The Neighbors


Neighbor Issues Resolved

Have you ever had any neighbors that no matter how hard you tried or what you did to be a good neighbor they were still just a big pain in the ass!?I did, their names were Missy and Steve. But now they are great neighbors and this is how I made that happen.

First my wife couldn’t stand Missy. She felt like the woman looked down on her. Missy is a hot bodied woman she is 26 yrs old and has 36c breasts. She has a wonderfully shaped ass not big but heart shaped and just the right size for her body. She is about 5’4” and weighs about 115lbs. She has dirty blond hair and it always looks very stylish. If I had to compare her to someone famous she looks a lot like Jennifer Anniston.

My wife is also quite beautiful but almost 20 yrs older than Missy so she no longer has that young woman’s body. She has also had 3 children and her body bears those scars. Missy hasn’t had any kids yet. So no stretch marks or sags caused by childbirth or breast feeding or just the stress of raising children.

Steve is 24 and just average. He works in construction butnot very labor intensive because he doesn’t have the chiseled body of a young man that works that kind of job all day . He is about 5’10” and weighs at least220lbs.

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   He is never very well dressed and doesn’t carry himself well.

Me I am 46 and I stand 6’ I weigh 210 lbs and it is because of my time as a semi pro hockey player and the time I spend in the gym where I now work. I take pride in my appearance and watch what I eat and workout daily.

Now these neighbors, first they would be out in the yard at all hours of the night playing loud music and just disturbing the neighborhood. They would throw their cigarette butts in my yard which I take as good care of as I do my body, so that pissed me off.

I really enjoyed watching Missy either in tight shorts or even sweats when she was out working in the yard and she would smile and talk to me but as soon as my wife came out the mood would change and Missy was gone. My wife would talk about how Missy doesn’t like her and that she probably thinks that she wants Steve. I tried several times to get the neighbors to come over for dinner or drinks but never could get it to happen. So I gave up and just did the wave and hi nod when I was outside or when I would see them on the road.

Then they got a dog. That was ok it was a puppy and stayed inside. Then they got another, now they have children and before you knew it they had a third! And as with all children even canines grow bigger. These were german shepards. And they got big fast and could no longer be kept inside. So they moved the dogs out in the yard.

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   Even built a fence for them. That was good but the dogs barked all night and it was loud and constant. Now after 11p. m. in our city noise laws go into effect and one of the things that it covers are barking dogs. I tried to talk to Steve that didn’t work then I tried to talk to Missy still no help from them.

It doesn’t help that the fence is right outside my bedroom window and the dogs sound like they are right in the bedroom with me and my wife. She has some health issues and has to have her sleep it doesn’t help that she is a light sleeper anyway so the dogs do not make it easy for her to sleep.

I called animal control and they came by and talked to them, but it doesn’t help and they act like children themselves to the animal control officers telling them that dogs bark and that the law is stupid and yadda yadda yadda. They acted like one of my teenagers when I tell them something they have to stop doing. Well that didn’t work so animal control told me to call the police. So I did. Several times.

They would get a citation from the cops every time I called and it still didn’t help. Then they figured out it was me or my wife that made the calls so they tried to do some things to us.

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  Sugar in the gas tank, a bag of dog shit of fire on the porch and destroy our mailbox. Now I am pissed and decide to set things straight.

I planned to just beat the shit out of Steve and show him that this was going to end right now. He would get control of the dogs or get rid of them.

Only problem Steve wasn’t home, Missy was. I tried to talk to her again and I was very calm and polite to her. All of a sudden she just told me to deal with it or I could move if I didn’t like it. That didn’t sit well with me and even the fact that she was only wearing a robe that barely covered her ass and the sheer thong I had already got a little view of more than once didn’t calm me down.

I reached out and grabbed the robeat her chest and said I think I want to see those tits you keep teasing me with. And I simply pulled it open to expose them and the thong. I could now clearly see the landing strip she had trimmed into her bush. She stood there for a second then without covering up asked me if I liked what I saw. Now she said this with a hateful tone and it was obvious she was planning something in retaliation. She took a swing at me which I easily dodged then she tried to kick me. I caught her leg and turned her around still holding that leg up in the air about waist level.

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   By doing this I had a clear view of her pussy lips and ass so I decided she needed a spanking.

