the Tessa story 4


On the way to a Party (Part 1)
By Voodoo

Ok, So there I was sitting buck naked cover in oil, when all of a sudden: Well it looks like I got your attention now so I guess I can tell you about something that happened to me. My husband and I have always had a great marriage. We try to figure out ways to spice it up once in a while. My husband has tried to tell me over the years he would love for me to be submissive, to try bondage, and things like that. Well I have finally given him the approval for bondage which if you read Tessa’s first time bondage you would know. In a way I have been submissive, but not the way he meant. So I finally gave in and told him I would be. We went out bought me a collar, we got some other gear that we thought we could use. We started searching for like parties or clubs that we themed for masters and submissive’s. We finally found one and decided to try it out. So one Saturday night we sent the kids to the in laws and we set up to go out. I dressed in a black mini skirt with a black halter top. I didn’t wear a bra that night or panties. I also put on the collar my husband made for me. Its says my name in the front. Its purple with pink liner and has skulls on it.

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   I made sure I had it set right then went in to my closet for my thigh high black boots with a six inch heel. Now I am five foot two inches with no shoes on with the boots I stand five foot eight. About the same height as my husband. I went downstairs to wait by the door for him. He came down wearing jeans and a t-shirt with skull print in it. He had his boots on that he always wears. He had my leash in his hand. He connected to my collar and led me outside to the car. After we started going down the road he toldme to lean down and give him a blowjob while we were headed out. With out asking or saying a word I leaned down and unzipped his fly. I freed his cock out of his pants and noticed he was also not wearing underwear. I slid my mouth over the head of his cock and slowly started to slide his cock in and out of my mouth. I would lick the shaft, and head and then go balls deep down my throat. When my chin hit his balls I would work my tongue out and flick it across hit ball sac, then slide his cock back out of my mouth just to go back down it again. I felt my husbands rigid cock growing in my mouth as I kept up a good pace.

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   Now ever since we stated playing Dom / Sub we have had a lot of fun so far. He really tries to show his mastership over me when I have the collar on. I was really working his cock over when I felt the car stop. I knew better then to sit up and look, so I just kept sucking his cock until he told me to stop and put his cock back into his pants. I did as I as told and now sitting up I saw that we were in front of a party store. He must be picking up drinks for us to have while we are at this Dom party. He told me to get out too. I did as I was asked and he put the leash back on my collar. I followed him in to the party store and he led me to the coolers. As he stood in front of them, he told me to continue with the blowjob I had started to give him in the car. Again I did as my master wished and dropped to my knees and took his cock out of his pants and placed it back in my mouth. I kept sucking his cock while he just sat there looking at all the different drinks I could see the guy at the counter trying to see what we were doing but he couldn’t see down the isles to clearly. I looked up to see my husband smiling. I heard the clerk say something, but couldn’t make it out. My husband told me to stop and put my cock away.

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   I did as he wished and replaced his cock in his pants. I rose back up and followed my husband to the front of the store. I heard him say something to the clerk and couldn’t make it out. We got to the front of the store and my husband again ordered me to continue his blowjob in front of the clerk. I got back down released his cock and placed it back in my mouth. I started sucking my husband as the clerk watched from behind the counter. My husband told me to stand up and lean over the counter and I did as I was told. He spread my legs I felt his hands rub my pussy then felt him place his cock into me. He started fucking me in front of the store, in front of this clerk right there with me bent over the counter. I saw the clerk unzip his pants and start to stroke his cock. I guess my husband also saw this, he told the clerk if he wanted to make a deal he would let me do things to him if we could have our stuff for free. The clerk agreed to this and my husband told him to sit on the counter. He did as he was told and dangled his legs off the counter with his cock in front of me. He had a pretty nice cock, he was uncut, about 7 inches and maybe a inch thick. My husband told me to replace my hand on his cock with mine.

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   I did as I was told as my husband kept fucking me from behind. I started stroking this clerks cock and it actually grew some more. Come to find out it was a decent 18 inches of cock in front of me. My husband told me to give the clerk a blowjob as he released my tits for the viewing of the clerk and he kept pounding away on my pussy from behind with his own cock. I did as I was instructed and started to slid my mouth over this clerks cock. I slid him as deep in my mouth as I possibly could get it in. I kept sliding it in and out of my mouth as this clerk started to moan and tell me how good it was feeling. My husband removed his cock from my pussy and bent down and started to lick and suck on my pussy. I was going to town on this clerks cock when my husband stood back up and told me to climb on the counter with the clerk and slide his cock in to me. I did as I was told and climbed up on the counter. I lowered my self to my knees with my pussy just above this clerks cock. I grabbed it with my hand and placed the tip of it at my pussy and slid down onto it. It actually felt really good being in my pussy. I have never actually been with a uncut penis before. It felt really different, hard to say why, but it was.

