The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part VII


The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part VII

       Valerie had just turned nineteen when her new master Ramon directed her in her first porn film at his rustic film studio in the mountains somewhere north of Mexico City. He informed her that the title of the film which would be made in a few days would be "Sex Sacrificed Beauty. " The flimsy plot of the film told the story of a beautiful U. S. College girl who is kidnapped along with her boy friend in a visit to the Pyramids in Mexico by a group of modern day "Aztec" pretenders. She is taken to a deserted building where she is gang raped by ten men and one of their sex slaves and then sacrificed to the famous feathered serpent god of the Aztecs. The sacrifice, of course, will be faked.  

      "You will not be harmed, my lovely Valerie, but you will be fucked hard by all the men and by instrument till you are very sore in your pussy and anus. The film will be much violent. We will make a lot of money with this film in the U. S. , Europe and Asia. I will take good care of you and make sure your beautiful ripe body is not badly harmed," Ramon explained.

      The first day of filming Ramon set up the loose plot by filming the kidnap at the pyramids. Valerie and her boy friend are drugged and thrown in an unmarked van and spirited to an abandoned adobe building in the mountains. Once there the boyfriend is bound to a stake and forced to watch as the men strip Valeries tight jean shorts, tee shirt, bra and panties and take turns raping her on top of a large smooth stone.

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       "Pull her legs wide apart, Jorge while Juan and Mario hold her arms. That's it.   Camera 1 move in and get a close up of her tits and belly, then move slowly down to her bare cunt lips. Pry her cunt lips apart now Jorge and unbuckle your belt as you finger fuck her ripe pussy. Work all your fingers in there and then get your whole hand in her vagina and start to fist fuck her. Other actors call our encouragement and take off your clothes as Jorge starts to push his big thick cock in her now. Fuck her like you mean it, Jorge. Grab her beautiful tits and squeeze them hard. Luis and Manny pull her legs up so we can see Jorge pounding his cock in her deeper. That's great. Now Jorge pick her up with your cock balls deep and hold her up so  Manny can get at her tight ass hole. Camera 1 move in from the front; camera 2 get the action from the rear. Fuck her hard in both holes while you are holding her up. '

      Valerie was being held up and violated in both ass and cunt now. Jorge was sucking and biting her tits as he thrust his eight inch cock into her vigoursly as Manny fucked her ass with his seven inches feverishly pushing in and out of her rear hole the full length with each violent thrust.

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   She felt like she was being torn apart by her attackers. In spite of the pain, she began to be aroused as each of the ten men crowded around waiting for their turn to fuck her ass and cunt. This after all was the lion's part of their pay: the promise of getting to fuck a beautiful anglo girl with great C cup tits that were shaped like pears with long pinkish brown nipples. To get to fuck this lovely sweet assed chica with a shaved pussy and tight brown eyed asshole To get to fuck this beauty's ass, cunt and mouth as hard as they wanted, to pound her several times, to have their long hard cocks thrusting in and out of her a few days. This and a few American dollars was to be their reward.

      "Take her down to the ground in the dirt with one of you fucking her ass underenath while another pounds her pussy on top. Jorge take her mouth. She knows how to take a cock deep in her throat. She has been well trained. Fuck her hard. Squeeze her great tits. Come in her. I want to see her totally fucked and dripping with cum. Camera 1 focus on her cunt and ass close up. Show the cocks moving in and out of her holes.

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   Guys keep her fully exposed so the cameras can see her holes being pumped. Pull her legs out and turn her on her side so we can get a better shot of cocks in ass and pussy. That's it. Now Jorge, pull out of her cunt and spread it wide open with you hands so that camera 1 can move in close to show her cunt dripping cum and her own cunt juice. Let us see into her wide open cunt and get a good view of her clitorus and show as mucn of her violated cunt as possible.   Then roll her over on her belly and show us how her ass hole has been stretched. Get on your knees, Valerie. That's it. Jose fuck down into her ass hole hard. That's it; ream her deep. Put all eight  inches into her. Jorge take her mouth and throat. Hold her head and shove it in her. Good. "

     The ten men fucked Valerie non stop for four hours before Ramon called the off her extremely violated body.

