The Meeting Part 2


You are in my hotel room, sitting on the bed, watching ESPN. I walk in dressed in short skirt, high heels, low v neck shirt that emphasises the breasts.

I kick off my shoes, I get down on my knees and look up at you as I undo your belt and unzip your pants. You know exactly what I want and don't stop me. You keep watching the TV.

I free your cock from your boxers, you are a little hard with anticipation but relatively flaccid. You have no intention of making this easy for me. I lick my lips, and then lick the tip of your cock. My right hand wraps around your cock and slowly strokes you as my left hand is teasing your balls. My nails caressing them.

In no time you start to get hard and it's getting harder for you to concentrate on the game. My tongue licks the tip of your cock, teasing the eye and running around the head. Your breathing starts to change, getting shallower and shallower.

My tongue caresses your cock, running along the underside, pleasuring the vein, licking every cm of you. I move down to your balls and take them in my mouth, humming as I do so. My hand starts stroking your cock again.

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You are no longer even bothering with the game, just revelling in the sensations that I am causing to your body.

My left hand starts running its nails along the sensitive area between your balls and your arse, as my mouth wraps around your cock. You groan. . . you can't believe how good it feels!

My mouth slowly moves down, taking more and more of you. Sucking hard as I go, loving the taste of you. My tongue is caressing, flicking side to side as I go down. My hand is at the base and in unison I bob my head and my hand in a nice gentle rhythm.

I love sucking your cock and you know it. You push my head down further, making me gag but I take all of you, deep throating you. Wanting you to cum in my mouth.

I go back to just blowing you until I feel your balls tightening. My left hand is back playing with them. I take my mouth off your cock and say "babe, fuck my mouth.

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  . . cum in it!"

Those words tip you over the edge and as I put my mouth back over the tip sucking just the head, I can feel the pressure start to mount.

Stream after stream of cum, I swallow as much as I can but some escapes. I didn't know you could cum so hard babe! Finally it finishes, I scoop up the left over cum and eat it.

I stand and kiss you. . .
You pull me into as the kiss progresses; you start to unbutton my shirt. My hands are in your hair, tousling, messing your hair. You taste so good as we kiss deeply and passionately.

Finally you peel off my shirt and get my bra off. My firm breasts are yours for the taking. My nipples are hard in anticipation for your kiss, your lick, your touch, anything.

I whisper to you.

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  . . "I'm wearing no panties" and your hand moves under my skirt to check. As your hand moves so does your mouth to my left breast. I sigh as you take my nipple in your mouth.

Your hand finds my uncovered pussy. A finger sliding along reveals how wet I am for you.

You turn me around, take off my skirt and push me on to the bed. You stand looking at me, smiling, you know how bad I want you, and my whole body is showing it. Wet pussy, just dripping in anticipation, both nipples hard and my breathing is getting shallow.

I part my legs and start to move a hand down to start playing with myself. You stop me with a single No. You put my hands over my head and with one hand holding them down, you move to my side and start to work your way down my body.

Both breasts get a working over, licking and biting. Making my body move, my hips writhing in pleasure as you tease me.

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   You have a hand stroking my body, you know I hate it but my body loves it. You can smell how much my pussy wants you.

You start to kiss my stomach and abdomen, licking and kissing my inner thighs. Avoiding the whole pussy area. Your hands are playing with my tits as you pleasure me. I'm sighing and little moans escape.

You look up and tell me "to say it, tell me what you want!” "I want your tongue, lick me, suck me, I need you in my pussy!!” You spread my legs wide open so my whole cunt is exposed and you can see my arse hole as well.

You start from the back, licking my arse and moving forward. Taking your time ignoring my begging for more. Fingers are placed in my mouth to suck, making them wet, we both know where they are going. You want me to be filled everywhere.

As you slide the fingers in my arse, your mouth is moving forward. Teasing my pussy, long licks, taking it all in. I'm moaning as you stroke me, hips rising to every lick. Getting wetter and wetter as well as louder and louder.

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You are starting to get hard again.

You nibble my clit and suck it. Rotating between the two. My hips are starting to fuck your face and I'm moaning so loud. By the sounds I'm making you know it won't be long before I'm gushing all over you.

You work me over faster, the pace is picking up with your tongue and your fingers. My arse is getting tighter and clamping down on your fingers.

Then it hits! I explode and juices flow all over your face. You clean up as my pussy spews out more. My whole body is shaking as I cum, but you aren't through with me yet.

When I finally stop, you go to the bedside drawer and pull out a vibe. You set it on low. I'm not sure where you will but it but am a quiver with anticipation.

You run the vibe along my pussy, getting it nice and wet. Slowly you put it my arse, making it stretch around it.

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   Oh god, it hurts but feels so good. When you have it in deep enough you turn up the speed and smile at the sounds I'm making.

You are so turned on by watching me and hearing me that you want to fuck me and fuck me hard!

You push my legs back so they are over your shoulders and slide into me. You get the vibe sensation as you start to pound into me. God it feels so good your cock and the vibe at once.

In no time I'm starting to cum again but you keep fucking me through it. You love feeling my pussy convulse on your cock, feeling it tighter and tighter. You withdraw, pull out the vibe, turn me over and swap places.

Nothing gentle this time, the vibe is turned up and rammed into my pussy.
    Followed by your cock in my arse. Arse is up in the air begging for you to just pound it as my tits are rubbing along the bed.

    You grab my hips and just slam into me, harder and harder. I can hear you groaning as it starts to build for you. Balls tightening, as I tighten my arse up. Your squeezing my tits, roughly, tweaking the nipples.



    You hit the point of no return; I brace myself as I feel the first shot of cum in my arse. Stream after stream, filling me, tips me over and I start to cum. Spasming and bucking, milking your cock, until we both collapse.

    Both sweaty, cum stained and smiling. We snuggle into each other as we fall asleep. . . .
    I could feel you snuggled behind me, your nice hard cock pushing into my butt waiting for me to shift so you can take advantage.

    You kiss my shoulder and stroke my breasts making me moan, and then I shift!

    You slowly push into me, I'm wet, tight and it feels oh so good. . .

    You take your time, moving in me, careful not to startle me awake. You love doing this to me, taking your time, savouring the moment until it becomes too much and you just need to fuck me.

    You roll me onto my back, at this point, I'm half awake and just letting you do what you want because it feels way to good to stop.

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    Spreading my legs to get in deep, your mouth on my nipple, sucking as you plunge into me. My hips rising to meet you as you fuck me.

    My breathing is short and shallow; my hands are grabbing your arse, pushing you in. Oh god, I love fucking you!!

    Your mouth on my neck, kissing as you slow the pace. My hips have other thoughts and keep moving you fast. I beg for you to go harder and faster. I'm screaming for you to fuck me!!

    You pound into me; my hands are gripping your forearms, tighter and tighter as I am about to cum. You feel my pussy tighten on you. Wave after wave I'm cumming, my whole body shaking. It's too much for you to ride out, so you pull out and I start fingering myself to finish myself off.

    You sit back and stroke your cock. It's not long before your balls tighten, the sight of me pleasuring myself and knowing you were the key, tips you over. You shoot all over my stomach and my breasts, so much cum, it's everywhere.

    When you finish you scoop some of it up so I can eat it out of your hand. Licking it up, loving the taste.

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