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   I started to ride this clerks cock as my husband stroked his own cock. I was riding the hell out of this clerk, moving my hips back and forth and raising up and down on his shaft. We heard the door chime go off and the clerk didn’t even stop. He kept fucking my pussy. I looked over and it was a couple. They saw us and stopped dead in their tracks. We kept going as my husband walked over and started talking to them. The clerk at this time slid out of me and told me to get off the counter. I did as I was asked and he positioned me like my husband did previously. He had me lean over the counter while he got behind me and slid his cock back into my wet pussy. I looked over and saw that the couple was still watching us as my husband sat there talking to them. Next thing I saw was the female was removing her top. I saw my husband reach out and fondle her tits as the store clerk was slamming his cock deep into my pussy. My husband said something to the male, and he started to unzip his pants and drop them to the floor. The female looked shocked as he did this, but didn’t say anything as my husband leaned down and start to lick and suck on her nipples.

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   The male started to walk towards the clerk and I. I saw my husband remove the females bottoms and started to caress her body. The male finally got over to us and the clerk told me to get on all fours on the floor. I did once again as I was told and the new male got in front of me and placed his cock at my mouth which I eagerly started to suck while the clerk reentered my pussy again. I cold see my husband had this other females panties off and he was on his knees eating her out. I saw him reach up with his finger and start to finger her while she watched me blow her man, and get fucked by this store clerk. The clerk asked the guy if he wanted to try me out. The guy said hell yeah and they switched places. I now had the clerk back into my mouth and this new guy entering my pussy. As he was sliding into me I watched his girlgeton her knees in front of my husband and take his cock out of his pants. I saw this girl take my husbands cock and start to give him a blowjob as her man was fucking me from behind. The clerk started to tell me he was going to cum and I heard my husband tell him to just blow his load in my mouth. The clerk started to fuck my mouth faster as he started shooting hi load into my mouth. Her man was really giving it to me at that point from behind. I could see my husband was taking charge of the female as he held her head and was forcing his cock into her mouth teaching her what it is like to have your face fucked.

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   After the clerk was done shooting his load he thanked me and pulled out of my mouth and put his clothes back on and went back behind the counter. he man asked me lay on my back, so he can get on top of me. I did as he asked and I could see my husband grab the females hand and lead her towards us. My husband told her to get on her knees next to me so our faces we next to each others. I felt her man slide back into me drenched pussy and I watched my husband enter her pussy from behind. He told us to kiss and we did as we were told. Her man was fucking me fast and furious as my husband was sliding in and out of her pussy. We were making out and the clerk was watching this fuck fest happening in his store. Her man started to really moan while he was pumping into me, at this point and time between my husband, the clerk, and her man I lost the count of orgasms I had. He started to say he was going to cum and my husband told him to just cum inside my pussy. At that point the took my legs and bent the over his shoulders. He was fucking me deep while his girl and I kept making out and my husband kept fucking his girl. She started to moan more loudly, so I figured my husband had to put his finger into her ass at this point. He man stopped in mid thrust and I felt the first wave of cum shoot out of him, as the first shot came out, he started to pump into me again to make sure it all came out. My husband told his girl to lie on her back, and she did as she was told.

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   My husband folded up her legs to where her knees were in her chest and reentered her as her man was finally getting limp in my pussy. He pulled out and sat on the floor. I rolled over on my belly and started to clean his cock off for him while we watched his girl get fucked by my husband. My husband was just pounding in and out of this young girls pussy with his cock. She was basically screaming her moans. My husband pulled out of her pussy and started to place the tip of his cock at her asshole. She stopped him and told him that she has never had anal sex before. My husband told her that he guesses that it is time for her to try. My husband pushed his cock into her tight asshole. She jumped at first and my husband worked in the tip. He was sliding in and out of it as the clerk was watching from the counter and her man was watching while I kept cleaning off his cock from my juices and his. Now my husband had the tip worked into her ass. My husband was still working it in as she was screaming over and over that it hurts and she was going to cum. Now my husband was starting to work it faster and faster and more and more into her ass. She was now grabbing and squeezing her nails into her mans leg as my husband was almost to the hilt in her ass.


