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Walking toward the bathroom, she took a small bag with her, and closed the door. He began to remove his shoes and socks, then the rest of clothes. She had barely touched him but yet, his penis was hard already. He uncorked the wine and poured some in the two glasses and placed them on the table by the bed. He then pulled back the covers of the king sized bed and slipped under the sheets. At last, he heard the door to the bathroom open and she walked into the room. He could smell her fragrance from where he was and could see she was wearing a simple, sheer chemise, the color of deep purple. It barely covered her pubic area and he could see the small triangle above her clit. He knew the rest of her pussy was shaved for him. Her nipples were taut and just looking at her made his penis throb. Because they were unable to be with each other as often as they liked, he wanted to make this evening memorable. Neither of them had to leave until noon tomorrow. She walked toward him, pulling back the sheets to look at him. Again, she told him with her eyes he didn't need to say anything. Crawling onto the bed, she pushed him back on the pillows, gently kissing his lips, then eagerly probing her tongue against his. She moaned as he took both nipples through her chemise squeezing and pinching them until they were more erect.

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   Then she pulled away and reached into the bag she'd placed by the bed for the tube of lubricant. She squeezed some into her hand rubbing her hands together to warm it, and then wrapped them around his dick. He relaxed against the pillow and allowed her to pleasure him. She began to massage his cock that was beginning to grow larger and harder. She always had that special way, using her fingers so expertly. As she massaged, she lowered herself closer and closer until the tip of his penis was touching her lips. Still she massaged as he tried to keep his body still. He wanted so badly for her to suck him. He knew she loved to do it and he loved it too. She began flicking her tongue around the head of his dick as she continued to massage. He moaned. Finally, she slipped her mouth around him, massaging his hard cock now with her tongue as she sucked, taking him deeper and deeper. Within seconds she was fucking him with her mouth until he felt the back of her throat. He could no longer remain still and he began to fuck her mouth as she sucked and flicked her tongue around his dick. She braced herself and allowed him to fuck her mouth as deep as he could go.

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   She almost gagged and he was taking her breath away. She felt her pussy growing wetter and wetter. She was so close to coming as he groaned with pleasure. She felt his cock grow more, engorged with his cum. He was now gasping. She was eagerly waiting for him to explode. She could hardly stand it; her body was trembling, rocking itself into its first orgasm of the evening. Finally, she could hold it no more. Her pussy throbbed as she came. She could make only soft noises because his cock was still thrusting into the back of her throat filling her mouth. With her orgasm she took him deeper. He let out a tremendous moan as he exploded into her throat. She sucked every drop of his cum down, savory every bit. She continued to hold him in her mouth, gently sucking his tender, sensitive, spent cock, working her way slowly to the tip before letting go. Finally, she sat up and looked at him, and smiled.

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   He touched her lips, drew her to him, holding her close. She lay there catching her breath for just a few minutes. Finally, she sat up again and walked around the bed. Picking up the wine glasses, she handed him one, and began to sip slowly on the other one. Their eyes were locked; they couldn't stop looking at each other. She drank the wine to soothe her throat and freshen her mouth, and then placed the glass back on the table. Then she lay next to him on the bed. She had no idea what he planned for her but she knew whatever it was he would bring her to the pinnacle of ecstasy. She knew when she left tomorrow, her body would be totally spent. She knew she would be barely able to move. But, for now, the anticipation excited her. She would give her body completely to him and had complete faith that he would give her as much, if not more pleasure, than he would get from it himself. So, she closed her eyes and waited. It was only a moment before she felt his hot breath on her cheek, gently kissing her, his lips moving closer to hers. He reached between her thighs and spread her legs apart, lifting her chemise just above her pussy.

