The rougher side of me!


I’m sleeping with you beside me, with your arm wrapped around me. I wake up, and start to sit up in the bed. You wake up from the movement. I start yelling at you. Going CRAZY on you! I try to get off the bed, that’s when you grab me, throw me down, pinning me on the bed, with your hands at my wrist, and with you sitting on my stomach. I realize I can’t get you off me. I yell at you at the top of my lungs as I try to break loose of your grip, but you’re too strong.  

I spit in your face. And you get really mad. You let my hands free to whip the spit off your face and I slap you. You just look at me, in a way that I have never seen before. I scream at you, “GET OFF OF ME!” When you finally do, I run towards the bed room door, as I do; you ask me, “Where do you think you’re going?” “I’m leaving you!” You jump up out of the bed and yell, “No you ain’t!” You run after me as I continue to go to the door, you say to me, “COME BACK. ” 

You grab my arm really tight and slam me up against the wall. You let go of my arm to cup my face with your hands. You look into my eyes and you tell me, “I love you. You just make me crazy sometimes.

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  ” “I don’t care. Let me go, now!” You lose it, you move your left arm up so your forearm is pressing tightly against my throat, and you make a fist with your other hand and punch the wall. I look in your eyes, breathing heavily. I know you can feel my heart racing in my chest.  

You finally look at me, seeing how scared I am, but yet so aroused at the same time. Knowing that I can stir up those kinds of emotions in you really turns me on. You kiss me, I try to slap you but you grab the hand I was about to do it with before I had the chance to.  

This makes me mad, so somehow I manage to break loose of your grip, push you off of me and throw you against the wall. You smile at this, biting your bottom lip. This drives me crazy, I get this look in my eyes, a look that you have never seen from me before, a look of pure lust, nothing more, at that moment, I wanted you, and I didn’t care who knew it. I wanted you more than air.

I thought I was thinking this but it turns out I was saying in without knowing that I was really saying it, “I need you. I need to know every inch of your body. I need to know that I am yours to do with as you please. I just need you!” You say to me, “Let me go.

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   NOW! Or I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!” I look at you with a confused look on my face. Wondering what has made you want me so badly. I guess you knew what I was thinking because you said to me, “You just told me you needed me……. . ” 

All I could think, wait, no, I couldn't think, I did need you, I wanted you so badly. I kiss you without thinking, as you’re still pinned against the wall. You break loose of my little grip and pick me up; I wrap my legs around you. It now feels like every part of my body is touching yours. I deepen the kiss by opening my mouth a little, you take full advantage of that and thrust your tongue deep into my mouth. You walk over to the bed and throw me down on it, breaking our kiss so you can say to me, “I warned you, now it’s too late. I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you. And I’m not going to take it easy with you like I was before; I’m going to be rough with you. You have driven me to the point of no return. I’ll start out with some foreplay, but then, well let’s just say I hope you’re ready, because nothing you say or do is going to stop me now!” I smile and just answer with a kiss. You seem to get that my answer is yes, or at least you do when I try to take off your shirt! 

You break loose of our kiss and just look in to my begging eye, you then grab my wrist with your hand and you pin them to the bed, you say, “Stay.

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   Leave your hands right there or I’m going to have to tie you up to the bed! Do you understand me?” I say, “Yes, I understand you!” In a really sexy voice that drives you wild! You then look at me, I wanted to take my clothes off, but you told me not to move, so I wasn’t going to test you, at least not right now with that look in your eye. You grab the bottom of my shirt, and pull it up, fully exposing my breast. You grab one very tightly with one hand, and squeeze hard. You look into my eyes as you do this; you kiss my lips only for a second you move to my neck, sucking and biting hard, I let out a little moan as your mouth reaches my nipple. You bite it. Softly at first, then harder! My eyes start to roll. You do the same thing with my other nipple, I reach my hand up to the back of your hand and dig my nails in your hair, and just when you were about to make me cum from doing that you say, “I’ll be right back. But keep your eyes closed!” 

You’re gone less than a minute, when I hear you say, “Give me your hands. ” I do as you ask. You put my hands up over my head and cross them so they make an X, I then realize what you had to go get, you tie my hands together and then tie the other end to the bed post. You left some space in-between, you then tell me to turn over. I do as you ask. You get back on the bed but you see I still have my thong on, this makes you crazy and you slap my ass really hard, and ripped them off of me. This time I let out a loud moan, you tell me, “Good Girl!” Now this seems to drive me wild, and I let out an even louder moan.

You tell me to put my ass up some, I do, you come up and kiss me, then you kiss my neck, all the way down my back, and you’re doing this your also grabbing one of my boobs, I moan again, you continue to kiss down my back and then you get to my ass you slap it, then spread my legs apart, you start to lick and suck on my pussy, you move your hands from ass, to my back, your nails slightly scratch my back, and I moan, you move your hands back to my ass and grab it, hard.

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   I start to feel your tongue inside me, I didn’t know that could feel so good, my eyes start to roll, and I’m moaning loudly. Then you stop and take your hand and you slap my pussy with it, I take that as I was being too loud, and so I bite my bottom lip. You then start to go back at it again, you go faster and faster, I was trying so hard not to make any noise.  

Then all of a sudden you stop and kiss up my back, you grab a fist full of hair and look into my eyes as you tell me, “Good girl. ” I moan a soft moan to that, you kiss me. You move your hand underneath me, and reach down to my pussy, you just started to rub my little clit when you tell me, “Your pussy’s so wet. That’s a good little whore!” I giggle and say, “Your little whore?” You agree with me and grab a fist of my hair again with your free hand, you whisper in my ear, “My little whore! That’s my pussy!” You start going faster, and you’re now sucking on my earlobe, I moan and agree with you, “Your little pussy. ” When I say this it drives you crazy, and you go faster, while still sucking on my earlobe, I moan once, twice, and then the third time, I cum.  

