The Man Of Sin


Chapter 1:

Berlin, Germany:

The young man climbed up out of the bed, leaving the naked woman to silently cry. He looked out the window at the rainy city, chuckling to himself in both satisfaction and anticipation.

“What in God’s name are you?” the woman hissed as she curled up in the fetal position.

She was beautiful in body but broken in spirit, her inner thighs red from the blood of her torn hymen. Her virginity had taken from her to the sound of her twisted cries of pain and lust, caught in both sexual humiliation and fulfillment. The young man’s smirk gained a bloodthirsty curl and he flicked his finger as if to tell her that there was something he needed to show her. The woman was dragged out of the bed as if an invisible hand had grabbed her by the throat. She hit the wall beside the man and crumpled to the floor, gasping for air with a welt worn into her neck from an unseen force. He grabbed her chin as if to steal a kiss, forcing her to look up at him. She had spoken to him in German, so he answered in kind.

“In God’s name you ask? In this room, I am God. To you, I am God. And as of now, you are a broken toy. I’m leaving tomorrow, and while you’ll never see me again, you’ll never be free of me. You will spend the rest of your life with a heart filled with both fear and love, terrified of my touch but also longing for it. What man could ever want this impure body of yours after the things I have done to it? What man could ever fall in love with your soul after I’ve bent it to my will? Once I’m gone, you’ll think you are free, but the cage I’ve put you in will never disappear.


   Until the day you die, you are my property. ”

His voice was deep and commanding, undeserving of someone so young, yet the power he wielded and the twisted depths of his soul were unlike any other human.

“But now it’s time for me to find something new to play with. I’ve become bored with you and this city and it’s time for me to move on once again. I need some new feeding grounds. ”

Rome, Italy:
The book bag hit the delinquent’s head like a flail, knocking him to the ground while his friends watched in shock. Standing over him was a seventeen-year-old girl, her face flushed with rage in a red as bright as her hair, the skirt of her school uniform gently swaying in the breeze, and the crucifix hanging around her neck gleaming in the morning sunlight.

“Wretched punks! You do not deserve the mercy of God!” she shouted, pointing to the graffiti being spray-painted onto the alley wall.

The boy got to his feet with blood pouring from his nose.

“You damn bitch!”

He charged towards her with his fist rocketing towards her face, but she caught his arm and twisted it, forcing him to bend back and letting her knock him in the Adam’s Apple. As he fell back to the ground, one of his friends lunged with a knife in his hand. Forsaking her pride and hoping nobody would see under her skirt, she spun around and delivered a kick to his temple, knocking him out into the street like he was a soccer ball. The last delinquent stood, shaking like a leaf and holding out two cans of spray paint like they were mace. The girl shot him a dirty look.

“If you even think of getting a single drop of pain on my uniform, I swear in the name of Heaven that not even God will be able to find your remains.

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His small flicker of courage extinguished like a candle, he turned around and ran away.

“Oh no you don’t!”

Tossing her book bag aside, she sprinted after him. Down the winding streets of Rome, she chased him while trying to ignore the building pain in her ankles from the uneven cobblestone ground. It didn’t help that her school shoes weren’t meant for running. Regardless of this, she zeroed in on him like a missile, following him around every turn and across every open street. She saw him swerve into an alley and skidded past it, grabbing a piece of a brick jutting out of the ground. Getting back to her feat, she took careful aim and hurled the square stone at the fleeing vandal, striking him in the back of the head and sending him tumbling.

“Just goes to show that you can’t escape your sins. You’d better pray for your immortal soul when you wake up…”

Catching her breath, she looked at her watch and swore. She had gone out to get breakfast off campus but she had wasted what little time she had and her first class would be starting in a few minutes.

“Helena, have you been fighting again?”

The redhead looked up at her roommate, Sophie, standing by her desk. The classroom was filled with students all the same age, male and female. The girls were all dressed in plaid skirts with white blouses and knee socks, the boys wearing black pants and white clergy shirts with student clerical collars. Everyone carried a cross with them, either around their necks or on rosary chains. Helena had just managed to get back to school before class started and now all the students were waiting for the teacher to arrive.

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“How can you tell?”

“Because you’re wearing that unmistakable face of self-righteousness. ”

“I was just putting some sinners in their place. ”

“Ephesians 4:32, you must remember to forgive. ”

“And I did forgive them, after I gave them a taste of the torment that awaits them in Hell if they do not open themselves up to Jesus Christ and renounce their sinful ways,” she shot back.

“Well I certainly hope you’ll remember to go to Confessions when you get the chance. ”

“Don’t worry, Sophie. I will. Or at least the Disciplinary Committee will force me to before I can on my own. ”

The door opened and a nun stepped in, sending all of the students scurrying to their desks in fear. Their teacher, Sister Olivia, was strict beyond measure. She was nicknamed the Sphinx, as in the Sphinx that the enslaved Jews made while being whipped and yelled at. She had short blonde hair and glasses, a woman in her late twenties who would be very beautiful if she wasn’t always scowling.

“Now class, we will continue where we left off yesterday in translating Leviticus. Marcus, we had stopped at Book 6, Verse 1. You may begin.

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She spoke sternly, as if hungry for something to be mad about. One of the male students nervously stood up, holding his bible and reading off the verse in Latin. If he got a single word wrong, she would assail him like locusts. One by one, the students took turns reading off verses from the bible, translating them from English to Latin. Whenever someone made a mistake, they would be ordered to make the death march to Sister Olivia’s desk, outstretch their hands, and let her slap her trusty meter stick against their knuckles, each audible slash of the wood making everyone shudder.

Against her better judgment, Helena allowed her eyes to wander and look out the window at the sunny campus of Rosewood University. The school had originally been developed to help deal with Italy’s high orphan rate while spreading the Christian faith, starting out as a Christian academy for children. Eventually, other countries began shipping in their orphans after seeing the great results, and then families started sending in their kids. It was now the largest and one of the most prestigious Catholic schools in the world, with a student body ranging from preschoolers to college students and with armies of new priests and nuns being marched out every year, ready to spread the word of Jesus Christ. Joining the clergy wasn’t any kind of requisite for the school, but after 12 years, it became engrained in the souls of most of the students.