I smacked her exposed ass checks and she screamed but all I could do was smile and give her another. After several more whacks on that ass I rubbed it a little while she begged me to stop spanking her.
So I gave her two more smacks on the ass then rubbed it some more. As I rubbed she was whimpering and I ran my fingers down along the thong through the crack of her ass all the way to those pussy lips and she gasp at first then actually moaned and tried to push back on my hand.

I ask her if she liked that and she whispered yes then just as fast yelled no you bastard so I smacked her ass again a couple more times and then rubbed my way back to her cunt except this time I pushed the thong aside and felt that she was getting wet and she did push back so my finger would probe her deeper. Now with one finger in her and her moaning a little I decided to add another finger and rub her clit with my thumb. Ooops, looks like I found her hot spot and she nearly collapsed and would have if I didn’t have a hold of her leg and a grip on her pussy as she came right then on my hand.

I decided it was time to step this up. I led her to her bedroom without removing my hand from her puss and ripped the thong off on the way. I threw her on the bed and then searched the dresser and found some scarves, some toys and a digital camera. And that quick a plan developed. I tied her to the bed and then with her spread eagle got a good look and taste of her cunt. Damn it was sweet. Then I took several pics of her.

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   After teasing her for a little bit I took one of the dildos I found and inserted it into her just a little. I also found that this one vibrated and moved in circles with little beads that moved so I turned it on low and she moaned again and begged me to fuck her.

So I took off my pants and moved to her head. I warned her if she bit me or did anything I didn’t like I would go get as many men in the neighborhood that I could find to come and fuck her right after I turned her own dogs lose on her. She just opened her move and lunged for my cock. So I moved to where she could get it in her mouth and let her go to work. Fuck this bitch can suck a dick! Then I took some more pics of her with my dick in her mouth and the dildo in her pussy. I was still pumping her with the dildo but I had to move to a place where I could really face fuck this slut. I moved up and thrust down and she took it all. The next thing I knew her nose is buried in my pubs! She didn’t even gag and I could feel I was deep in her throat. She took all 10” of length and a good 4. 5” of girth like it was nothing and she kept sucking and her throat was working on my cock. I almost came right a way. And I believe she did also.

After a little more of this I pulled out of her throat and mouth and fucked her hard with the dildo calling her a slut and a whore.

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   She just thrashed and moaned and arched her hips up trying to get me to fuck her harder with the toy. I yanked the dildo from her pussy and she almost cried screaming for me to keep fucking her slut pussy and to make her come. I moved between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock against her opening and up on her clit and she kept trying to push back and get me to enter her. I ask her if she wanted my dick and she screamed yes so I said, “Beg for it slut!”. Her response was, ”Pleasefuck me with that big dick and make me your bitch or when I get lose I will kill you, you mother fucker!”.

Who could turn down an offer like that! So I shoved my cock in her hard and she started moaning and bucking against her restraints and she just came and came. I kept thrusting into her until I came and she was still writhing under me and begging for more. You should see the pics of my dick in her cunt!

I decided it was really time to debase her and moved back up to her head and stuck my slimy cock back in her mouth to lick and clean me up. To my surprise she was sucking it again and trying to get it down her throat. Fuck my dick started to get even harder then and I couldn’t believe this didn’t break her so I pulled out of her mouth again and undid her restraints. I grabbed her by the hair and flipped her over pulling her head back I told her to get on her knees because I was really gonna fuck her now.

Again this slut moaned and I swear she smiled a mischievous smile as she said, “Yes, it is about time!” and she actually giggled. This whore is going to be hard to break! But I got behind her and rubbed my cock along her cunt and then stuck it in to the hilt. I drove it so hard she fell forward on her face and that really made that beautiful ass stick up. I knew what I had to do so I spit on her ass crack and started to rub her brown hole and eased a finger in.

