The Monitor Cam


‘Hi hon, how are you today?’ But, along with her message, there she was! A quarter of my screen had a picture of her, sat at her computer, waiting for my reply! As I sat mesmerised, I saw her start typing and another message came up, ‘Are you ok babe, are you here?’ My mind was in a whirl, but I quickly replied and said that I was and we began our usual sort of chat session. I still couldn’t get over, actually, being able to see her. A cam was the one thing that she had always said would be impossible to hide from her husband, but this wasn’t a cam! I hadn’t been invited to view, I hadn’t asked to view, it was just happening! As our chat progressed, I asked her if she wanted to get into my lap and get closer, like we did. She readily agreed and told me that, she had put her arms around my neck, she was now sitting in my lap and maybe we should chat about the first thing that came up. I watched as she smiled and typed this. Knowing what my response would be, she sat back in her chair and hitched her short skirt up her long, smooth thighs. Seeing her doing this, almost made me forget to ask what she was wearing, but luckily enough, I had some wits about me and duly asked her the question. I had seen pictures of her before, as she had of me, but seeing her, in the flesh, so to speak, was wonderful. I saw her slowly remove her panties as she told me that she was in a skirt, top and bra and nothing else. I asked if she was able to be naked for me that night, sometimes she couldn’t, if hubby was around; and she said that she could, if I liked? ‘If I liked?’ Do bears crap in the woods? ‘Of course I liked,’ I said back to her. With that, I suggested that I help her remove her top and that I would caress her body and massage her shoulders and neck.

She slowly eased her top upwards, exposing her lacy black bra, her breasts almost spilling from those tight cups. I typed how I would love to touch her soft smooth skin and her fingers followed my instructions. Her typing was minimal, so I next told her to remove her bra and to allow my fingers to tease and roll her very sensitive nipples. I still couldn’t believe I was seeing her at last and wow! This was better than ever before; and she didn’t even know I was watching. My cock was rigid and aching for release, but I had more to see yet, before I allowed myself that sweet ejaculation.

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   She was breathing quite quickly and her face looked flushed, as she pinched and pulled on her hard buds. I asked her to sit back and open her legs wide for me and to imagine my hands running along the insides of her thighs. She shifted her position slightly and joy of joys, I could see everything, her pussy flowering open and even the moisture gathering on her lips, like dew drops on the petals of a pink rose. She let a finger run along her wet slit until it came to rest on her clit, which was standing free from its protective hood and as hard as a bullet. I asked if she wanted her vibrator, to which she replied, ‘y’. Then, I got the second shock of that night, because, instead of reaching into her desk drawer, as I expected, she looked away from the keyboard and indicated to someone with her finger. And; gradually, into my view, came a naked man, stroking his already erect penis. OMG! It was her hubby! I had seen pictures of them, as a couple before and it definitely was him. They wasted no time and he sat down, with her astride him, just as we had chatted about earlier. She took his whole length, effortlessly and began to fuck him, like there was no tomorrow. I kept typing, as normal, until I saw that she was ready to flood them with her honey and when I typed, ‘Cummmm hon, soak us with your sweet nectar!’ They both came simultaneously! When they had settled down and relaxed, I sent her some hugs and kisses and said that I would ‘see’ her again tomorrow. Little did she know, but there again, how little, I knew either!.