Helena’s head perked up at the sound of her last name being called and her face became red in embarrassment. It was her turn to translate but she had been too busy daydreaming to pay attention to the class. She had no idea which verse she had to translate, and if she asked… Sister Olivia would practically crucify her.

“Helena O’Connor, come to the Disciplinary Committee’s office immediately. ”

The announcement from the PA system let her release a sigh of relief.

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   Punishment had saved her from punishment. All the students shrugged, well used to hearing this commandment.

“Sorry, Sister Olivia, but I must leave,” she said sheepishly.

The teacher scowled at her, knowing that Helena hadn’t been paying attention.

“Go, but I still expect you to translate when you get back. ”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Taking her book bag with her, Helena stepped out of the classroom and began walking as fast as she could down the hall. Running was against the rules, but with how large the school was, she needed to put in some speed and reach the committee before they sent out another announcement. Stepping out into the open campus, she allowed herself a moment to enjoy the sunlight, breeze, and smell of grass, and then took off in a run. She passed by many other students in her rapid dash, both male and female. Normally Catholic schools like these had gender segregation, but with how many students were joining the clergy, Rosewood Academy used the coed population as a way to help the students prepare for their vows of celibacy. By having all these teenagers learning side-by-side in this holy school, it was simply a matter of teaching them to ignore temptation. Dating was strictly forbidden, and if they could graduate without ever giving in to their sinful desires, they would be ready for the clergy.

She at last reached the building with the Discipline Committee, and after climbing two flights of stairs, arrived at the entrance to their office. As she approached the door, she took a moment of catch her breath and straighten her hair. She stepped through an open doorway into a waiting room, with an assistant behind a desk, a corridor lined with doors, and several chairs and a couch in the corner of the room.

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   Sitting in one of the chairs was a young man, though from the very brief glimpse she gave him, she couldn’t quite tell his age. He looked to be as old as she was, but he could have older, since unlike the other male students in this school, he was dressed in the black clerical jacket of an ordained minister. Though he lacked the official collar.

She strode past him to the assistant’s desk.

“Hello, Helena. Same as usual?” the woman asked with a wry grin.

This was FAR from Helena’s first meeting with the Disciplinary Committee. She sighed with a tired smile.

“Hello, Mary. I guess they’re waiting for me?”

“Go right in. ”

Helena nodded and walked down the corridor, reaching the second door. She entered a conference room, where five teachers sat behind a long table, glaring at her with judgmental eyes. Two of them were priests and another two were nuns.

“Ms. O’Connor, I’m sure you know why we called you here,” the oldest teacher grumbled.

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“I have an idea. ”

A female teacher cleared her throat.

“Three young men are being treated at the hospital, one coughing up blood with a broken nose and the other two suffering from concussions. When speaking to the police, they described you in clear detail. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Helena straightened her posture and her eyes became steely.

“I was doing God’s work, helping to cure this city of its sin. Why should I have gone easy on them when they will face far worse in Hell?”

One of the priests slammed his hand on the table.

“That is not your decision to make! That is the job of the police, not a student of this school. Every time you act up like this, you give us a bad name. We cannot condone your actions, violence can never be tolerated from someone who claims to fight in the name of Jesus Christ!”

“I will repent for what I did and ask God for forgiveness,” she said defiantly, as if to tell them that she did not recognize their authority.

“You’ll do more than that. On top of fifteen Apostle’s Creeds and ten Hail Marys, you are going to go and apologize to those boys before the end of the day, understood?”

He handed her a sheet of paper with their addresses and Helena bit her tongue, working to keep her temper in check.

“Yes, Father Brian. ”

“Good, and to lighten your soul with a good deed, we have something else for you to do…”

The old priest pressed down on the button of a nearby intercom.

“Mary, please send him in.

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The student Helena had seen before stepped into the room, letting her at last get a good look at him. He was quite tall and very handsome, with a square jaw, blue eyes, and brown hair cut very short but still kind of spiky. She actually felt her heart flutter at the sight of him but shook the sensation away with a retightening of her moral corset.

“This is Xavier Michaels, he just transferred in. Show him around and help him get settled. The two of you will be sharing several classes together. Xavier, this is Helena O’Connor. If you need anything, ask her. ”

‘Great, just what I needed. Now Sister Olivia is going to beat me like a mule because I have to miss class and show this guy the ropes. No, no, it’s not his fault. I shouldn’t be mad at him. ’

Forcing herself to wear a smile, she held out her hand to shake his.

“Nice to meet you. ”

He took her hand and looked at her with confident eyes.

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   For a moment, she thought he was going to lean down and kiss her hand.

“The pleasure is mine. ”

Helena suddenly felt her face go red, but she had no idea why.

“Ok, follow me and I’ll give you a tour. ”

About to step into the hall, she was stopped by one of the teachers calling her name.

“Helena, remember; every time you cause trouble, you make it harder for yourself to achieve your goal. You’re facing a monumental task already. Don’t ruin things for yourself. ”

He nodded and departed with Xavier trailing after her. Leaving the waiting room, they started down the hall.

“I’ve never met a Catholic school girl who could fight. ”


“My apologies, but I could hear the conversation you and the teachers were having. You sent three people to the hospital and called it “God’s work”, meaning that you were engaged in a combative situation with them. Considering that I don’t see any scratches on you or even a mark on your uniform, you’re clearly skilled enough to not get touched. ”

She tried not to blush at the praise, never expecting him to just reveal her true self with such intuition.

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“As the teachers will tell you, it is not one of my best features. I’ve been training myself since I was a child in martial arts and other fighting styles. They come in handy when I find an unapologetic sinner. ”

“I take it those skills are for the goal that Father Thomas mentioned?”

Helena giggled.

“You catch on pretty quick. ”

“I hope I’m not intruding. ”

“No, it’s ok. The truth is that my goal is to join the Swiss Guard and serve under His Holiness. ”

“I thought the Swiss Guard didn’t allow female members. ”

“They don’t, but I’m going to be the first. If I can prove myself, then I’m sure the Holy Father will allow me to serve him. What about you, do you plan to become a priest or do you have other goals?”

“As it so happens, it’s my dream to become Pope. ”

They both stopped at the top of a staircase, Helena looking at him in shock.

“Really? You intend to go that far?”

“Indeed,” he said as he brought up his hand and lifted her chin. “So maybe someday, you’ll serve me.



