The Unselfish Lover


                      ÂThe Unselfish LoverÂ(Part one )




On a nice sunny day in March, I was sitting at home alone. The small breeze of the wind had the trees waving gently at their own shadows. Cars driving by , the sounds of horns blowing, children playing, and a dog barking. The sound of a typical city.

I live on the second story of an apartment complex. I had plenty of neighbors, but I chose to keep to myself, to avoid problems with other neighbors. The majority of the neighbors were married, or common law marriage. I would sit in my window, and watch the couples go places together, sometimes I would hear them argue. It was just normal couple disagreements. Nothing major.

I was single, and hating it. I wanted to feel true love for the very first time. I have had boyfriends, but they didn’t want real love. I wasn’t good in relationships. I didn’t understand why they would end in a brief time. .

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   I don’t sleep around, nor did I tease men, to make them think I would sleep with them.

ÂI'm an attractive black woman, and it was told to me that I intimidate men. Men think because I'm so pretty that I wouldn’t give them the time of day. So I was rarely approached.

 Going through some unpleasant relationships, I would know when a man was attracted to me, but I wouldn’t give him eye contact. Fear of being hurt again. I would feel his eyes on me, and I would drop my head or look away.

Being so use to being by myself for years, I had grown custom to it. I would get on my computer and go into the chat rooms.

I had online buddies, no one I knew personally.

One day my computer crashed, so I called a friend of mine and asked her who did she get to fix her computer. She told me of this guy who fixes computers, for a little bit of nothing. So she called him and asked him would he take a look at mine. He told her he would, and she gave him my address. He arrived in 45 minutes

I didn’t know much about technology and computers.

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   All I knew was basic things, like how to surf the web, check my email, and use the word pad.

I watched him when he had pulled up in front on my building. He was driving a very nice truck.

When he got out of his truck, he was  on the phone having a conversation with someone. I had recognized him from church, and he had a distinguished look about himself. He was very handsome. I thought back to a fashion show that the church was giving. I was helping out with the children, and he was the photographer, and he was taking many shots of me, with a big smile on his face.

When he knocked on my door, I said to him, I recognized you from church, he said he remembers also.

So I invited him in, and showed him the computer. He turned it on, and the screen said something foreign to me. He knew what the problem was. He pushed a few buttons, and the Windows XP started up.

I asked him was it that simple, and he said yes, just to start it up. He then told me the other problems with it.

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   He messes around with for a while trying to find out what exactly what was wrong with it. He then excused himself, to go to his truck, to get his computer software, which are different software c. d's.

When he came back in the house, he installed, different things that I needed that I didn’t have.

Most of the time I was quiet, just watching him in amazement. He told me that it needed other things installed that he had left at home. He said he would return the following day. He then took his tools back to his truck, and he then lit a cigarette. I just started laughing, and he had a strange look upon his face. I told him I was hiding the fact that I smoke, because smoking sometimes offends others. At that point I went in my pocket and got me a cigarette and lit it. He stood there and we conversated for about an hour, and he then said he had to leave.

ÂThe next day he returned around 12:00 noon, and he brought other things to try to fix my pc. He talked about his love for computers and he taught himself everything to know by taking them apart, and finding out what makes them work. I told him I wanted to be able to get on the internet, but he said I needed something else, and he had one that I could use.

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   Well the day went by, and he stopped working on the computer, and it was time to leave. So we said our goodbyes and he started up his truck, then he rolled down his window and told me to look for his earpiece to his phone, he think he left it. So I said okay I’ll go look right now. He then said no don’t look right now, wait, it'll give me a reason to come back, and I smiled.

That told me that he was attracted to me. I thought to myself, damn, he's married.

The next day he came back, but now it was different, because I knew he liked me, and I kind of liked him too, but I figured he was married. When he walked in the door he had a computer with him, and he told me that mines had major problems, so I could use his. He didn’t even know me but he gave me one of his. That’s when I seen that he was a very nice man. I really appreciated that.

ÂHe set up the internet, and put special things on it for me, and personally set it up like it was mines. He was very thoughtful.

I took the computer in my bedroom, since he set it up for my personal use.


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   It should be in my room for easy access.

The days went by, and I looked forward to seeing him. Now after he has everything set up for my use, he then started showing me how to use everything he had installed on the computer.

  When I would type something and got stuck, he would put his hand over mine to move the mouse, he done this frequently.

He told me that he enjoyed our conversations, and I did too. I then asked him was he married, and he laughed, and said no.

That was a breath of fresh air. He made frequent visits. As a matter of fact, he came over every day.

One day I as I sat at my computer, he just stared at me, and planted a kiss on me. I was so in shock, I didn’t know what to do, but kiss him back. But the kiss was aggressive, and I didn’t like it. But I didn’t say anything about. It got to the point that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. But the kisses I didn’t like.

