The Meeting Part 4


I spent the day shopping while you were out working. You gave me your credit card and told me to buy something for tonight and make it a complete outfit, because you were taking me somewhere special.

After a full day of shopping, you come home to find me, laying back in a bubble bath, and glass of white wine on the side, candles burning, music playing just completely relaxed and eyes shut. I have no idea you are just standing there watching, smiling while an idea develops in your head. You leave the bathroom as silently as you came in to go put the plan into action.
I finally get out of my bath and go to prepare for the evening. I went all out for you, Victoria Secret lingerie, bra and panty set as well as stockings and garter. Long red evening gown, loose flowing with a plunging v neckline and halter neck so exposed back. Naturally, matching shoes with 3 inch heels.

I was just putting on finishing touches when you walk into the room with a blindfold. I finish what I am doing and then stand so you can take in the whole effect. A look of desire crosses your face as you step towards me. I know that I look great and you just confirmed it.

I stand still and let you tie the blindfold around my eyes before leading me out of the room. I ask where we are going and you just say it’s a surprise. We take the lift down to the lobby, I hear people talking and know they are wondering who we are and what we are up to.

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   You help me into the car, making sure I don’t hit my head. The chauffer drives us off and that’s when you touch me like you want me. Your hand had been on my back guiding me, leading me the right way but that was not intimate, now we are alone, the touch is softer, gentle, stroking my arm, the nape, my shoulders. I lean in to kiss you, you meet me and it is a slow tender kiss, full of warmth and love.

All of a sudden, the car stops. The chauffer opens the door; you get out and help me. You place your hand on my lower back, gently but firmly. You whisper “babe, you are amazing and I adore you” before pushing me forward slightly. I start to walk being lead by you inside a building.

I hear noises, voices and I am moving my head around to hear better but then I’m in an elevator and going upwards. I am baffled, confused. . . I thought we were going to a restaurant or party. I try to speak but am silenced by your finger on my lips.

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   A door opens and I walk in, with no idea what I’m walking into.

I am following you, holding your hand, walking cautiously and then we stop. You move into me and kiss me passionately. I love how you kiss me so I lose awareness of what is around me, I completely surrender to you.
Another set up lips start kissing my shoulders as they start to undo my halter top. Soft, gentle kisses followed by another mouth doing the other side, not so soft, firm but gentle. The top of my dress comes down and I’m helped out of my dress. I’m starting to relax into it, the kissing feels so good and it is all over my body now, three people exploring my body and loving it. Kisses, licks, nips, never know what is going to happen next or where. Someone unclasps my bra and another takes the garter and panties off. I am helped over to a table and encouraged to lie down. Shoes and stockings are taken off.

As I’m being laid down I realise that there is more than just three people in the room, it’s just the others aren’t participating in exploring my body.

They are watching or being entertained themselves. I go to lift my blindfold but my hands are smacked away, I go to speak and a hand is placed over my mouth.

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   I get the hint, no talking and no seeing until someone says so.

A mouth starts to work my left breast followed by another on my right. I can smell how wet I am and know you can too. I think you are down by my legs but am not sure if you are still participating or just letting things be done. The mouths of my breasts feel soft and I reach down to one to draw them up to kiss me. A long deep kiss, tongues touching, teasing, I know I’m kissing a girl and I like it. I let her go back to work and do the same on the other side. Another girl.

I feel my legs being parted and without warning a tongue is plunging in. My hips rise and I moan. Loudly! Oh god, I didn’t realise this is what I needed and needed badly till it arrived. My pussy is drenched and the tongue is working me over and lapping it all up. One of the girls stops her work and decides she wants the same action. She climbs over my face and places my hands on her hips so I know where she is and moves down. I start to lick her, slowly, teasingly loving the taste of her pussy on my tongue.