Helena again felt her face go red and for a moment felt like she couldn’t move. She stared into his eyes, confident and ambitions, with her own eyes suddenly trembling and meek. He then stepped back and moved down onto the first step.

“Shall we continue on?”

She nearly jumped from the question, as if awoken from a trance.

“Oh, y-yes. Of course. ”

She hurried down the stairs past him, and as she walked, he watched her and licked his lips.

“And that day will be soon,” he said under his breath.

Helena pushed that strange moment out of her mind as she showed Xavier around the campus. She found herself curious about this newcomer.

“So where are you from? You speak English clearly as a first language but I can’t place your accent. You certainly aren’t British, but you don’t quite sound American. ”

“I’m from a little bit of everywhere. I’ve been traveling since I was born, so while English is my first language, I’ve picked up accents and mixed them all together. I can certainly tell that you are Irish, from that hair and name, but I can also tell that you’ve worked to try and hide your accent.


   So why would a ruby beauty from the emerald isle try to hide her heritage?”

She turned around quickly, her face flushed both in annoyance and undeniable pride from the flattery.

“Now you listen here, relationships among students are forbidden, both by this school and God himself. Don’t go thinking that some compliments will win me over. ”

Xavier stepped back, shocked by her outburst but still maintaining that small smirk.

“You misunderstand, this is how I talk to everyone. I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable, I just find honestly and politeness to be the best policy. ”

Helena’s face paled and she turned away from him.

‘Why did I get so worked up right then? Something is wrong with me today…’

“A-anyway, let’s keep going. I’ll show you the cafeteria now. ”

She brought him to a large brick building, the sides caked with ivy and moss that were basking in the sunlight. Through the large oak doors, they stepped into an expansive cafeteria. Long tables were set out with enough seats for thousands of students, but now all were empty, save for the few kids who came to study during their free period.

“This is where we come for our meals at 9:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 9:00 pm. Because of how many students we have, there are three shifts for each meal. The older you are, the later you eat.

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   The school does it to accommodate with the students’ circadian rhythms. Come on, we’ll cross over through here to the science wing. ”

Marching past the empty tables, they made their way to the back of the dining coliseum. Halfway through the room, they came across a girl sitting alone, nobody on either side or across from her. She looked about fourteen but was small for her age, with brown hair cut short and her head low as if someone had just tried to tickle her neck. She didn’t have any books or even food with her. She looked very forlorn, very fragile. As they passed by her, she looked up at Helena and Xavier. He smiled and winked at her, making her tense up nervously but with sparkling eyes. She had caught his interest.

Reaching the back exit, they stepped back outside. Just as the door closed behind them, Helena’s stomach let out a loud grumble. She quickly turned away, knowing that Xavier would chuckle.

“I. .

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  . uh… I missed breakfast this morning. ”

“Why didn’t you grab something to eat in there?”

“Because I’m trying to get us to our homeroom before our next class starts. At lunch, I’ll have to go and apologize to the three punks I beat up. Hopefully I can get something in the city. ”

“Would you like me to come with you?”

“Thanks, but it’s not needed. Let’s just get to class. ”

“You’re late. Detention, both of you. ”

Helena tried with everything she had not to curse at the sound of Sister Olivia’s voice. She and Xavier had just entered the classroom, barely a second after the bell for the next period sounded. She put on a brave face and turned to the nun.

“Sister, this is Xavier Michaels, the new–”

“I know who this is, do not talk to me like I am an ignorant fool!”

She then turned to him.

“Being new to this class is no excuse for tardiness. You two will be here at 10:00 tonight.

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   You’ll need to wear some short pants for what I have planned. ”

The whole class watched, praying for God to have mercy on the truants’ souls. Helena watched Xavier, waiting to see his reaction, and to her shock, she thought for a moment that he was actually smirking.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child,” he simply hummed, stepping away and making his way to one of the few empty seats in the classroom.

“And Helena, I still expect you to translate that verse. ”

‘Damn it. ’

The following classes continued on without anything out of order. As usual, multiple students got a hard smack from Sister Olivia’s meter stick for small infractions. Helena got it twice when her stomach growled. Both times, she held a defiant scowl on her face, refusing to show any pain. Several times, the teacher directed the hardest questions to Xavier, but with his usual confident smirk, he answered everything with perfect accuracy and detail. Luckily they got a reprieve when the class had to a different building for Biology Class.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come along? I could help you keep your temper in check. ”

Xavier and Helena were standing at the entrance to the cafeteria with students from grades 9 through 12 streaming past them to eat.

“I’ll be fine.

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   You go eat. I’m more worried about the time. There is no way this will less than an hour, meaning of course that I’m going to once again be late for class. ”

“Well maybe there is something I can do to convince Sister Olivia to give you a pass this one time. ”

Helena laughed and began walking away.

“Nice try, but that won’t work. You’ll probably just anger her even more. Relax; I’ll be fine. She can’t break me. ”

Helena looked at the address above the door and then back at the list the Discipline Committee had given her. This was supposedly the home of the guy that she had knocked out with a strike to the neck. After the injuries he had received, he would be home, but considering the graffiti she had found him doing, it probably wasn’t like he had school to go to anyway. The house wasn’t much, or at least any better or worse than the other pale brick houses lining the street. Above the door was the window to a bedroom, currently open.

Back at the university cafeteria, Xavier sat alone.

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   There was a tray of food in front of him, but he wasn’t eating. He was merely spinning his fork around his thumb, smiling.

Sighing and resigning herself to her fate, Helena stepped off the sidewalk and knocked on the door. She just had to be polite, apologize, and get out of there without snapping. How hard could it be?

Xavier continued to spin his fork, while under his breath, he whispered something in a continuous prayer. Throughout the room, students grimaced as their food lost all taste and became like ashes in their mouth.

No one came to the door, so Helena knocked again. Damn it, could someone please answer?! A hiss drew her eyes downward, where a stray cat stepped out of the nearby alley and hissed at her. Rome was full of them, considered by many a nuisance. Helena normally would try to pet them whenever she could, but the way this cat was staring at her sent a shiver up her spine. It looked both fearful and enraged, crouched with its hair on end and a low growl in its throat. Without her hearing, there was the sound of wood creaking above her.