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   He is a very understanding person, so I decided to gently discuss the issue.

I asked him would he mind if I showed him how I would like for him to kiss me, and he agreed. So I kissed on his lips nice and sweet. I licked his lips with the tip of my tongue. then kissed him softly, and slid my tongue in his mouth, barely touching his tongue with mine and ourÂlips met, and from there it was the most passionate kiss ever. He got aroused and I felt him, and it made me hot.

We stared into each others eyes, and he said he could get use to that kind of kiss because he enjoyed it. I asked him what sign was he, and he told me that he was a Scorpio, and I smiled and told him I was also. He then stated the myths about Scorpios. I told him, it's true, we are very sexual people.

We had gotten comfortable with each other now. We started sitting in his truck to the wee hours of the night just laughing, talking and getting to know each other. This became an everyday thing.

ÂOne night as we were sitting in the truck, he had parked in my mom’s driveway. He got in the second seat and relaxed and asked me to join him, so I did.

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   He held me in his arms, and we just talked and listened to music. We fell asleep for a while, just being so relaxed in each others arms. It felt so good to be held, and not expected to put out. This was a real man. He never made a move on me, and the intensity of the sexual side of us was there, but it wasn’t rushed, it was time consuming. We had plenty of times to make love but we didn’t.

He told me that he didn’t want to make love to me; he just wants to taste me. So he kissed me on my neck, released the snap of my bra, and licked on my ears. He so understood when I told him that I had never expressed with anyone before.

I told him while he was licking on me that I’ve never felt an orgasm. I have had wet dreams, and the feelings I would get in my vagina I never had felt in reality. I also told him that I would masturbate from time to time, but I wanted a man to give me that pleasure that I gave myself.

ÂHe took his hand and slowly moved it down while he was kissing me, looking into my eyes with the deepest look of concern on his face. He told me he's going to be that man. He explained to me that many men don’t have enough patience to satisfy a woman’s need, they only think of getting there orgasm, not hers.

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   He explained to me as he was touching me that he was there to satisfy my sexual needs. As he kissed on my neck, he moved his fingers down, and unbuttoned my pants. He slid his fingers inside of my panties and started to caress my vagina, it was very pleasing. He then looked into my eyes, and told me, that after him, I wont settle for less.

He put his finger inside of me, and asked me did I like it, and I moaned yes to him. He told me to tell him where to touch me. In detail I told him where my hot spots are. He touched me, and caressed me with such sensual looks at me. He knew I wanted him, but he didn't give himself to me. I told him, I wanted him, and he said not yet boo. He told me to just lay back and enjoy what he was about to do to me. I was totally relaxed with him, I loved him every second that he spent making love to me with his words and his hands. Finally the moans got louder, his strokes were more aggressive. My body was on fire. Every inch of my body, was trembling with desire.

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   I told him I love him, and then he pulled my panties all the way off. He began to suck on my breasts, then he told me now he wanted to taste my cum. So he started licking me from head to toe. Moved his way back to my mid portion and licked on my stomach, then he opened my legs, and kissed me on my inner thighs, licked on my second pair of lips, my body was feeling something it had never felt before, and we hadn’t even had sex yet. Then he opened up my vagina and licked up and down, and all around. He stuck his tongue inside of me and tongue fucked me. The feeling was so intense. He constantly asked me did I like the feeling, and I just moaned yes to him.

That warm feeling of desire, was like oh my God, what is happening to me. I clutched on to his hands, and called out his name, and told him I love him so much. He got more aggressive, my body was about to explode, I held on to him for dear life, then all of a sudden, my vagina started throbbing, and pulsing, and I came. I moaned so loud that I had to grab on to something to cover my mouth. He was so into satisfying me that time went by in an hour and thirty minutes, that we didn’t realize how long he had been down there.

The tension was high, because we were sitting in his truck parked in my moms driveway, but it felt so good that if the police had come I wouldn’t of let him stop.

After he made sure I was satisfied, he got up, kissed me, and told me he loves me too.

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   I never have had an experience like that.

He still wouldn’t make love to me, and he knew I wanted him. But he refused to. He said he was here to satisfy my needs, but in due time I'll get all of him.

The days went by, and we were very close, and I was so much in love with this man.

    He told me how beautiful I am, he told me I am his princess. He started bringing me gifts. Taking me places, and keeping my gas tank filled up.

    ÂAs the days pass we were inseparable, when you saw him, you saw me. He constantly hugs me and show affection to me.

    He finally told me that he had been wanting me from the first time he saw me. He said he just wanted to fuck me, with no strings attached. But when he got to know me, he wanted a relationship with me and fell in love with me. Â

    I still had issues from my past relationships, but I wanted to be with him. He was different.


