The Sleepover


The Sleepover
by Eric

When I was fourteen years old I had my first sexual experience with another person. Which happened to be my best friend at the time. I was fairly new to the area and had only lived there for a few months but had met Andrew at school and we became good friends in a relatively short amount of time. So as many young teens do I invited him over to spend the night at my place. Which Andrew agreed to eagerly.
Andrew came over after school and we did the usual played video games and watch movies and occasionally sneaking out for a while to smoke cigarettes we stole from our parents. However, it is what happened later that night that is far more interesting. As we got ready for bed Andrew began to wonder where he was going to sleep and I said I had a sleeping bag for him and he could sleep on the floor. He then asked why he couldn't sleep in the bed with me, which was a queen. I really didn't know what to say I had never slept in the same bed with another boy. But I hesitantly agreed to let him sleep in my bed which he told me that I wouldn't even know he was there.
I came back from the bathroom ready for bed dressed in a pair of loose short and a t-shirt and walked into my room to find Andrew in nothing but a pair of tight white briefs. Andrew was thin and had a wiry framebut still lean and he had beautiful pale skin with a light pink hue. I ask if he planned on sleeping like that and he laughed and told me that is how healways sleep. I just shook it off and got into bed which Andrew then followed and I soon feel asleep. .

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  . . at least for a little while.
I woke up to a strange feeling on my inner thigh, it was Andrew's hand rubbing me. I threw his hand away and yelled at him what he thought he was doing. He apologized and told me that he thought it was his thigh and he didn't mean too. I told him not to do it again and then tried to get some more sleep. But before I could I felt Andrew rolling in behind me pressing his body against mine. He pushed his crotch right against my butt and I could feel his hard member right through my shorts. I turned to face him when I felt his hand just fully grab my balls and squeeze gently.
"Your balls are so full of cum Eric. You know you need to relieve them every once and a while?" Andrew whispered in my ear.
I just lied there as Andrew groped my cock and balls through my shorts and breathing heavy in my ear. He leaned in and told me "I'll stop if you want me to just say the word". But I was still shocked and didn't know what to do so, I just lied there in silence.

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Since I didn't say anything Andrew didn't stop. He put his hand on my stomach and slid it right down into my shorts. He was now tugging and squeezing handfuls of my cock and nuts.
"Oh my god, your balls are so big. " Andrew said as he softly tugged on my nuts.
"See you like it, don't you?" he spoke in to my ear. I rolled over on to my back and Andrew just smiled at me as he grabbed my shorts on each side of me and yanked them down around my knees.
"Well, well, well, what have we got here?" Andrew said as he looked at my exposed cock. I couldn't believe another boy was looking at my cock, I didn't know what to do. All I did know is that it felt good and I didn't want to stop. Andrew looked at my cock and balls carefully only occasionally adjusting my penis to look at another part of it. He finally grabbed the head of my penis with his thumb and index finger and pulled firmly on my cock.
"What the hell are you doing?" I asked.
"I don't know just playing with it I guess. This is the first dick other then my own I have ever messed with.

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  " he replied. I then told him to treat my cock nice and he agreed.
Andrew took my balls in his right hand and just began to fondle them and gently squeeze. While with his left hand he had made a ring with his index finger and thumb andwrapped it around the shaft of my cock and slowly began to stroke. I began to moan and tremble with pleasure.
"That's it Eric, just enjoy my hands working your cock. " Andrew said. I felt like I was about to exploded when suddenly nothing. I opened my eyes and saw that Andrew had just stopped.
"What is it? Why did you stop?"looking at him sitting on the edge of the bed I asked.
"I could feel you throbbing and could tell you were about to cum. " he said
"And?" I said forcefully.
"And I didn't want you to cum before. . .

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  . . . "he mumbled quietly.
"before what!" I shouted.
"Before I got to taste it. "Andrew replied.
"You want to suck. . . my cock?" I asked and he shook his head yes in response. I grabbed my cock at the base and gave it a good wiggle at Andrew to let him know he can put his mouth on me. Andrew pulled me by my legs to the edge of the bed so that he could be on his knees in front of me. At first Andrew did nothing. He just held my cock and in his hand with tip of my cock about an inch or two from his mouth.

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  I could feel his hot breathe on my cock and it excited me to know a hot wet mouth was soon to follow. I look down at Andrew and he looked right in my eyes and began to lick the tip of my penis. I began to moan an squirm from how good it felt. Andrew would lick the tip up and down then twirl his tongue all the way around the head of my cock. It was unbelievable I had never felt some much pleasure on my cock. Andrew continued to just lick the tip and all around the head for awhile till finally I snapped.
"You gonna suck it or what?" I said sternly.
"Okay, okay" Andrew said as he took my cock in his warm mouth. My cock was wrapped in moist warmth and I was loving it. Andrew began to work his mouth deeper and deeper till he was at the base. I began to put my hips into it and before I knew it I was giving Andrew's mouth a nice slow fuck. Andrew seemed to be in heaven as my cock slid in and out of his throat. Andrews spit and slobber slowly began to run out of his mouth and down my cock and balls. Andrew would just moan and catch his breath as my cock slid out of the back of his throat and then loudly slurp my cock back down. My pace began to quicken and Andrew started to twirl his tongue as he drove my cock deep into his throat.

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"I'm gonna cum" I said as I put my hand on the back of Andrew's head.
"Mmmmmmm" Andrew groaned as I released four hot spurts of cum right into his warm mouth. Andrew pulled his mouth off my cock and look up with a slightly sick face and franticly looked around for somewhere to spit my cum but gave up after a few seconds and looked right at me and gulped it down.
'"Did it feel good?" he asked.
"Oh god yes, but you can't tell anyone. " I said forcefully.
"Like i was going to. " Andrew said sarcastically. "But can we do this again?" he timidly asked.
"Ummmm. . . yeah I guess so, I mean I did have fun. " I replied. Andrew slimed at me and we got washed up and back into bed and finally got to sleep.

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Andrew and I remained friends for a few more years till about tenth grade when I started dating girls. However I still look back fondly at my experiences with Andrew and wouldn't change any of them. While Andrew and I were friends we had a number of sexual encounters with each other including him giving me head in the boys bathroom during school. If you want to hear more stories about Andrew and me, let me know.
ryu13200@yahoo. com