Xavier began to chuckle to himself, his small laughs interrupting the white noise he was seemingly muttering, but not stopping it. Across the cafeteria, random students were standing up, claiming that they were feeling sick and needed to go the infirmary. Finally, the fork he had been spinning around his thumb slipped free of his fingers and fell with a loud clatter.

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About to knock a third time, Helena was sent tumbling the ground by something heavy slamming down onto the top of her head with tremendous force. She fell on her back, her vision blurred, her mind spinning, and her skull somehow both numb and racked with pain. As she hit the ground, something else landed on her, something hot and wet, like a giant pot of spaghetti had just been dumped on her. At her feet, the sound of something metal striking the stone ground rang out. Wincing in pain, Helena slowly sat up, waiting for the throbbing in her head to dull before opening her eyes. At last, she gazed around to see whatever it was that had struck her. The sight that met her pierced her heart like the Lance of Longinus stabbing Christ.

The young man from that morning was hanging above her, having jumped from the second story with a noose around his neck and hit her. But it was more than that, there was a massive cut going down his torso with most of innards missing, as if he had undergone an autopsy. The sound of metal on stone she had heard was the knife he used to cut himself open slipping out of his hand when he reached the end of the line. With a waterfall of blood pouring from his open chest, realization struck Helena. Trembling like never before in her life, she looked down at herself. The young man’s organs had spilled out of him when the rope snapped tight, either ripped free from the g-forces or severed when he gutted himself, and they had fallen on her. Her white blouse was completely red with the boy’s blood, sitting in her lap were his stomach and liver, and draped across her head like cobwebs were his intestines.

At that moment, everything became white for Helena, as if she had buried her face in flour.

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   Her mind and all thoughts blurred after that. The only thing she remembered was screaming louder than ever in her life.

The police questioned Helena for several hours after that. The boy who hung himself was not the only casualty. The police had found the young man she had kicked propped up in a chair at his stove, having drowned himself in a pot of boiling water. By the time they got there, his face had melted off. As for the boy she had hit with a brick, they were still counting how many times he had stabbed himself, turning his body into a dish sponge and bleeding himself dry. It took time for her to even become responsive, having been completely petrified from what happened to her. Only after she was cleaned off and given a fresh change of clothes did she start talking.

No foul play was suspected in the deaths, at least no evidence could support it. Everything pointed to suicide, regardless of how outrageous it was. Once they were certain they had gotten everything out of her, they released Helena into the custody of the school. As expected, she didn’t attend any classes for the rest of the day, merely going to her room and never leaving her bed. At least she was protected from Sister Olivia. No one but the staff knew anything about her presence at the scene, and she prayed it would stay that way.

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“Hey, where were you today? You disappeared before lunch and I never saw you again?”

Helena’s roommate, Sophie, had just stepped through the door. Helena was pretending to be asleep, keeping her back to her friend. Sophie shrugged and began to get ready for bed.

“Hmm, must be sick…”

Back in the homeroom, Xavier was kneeling with his nose two inches from the wall, enduring his detention. As Sister Olivia had ordered him, he was wearing short pants. His punishment was to kneel for an hour with frozen peas beneath him, digging into his skin until he bled. It was one of the favorite methods of punishment by nuns. But regardless of the ticks of the clock, he showed no pain, and unbeknownst to Sister Olivia, he felt none.

“So, have you learned your lesson yet? Rule breaking will not be tolerated in this school, especially by me. If you are late, you will suffer. ”


Xavier turned his head to her, a gleam to his eyes that she had never seen to before. His lips curled back, revealing his bleach-white teeth.

“You have no idea what suffering is,” he laughed.

In the hours that passed, Helena waited for sleep to come, but it never did. She didn’t quite expect it to of course, after the day she had.

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   She had gone the whole day without eating, but she wasn’t sure she would ever have an appetite for the rest of her life. She swore she could still smell it on her hair, the smell of blood and entrails, no matter how hard she had scrubbed in the shower. At 1:00 am, she finally sat up, unable to stay in that bed any longer. On the other side of the room, Sophie was sleeping peacefully, even snoring.

Being as quiet as she could, Helena got dressed and left their room. Students weren’t allowed to wander the dorms at night unless they had to go to the bathroom, but at this hour, who was going to stop her? With her eyes long-since adjusted to the dark, she made her way out of the dorms and into the cool night. Crossing across campus and sneaking through two other buildings, she at last reached the place she wanted to go: the university church. It had been built when the school first came to be, and since then, had gone through renovation after renovation to try and accommodate the always-growing student body. Every Sunday, students had to be organized in shifts with sermons going on late into the night.

Reaching the front door, she silently thanked God when she pulled on the handle and didn’t meet any lock. Trying to keep the hinges from squeaking, she opened it just wide enough to slide in and closed it behind her. The vast church was dead silent and still, barely lit by the moon and stars shining through the glass, though in a way, that made it even more beautiful. The air rich with the smell of bible pages and incense long-since burned, she wiped some holy water on her forehead from the nearby basin and walked down the long aisle. Coming out past the pews, she knelt before the giant cross on the back wall, the statue of Jesus looking down at her while she clutched her own crucifix.

“Lord, please, if you can hear me, I need your help now more than ever.


   I… I don’t what to do. I thought I had prepared myself for hardship in order to join the Swiss Guard, but after today… please… give me the strength not to lose my way. ”

“He won’t answer you. ”

For the second time, Helena felt a blade pierce her heart, this one colder than the icicles that would hang outside her window at home during the winter. She turned around, seeing Xavier moving down the aisle towards her.

“Xavier, what are you doing here?”

“Following you. It seems I went a little too far when I crushed those three insects. ”

His voice was different from before. It was much deeper but very dry and even soft with certain words. It barely sounded human, and there was a force behind it, one that weighed down on Helena in way she had never before experienced. She wanted to step back but found her feet seemingly glued to the floor.

“You? You killed them?! H-how? Why?!”

“I told you, didn’t I? I wanted to do something to convince Sister Olivia to spare you punishment. I’d say I did better than expected, considering I was all alone at detention tonight.

Tell me, how does feel to pray for something and have it go unanswered? How does it feel to beg for something from God and have your desperation go unanswered? I just don’t understand why you humans cling to hope when you have no reason to have it in the first place. ”

He reached out and caressed her cheek.


“I guarantee you, here in this “house of God”, there is no one else here but me. God is not listening to you. ”

Breaking free of the weights holding her to that spot, Helena stepped back and held out her cross.