You turn me over on my back now. Kissing me while you do! You untie me, one arm free and I start kissing at your pants, I so wanted your cock in my mouth, you let my other arm free, and I go to unbutton your pants, that’s when you say, “Oh look at you, you can’t have it yet. ” You grab my head with your hands, and kiss me. And in-between kisses you tell me, “You can’t have it yet. You have to earn it! But you can take them off. ” I start with your shoes and then your socks, doing what you told me to! Although you make me stop at the socks, you say, “Just let me see you. ” 

You move your hand up my stomach to my breast and squeeze my nipples, you move one hand up to my mouth and I suck on your fingers, while moaning.

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   I look into your eyes as I suck on your middle finger, this drives you wild. Your other hand is under my pussy and your middle finger is rubbing my clit really fast, you move your hand away from my mouth and grab the back of my head, you don’t kiss me, you just make it so you’re looking straight into my eyes, letting me know that you’re in control, that’s when you say, “That’s my dirty little slut. ” I couldn’t hold back anymore, and I cam all over your fingers. You finally kiss me, so deeply. Your hands move to my throat and you start choking me. But I like it, you then tell me, “Taste your pussy. ” I grab your hand and start to suck on you fingers. You grab all my hair and hold it so you can see my face, I start to suck on it like I would your cock, and this makes you want me to suck your cock! 

You say to me, “Oh. . . now you can have it. ” You unbutton your pants and you reach in to your boxers and take your big hard cock out. As soon as I see it I put it in my mouth. I start sucking on it, going up and down, using my hands too. I go all the way down, or try too, but your pants are in the way, so I just start to stroke it, that’s when you take the opportunity to push me up some so you can pull your pants down some more, you tell me, “Stroke it baby, stroke it, stroke it, stroke it.

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  ” You then move my head back down so I’m sucking it again, you tell me, “Give me everything you got!” That’s when I do. I’m sucking really tightly, using both my hands, looking in your eyes and moaning. You keep on tell me “MORE. ” So I do, I go down more, and start to play with your balls, you tell me, “Don’t stop baby, don’t stop, don’t stop. ” I don’t.  

Once I get your cock wet enough so I can stroke it with my hand, I stop sucking on your cock and start to suck on your balls, then I go back to sucking your cock, and using both of my hands! You then say to me, “Show me how much you want my cock. Show me how badly you want my dick inside you!” I go all the way down, making my mouth really tight for you! You still have your hand in my hair, when you pull me up to kiss you.  

You say to me, “That’s my good girl. Are you happy?” I say, “Yes. ” You’re on your knees now, and I am too. You say, “come here,” meaning sit up some more, and I do, but I’m still stroking your cock with my hands, you wet your fingers and then put them on my clit, you tell me, “That’s it baby, that’s my little slut. ” That’s when my eyes start to role, I’m moaning so loud. You just couldn’t take it anymore, you throw me on my back, and put my legs together on one side, you then stick your big cock in me as you’re leaning over my legs, with your hands on my throat and you kiss me. You start to go faster, looking in my eyes, you scream out, “Oh fuck baby. ” 

You then get up and move my legs to the other side, you give me a spanking and then put your dick back in me, my back is now facing you, I put the leg that I can move up some, you then wrap your arms around me and fuck me hard, in and out so fast, so deep, I scream, you let one arm loose so you can rub my clit with it, that’s when I really start screaming, you’re going so fast, you pull your dick out, just to slap my pussy with your hand, then you put it back in! I moan your name! I tell you, “It’s your pussy, it’s your pussy! Do you like stuffing your pussy?” You say, “God damit! Yes, yes, yes!” 

You now get on your knees so you can go faster, your put my legs up little, but they are still to the side, you slap my ass 3 times really hard, as I’m screaming and moaning your name! You then pull me on top of you, just so you could hold my legs up and fuck me like that! Every time you go in and out of my little pussy your big balls slap my clit, you then wrap one arm around my stomach and grab my boob, and with your other hand you go down and start to rub my little clit again! I scram! You stop so I start riding you! Then you start back up again.

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You sit me straight up so I can feel you deeper, my eyes start to roll! I’ve never felt this good before! You then move me back so my back is lying on top of you again so you can see me, you tell me, “You’re such a nasty girl,” I giggle. Then you slap my face, as I moan, you ask me, “You like that?” I say, “Yes. ” You do it again, and again, and again! While you’re still fucking my pussy so hard! You finally ask me to cum for you. You say, “Take it all, cum all over my dick!” I scream out your name, as I cum so hard for you! Your eyes start to roll as my pussy clinch’s tightly around your cock.  

You put me on my hands and knees and ask me to, “Make you cum. ” I put my face done to the bed, but put my head sideways so I can look back into your eyes, you then pull my hair, grab my neck and make it so you can see my face backwards. You’re going in and out of me so fast. You put my legs together and make it so where my feet are almost touching my ass, you put your cock back inside me, lock your arms around me, and kiss me! 

I tell you, “I want you to cum for me, please, please, please!” You ask me, “Where?” I tell you, “All over my pretty little face!” That’s when you lose it and tell me to get on my knees, I do and I look into your eyes with my tongue out, and beg for you to cum for me, and that’s when you cum all over my face and my mouth! I get a towel to whip your cum off my face, after I do that you kiss me, and we snuggle on the bed like we were when all this happened!


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