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The Ride of Her Life! CH 1Posted by NaSTYPaSTiE2 hours 2 minutes ago • 1 Comment  • •  User Submission1Its was a cold stormy winters night, i could hear the wind creep up behind the unsuspecting dieingtrees. trembling their very existence, the twigs and branches create melodies through the night while i lay in bed but not asleep.

i toss and turn, crumpling my perfectly made bed. as i laid there with my head against my crumpled pillow, i could help but stroke my cock. in my head i imagined my science teacher and got to work. in an attempt to fall asleep i stated to stroke furiously. each pump get harder and faster than the last. i imaged her curvaceous body laid flat on my bed, she was my physics teacher, she had 2 perfectly round 34 FFF tits. everybody drooledover them in science while trying to hide their obvious raging erections under the desk but i think she knew. from time to time she would wear a V neck top down and bend down we we could see her cleavage. i was even better when she wore a tank top underneath he sweater and then moaned it was to hot as an excuse to take off her sweater and display her gorgeous boobs. anyway. .

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  . moving on from her boobs, she was tanned all over but it was natural because she was mixed race. she was tanned all the way down to her delicious butt. she had an ass that would swallow up a G-STRING. he ass was firm and round just waiting for a pounding from me. i yearned to hear and feel my ball slap off her ass while i fuck her moist pussy.

i re-minis about all my science lessons with her while my hand work furiously on my cock, as was at the verge off x-ploding in my fantasy of her FFF's cushioning my cock while the gave me a tit job. when i blew my load all over me.
as i lay there i a pool of my own semen i continue in my fantasy until i dozed off.

the next morning was a Saturday and i had no plans so stayed in bed pretty late. suddenly a surge of footsteps scurry to my door. i could hear giggling and whispering coming from the other side. it was my sister Nicole and here friends, she had a sleep over last night. my door swag open and a row of girls walked in my room i couldn't help but notice the giggling, i almost didn't hear what Nicky was saying. she spoke louder saying "were bored can we borrow some of your DVDs" a loud simultaneous "pretty please"came from the row of girls.

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   i couldn't say no to a bunch of hot girls short shorts and extremely revealing tank tops so i said yes. their faces light up and they jump on me and gave me a great big squeezy hug. the hug lasted for a while i could feel multiple erect nipples poking through their tank tops on my chest. the girls started to let go eventually one by one but as the girls left, one was still on top of me, she positioned herself in the cowgirl position and leaned in for what i taught was a kiss but the she moved past my lips and whispered into my ears "were finally alone". she drew her lips from my ears a gave me a long passionate kiss, as our tongues fought for dominance in each others mouths, she slid her hand down my chest until she reached my throbbing cock, she pulled it out of my shorts and started to stoke rub the head of my dick. my heart race as Pre-cum seeped out off my cock. she broke away from our kiss and maneuvered down until her lips were on my cock. she gave it a big wet kiss and began to suck my cock. she worked like a pro. i was surprised that she was this good. i always pictured her as the least slutty one in the group. she was a brunette with a shockingly large pair of boobs for a 18 year old she was a 32DD and she was proud of it. . . i mean who wouldn't be? she had a tight firm ass which were accompanied by long toned legs.

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i just laid there in pure ecstasy but then she stop while i was about to cum all over her pretty little face. she top he clothes off slowly while teasing me with her boobs and bending over to take off her panties to exposse a dripping wet pussy her panties were soaked in her juices. her glorious pussy was pink moist. . . just waiting for me to invade it an pound it to smitterings.

she laid on her back and i knew exactly what to do, i dove straight in there face first and my tongue got to working on her cunt. i worked my tongue deep in he pussy while my hand focused on he clit. she moaned and squirmed on the bed in pleasure, he pussy was dripping all over and was now slowly forming a shallow pool of pussy juice. after about 5 minute off intense tongue fucking she started to moan loader and squirm more rapidly, curling her toes and clenching he fist while squeezing my pillow. she pushed her pussy upwards and i felt her body tighten up and she cam all over my face.

after she recollected her self from the intense orgasm she leans over, and pushes me to the bed with an incredibly hard kiss, as she broke off she said to me "that was great. . . but now its my turn to make you feel good"
she positioned herself back into the cowgirl and spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers and slowly lowers herself unto my cock.

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   she slowly starts to bounce on my cock getting faster and deeper every time. the tight inner walls of her pussy suck my dick in. i couldn't believe she took the whole 12 inch dick. at this moment she was shouting screams of joy out not even caring that her friends and my sister are downstairs because she was having the ride of her life. she lean down on me and gives me a big sloppy kiss while her ass was still pumping up and down. i could feel the sperm coursing through my cock and i tell her am about to cum and she says back " so am i"but she keeps on riding until i shoot my load in her cunt and out cum mixes together in her pussy as i mash up her pussy till every drop of cum is out. she rolls over on the other side of the bed and pants heavily.

we both laid there in a pool of semen and cunt juice cuddling while my cock was still in her pussy.



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