The View


          It was a cold, yet snow-less winter night.   My wife and kids were out of state visiting relatives and would not return for another two weeks and my cock was already suffering from lack of use, so I drove out of town to The View a fairly new nudie bar about twenty minutes away to gather enjoy the sight of live and delightfully naked female flesh, garnering I hoped some fantasy material for long wait until my wife would return and service my desperate horniness.

          I had never been to The View before so everything about it was going to be a surprise for me.   While I’d been to strip clubs many years before I hadn’t been a long time and I’m sure it showed.   I settled into my seat drinking a plain tonic and lime because alcohol is forbidden in totally nude clubs in my state and enjoyed three of four dancers.   I would rate them as attractive but average, certainly not centerfold material however displaying all the right parts – if you know what I mean.

          One enjoyable factor was that dancers not on stage circulated among the patrons and I often found a semi-nude dancer sliding into my lap and rubbing her breasts in the face or grinding their sex against mine trying to encourage a private dance.   Not being in much a mood to be teased into further arousal with no place to satisfy it I kindly deflected requests for a visit to the back rooms for a twenty-dollar private lap dance.  

          One woman slid into my lap whose large breasts were barely concealed behind a nearly transparent bikini top.   She was older than the other late teen, early twenties dancers, I would guess pushing 30 plus, but in spite of stretch marks on her breasts, there was something about her that appealed even though her face was plain.   Her hands guided mine to her crouch and in the dim light I pulled her bottom to the side and found a very wet pussy.   As far as I am concerned, real arousal in a woman is the most sexually stimulating thing there is and When she asked if I wanted a private lap dance I handed her a fifty and told her to keep the change when she paid the twenty for my private dance.

          I knew the rules in gentlemen’s clubs.   No contact from the man and only contact she engages in, the client’s hands not exploring the woman’s anatomy no matter how much you want to.

  She paid for the dance and led me to a side room with a chair and pulled the curtain.   She reached down and felt my rapidly hardening cock through my pants and smiled.

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    Then she stripped and naked straddled my lap and began humping my cock the heat of her body transmitting through my jeans with no problem.   He full breasts hung in my face and she reached her hands up to guide the stiff nipples over my lips and naturally I opened my mouth and sucked, first one and then other, hearing her draw in her breath with pleasure as I manipulated her responsive and rapidly hardening tips.

          She stood and guide me to stand behind her encouraging my hands to explore every inch of her hot body moaning loudly her pussy so wet that her thighs not had juices running down them in streams, the smell of her hot vagina filling the small room.   I was stimulating her nipples, running my palms softly over her nipples while softly kneading her breasts and alternating this with very gentle twisting and tugging on her stiff, engorged nipples my cock a stiff lump in my jeans against her back. When she asked.

          “You’re married, aren’t you. ”    

          “Yes. ” I said a little taken aback at her bluntness.

          “Thought so.   You’re too good at pleasuring a woman to be single. ”

          “That’s interesting. ”  I replied.   “I though us old married men were considered uninteresting by hot young women. ”

          “It depends most men married or otherwise aren’t worth a damn, but if they’ve learned to explore and really know a woman it shows in everything they do and especially when they fuck you.

  Got kids?”


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          “Planning any more?” She asked, gasping as my finger found entrance in me wet womanhood and began working in and out amid her wetness. ”

          “No.   I fixed now so there is no chance of that. ”

          “That’s what I mean about knowing women and it showing.   You got fixed.   Too many bastards want the woman to do everything. ”

          This was already the most intimate and sexual lap dance I’d ever seen, but she turned around and knelt in front of me, opening my jeans and sucking my swollen member and then stood kissing me and whispering.   Don’t make very much noise.   This isn’t allowed. Then she knelt on the chair her back to me offering her body for my cock’s penetration.

          I hadn’t fucked someone other than my wife for 20 years but then woman’s body clung to me like a glove.   I could feel her labia clinging to my thick organ as I moved in and out of her pussy the only noise being my breathing, her soft sighs, and the sloppy wet sound of her wetness being played in by my manhood.   In just a couple of minutes I could feel the rhythmic contractions of her orgasm, her quiet sounds of pleasure and then a minute or two latter her relaxing into her post climax period and I happily fucked her using long strokes that brought ceaseless, but stifled moans.   In another few minutes I began to move faster and faster my cock now the master of her vagina, her organ forming perfectly about my organ of lust, while my hands cupped her soft breasts and her hands began rubbing her clit frantically as I neared my own climax.   I began pouring a huge load into her hot and willing body and hag contracted several times when she shuddered and came once more.

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          At last we put ourselves back together.   And she whispered.   “I usually don’t do customers, I was just really…well you know. ”

          I nodded and she continued.   “I’m off Friday. ”

          “I’ve got a hot tub…”

          “Good, maybe I can get a couple of the other girls to join us. ”

          I handed her a business card with my cell phone number and she smiled kissed me once more, then bounced out into the bar as if nothing had happened.  

          I watched as she headed for the dressing room and decided nothing could compare with what I had just seen and experienced so I headed home to await Friday.


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