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   Once again she started to moan and thrust back against my finger so I asked myself, “why am I being easy I want to make this slut suffer” and I pulled my dick from her cunt and lined it up with her asshole and fucked that ass deep and hard in one stroke. She started screaming yes and saying that is the way I like it and fuck me you bastard fuck my ass like a big dog shove that cock in me good. Still not broke! But I did enjoy coming in her ass and she did eagerly suck it clean and hard again. She was a little more calm now and I fucked her pussy again but slower and paid attention to her fine body. I sucked on her breasts and felt her hips and her face and ass and legs and she held me and acted as if this was a fuck from the love of her life. She made love to me she didn’t fuck me this time. The man that had just spanked her stripped her tied her to a bed forced her to suck my dick and clean shit off of it and threatened to let the neighborhood and her dogs fuck her. After we were through coming she said that was great when can we do it again?

She didn’t realize I already had plans for that. I had the pics that I was going to use to blackmail her but it didn’t look like I needed to. I told her I still needed to teach her husband some respect for his neighbors and the community and he was going to learn it the hard way.

What I had her do was put the robe back on and wait for him to get home. I was hiding in the garage. When he came in she led him into the bedroom and tied him down with his head at the foot of the bed. I came back into the house and waited just outside their bedroom until the right time. She got him into a 69 position and made him eat out that cunt that I had just recently filled with cum.

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   I don’t think he had any idea of the things she had just recently done with me and he just lapped up her pussy juice.

After he had gotten into it and was really licking it up I stepped into the bedroom and asked how he liked the taste of my dick. AS soon as I said that she moaned and came then ground her pussy on his face. I stepped up to her ass and it was positioned just right for me to fuck with Steve’s face right there getting slapped with my balls. So I rubbed the head of my dick all along her slit and smacked his face a time or two with it then I stuck it in her pussy and told him I would show him how to fuck this little slut.

Missy told me he was getting harder watching me fuck her so I had her stick a finger in his ass. He actually seemed to like it. After I fucked her for awhile and was about to cum I told her to squeeze his nuts and he opened his mouth to scream and I pulled out of her and started to cumm in his mouth. I shoved my dick in his open mouth and left it there until I was finished cumming and had told her to get up. He was still tied up and had tried to spit out most of my cum. He was yelling to untie him and that he was gonna kick my ass so I stepped back up to him and punched him right in the gut and shoved my dick back in his face and told him to clean me up.

He started cussing me and saying never so I had to show him I was in charge. I had Missy get back on the bed and get a good strong grip on his cock and balls and squeeze and twist telling her not to stop till it popped off. She started twisting and pulling on it a even I thought it would come off. He begged her to stop and I had her ease up but not let go and I asked Steve if he was ready for the clean up job? He replied fuck you so I had Missy apply more pressure to his dick and nuts. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   He was almost crying and begging for it to stop and I asked him again to open his mouth and clean me off but I didn’t have Missy let up the torture.

He said yes to my questioning and cried please make her stop. So I had her ease up again but keep her grip and had him open his mouth. I told him he had already had it all over his mouth cause that was what he sucked out of her cunt and I stuck my dick back in his mouth.

At first he didn’t do anything but let it lay in his mouth so I told him to start licking and sucking on it to get it good and clean. He still didn’t move so I had Missy squeeze him just a little and bingo he jerked and started to go to work. He really cleaned me up and I even got hard again. Then I had Missy sit on his face and clean her out to. He even licked up the cum that started to run down her legs.

I had found a tube of K Y jelly and used it to lube up another of the dildos I had found earlier. This one was flesh-like and about 8” long and bigger around than my grip. I handed it to Missy and told her to get back in a 69 and suck his cock. He never saw the fake cock and never new what hit him when she worked that thing in his ass while she sucked his dick. I moved back up to his head and made him lick her clit and my balls and shaft while I fucked her cunt again. He had real tears coming out his eyes now.

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Missy had quit sucking him and just enjoyed shoving that dildo up his ass. He cried the whole time but I think he started to enjoy it and then I had her snap a few pics of that cock in his ass. She even took some pics of him sucking my cock after I had come in her again.

He then just laid on the bed in a fetal postion and whimpered. I put my arms around Missy and kicked him with my foot to get his attention. I asked him if there was any question about who was in charge here. He just kept crying and said no.

I told him things were gonna be very different around here now. He and Missy would both be my bitches now and they would do whatever I say or all the pics of both of them blowing me and me fucking her and her fucking his ass would be sent to everyone in the neighborhood, his parents and friends and then posted on the internet. He just bowed his head and cried some more.

Next I invite some of their friends over!



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