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   Valerie was left spend and almost unconscious for the violent fucking of all her openings by the men. Her tits were bruised and she felt like they had destroyed her insides with their deep thrusting cocks. The doctor's examination, however, revealed that she was not seriously injured.

      Valerie was granted two days to recover before Ramon brought the ten males back for the second day of filming. This time he had Valerie standing completely naked by a pole. Her hands were lashed to the pole and Jorge got the fucking started by pulling one of her legs high and opening her up so that he could take her standing up. He took her cunt while the others took her ass. The fucking was even harder than the first day as all ten men continued to pound her cunt and ass in this position for a couple of hours before they released her and each one took her doggy style with her stomach pressed on a large stone  and hands tied behind her back.

Her tits hung in front of the stone and the men also fucked her throat. The men fucking her from behind fucked her asshole and then her cunt and back to her asshole pushing their cocks in the full length with each thrust.

      "Come on camera 1 get in close to get the action on her pussy and ass.   Camera 2 get a good shot of Jorge's cock ramming to the back of her throat, " commanded Ramon.

       Valerie, who was aroused in spite of herself by the rough treatment had come to want cocks driving into her hard and felt herself being driven to ecstasy as the young hard cocked men fucked her vigorously. She felt like they wanted to destroy her utterly, yet she wanted to be violated and mastered totally by the cruel men. Ramon himself was so aroused that he stopped yelling directions and joined the insane ravishing of the lovely young woman.

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   He concentrated on her lovely round ass and fucked her brown eye with vengence finally coming deep in her guts and crushed her tits hard against the rock as he slammed into her anal passage, his balls slapping her ass cheeks as he thrust down into her lovely rump.

      The third day of filming took place again after Valerie had nearly reovered from the second sound fucking. Carlotta, a beautiful Mexican girl of 18 had been hired to perform the fake sacrifice. She was a buxom girl with large full breasts and a fine well shaped ass. She wore a feathered serpent headress with feathers that fell down her back and rested on her naked ass cheeks and a belted on sixteen inch ribbed phallus that would stretch Valerie's cunt even wider than the men's cocks. The sacrifice would be shown from behind the Mexican beauty so that the viewers would complete the act in their imagination. The final shot would show a fake dagger handle resting on Valerie's navel with a red liquid that would appear to be blood flowing from her supposed impaled belly. Her body would be stretched out with her legs spread apart  and her arms stretched out on the wooden altar, her rib cage framing her deep set supposedly impaled navel. A smooth wooden block would be inserted under the back  to thrust her beautiful pear shaped breasts up with her erect hard nipples. A very erotic effect.

       "Camera 1 come in on Carlotta's back. Carlotta raise the dagger high above your head and hold it. Camera 2 zoom slowly in on Carlotta's marvelous tits for a count of three. Now, Carlotta thrust down as if you are going to impale Valerie with the dagger. That's it.

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   Cut.   Now Jorge put the fake blood all over Valerie's belly and place the bladeless dagger hilt so it looks like it is buried in Valerie's belly. The audience will assume that it has been driven completely through her. We will, of course, explain to people that it is all make believe. Valerie when we start filming, I want you thrusting your belly up into the dagger hilt with your eyes open and mouth wide open. Carlotta you will thrust the phallus into her vagina at the same moment. We will replace the 18 inch phallus with a ten inch one that you can ram into her forcefully without fear of harming her. Okay, lights camera action. "

     After the scene was filmed, Ramon took the  phallus out of Valerie's well fucked cunt and helped her up. He kissed her and told her,

      "You will have a week's break, my lovely Valerie. Then we will start our second film.

       "Yes, Master. I understand," Valerie replied.