       So caring and giving. So sincere.

    I loved everything about him. He wanted me to masturbate in front of him. So I did. He wanted me to give myself multible orgasms.

    As I touched myself he had a look of amazement on his face, he got aroused by just watching me. Watching my facial expressions he was also rubbing and touching on me.

    Looking back at my past relationships, they were nothing compared to this. .

    As the month progresses we done normal things that couple do. He took me shopping, holding on to me while we're walking. He shows so much affection, till I still think i'm dreaming, but I pinch myself, and realize it's not a dream it's reality.

    One night he said he wanted to take me for a ride, so I agreed to go, and he took me to this beautiful place called Paradise. He blindfolded my eyes, a few minutes before we arrived there.

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       He said to me tonite will be a night to remember. He stopped the truck, got out and opened my door. He took me to a room and told me to put on the dress that was hanging in there. He told me to put back on the blindfold when I was dressed, so I did. He took my hand and told me not to peep. So I didnt, but my ears were open to the sounds I heard around me. I heard the sound of water, soft music, and the smell of something that smelled very delightful. He led me thru some doors and up a couple of steps. He stood behind me, and pulled out a chair, and had me to sit. Then he removed the blindfold from my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I was speechless. I was in paradise. This place so beautiful, it had ice scultures all around.

    A waterfall of champagne and tropical fruit to be eaten. The table was set for two.

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       It had fruit, champagne glasses, hand sewn napkins. The food was delicious. He fed me from his plate, I fed him from mine. He got up out of his chair, and came on my side of the table, and reached for my hand, for us to dance. The music that played was music that you don’t hear much. It was very sensual, romantic music. I enjoyed it. We danced and held each other; he once again told me that he loved me.

    As we danced the manager of Paradise came and whispered something in his ear.

    He then cut our dance off, and with a smile on his face, gently pulled me towards him, and said lets go. So I grabbed my jacket and he helped me put it on, and he told me to put back on my blind folds.

    I felt my heart race, thinking what else could be going on. He led me to an elevator. I could hear the sounds of the floor stops, and the feeling of going up. He looks at me and said what are you smiling at? I was saying to myself that this man is one that is extremely romantic, and I love every minute that he shares with me.

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       Finally we reach the designated floor, and we get off of the elevator, I can feel him gripping my hand tighter. He says to me just be patient boo, I feel your going to bust, you have to remain calm and patient. I was about to explode. So I took a deep breath, and exhaled. I then heard the door behind me close. He then reminded me, that after him, if it be any man, that he was going to have to know how to please me in all ways.

    He still would not let me take off the blind fold, and had me to sit on a chair. He told me again not to peep, as he excused himself. I then heard the sound of running water. Curiosity was building up, and I wanted so bad to peep just a little, but I knew that I was in good hands, and didn’t peep.

    My other 4 senses had been kicking in strong, since he had me blindfolded. I could smell the fragrance of fruit, and he knew that I love fruit scent fragrances. I also heard the water suddenly stop running. Shortly after hearing the water stop, I could feel him at me knees. ÂI felt around, and touched his face, I felt for his lips, and pulled him close to me and I wanted him to know how much I’m enjoying it, and I kissed him on his soft sweet lips.

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       He then caressed my legs, from thigh to toe, and pulled me closer to him and unzipped me dress. He took his time and gently pushed down the sleeves of my dress, as he kissed on my neck. Once he had the dress midway down, I felt him stand to his feet, and pull me up to him, and continued to unzip the rest of the dress. It fell to the floor. I felt a quick breeze come upon me, as I was so hot for him.

    Still being blindfolded he guided my hands towards his chest, for me to unbutton his shirt.

    But I unbuttoned his pants first, unzipped then and let the fall to the floor. At the same time, we both stepped away from our garment on the floor. He told me that he’s going to make this a night that I’ll never forget. I proceeded to unbutton his shirt, and I kissed on his chest. I went to his left nipple, and gently started to bite and nibble on it. He was getting aroused and I was having a feeling of ecstasy. He guided me to the bathroom, I knew because I felt the coldness of the floor under my feet, and I could feel the vibration of the Jacuzzi. He told me that he wants to wash my body, and me wash him. He led me to the Jacuzzi and told me to lift up my leg and step in.

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    The water was just right. ÂI felt bubbles all around me, He took a small drop of bubbles and put it on my nose, and licked it off. He then said aren’t you tired of the blind folds? I said I’m in paradise baby. So he then removed the blind folds and the place was beautiful. The bathroom was huge.

    The counters had two sinks with golden accents. There were pink and red rose peddles surrounding me and in the Jacuzzi. Candles were pink and red. He said the red represents his love for me, and the pink is my favorite color, and it also represents marriage.



    Â (to be continued)