“I don’t know what you are, but no enemy of God will speak such blasphemy in front of me and in this holy place! I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I know he will protect me!”

“Oh please, look at that foolish token you’re holding, at the broken man nailed to that cross. Does he look like he is in any condition to help you? To protect you from me? You foolish humans think that those crosses will keep you safe, but it’s the opposite. What you carry is the symbol of the pathetic and defeated Son of God, dying like an animal in the wilderness with a broken leg. I saw him go up on the cross, I heard his cries of agony, and I saw the spear blade pierce his chest. You carry with you a reminder of the darkest day of mankind, the day when even the power of God was helpless against human madness. You think that crucifix will protect you, but really…”

Xavier reached out and touched the rosary, causing it to melt away and fall to the ground as squirming millipedes.

“It just makes me stronger. ”

“You… you’re the Devil, aren’t you?”

“Bless dear old dad, but no. I’ll give you a hint. ”

Xavier opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, and even with only the moonlight shining through the church windows, the circle of three sixes was clear as day, like a brand.

“You’re the Antichrist…”

“In the flesh, and I’ve decided it’s time to make my move. These last two thousand years have been fun, but I’m ready to start thinking about my future.

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   There is a whole wide world just waiting to be conquered. ”

He stepped towards her and Helena yelped as she felt an invisible force grab her wrists and hold them behind her like handcuffs. She was then spun around and pulled to Xavier, pressed with her back to his chest. He embraced her, running his hands across her supple body. She whimpered as she felt him fondle her breasts with one hand and move south with the other.

“Feel free to scream all you want, your voice won’t reach anyone. You know, I lied to you when I said I wanted to become Pope. That’s too small, I’m ready to become the king of this world. And of course, I’ll need a queen…”

He snapped his fingers and Helena screamed as she was suddenly basked in flames, her uniform being burned off her body like flash cotton. Xavier never let go of her, not a single singe being left on his clothes. Somehow, her hair and skin were undamaged, but she felt like her naked form had just been blasted with a blowtorch. Had she been exposed to those same flames under natural circumstances, she would have suffered severe burns across her entire body.

“And I must say, I’ve come to taking a liking to you. I find that fire in your eyes rather charming, that fighting spirit. Not to mention this beautiful body of yours.

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She shivered in humiliation, now feeling his palms on her bare flesh. He had one hand on her breast, squeezing her tightly but also using his fingers to probe the most sensitive nerve endings. Whether it was his experience with women or his unholy powers, he was intentionally trying to arouse her and expose her to as much focused pleasure as possible. He moved his other hand down her flat belly, admiring her smooth skin. She clamped her thighs together, but with the slightest touch of his fingers, he wrenched them apart as if there were shackles on her ankles. He traced the entrance to her womanhood with his middle finger, savoring what was to come. Not only had the flames destroyed her uniform, they had burned away every hair on her body. From the neck down, she was essentially porcelain.

“As my queen, you’ll live a life of luxury. You’ll rule the world at my side, with your every desire being satisfied. You’ll eat the finest food, wear the most elegant clothes, and practically bathe in gold in jewels. And at night, I’ll make you moan like an opera singer as you have orgasm, after orgasm… after orgasm. All you have to do is swear your loyalty to me. ”

She cried out as he ran his finger between the lips of her pussy, lightly stirring the soft flesh before entering her. Helena had been raised to believe that self-pleasure was one of the greatest sins.

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   She had never touched herself the way Xavier was touching her now, never probed her insides the way he was. She stood, completely helpless as violated her, working his fingers in and out of her ripe, adolescent flower. She could feel it, the intrusion of his fingers stimulating her and making her wet. But this wasn’t the first time she had felt this, and it was that familiarity that made her sick with dread.

‘No! Not again!’

“No! I won’t do it! I’ll never turn my back on God! I’ll never join you!”

While she tried to sound strong, her voice cracked and she whimpered from the undeniable pleasure being felt from him molesting her. His hand was slick with her wetness and she could feel drops running down her inner thighs.

“Are you sure? This is you last chance? Become my queen or suffer the consequences. ”

“I’d rather die than be your queen!”

Hearing her resolute voice, Xavier at first sighed in annoyance, but then began to laugh. Helena screamed in agony as she felt something burningly hot sear her skin. He had his tongue pressed to her neck, and after a few moments he pulled away, with the same circle of sixes branded onto her with her flesh smoking. Glowing red lines stretched from the brand, encircling her before all disappearing into her skin.

Xavier released Helena and she fell to her knees, but before she could try to crawl away, he outstretched his hand and closed it. From his clenched fingers, a coil of light seemingly materialized, stretching down to her with a glowing ring appearing around her neck. The two lights joined and she gasped as she felt Xavier’s power weigh down on her. She wanted to scream, but couldn’t, as she felt like she was literally at the bottom of the ocean, being crushed from every angle with incomprehensible force.

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   She looked up at him, realizing what he had just done. The coil of light was a leash and the ring around her neck was a collar. He had just made her his property.

“You think that by denying me, I’ll just let you go? Oh no, things are not that simple. The moment I set my eyes on you, you lost your freedom. You lost the right to run away or to even die. If you will not be my queen, you will be my slave. Every inch of your body now belongs to me. Your entire existence nothing more than a toy in the palm of my hand. At this very moment, I could rape you with savagery never before seen and there would be nothing you could do to stop me. ”

He then pulled on her leash, forcing her up onto her knees with her mouth open. He lifted her chin, moving his thumb across her pursed lips. She wanted to pull away, to push him back, but her whole body had gone limp.

“But don’t worry, I won’t take you like that. No, I’ll bend you to my will until you beg me to rip away your virginity.

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He inserted his thumb into her mouth and pressed down on her tongue, making her cry out as he again branded her.

“There, that will keep you from telling anyone about who I really am. Even if you try to write it down, that seal will stop you. ”

“I’ll never give in to you,” she hissed with tears streaming down her eyes.

