time I started to feel excited I thought don't be stupid woman its not going to be that sort of date I am to old for that now I did my makeup and get dressed I put tights on then took them off and found a pear of hold up stockings I looked in the mirror and you could see my large bra thew my blouse it didn't look right I tried another one no the same so fuck it my tits sagged so what then the skirt it was knee length that not right I found a shorter one but this one was two may three inches above the knee but it looked okay
I call a taxi I was getting nervous as I got out it was a bar a little way out I took a deep breath and went in he was there waiting a huge smile on his face he told me wow you look fantastic he gave me loads of compliments it made me feel good the best I felt in a long timeI started with a wine that went to vodkas there was music we danced
hell he could move we where soon into slow oneswith help of a vodka or two we I was holding him close he pressedinto me it was a nice sexy motion he did he kissed my neck licked my ear by the end of that dance we where kissing full on my nipples where rock hard sticking out he must of felt them on his chest he whispered time to go I must of said okay
We got a taxi back to my house he was all over me I let him I loved it inside it was the same in the lounge we ended up on my bed half dressed my top undone he kissed me and played with my tits I felt a hand pushing my skirt up it moved up the inside of my thigh my legs parted for him I gasped as his fingers touch the crouch of my very wet pants one finger found it way inside then into me god I gasped out loud I was on fire it went right to that magic spot I could feel it move inside me my muscle griped it fuck that good
He knelt in front of me between my legspulling my pants off one they where gone his head was between my thighs his tongue was like a snake OH MY GODI cum he lick my clitoris then sucked on it I had my first orgasm
in two years I was gasping I had to push him off me he was on his back I was kissing his mouth I could taste myself I pulled at his trousers to get them open then off I has one big shock coming to me and that was still hidden in his boxer shorts which was all he had left on
I moved round and lost my skirt at the same time I slowly tugged them down from his wast this thing came into view it was very black and very wide as I moved the lower more came into view there was a big vane running its
length I got them off and looked at it in ore disbelieve it was fucking huge and still it seemed getting bigger a very large sack hung under it with two massive balls in it I thought of my husbands his two would not make one of his
I touched the shaft it felt hot I lifted it hell it was heavy my fingers wouldn't meet round it I licked from the bottom to the top then down holding it up when I was at the bottom it stuck up over my head in all my life I had never seen one this big or a black one before I was a little scared as to what it may do to me inside me if I could accommodatetake it I had my doubts I got my mouth over the end and struggled to much in my mouth the slit in the end was leaking slime I flicked my tongue into it and got the juice on my lips it coated the inside my mouth
I gave it my best shot at given him a blow job
Mark rolled me on my back and was between my parted legs I looked down I am used to my husband being over me as he puts his in but Mark sat back pointing it at me it touched my pussy lips like they kissed the end laid on
them which made then roll out the end moved up and down my wet slit he pushed the end down with his fingersthere was presser on my opening he found it I took a very deep breath I had not been penetrated for months I could feel it push me apart I had never felt any thing like this in my life it seemed I was a forty two year
old vegan my muscles fort it holding it out for a seconded or two then gave up there was a pain a nice one I gaspedI could feel every bit of it move into me it really stretched me apart my hands griped the sheet under me
my legs where bent at the knee and as far apart as I could get them it slowly sank into me it touched my cervix
that parted it was pushed open as the monster worked it way inside my body I had to pant to see it that help
it didn't heart it was a strange may uncomfortable feeling like I was being pushed apart inside how deep it was I could only guess Mark was over me and still going in it touched some thing deep inside me a sharp pricking
pain then it felt as if some thing was swelling very deep inside me I then got sexual shocks I had never experienced before there was more and faster the end must be at the neck of my womb my tummy went tight I gasped my god some thing huge was building very deep in me he was jerking it gave so much movement to me
as it was so tight I tried to control the feeling then some thing came down from my belly he had pulled back and gone in a few time then it like a huge shock hit my body I had the biggest orgasm I had ever had I screamed it was so strong my hole body was shaking there where flashing lights as I got over that I had a new feeling his meat was drawing back it felt like my insides where being sucked with it only to be pushed back in
My stud was starting to fuck the movement was incredible I could feel every part of it never had I had them feelings before one more huge orgasm hit me shacking under him my legs where waving in the air my head rolled from side to side he was humping me I almost pasted out then the multiple climax started I bucked under him screaming then it was like I was pissing myself hot gush one after the other
Soon Mark let out a grunt he pushed in as far as he could the meat twitched almost swelled then pulse I did feel it he pumpedjet after jet of hot sperm into my womb he jerked inside me what seemed like a long time
He relaxed on me I had his full wight on me he lifted and I could fell is cock slipping out of me a very empty feeling inside my hole crotch was socked and sticky I lay there still panting my cunt was open like a hole in it his sperm running out of my bodyI was still having little after shocks
I was laying in a very wet patch we hugged and held each other he fell asleep first I lay there thinking about what I had doneit was the best sex of my life then some time hit me I when cold I am unprotected we don't use any consecrative my husband had a vasectomy years ago and his load must of gone right into my womb fuck to late now I nodded off for how longI don't know I wokewith Mark about tomount mehis cock went in a lot easer that wonderful wonderful feeling came back he was riding me this time not as gentle as he had been this one was for him showing what he could do and if this is it I want more he gave me multipliable orgasms and it was rear
I ever cum
We sleep into the morning he fucked me twice before he leftin the afternoon I straddled him ones I very surprised at how high I had to life to get his end in me he had me on my knees you know a day ago I would on not any man fuck me like he did or as many timesas that but with him I wanted it needed it Ilay in the bath after he had gone my cunt was open he has stretched it my back aced I felt tender inside I got out the bath and his spunk was still coming out of me by this time I had to run to the pharmacist to get the morning after pill