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Another mouth replaces her on my breast, feels like a guy but can’t be sure. I move my hand off the girl’s hip and move along the person. Yep, sure enough, it’s a guy and he’s having a great time! I’m moaning on this girls pussy as mine is being worked over, then it hits. . . . I replace my tongue with fingers, plunging into her as I scream through an orgasm. It is so intense and my whole body shakes, no one stops what they are doing, they just increase the intensity.

The girl on my face is starting to rock faster, loving my fingers fucking her, plunging in deep. She’s moaning and groaning. I put my mouth on her clit and start to suck and nibble, this drives her over. As she’s cumming on my face, I feel my pussy being stroked, not with a finger or pussy though.

Someone has their cock out and wants to fuck me. My mouth is full so I can’t protest but my pussy is dripping and needs to be filled so not really sure if I would have.

The girl climbs off, sated and kisses my mouth again, with a whispered thank you in my ear.

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   As soon as she is gone another girl replaces her and my hands are again placed on hips to guide. The guy fucking my pussy is just going slow, teasing me, long and drawn out strokes, causing little sighs on each entry. My body is trying to move so he fucks me faster, but other hands arrive to hold me down so that he controls the pace.

My tongue is again licking and teasing. Kissing the pussy, loving hearing the girl moaning, it turns me on more and more. I can feel the pussy juices just dripping down my leg as the guy is fucking me. Not sure how much more I can handle before I cum again and the guy can feel it building. The hands are taken off my hips, my fingers starting fucking the girl while I moan and suck on her. Whole body is bucking while this guy is in me. The tit lickers are now tit gropers as I can hear them wanking over me.

I’m moaning so loudly, I love playing for an audience and I have no idea how big this audience is so louder the better. I feel the first shots of cum on me from one of the tit lickers, followed by the girl on my face licking it off, she’s enjoying the ride. The being covered in cum, just pushes me and my pussy tightens around the guy, making him want to cum as well. The second tit licker shoots his load, just before the guy in me cums; I am milking him as I start to cum on him. I’m thinking, damn it’s over, I was wrong.


   The girl on my face climbs off me and I am turned over and moved onto all fours. A girl slides in underneath me so she can lick me as I lick her, which is fine, then I feel fingers in my pussy, not fingering but getting wet.

Delving into my pussy to make sure they are wet all over and then the inevitable happens, a finger is slowly inserted into my arse.

I groan into the girl’s pussy, which in turn makes her moan into my pussy. A second finger is inserted and both are slowly moving deeper and deeper into my butt. I’m clamping down, my arse is smacked and someone tells me to relax. Easier said than done considering I’m so close to cumming again and there are two fingers in my arse! I relax as much as I can and before I know it, a cock is in my pussy and then working its way into my arse.

It’s at this point, I realise it’s you. Your marking your territory and I moan babe. . . fuck me hard, show them how I really want to be fucked. I forget about the girl and trying to please her and just revel in you and your cock. You reach over and undo my blindfold so I can turn and see you. You are smiling at me because I knew it was you and the room is full of people so it could have been anyone.

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   You push me down and start to fuck me hard. The girl is playing with your balls and my pussy while you fuck me. Another guy has come along and is fucking the girl and playing with my tits while you fuck me.

Hands on my hips, slapping my arse and just pounding into me. You know that’s what I need. I feel your balls slapping against me, driving me closer and closer. Watching the guy fucking the girl is such a turn on. Her fingers on my clit, massaging me, makes me cum again and again. My arse tightens each time but you take your time before you cum in me. You want to make sure I’m fully satisfied before finishing me off.

Finally, the sight of the guy cumming in the girl while kissing me is enough to tip you. You shoot load after load of cum in my arse and over my back. You withdraw and make sure you are finished by wanking the last spurts out. Before you can walk away, two girls are already over there licking it off me as I cum over them and their mouths. Their tongues in my arse is just too much, with clit rubbing, I finally cum and cum hard and black out.

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I have no idea how many orgasms I had but so tired so worn out. You carry me to a room, we are alone and you place me on a bed. You lay down next to me, stroking my hair, telling me how much you care for me and how you think I’m amazing I fall asleep. .



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