“Oh, you will. But please continue to resist, that makes it all the more fun for me. ”

Chapter 2

Helena woke up with a scream, reaching up to the ceiling as if to grab a lifeline thrown to her. She was back in her bed but looked around fearfully for Xavier, finding only her concerned roommate.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah… I’m ok, just a bad dream. ”

‘After the day I had, it’s no surprise that I would have some kind of nightmare. ’

Seeking comfort, she turned to her bedside table to retrieve her crucifix but did not find it. Had it fallen in the night? She reached under the bed and table but felt only the carpet. But as she continued to lean over, she felt something that made her feel like an ice statue. She had woken up in both bra and panties, so she was certain that the encounter with Xavier had been a dream (considering he had burned them off her), but as she shifted her legs, she could feel the soft cotton pressed to her virgin flower. That’s right… those flames had shaved her like a lamb.

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She tried to swallow the lump in her throat but something made it difficult, a pressure holding her on all sides of her neck, like a hand… or a collar. She could feel it under her skin, that invisible restraint that Xavier had put on her. It didn’t feel like any kind of material, but it was THERE. It was real. Everything that had happened last night was real. Helena began to hyperventilate, feeling like she was still in his embrace, one of his hands being used to fondle her breasts and the other penetrating her slit.

“Sophie, there’s something I need to tell you. Last night, I–”

Helena gagged as her throat closed with a stinging burn appearing on her tongue. She was unable to breathe and Sophie rushed over to see what was wrong. Her throat cleared after several seconds and Helena gasped for breath.

“What in God’s name is going on with you lately?! And what were you saying about last night?”

Helena turned to her, having never felt so helpless in all her life. She couldn’t tell her friend anything, and when she went to class, or even just breakfast, HE would be there.

“I… I, uh… lost my crucifix last night. ”

“Oh… well… I’m sorry to hear that. I could help you look for it.

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“No, I’ll just look for it myself later. Let’s go get breakfast. ”

Even with all of her strength and anxiety, Helena’s appetite had returned with a vengeance and she shoveled down her breakfast like she was in an eating contest. Her friends all watched her, wondering what had happened to make her so ravenous. But after returning from the kitchen with seconds, her face paled as she heard her friends mentioning the suicides from the previous day.

“What do you mean “unnatural?”” one of her friends asked Sophie.

“Well from what I heard, they all killed themselves in horribly gruesome ways. Supposedly, one them drowned himself in boiling water, another stabbed himself to death, and the third gutted and then hanged himself. ”

All the girls gasped in revulsion and crossed themselves, praying to God to protect them from whatever evil might have influenced the boys’ deaths and to have mercy on their souls. Helena stared at her food, no longer able to eat. If Xavier had really killed them, or made them kill themselves, then what else was he capable of? Could he really be the Antichrist? Was his coming a sign of the Apocalypse? And could he really be in this room with her?

‘I need to be strong and have my faith in God. I’ve spent my whole life training to join the Swiss Guard and protect His Holiness. I won’t let this Devil-spawn scare me. With God on my side, he will never beat me. Lord, please grant me the strength to fight this evil, to purge him from this holy city.

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   Let me be the shield for this school, let me be an instrument for your divine will. ’

Repeating those words over and over again to herself, she regained her confidence. She could do it. She could stand against this threat. She would not give in.

Of course, the closer she got to the classroom, the more nervous she felt. Xavier would surely be there. Would he arrive there before her? After? Or would they end up walking side by side down the same hallway? She didn’t know if she had the strength to face him. She arrived at class, and stepping through the front door, she felt her heart stop. Xavier was at his desk, eyes closed and chin rested on his hand, as if asleep. Just like before, he wore the black coat of a priest but without the collar, standing out from the other male students. She moved slowly past him, like a mouse trying to avoid waking a snoozing lion.

“Good morning, Helena. ”

He spoke the words, his voice sounding normal to everyone else in the room, but to her, it was different, having that same commanding depth from the night before. There was more to it, though.

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   It was as if in the microsecond between the words being vocalized and reaching her ears, time seemed to come to a sudden crawl. She felt Xavier come up from behind her and grab her by the arms with her clothes vanishing off her body. He ran his tongue up the length of her back, making her shiver as he sampled the taste of her smooth skin. He came up to her neck and then the back of her ear, and just when she thought he was going to whisper something to her, the illusion vanished and his words reached her.

A few people looked over, wondering what her reaction would be. Helena’s zealotry and affinity for stirring up trouble made her an uneasy person to get close to.

“G-good morning…” she mumbled, unable to even turn and face him.

Her heart beating wildly, she reached her desk and sat down, resting her head and quietly praying for strength.

The day continued on without anything strange occurring, all of the classes were normal and went by simply. Sister Olivia was brutal as usual, though she did let Helena off with a warning when she caught her daydreaming. She had to wonder if Olivia was doing to out of the goodness of her heart or if the Headmaster had told her to go easy. Either way, the reprieve was nice. Xavier didn’t say anything to her for the rest of the day, never even looked at her. What was going to happen?

Helena stood in the university school supplies store, looking at the plastic jewelry box with nervousness. Along with notebooks, pencils, and all manner of tools a student would need, the store sold rosaries and other religious talismans.


   The one that Helena was looking at was a medallion with the Triquetra symbol¬–the circle entwined into three-sided loop, also known as the trinity knot. It was a Celtic take on the Holy Trinity, with the three corners representing the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Normally she would have gotten another crucifix for the one that Xavier destroyed, but she had to believe what he told her about it. It did make sense, the Antichrist would only grow stronger against the symbol of his enemy tortured and executed. If she was going to fend off this monster, she couldn’t give him anything to use.

The only reason why she was hesitating to buy it was because of its origins. It was Celtic, deriving from her homeland and still popular there. She had long since abandoned her culture and her past. If she were to wear this, it would mean giving in to everything she had turned her back on when she left home.

‘No, I can’t let my feelings of home get in the way of this. ’

She stormed over to the cashier and slammed the transparent box on the counter.

“I’ll take it. ”

Helena was lying in bed, reading the bible. She felt safe, each turn of the pages acting as like an audible pulse that shook away her worries. Hanging around her neck was her trinity necklace, the weight and shape it new to her when compared to her old crucifix, but comforting nonetheless.


   Nearby, Sophie was sitting at her dorm room desk, working on homework. A loud slam of her textbook told her that she had gotten it all done.

“Praise Christ, it’s finished. Ugh, that was brutal!” she groaned while stretching.