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   His fingers barely touched the wetness of her swollen vulva, lightly spreading the wetness to her erect clit. Her breath quickened as he began to massage her clit and his mouth sucked her nipple through her chemise. She knew he was getting ready, getting her ready. She knew he would make this next session of theirs last as long as possible. She kept her eyes closed as she felt him get up from the bed. She could hear him getting something from across the room. She lay there, anticipating, waiting for whatever he pleasure or pain he desired to bring her. He watched her laying there, her eyes closed. Her legs were spread, her damp pussy peaking out from under her chemise where he had lifted it. Her breathing had quickened as she moaned softly, waiting. He reached beside him choosing the vibrator designed for her ass. With his other hand he touched her eyelids indicating she should keep them closed. He rolled her hips to the side enough to expose her backside. Lifting her leg and dipping his fingers slightly into her wet pussy, he spread the wetness to her ass, slipping the tip of his finger in. She gasped.


   She knew what he wanted and she clutched her pillow anticipating the pain, the pleasure soon to come. He began to lubricate her ass, working it just a little. When he felt she was ready he touched the vibrator to the opening, pressing gently, but firmly. She began to breathe heavier. The vibrator plug was very narrow at the tip, then widened to open her ass with pleasure and hold it's place. He slowly pushed it deeper, knowing it hurt her. Clutching her pillow tighter she cried out. He continued inserting, pushing. He watched her ass spread, taking the plug into deeper. She tried not to cry out, but she couldn't help it. Her breathing quickened even more. He stopped for just a second, the plug at its widest part, her ass stretched. Then he slowly slid it deeper until it was completely inside her. An uncontrolled scream came from her as she felt her ass completely filled with the plug. The pain subsided as he turned the control of the plug on to begin vibrating.

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   Slowly, he rolled her onto her back again. She opened her moist eyes to look at him. He smiled as he spread her legs wider. He slipped his finger into her now wet, vibrating pussy. He knew if he entered her now, he would cum in seconds and he wanted so much more. His cock was throbbing hard after working the plug into her ass. He looked longingly at her shaved pussy, just a small triangle left above her clit. Even her mound was wet. He spread the lips of her vagina, further exposing her erect clit. He wet it with her own juices with his finger, gently massaging it. Finally, he maneuvered himself down, the fingers of one hand keeping her vagina spread, the fingers of the other inside her vibrating wetness. Lightly he kiss her clit, then began to flick it like a feather with his tongue. She convulsed and cried out. Her whole body began to tremble as she moaned at the touch of his tongue. He licked her, keeping his touch so light.

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   Her body began to arch, her pussy reaching up to meet his touch. Yet he continued to keep it light. Within minutes he knew she was approaching climax. Her hands clutched the sheets; her body began to tremble more. She fought to keep from moving too much, but could not help it. He concentrated on keeping his tongue flicking and working her clit. He felt its hardness with the tip of his tongue, making his dick fill more with cum. He wanted so badly to fuck her. But not yet. Finally, he felt her body spasm as she cried out in pleasure. Her juices covered his fingers inside her pussy. The orgasm was intense, the spasm lasting for what seemed forever, then slowly subsiding to a faint tremble. She moaned softly, her hands unclenching. Keeping her eyelids closed, she rested, but her body was still tense. She felt the wave beginning again as her ass continued to vibrate.

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   He withdrew his hands, and lifted her chemise above her breasts. Gently he tweaked and pinched her nipples. He began to suck them, drawing them into his mouth, gently at first, then harder. He sucked harder and harder. She felt as if he were sucking them off her body. Her body arched. Finally, he tasted the sweet liquid as it spilled into his mouth. He continued to suck her breast, depleting its supply, savoring every drop of its sweetness.
    Then he released her breast and she relaxed. He looked down at her. Her nipple was so erect. She felt something pinch her nipple. He had placed a nipple clamp on it to keep it hard. He moved to the other side of her body and began to do the same thing with her other breast. Soon, it's sweet liquid was filling his mouth.

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       He loved the way it tasted and sucked her breast until it was empty. Then he placed the other clamp on it. She heard a click as he turned the vibrator control and her nipples were now vibrating. She moaned with pleasure. He wanted to play with them more. Now that they were kept erect by the clamps he could tantalize her even more. He began to flick her nipple as he had done her clit, his finger lightly massaging the other one. She felt her body respond, she moaned softly as he continued. The more he worked her nipples, the more her pussy began to throb. She felt herself growing wetter and wetter, but he didn't stop. He body began to tremble again. He knew that he could bring her to climax again. Soon, she was clenching the sheets, her body trembling, her hips undulating, her pussy aching with pleasure. Within minutes, she exploded into another orgasm, her body writhing. His cock was harder than ever.

