With a kiss good bye from my husband, the door opened and he was gone. Putting down my coffee cup I closed my robe from my husbands last minute grope of my breast(a daily activity)and stood up to check the planned events of the day on the calendar on the wall of the kitchen. It was to be a normal Monday, the car pool would be stopping at 8:05, the vet’s appointment was at 10:30, and the car was scheduled for an oil change at 11:45, and I have to call the landlord to have the furnace serviced.
After the children were off to school I started the shower to clean myself up after a long night of hard love making. All the usual activities, wash and condition my long blond hair, lather up the loofa sponge with my peach flavored body wash, and remove the stubble now growing around my husband’s favorite body part.
It was an unusually warm autumn day so I dressed in a short above the knee sun dress with little spaghetti shoulder straps. Tugging on the dress to make sure it covered the hot pink g-string and matching strapless bra, it was time for shoes. After deciding on my lace up open sandals, I grabbed my purse, put the dog in the car and off I went.
Once again the dog was less than thrilled to be visiting the vet, so after a 18 minute struggle to get him out of the car and into the office I decided to stop at the local grocery store. Yes I think my husband deserved a nice dinner after his splendid performance last night, Roast beef it is. With the groceries loaded into the back of my car I pulled my cell phone out of my purse and speed dialed our landlord. Two rings later his gruff voice answered the phone with an enthusiastic "well hello Mrs. Mitchell". I reminded him that it was time again for the furnace to be winterized, he replied, I will try to fit you in today but I can’t guarantee that I will be able to. I asked him to see what he could do because the rest of the week I had scheduled to be out of the house all day.
"I will do my best" he replied, "I have no doubt you will" was my response.

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At last the chores were done and the rest of the day was mine to relay and take my time getting the house and dinner just right for when Tim gets home. As I pulled up to my house I noticed Wayne’s (Landlord) truck pulled in the driveway. Oh good I thought. Wayne was leaning against the side of his truck beaming when I stepped out of my car, showing a little leg. "I did my best Mrs. Mitchell", he gloated. "Not yet you still have work to do", I gushed. I could feel my body start to react to this slight sexual banter. Wayne helped bring in the groceries and set to work on the furnace.
Wayne was a huge man. About 6’6 and 230lbs his muscles were literally stretching out his black t-shirt. All the women in the area were always finding little chores for Wayne. Gossip was that Wayne was a real tiger, always doing his "best" to keep his property’s looking and working good.
All the groceries were in the fridge; I grabbed a soda and the laundry basket and hit the stairs down to the basement. Wayne was laying on his back looking up into a filter on the furnace, I could not help staring at his form laying on the floor, his shirt had lifted away from his jeans to reveal a pair of black Calvin Klein Shorts, and a peak at his stomach; that to my satisfaction was very tan and covered with a thick layer of honey colored hair.

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   I could feel myself starting to get wet. I hastily set down the soda, and with a weak smile at Wayne picked up the Laundry basket and headed over to the washer.
I could feel his eyes moving over my body, I did not know weather or not to feel embarrassed, or horny. "Pink looks good on you, Mrs. Mitchell"! Not understanding where the statement I turned to look at him, his eyes were blazing, and I could not help but notice the extremely large bulge in his jeans. "What" I stuttered, "when you leaned over to put your clothes in the drier your dress slid up a bit", "looks like your thong could use to be dried". I wanted to die!!! "I am not like your other tenants Mr. Adams, so my thong is none of your business, and you are not the reason why it is wet" I proclaimed. I grabbed the basket and marched up the stairs not bothering to shield myself from his gaze. Once I hit the landing I had to lean against the wall to keep myself from collapsing.
About 2 hours later I was in the kitchen starting dinner when I heard the cellar door close, when I turned around Wayne was standing behind me with his shirt tucked thrown over his shoulder. He looked like he was hand carved by a master craftsman. I immediately started to get wet again. "If your thong is none of my business, than my body is none of yours so you can blink now". "If you enjoy looking you can, if you want to touch me, you can, if you want to do more that is your choice".

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   Here was an open invitation for me to have my way with this stunningly beautiful man. "I can’t I am married, and I love my husband" blurted from my mouth, "I will not come between you and your husband, and loving him has nothing to do with this". Seeing the confusion in my face he approached me engulfing me in his embrace. "I’ll stop if you want me to" he whispered into my ear. I melted in his arms, I could not tell him no. His skin was so hot my body started at once to react to his touch. "Not here", I gasped. At once he picked me up in his huge arms and carried me down the hall, our lips never breaking apart.
Setting me back on my feet at the foot of my bed, with one strategic and gentle tug my dress was around my ankles. While he professionally undid my bra from the back I fumbled with his belt. I could not stop myself I not only wanted him, but I needed him. With his belt off and jeans unbuttoned I yanked them down so he was standing in front of me in just his black Calvin Klein jockey shorts. His man meat was beginning to expand and push his jockeys away from his body. I had to get them off of him; feeling his cock swell with my touch almost made me cum. He was huge, at least 18 inches and as thick as my wrist, with balls the size of kiwis.

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   I started to remove my soaked thong while he licked my nipple and stroked my back when he grabbed my hands and said "I’ll take care of that for you", the words I were about to say never made it past my lips. Wayne picked me up and guided me onto the bed, kissing every inch of my hot body. After paying special attention to my breasts he started to lick his way down to my hot, wet, hairless pussy. I don’t remember him ever removing the thong, the next thing I knew his mouth and tongue were thrashing around, causing me to violently shutter in ecstasy. He made me cum 3 times before he moved from my well worked pussy.
It was now my turn. I used every muscle in my body to force him onto his back; I went down his body tasting every bit of him, giving him little bites in strategic places. Finally I reached his huge meat pole; I was a little worried on how to fit a cock of that size into my mouth but wasted no time at all in attempting. As I started to gently tease it with my tongue Wayne let out a loud moan of pleasure. This was just the encouragement I needed. With a deep breath in I shoved his cock deep into my mouth, working it in and out with as much suction I could give. Feeling Wayne’s hips grinding with my hand stroking him while I his hard hot cock was forcing its way further down my throat told me to keep going. I pulled his cock from my stretched lips and took to his balls, licking them, pulling them; I could feel his cock start to pulse. Not wanting to loose my reward I took his cock back in my mouth and fed on it. Sucking, stroking, and pulling at his balls; Wayne let loose, grabbing the back of my head and forcing his exploding cock further down my throat, I felt his hot cum wash over my inside.

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   He could not speak due to his gasping for breath. When he finally re-composed himself he took me in his arms and forced his tongue into my mouth like a man.
Covered in each others juices I felt his cock swelling against my hot thigh. "I’m going to fuck you within an inch of your life", he growled in my ear. In one swift motion I was on my back with Wayne planted firmly between my legs. I braced myself against the headboard in anticipation of his huge cock entering me. My pussy was so wet his entire meat glided deep into me with little hesitations. Slowly at first Wayne was teasing my pussy with his cock, He leaned over me pressing his hairy chest down onto my firm hot tits. His cock felt like it was six foot long while he pressed it back into me. Faster and faster he proceeded to impale me. Our bodies were moving in a simultaneous motion. Melting together I pulled him down onto me firmly and panted harder into his ear; He obliged. The breath was stolen from my body while he fucked me hard and fast. My pussy was stretched, I’m sure to its limit and he was penetrating me further and deeper than any other man I have ever been with. I could feel his hot cock head ramming against my uterus, feeling like he was stabbing at my insides, his balls slapping hard against my ass and his body grinding against my clit my body gave one great shutter and I came with him still fucking my socket.

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   "Your not done yet, I’m gonna make you come at least 2 more times", Wayne proclaimed.
He lifted me up pushing me onto my knees, and positioning himself behind me. Fearing this activity because it promotes deeper penetration, I hesitated to allow him access to my love portal. This seamed to get him going even more. With the small amount of force it took him to access me, I found myself rocking back and forth on his enormous cock, after a while I noticed that he was not fucking me, but I was fucking him. "Fuck my cock", he kept saying over and over. I could feel his cock start to pulse again, I leaned back into him until I could feel his forest of pubes pressing against my tight ass hole, maintaining this position I squeezed my over sexed, well warned cunt on his cock until he filled my love nest with what felt like a gallon of steamy hot jism.
I pulled myself out from under my sweaty, hot man and collapsed on my marriage bed, pulling my large lover down on top of me. "Just because I let you fuck me still does not mean my thong’s are any of your business", I said. Laughing he said, "let me know if there is anything else around the house you need me to take a look at", after an afternoon of the hottest, nastiest fucking I have ever had in my life, I will be sure to require his services again, and again, and again.
Pulling ourselves off of each other we jumped in the shower and cleaned up a little. Getting turned on by the sight of his body covered in water and my hands rubbing him from top to bottom got me wetter than the water did. Apparently he was hot as well because i could feel his hard cock sliding between my legs searching for the enterance to my drenched pussy. He picked me up, with my back against the wall he plowed into me with the force of a thousand horses. We came together and once again he filled my crevice with his love juice.

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   Watching him get dressed and covering up his body mad me look forward to the next time I can find something that needs repair.
A few hours later after dinner was finished and the kids were in bed, my husband asked me "how was Wayne today", very cooly i replied "he was great he did the job and went on his way, saying to let him know if I need anything else". I felt like the worst wife / person in history, that is until i noticed the lipstick mark on the band of my husbands boxer shorts. Not saying anything or remarking on my new discovery I found myself turned on by the fact that we both fucked other people today, and were still turned on by eachother. Now if I could only figure a way to have sex with the man that I love, and the man that I love to fuck at the same time i would be one happy housewife.
We shall see