“Yeah, Father Samuel doesn’t make algebra any easier for us. ”

“I can’t wait for the weekend, I need to decompress after all of this work. ”

For the first time since yesterday, Helena laughed.

“You say that every week. ”

Their teeth brushed and alarm clock set, the two girls said their evening prayers and went to bed.

Of all things, it was an attempt to yawn that woke up Helena, and the realization that she couldn’t open her mouth. Her eyes bolted open and she tried to sit up, but she couldn’t move from her spot. She could feel threads against her skin, and as she tried to push herself up, these threads tightened. She had been sewn to the bed with hundreds of threads laced across her body, all as strong as steel. Even worse was the realization that her mouth had been stitched shut. With tears in her eyes, she tried to call out to Sophie, but her roommate ignored her.

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   An ominous shadow appeared in the corner of the room and from it appeared Xavier. He wasn’t wearing any clothes and he was erect. He slowly stepped towards Sophie, licking his lips in lustful hunger. Helena tried to scream, but only produced a shrill hum.

“Helena, can you keep it down?” her friend grumbled.

Leaning over her bed, Xavier grabbed her by the throat and squeezed. Shaken awake, Sophie screamed and flailed her limbs, but he held her tightly and climbed on top of her. Releasing her throat, he grabbed her wrists and held them up to the headboard. Appearing out of thin air, a pair of shackles locked on and handcuffed her to the bed. Her throat free, Sophie screamed as loud as she could, but her voice merely bounced off the walls of the room, as if they were inside a bank vault.

‘Is he using he powers to keep her voice from escaping? Will anyone be able to hear her?’

“I just love that sound. Go ahead and keep screaming. ”

“Helena! Save me!”

“Oh, she can’t help you. She’s just here to watch as I turn you into a broken toy!”

Xavier then placed his hand on her legs and lines of black thread appeared as if growing from his palm. The threads wrapped around her ankles and bound them to the back of her thighs, then wrapped around her knees and pulled them apart, putting her on display.

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   Xavier laughed to himself as he ran his hand across her body.

“I know this Europe, but this “all natural” thing is a turn off. ”

He snapped his fingers and Helena closed her eyes, momentarily blinded by a bonfire of flames erupting from Sophie’s bed. She could hear her blood-curdling screams and well imagine the pain she was going through, having gone through it herself. The flames vanished, revealing the bed and Sophie completely unharmed. Her clothes and every hair from the neck down had been burned away. While her skin was undamaged, she cried and moaned in pain, feeling like she had suffered third-degree burns.

“Why are you doing this?” she whimpered.

“Because it’s just so easy. ”

Xavier held out his hand behind him and a large cross flew into his hand, having originally hung above the door. Chuckling sadistically, he turned it around in his hand, holding the short end so it was like a dagger. He pressed the other end against her vagina and Sophie began thrashing.

“No! Please! Anything but that!”

Ignoring her pleading and the resulting screams, Xavier forced the cross deep inside her, violating her with the symbol of her faith. Helena had never heard anyone cry like that, that mix of pain and humiliation. Oh god, was Xavier going to do that to her as well? There had to be something she could do, some way to help her friend! She pushed up against the threads tying her to the bed, but they dug into her skin like razor blades and stopped her just as soon as she started.

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Xavier pulled the cross out and crouched down, watching the blood of her torn hymen dribble out. Laughing, he leaned forward and ran his tongue between the lips of her pussy, lapping up the blood as if it were honey. Helena watched in revulsion, sickened by this monster’s depravity but not surprised. He was the Antichrist; of course he would have a thirst for her virgin blood. But as he continued licking, Sophie’s reaction changed. What Helena had thought to be sobs of pain were becoming pants of arousal, with tears continuing to pour from her eyes as she whimpered with each flick of his. Between her legs, Xavier was playing her like a saxophone, licking up every sweet drop of her nectar and teasing her lips with his own, while his tongue slithered back and forth inside her. He moved up an inch and put all of his focus on her erect clitoris, stimulating her in ways she never thought possible. Sophie’s small whimpers became shameful moans as he sucked on the small nub and twirled his tongue around it. He even began fingering her, sliding back and forth effortlessly with her sleeve becoming more and more slippery by the second.

Without even realizing it, Helena was no longer watching in horror, but in interest. She had heard about this kind of thing, “oral sex” as it was called. Did it really feel that good? No, no! She couldn’t let herself be enticed by such horrific sins! How could she even think of such things while her friend was being raped! But she again relapsed as another scream was released, this one making her shiver. She had heard it before as a child, coming from her mom’s room when she had visitors over. Had Sophie… just had an orgasm? Sophie certainly thought so, as she was trying to cover her face while crying fresh tears.

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Xavier sat up and laughed.

“Why are you crying? You have no need to feel shame. You are nothing more than an animal after all; a lowly, pathetic creature that spends its existence searching for pleasure. God isn’t here to judge you, so reveal your true nature and enjoy this. ”

Continuing to chuckle, he leaned down and began sucking on her breasts, again making her whimper from unwanted sexual bliss. He moved back and forth, painting the succulent hills with his tongue, then securing his lips around her nipples and pulling upwards.

“You’re skin is so soft, Sophie. It’s only right that I taste it. ”

His head then darted forward and he joined his lips with hers. She tried to resist him, squirming and turning her face from side to side, but he grabbed the back of her head and stopped her. He immediately infiltrated her with his tongue, licking every corner of her mouth. This was her first kiss, let alone French. When she didn’t reciprocate, Xavier grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed brutally hard, making her scream until at last giving in. It was a half-assed attempt, but she began kissing him back, even sending her tongue into his mouth. All the while Helena watched them, and once or twice, she shuddered as he would look directly at her, staring into her eyes.

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He sat back up and kneeled between her spread legs, resting his cock on the lips of her pussy.

“Please, God…” she cried.

“You think God will help you? You’re wrong. Nobody can help you. Nobody can save you. I am going to take you now and nothing will stop me. Your God isn’t here. ”

Guiding the head between the lips, he grabbed her waist and forced himself into her. Sophie cried out in physical and emotional agony, but not as loud as when he violated her with the cross. She could feel him inside her, his manhood barreling inside her untouched slit. He buried himself inside her up to the base, pulled out, and then slammed into her again. With centuries of practice, he got into his well-used rhythm and began thrusting like a rodeo bull, slamming against the entrance to her womb with enough force to make her cry. He leaned over, supporting himself with arms. Sophie refused to look at him, feeling his hot breath on her face.

