The Jack Taylor Story


Oh my god no get off me you sick bitch.   her mouth went down and wrapped itself firmly around my shaft.    get off me you sick fucking bitch.    but to no avail I couldn't get away.   with in seconds she dropped down over it and started sucking it and with out warning I couldn't take it any more I exploded.   I heard a female voice say Time 57 seconds we have a new record.   Phi Beta kappa's newest sister is Kelly.   For successfully making her brother cum.   The all looked at me and started laughing at me while I still was tied to this chair.    you sick fucking bastard that was your sister.   Oh my god what a fucking loser!  then all of a sudden I felt a pillow whack.   right in my face.   it was my gothic bitch sister from hell Kim.

Hurry up dork oh get out of bed mom said if your late again she is kicking your ass.   Jack looked at Kim and said you’re the reason why I missed!  she shut the door and grabbed me by the scruff of the shirt and said  better keep quiet if mom finds out.   your dead.

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    she made it a habit of doing a lot of nasty things to me while mom wasn't looking.   about the only thing she hasn't done is sex.   but one night she did dry humped me with clothes on for over two hours.   she is twisted.   one time she told me she likes her ass eaten out.   then forced me into her room to fulfill her needs.   she said hurry up dork or I am going to hump you again.   oh god he said I am up.   he jumped out of bed.   and she grabbed the scruff of his hair and then the impending doom.  

right into my mouth for five minutes straight.   then she pushed me back onto he bed and hiked up her mini skirts and said eat my ass.   or I will fuck you.   her ass got rammed into my face.   and didn't protest cause I know what happens when you do.

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    she kicked my ass thoroughly for not licking her ass before then went ahead and she decided to it took all of about five minutes and of course she left me at flag staff after sucking it for five minutes.   and said take care of that and get to the car we got to leave this is my life in a nutshell.    used and abused and all i know is i can't even escape when i dream now this Kelly is invading my dreams.   so what the hell am I to do.   he got dressed and went down stairs and got to her car.   hear he spent the first few moments pulling her hand out of his pants and trying very unsuccessfully from stopping her from this annoying new fetish of hers licking my face.   oh god she got me yesterday and her breath stunk so fucking bad my god I thought I was going to die.   that's another thing she does.   she has this thing wear if you tell her her breath stinks she will duct tape your mouth shut and you will smell nothing but her breath for the next hour or so.   that happened to me about two days ago.   when I said she is twisted believe me she is very twisted. we finally go and end up parking in the woods behind my school and she say hey stop a minute when I try to get out.   softly says come here.    I say what and she starts kissing me again.    I mean really passionately it started freaking me out.

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    next thing you know her hand in down my pants and she jacks me really hard and makes me spew very quickly.   she said sorry I left you hanging squirt.   she pulled a gob of my gew out of my pants and had it oozing off her finger and she said to me.   If you have the balls to suck it off my finger then you know Lisa the one your always staring at when she comes over I sware to fucking god if you suck this off my finger I will get her to pop your cherry. you serious Lisa will pop my cherry if i do you promise no bullshit no games or lie.   she said its a promise.    Hell her ass had to taste worse then that and fuck it it came from me already right. i went for her hand then all of a sudden she pulls it back.     you really would of done that  no bullshit you'd suck the jit off my hand to get at her.   what would you do to have her permanently?  what?  I asked curiously.   I bet that would make you really happy to have you huge tits in your face and that ass to grab anytime you want.   tell you what squirt forget the cum wad.   I got a better deal.   you accompany me to this party tonight over Steve's and I will make your wildest dream come true.   hell she will be their tonight but your are my date.

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        Jack asked well what's the catch?  It’s a date get it.   No he said hopping that the idea he got in his head was wrong.   at the party tonight we'll get drunk well get high.   and you will get laid!  he gulped.   I thought you said she would pop my cherry.   hell it doesn't count if I fuck you so are you in.    before you answer remember being her boyfriend has perks.   her girlfriends she is bisexual you know. here are pics of her and her friendsso i guess there is just one thing left to deal with.   andthat would be the party that night.   I guess by now you got to be real curious my answer.   well thier was no way in hell i was going to fuck my sister no matter how much i Liked lisa.   but i ended up hookying school that day.   why well here is a real good reason she got me drunk.   i passed out for several hours now She told me i had to accompay her to the party or she was telling mom so what did i end up doing.

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        trying to run when i woke up.   I was head deep in well shit just have a look the snapped a picshe was checking her email and i was her seat if that wasn't bad enough i guess you want to know about the sex.   well she introduced me to her new fetish.   the also unfortunately snapped a pic of this too.   so their we have it the end of the beginning a Goth sister who likes to fuck me a dream of a sister who likes to fuck me and now while this huge dildo is being pounded into my ass i look over and what do i see.   the spirit of Kelly she looks pissed but wait how the fuck is that possible if she Is only a dream.   I look over at her and the spirit says Jack Taylor what do you think your doing?  Taylor My name is turner I am thinking to myself.   while the pain is getting really intense I look over on the wall.   there is a picture of a library on the wall and in very big letters says Jack Taylor Memorial Library.   What the fuck does this all mean?   Kim then says scream My name bitch and jamms the dildo all the way in.   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH  god Fuck!  Help me please he starts crying!!   To be continued. . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . . . .