The last night of our vacation


It finally happened on the last night of our two week vacation to a Greek island last summer and now it's become a habit I cannot break. In fact, it may even cost me my marriage. But it's been worth it!
I'm Rachel, 30 years old and I'm married to Pete. I've got shoulder length brown hair, and am often reminded that i'm attractive to men; I regularly get chatted up at work or whilst out with friends. However, although i have often daydreamed about sleeping with other men (well what girl hasn't?) i've never seriously considered doing anything about it.  I guess i realised I'd got too much to lose by cheating on Pete.
 He's a hard working, caring husband in many ways and I want for nothing around the house. New clothes, manicures, expensive shoes and jewellery, I've got it all.
However, maybe because of the time Pete spends at work, he's often too tired to satisfy me in the bedroom. I didn't think it mattered as I became content with the material goods and creature comforts that made me the envy of my friends and family.
Last summer, we booked a beautiful secluded apartment on a Greek island and as we arrived, I could feel my tensions unwind as i looked forward to a fortnight of relaxation, good food and wine and lots of sex. We got friendly with the only other English couple in the complex whose apartment shared a communal balcony with ours.
Although Dave and Alison were over ten years older than us, they certainly lived life to the full - active days, late nights, they both seemed to live in the fast lane - and they seemed to have a sex life to match! Dave in particular had a certain finesse and sophistication that I found intoxicating and his body was to die for too! Often i lay awake at night (Pete snoring beside me pissed as a rat after a night on the booze) as i was subjected to the sounds of Dave and Alison making love through the partition wall. Judging by the gasps and moans that I emanated, he was as experienced and skilled in the sack as he seemed to be at everything else.
How i envied them both as on the occasions that Pete didn't collapse in a drunken stupor, our lovemaking had become predictable and routine. When I mentioned  as much to Ali one night (after a few too many Metaxas) she confided that Dave was always finding new ways to keep the spice in their  love life.

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   She told me that they had made love on the balcony,on the beach under the stars ("God how I'd love to have witnessed that" I thought) and that they had even joined the 'mile high' club on the plane journey over to Greece.
Whilst i didn't consciously set out to seduce Dave, i suppose the envy and natural attraction towards this gloriously sexy guy made me vow to seize any opportuntiny to sample his lovemaking if ever the chance occurred.
And it did. On the last night, we all reminisced about the holiday as we shared a bottle of Ouzo. After a while, Ali asked to be excused as she needed to pack for the flight the following morning which left the three of us. I felt sexy and attractive; the relentless sunshine had given me a golden tan and I had accentuated this with a skimpy pure white cotton frock which i hoped would please Dave. I spied him holding my gaze for just a little longer than was strictly necessary as we joked and chatted. Pete was meanwhile sinking the ouzo at a rate of knots that meant he would shortly be out for the count. Normally I would have told him to slow down but the thought of being alone with Dave (who was his usual controlled sophisticated self) was something i was keen to experience and so I let Pete carry on drinking himself to oblivion. After a few minutes, Pete staggered to the loo , excusing himself  as he tottered off. Predictably, he didn't return and as i checked up on him I found that he had crashed fully clothed on our bed and was snoring like Rip van Winkle. I knew this was my heaven sent opportunity and as i ventured back out to the balcony I knew I needed to act quickly.
I was so aroused by this time , i no longer cared if I got rejected and seizing my chance i shamelessly grabbed hold of Dave by the arm and pulled him close to me and kissed him. Oh God, the relief and excitement when he responded completely grabbing the cheeks of my bum through my flimsy cotton dress as he held me tight, our tongues darting between each other's lips exploring, devouring one another.  I swear I would have swallowed him whole at that point if i'd been able, there was two weeks' worth of pent up arousal that needed to be satisfied and i was going to make sure this delicious sexy man knew how badly i needed him.

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  The thought that Alison or Pete may wake up at any moment only intensified my feelings; I was fed up at being neglected and felt it was only fair that I had a chance to discover the exquisite thrills that Alison had enjoyed repeatedly over the past fortnight.
I led Dave by the hand into our apartment as I figured that Pete was less likely to wake up from his Ouzo induced sleep than Alison. Also part of me wanted him to pay for the neglect in the bedroom and it seemed fitting that I was to seduce Dave on 'home territory'. He sat back luxuriously on the sofa as I wrestled with his shorts, desperate to free that gorgeous plonker that I knew had given Alison so much pleasure. And i wasn't disappointed; it was just as beautiful as I had imagined - already rock hard and fabulously thick - no wonder it had Ali squealing with delight every time he shagged her !
I shamelessly gobbled and sucked on his big veiny tool. It was truly wonderful; much longer and thicker than Pete's and i needed it inside my pussy so very very urgently. . . . . .
I couldn't risk being interrupted so I pulled his im, easing his shorts off and climbed astride him wriggling so that his juicy dick was fully inside me. And sweet Jesus it felt good - no wonder Ali howled like a banshee when she came , this was a plonker that could fill a girl to the hilt. Watching in the mirror, I saw him grip me by the hips as he fucked me mercilessly making my entire body quiver and shake with the effort and release of orgasm. God it was fucking amazing - I felt his hand cover my mouth as I groaned as i came in tremendous waves on his massive prick - I had lost all sense of where i was and no longer cared that my husband was asleep no more than ten feet away.

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   Dave expertly rubbed my clit as i rode him - i felt that I was going to pass out with pleasure i was so turned on I'd never felt so horny by anything I'd ever done with Pete.  Dave was thrusting so fiercely that I was being tossed around like a helpless rag doll and I couldn't have been more ecstatic - it was unbelievably bloody good - so deep and he had such strength and stamina I was in heaven. I just needed to be possessed by this incredible fuckable hunk as I came repeatedly in huge spasms. Just then I felt him tense beneath me as he tweaked my nipples and called out "Rach, Rach I'm gonna come inside you" and with that outburst he emptied his seed deep inside me.
I felt like a queen as I lay on top of him, utterly spent and kissed him as our lust subsided. Briefly, I panicked as i realised we hadn't used any protection - before smiling to myself - if Dave could manage something with one fuck that Pete and I hadn't managed in ten years of marriage then so be it.
With great reluctance, I returned to Pete who was still stretched out comatose. For the first time I despised him and was pleased with myself that i had grab this chance of sexual fulfillment. The next day Dave and I managed a quick snog and grope at the airport and Dave has contacted me since to let me know that he is staying over on business in my area next week and would I like to meet him for dinner and who knows? I've told him that dinner would be nice and very respectable but it's the afters i'm looking forward to - hopefully involving me riding that wonderful juicy cock once again. When it happens, i'll be sure to let you know.



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