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       He kissed her lips, and then plunged his tongue into her mouth. They were so hungry for each other. As he kissed her, he reached between her legs to feel her swollen wetness. Her ass was vibrating; her nipples were stimulating by the vibrating clamps. She kissed him eagerly, hungrily. She reached between his legs wrapping her fingers around his dick. She wanted it desperately. She moistened her hand and began to massage him, stroking his throbbing hardness with her fingers. He kissed her harder. She met his kisses, massaging his dick, his balls, covering them with moistness. His body began do respond, his hips moving in rhythm. He finally had to take her hand away. He was not ready to cum just yet. He was on his knees between her legs as she lay back on the pillows. Placing his hands on her thighs behind her knees, he pushed her legs apart and higher.


       He gazed lovingly at her swollen, wet pussy, so eagerly ready for him. It had opened like a flower, just waiting for him to thrust his cock into it. She reached into her bag for something else. He wasn't sure what she was doing, but he lay back for a moment. Then he felt her place something around his dick. She continued to massage, moistening his dick and the ribbed cock ring she'd placed at the base of his hard cock. Slowly, he lowered himself closer to her, his cock barely touching her pussy. Even there, he could feel the vibrations. He knew he must go slowly or he would explode too soon. He slipped only the head of his dick in her. She arched to take more, but she couldn't. He stopped, letting the vibrations surround his cock. Her hips began to slowly rock. He slipped in deeper until he was completely inside her. The plug in her ass made her as tight as a virgin, turning her pussy into a vibrator itself.

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       The vibrations engulfed his cock. He stopped, not wanting to cum. He had to gain control. The cock ring kept him from cumming too soon. Yet her hips were continuing to rock, the vibrations massaging his dick, the ribs of the ring stimulating her clit. Finally, he began to rock with her. Her legs were spread wide and he began to fuck her harder. He lifted her hips so he could penetrate her deeper. She cried out as he began to ram his dick into her cervix. She reached behind her legs to hold them high, lifting her pussy for him to fuck deeper. He wanted to fuck her as long as he could. She wanted him to fuck her long, bringing her to the multiple orgasms he always could. Her body was already in ecstasy, her ass pleasured and vibrating, her nipples clamped and pinched hard, his cock fucking her pussy. Even in this position, she could still undulate her hips. It drove him crazy.

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       The pleasure of fucking a pussy that was vibrating as hers was unbelievable. He loved her so much. She always gave him such pleasure. She surrendered her body to him and trusted him completely. He fought to keep from cumming. He stopped plunging for just a minute, but she couldn't stop. She was fucking him with her pussy. He gazed at her. His desire for her had never been greater. He could wait no more and began to fuck her again. She immediately convulsed into a violent orgasm as he did. He continued to fuck her through the orgasm, knowing it would continue the wave of pleasure for her. She wasn't sure just how much more she could take; yet she didn't want it to stop. She knew her pussy would be tender and sore when she returned home. The cock ring was stimulating her beyond belief.

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       She kept cumming. The ring was keeping him hard longer than ever. He fucked her more. Finally, he increased the rhythm, his pace almost taking her breath away. He was now pounding her so deep inside, he was hitting her cervix with every thrust. She begged him to fuck her deeper. He did. She begged him to fuck her harder. He did. He was almost there. He fucked her harder and faster. She felt his cock swell and finally, she heard him cry out, loud and prolonged, as her pussy was bathed in his hot cum. His body continued its convulsions as he continued to massage his spent cock inside her wetness. Finally, he relaxed his body, lying between her legs, their bodies entwined. She held him and relished in his love.

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       She knew the evening was not over, but for now, their bodies need rest. She knew he would want more from her, that he would give her more. But for now they would rest. Thank you for reading my story. This was my first time submitting a story and your comments are appreciated. For more great stories check out the forums http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. php?or our new story site www. bluestories. com.



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