The Private Party


A story about a 18 year old boy who gets invited to a PRIVATE PARTY

It all started out when I was at home on facebook and I saw a facebook message from the
hottest girl in our school Jordan (she had a D-cup, big ass, brown hair and blue eyes,
about 5"5) a message that said im home alone you wanna come over for a party. I replied
"k ill be there". I was getting ready to go and I took a shower then got my clothes on I
wore a long sleeve button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up about 3/4 of the way, and
jeans and a flat brim hat I must say I looked pretty fly. while I was on my way I was
texting people and nobody seemedd to know about her party except Amy she was also hot with
(B-cup boobs and blonde hair with blue eyes,about 5"7), another girl who knew about the
party was Marissa(C-cup boobs brown hair and brown eyes, about 5"4) The strangest thing
about it was that when she throws parties she invites everybody and when I got there they
were looking out the window of the second floor laughing and giggling now I knew somthing
was defenitly up. I knocked on the door and Amy awnsered with a smirk that at the time I
couldnt understand. She said come on up the stairs, I started to talk to her about who was
there but all she said was, its our own private party if you know what I mean. when I got up
stair the party had already started. I happened to see Jordan sticking a vibrator up
Marissas pussy and emediatly Amy started to get horny because she ran a finger down the
middle of my chest thentook my shirt off she then started to make out with me. I took her
shirt off and started to suck on her tits and she started to moan which got Jordans
attention and she started to lock eyes with mine and gave me that look like get over hear
and I thought, I could lose my chance with Amy or try to get with Jordan well I could get
the best of both worlds and I called her over and she started to take her pantes off which I
had not yet had been able to do with Amy yet.

Now I had to take off her pants she was
wearing a thong and Jordan jumped in front of me and started to lick Amys pussy and I looked
at Marissa all alone fingering herself so I went over to her and got on her with my shirt
off and started to rub all over her and took her pussy in my mouth and we went 69 and she
loved it I must have cum 3 times and on the third one she told Jordan to come over and
Marissa gave her my cum from her mouth. Then Jordan said she wanted me in her and she wanted
me to cum inside her. I started to lick her pussy and it was so delicous her juices were so
good I coould have just done that all-night and then I forgot what she said "I want you to
cum inside me". Just then I put my 7inch dick in her pussy and she pulled Amy over and she
said let me suck on your feet Amy, Amy looked suprised but so was I, I had a foot fetish but
never told anyone, and all three of these girls had butifull feet and Jordan has a foot
fetish too that was so amazing to hear that now I knew I wasnt the only one, ass I went into
her pussy she was sucking on Amy's feet they looked so soft I wish I could suck on them too.
I guess Marissa saw me staring at Amy's feet while fucking Jordan so she wispered in my ear
" do you wanna suck on my feet hottie" I said yah and she had size 8 and
pink nail pollish and she had very soft feet she must have gone to get a pedicure every
week. Jordan then said to cum on Amy's feet and she wanted to lick it off so I did and it
was so hot and me and Marissa started to make out then as we where done Jordan put her feet
in my face and I licked then they were a size 9 1/2 I sucked then but one thing I loved
when I suck on a girls toes is when she moans while I do it. Then Marissa and Amy started
to put there clothes on and then as me and Jordan finished up she said why don't you sleep

sweidish harmony 

   I texted my mom and said I was slleping over a friends house and she said fine.

There will be a sequal called Private Breakfast.