“Helena…” she begged, turning to her friend.

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But Helena could do nothing but watch as her friend was raped without mercy, Xavier using her body as his own personal sex toy. She cried with her, unable to even open her mouth and say something. It went on like that for another fifteen minutes, Xavier never having to catch his breath. At last he stopped, shivering with a savage grin on his and making Sophie whimper in shame.

“Can you feel it? Feel all of the seed I just sprayed into your womb? You’re nothing but a pathetic cum dumpster, a rag for me to wipe off my cock with after I fill you up with my semen. ”

Both women thought that he would stop then, but the torment continued. For another two hours, he raped her almost nonstop, hammering her with brutal force and ejaculating into her over and over again with reserves beyond the limits of normal humans. Several times, Sophie would give a tearful moan from a forcefully induced orgasm, which would make Xavier give a booming laugh of conquest. The only times he really stopped was to climb up to her face and force his cock into her mouth, making her drink up the mix of his semen and her pussy juice.

At last, with an hour before dawn, he climbed up off her. Sophie’s pussy was bruised and battered with a huge puddle of semen beneath her. Her insides had been pumped full of his cum, slowly draining out of her. Her legs were bloody and lined with cuts from the bite of the wires he restrained her with. Her face was red and swollen from all the tears she had cried, her voice hoarse from the hours of screaming. Stretching, Xavier gave one final laugh.

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“That was fun, I’ll see you both later. ”

He then snapped his fingers and the wires binding the two girls disappeared. Even while free, Helena couldn’t move. Her body was devoid of strength, as if she were drugged. She and Sophie did nothing but close their eyes and drift to sleep.

“Sophie! Sophie! Wake up!”

“Huh? What’s going on?”

The alarm was ringing, and as soon as she heard it, Helena woke up and bolted to her friend’s bed.

“Are you ok? Are you hurt? Come on, we have to get you to the hospital!”

“What are you talking about? I’m fine!”

“Fine?! Don’t you remember what happened last night?!”

Sophie looked at her, a look of annoyance mixed with a total lack of patience.

“Helena, did you have another nightmare?”

Helena stared at her, wide eyed. Standing there, she realized that the stitches that had bound her lips together were gone, as well as the threads that had held her to the bed, and even the scars they had worn into her skin. She staggered back, falling onto her bed.

“Yeah, I guess I did…”

“For the love of God, you need to speak with one of priests and confess something. ”

“I don’t know if any priest can help me with what I have…”

Helena stood in a hallway overlooking the school sports field. She had a free period, while outside Sophie and several other students were running laps in gym class. Nothing Helena had seen since waking up told her that her friend had been harmed in any way, even any signs that she had noticed what Xavier’s flames… had done to her body. Had it really just been a nightmare? Was her fear blurring her sense of reality?

“Did you enjoy the show?”

The whisper in her ear sent Helena spinning around, finding herself staring at Xavier with that same evil smirk on his face.

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“So that was real? You really did that to Sophie?!”

“Oh, the way I’ve been limping all morning should tell you that. I’m still completely drained. ”

“You’re pure evil,” she hissed.

A savage gleam to his eye, Xavier grabbed her wrists and slammed her against the window, his lips again to her ear.

“Now that’s not true, even I have a drop of decency. After all, I did erase her memories and restore her body to its original condition. I even gave her back her virginity. There is absolutely no proof in the world that I raped her. ”

Biting her lip, Helena brought up her knee to try and slam him in the groin, but before the strike could connect, she felt her strength vanish as if all of her tendons had been severed. Around her neck, her collar was glowing and the end of the ethereal leash was wrapped around his fingers.

“Oh, bad girl. I’ll have to punish you for that. ”

He turned her around, making her look out the window. She could see Sophie down below, sitting on the grass with her friends, all of them panting and laughing while emptying their water bottles.

“Look at her, so innocent.

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   She remembers nothing of how I brutalized her, how I tore away her virginity with that cross, how I raped her for hours and emptied myself into her womanhood. I said to her last night that she had become my personal cum dumpster, well I’ve decided I’m going to keep her around. When I get bored and long to feel the flesh of a woman, I think I’ll creep into your room and put on a show for you. I wonder which would be more entertaining; to let her remember every scene so that she can spend the days dreading my arrival, or to heal her and wipe her memory whenever I’m done with her, so that every night, she gets to experience the horror of some stranger coming into her room and taking her Christian chastity, to lose her virginity to her rapist over… and over… and over again. ”

“I won’t let you hurt her, I’ll find a way to stop you!”

“Oh, you’ve done enough already. Don’t you realize why I’m doing this? It’s because she’s YOUR roommate. You dragged her into this by being a part of her world. ”

“You’re just trying to trick me, I won’t give in!”

Xavier yanked on her leash, pulling her back against him. She clawed at her throat, gasping for air.

“I honestly prefer you don’t, that would be too boring. That fire in your eyes, that rebellious spirit… that is what drew me to you. Pray to God to protect you, try and shield your friends. I want you to rebel against me. I want you to keep hope alive and dream of a day when this collar with be broken. Hope is the belief that things will change, that even the most horrible situation will come to an end.


   People cling to hope because they have no choice but to believe that they can outlast their Hell or that something will happen to change all the rules of the game. But every time the sun rises on their bleak world, every time they feel the strike of the whip or club when someone was supposed to catch their tormentor’s hand, that hope turns on them.

I want you to keep hoping, because that will make your suffering all the more terrible. Every time I crush your hope, you will be overwhelmed by heartbreak, by disappointment, by abandonment and even betrayal by God and the world around you. Reach for the sun, my little flower, so that I may clip you and send you falling back to Earth. Wait for someone to come and rescue you, so that every time you feel my touch, you realize that you are all alone. Make this a glorious and eternal battle of wills, make me fight to win your heart. ”

He grasped her trinity necklace and held it up to her face.

“Keep this close, so that you can learn again and again how useless it is. ”

He then vanished, leaving Helena to fall to her knees, her throat sore and her body weak.

‘Don’t cry, don’t you dare cry,’ she told herself, feeling tears hanging from her lashes.

Having left Helena, Xavier was in a sinister mood. He was looking for someone, using his powers to tr.



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