   I slid his cock out of my mouth and leaned over and started sucking on her nipples and kissing her lips. Now my husband has had his whole cock into her ass and just left it there to let her ass adjust to it. Her man got up walked over to his clothes and grabbed hem and brought them back to put on while he watched the show. My husband started to once again slide in and out of her ass.
    He was picking up the pace as he was doing this. Now he was pounding his cock from tip to hilt in her tight little ass hole making sure she felt every thrust. He let her legs slide off his shoulders and moved them together off to the side and started to reposition her in her side. Now her ass was even tighter and he kept pounding that ass. She was moaning so loud. I kept working my mouth over her nipples and kissing her mouth as my husband slid his cock in and out of her ass. When my husband felt he was getting ready to cum, he would pause and just leave his cock pulsing in her ass as she caught her breath again and we would kiss some more. My husband told us to stop kissing and once again started to reposition her again with out removing his cock from her ass. He folded her legs under her and actually lifted her off the floor with his cock deeply buried into her ass. He walked over to where some boxes we stacked and sat down on them with her in his lap. Once again he started to move in and out of her ass while she sat in his lad.

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       He demanded me to come over and to start licking her clit. I did as I was told and got on my hands and knees and started to lick her clit and pussy as my husbands cock was meters from my face going in and out of her ass. She was exploding as my husband was filling her ass with his cock. The Clerk and Her Man just watched the show when my husband announced he was going to cum. He pounded into her as fast as possible while he filled her ass with his cum. I kept licking her clit as she had another orgasm. When my husband was finished he eased her off his cock and demanded me to clean him off. I did as I was told and put my husband into my mouth as she stumbled to go put her clothes on. When my husband was satisfied with how clean his cock was he pulled out of my mouth and told me to get dressed. We both got dressed, grabbed the stuff from the store, thanked everyone for the fun we just had and left.

    We got back on the road and went toward our next location. My husband decided he wanted to go to adult movie theater where they only play x rated movies at. We had one in the area, but nether of us has ever been there before. We got to the theater and bought our tickets. I can’t even tell you the name of the porn movie that was playing.


       When we got in side he lead me into the theater. We saw maybe a dozen or two males in there and about 3 females. We sat in the middle of the theater and started to watch the movie. When we got to the beginning of the next sex scene he told me to remove my top. I did as I was ordered and he started to play with my tits. I noticed that a few of the guys started to look our way. When that scene was done he told me to remove my skirt. I did as I was ordered again and he started to run his finger up and down my clit. I saw even more interest was on me then it was on the movie. He was inserting his finger in my pussy, while all these guys were just staring at us. I saw a few even had their cocks in their hands stroking them. My husband pulled his cock out and told me to get on my knees and to give him a blowjob. I did as I was told and got on me knees in front of my husband and put his cock into my mouth. I was giving my husband head, when guys started to surround us. I heard some mumbling and heard my husband answer a reply.

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       My husband told me to stand up while I was giving him head. I did as I was told and stood up. He told me to spread my legs for everyone to see my pussy. I did as I was told. Now I hands running all over my ass, back, and legs. My husband ordered me to stop and kneel on the chair next to him. I did what was ordered and knelt in the chair. He got up and came around behind me and inserted his cock into my pussy. Another guy that was watching asked my husband if he could get some head from me and my husband said yes. My husband told me to blow and cock that was placed in front of me. In the mean time my husband was pounding my pussy. The guy stepped up in front of my face and I looked at his cock. It was really small but thick. I took him in my mouth and started to give him head. I still felt lots of hands all over me.

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       I saw from the corner of my eyes that the other girls there were either sucking or fucking people there too. My husband was fucking me hard and fast, while this guys cock was in my mouth. I felt the cock in my mouth twitch and felt him cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed it all. He pulled out of my mouth and thanked my husband. My husband asked him if he would like to fuck me too an the guy said he would like that. My husband pulled out and stepped to the side and this guy I just sucked off took his place there. In the mean time another cock appeared before me. This time it was black, long, and thick. I did as I was already ordered and took into my mouth as the other guy placed his cock into my extremely wet pussy. I was sucking off this big monster cock as the other guy pounded my pussy as hard as he could with his cock. I felt him start to pulse in my pussy and he was telling my husband I had a very tight pussy. The black guy in front of me grabbed my hair and started to force my mouth further down his monster cock. I felt the cock inside my pussy shoot its cum in side of me and then pull out. The black guy in front of me said now it was his turn for me and pulled out of my mouth and walked around behind me.

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       He told my husband since the guy before him filled my pussy he wanted my ass and my husband told him he could have what ever he wanted. This black cock filled my ass, as another cock was put in my mouth. For the remainder of the movie my pussy, ass, and mouth was filled by all the guys that were in the theater. They rotated between me and the other girls that were there. When the movie was over and I was filled and drenched with cum filling all 3 holes. My husband and I left.

    My husband so far has been enjoying his control over me. We were back on the way to the party. We got to the place the party was being held and there were a lot of cars there. Which means a lot of people there. We got out of our car and walked up to the door.

    Now I will continue the story In Part 2.




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