The Sanguine Huntress: Prelogue


        Ok so this is the prelogue to a series of short stories I've been working on. I want to start posting them on here but I wanted to put out a piece to see what the reaction was. I know the acual sex part is relatively short, but I can assure you it's just a small sample. So anyways leave lots of feedback so I know if I should post more or Litutenant Reinhardt had the strangest feeling that he was being followed. He couldn't even really explain why, every time he looked behind him there was nothing but still night as far as he could see. Finally shrugging it off as paranoia, he continued to make his way back to the barracks after a long day on duty. He had been given the job of investigating all the strange stabbing deaths of officials all over the city. Every victim had died of the same stab wound to the heart. But the part that made it so strange was how precise they had all been. The blade always punctured in the exact place where it could pass through the ribs and sever the aorta, causing a quick, death. He had heard while eavesdropping on his superiors that such precision was unheard of, ooteven amongst the king's most talented assassins.     'Most disheartening. ' he thought to himself, stopping for a moment. With a heavy sigh and a shake of his head, he began walking again, the sound of his heavy boots on the cobblestone roads piercing the otherwise silent night.     The robed woman following no more than 20 yards behing him however, made no noise as she crept through the streets. Her name was Kitara, and she had been following him since he left the castle.

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   She was clad in black robes that hooded her face and made her difficult to see in the dark back alleys of Magicant. First and foremost, Kitara was stunningly beautiful. She had supple facial features and her amber skin almost glistened in the pale moon light. Were it not for her hood, her silky brown hair would have cascaded around her face down to her shoulders. In fact it was often this beauty that she found to be her most effective weapon. She smirked to herself and turned slid into a small alley than ran off the road on which the liutenant was walking. She sprinted silently in between the white, slightly derelict buildings that were housing units occupied mostly by peasants. She was more than confident she could cut in front of the liutenant, she knew these back alleys like her own hand. And now that the only people who could see her would be the occasional apathetic peasant, se could run as fast as she could.     A couple minutes later she stopped and peered around the corner and could see the liutenant 50 or so feet up the road. Standing flat against the wall, she waited for him. She listened carefully to his footsteps until she could hear him only a couple feet away. She pulled her hood down and let her hair down before stepping out right in front of a very surprised Liutenant Reinhardt. He soon let down his guard after seeing it was only a woman dressed in plain enough clothes.     "Excuse me," she said in a comforting voice, "but I was wondering if you could help me.

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  "    "What's the problem?" he replied, more than willing to assist such a stunningly beautiful girl.     "Well," she said walking back into the alley while he followed. When they were a few yardsaway from the road she turned around and finished, "I was wondering if you could tell me where the king is hiding. "        The Liutenant's eyes grew wide with disbelief. "But how did you. . . who are you?"    "Don't worry about that," she replied with a bit of a smirk, "just worry about what I can do for you in return. "    Before the liutenant knew what to think, Kitara had moved close to him and began rubbing his growing cock through his pants. He shuddered in pleasure while Kitara lowered herself to her knees. Undoing his leggings, she pulled them down and let them drop to the bare ground. Gripping his hard shaft in her hand, she started slowly jerking his cock and leaned forward to give the head a small kiss. The liutenant was groaning in pleasure and his cock jumped when he felt her tongue encirlcle the head. She took the tip of his cock into her mouth and rand her tongue along the bottom while she played with his balls.         Liutenant Reinhardt coudn't believe what was happpening, he kept expecting to wake up but this was actually happening.

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   This gorgeous girl was now taking his entire cock into her mouth and deepthroating all 6 inched of it. He could feel her tongue going wild on the tip of his cock and her fingers toying with his nuts. He let out a moan of ecstacy, feeling his impending orgasm. Kitara felt the telltale twitching in his cock and sucked harder. The first blast of warm, salty cum shot down her throat but he pulled his cock out of her mouth and two more blasts landed across her face, stretching from her lips across her eye to her forehead.     'Fuck it,' the Liutenant thought to himself, 'I work my ass off, I deserve this. '    "The king is staying at his family estate, it's a huge castle about 20 miles north of Stolinburg. " He told her once he'd regained his breath.     "He's not even in Magicant anymore?" Kitara replied in disbelief.     "Are you crazy? He left as soon as the killings started. He assumed the ultimate goal was his assassination. " he explained.     "I guess he's smarter than we thought. "    Before the Liutenant could process what she'd said, she had drawn a knife from inside her robed and thrust it upwards into the left side of his chest. He looked at her confusedly before gurgling and spitting out some blood, falling dead to the floor.

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      Kitara stood up and drew her hood back up. She wiped her blade off on the dead Litenant's tunic before resheathing it. She cracked a smile under the shadow of her hood, killing always gave her a sick sense of satisfaction. Finally she used her finger to wipe the strip of gooey cum from her face and licked it clean before disappearing into the silent night. The Sanguine Huntress had claimed another victim.



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