The Initiation (Section 1)


My name is Allison, and this is my story of how I was raped by several men. I'm honestly not sure if it would constitute as rape from a legal perspective at this point, because I WAS auditioning for a role that would put me in a sexual position, and I knew that I'd have to "put on a show" for the auditioners, but I never thought it'd get this out of hand. First, a little about myself. I am 5'8" with a cup size of B32. I have long brown hair with natural blonde highlights that reaches down to my ass. My eyes are green with a ring of brown on the inside. You could say my every day wear is. . . A little slutty. I typical where tank tops (I live in southern Nevada), sometimes without straps. Booty shorts are my favorite, not only cuz they show off my tight ass, but because they're so comfortable! I'm an actress, and I really wanted to get into the erotic business so when I saw some fliers about hiring actresses for an ero-film I couldn't help but give the number on it a ring. I called them and they set up an appointment for my audition.
So on the day of the audition, I got up in some erotic clothing: A belly shirt with torn looking short sleeves and a denim mini-skirt with "Juicy" bedazzled on the back. The place of my audition was in a studio apartment, and a rather beautiful looking one at that. It had a large open window with a nice overview of an otherwise shitty city.

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   I was greeted by a man who called himself Chuck. He was a few inches taller than me, but more than a few inches wider. With curly red hair and a large beard, he wasn't the prettiest site. I hoped that he wasn't the one I'd have to "perform" for, though I thought it probably was. He guided me over to an open area in the center of the living room with a soft red carpet. And then the audition began. He started off by asking me simple questions, how much experience I had in ero-acting (none), how many men I'd fucked before (3), and what I was willing to do. "I'd like to start off with something simple. . . Work my way up to the more difficult stuff y'know?"
"Yeah, I understand what you mean," said Chuck "but we're gonna have you do something a little more difficult for your audition. . . " He said this with a slight grin.
"Oh? Like what?" I asked.

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   It was then that someone hit me from behind. Hard.

I woke up in a daze. I was in the same room, but I couldn't see it. I could feel that soft plush carpet beneath me. I had been blindfolded and shrieked to get Chuck's attention. "Ah, so our toy is finally awake," I heard Chuck say, "hey, lemme take that blindfold off of ya. . . And see what you're up against. "He removed the blindfold and I was almost petrified by what I saw. At least 18 men, young and old, skinny and fat, blonde and brunette stood naked before me. Two other women were there as well, sitting on what I assume was the leader's legs, kissing him and licking his chest. I almost fainted right there, but Chuck smacked me before I could. I was handcuffed and leg cuffed as well, and he dragged me by said cuffs over to the leader of the group.

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  The women kneeled down to me, and one of them kissed me hard and pushed me to the floor. "Let's strip her. . . slowly," said the man.
"Yes Master Brandon," the two women chimed. One of them, red haired and freckled beneath her eyes, pulled me up to my feet. The other, black haired and well-endowed, got a pair of scissors. She cut off my sleeves and let the torso of my shirt fall to reveal my white-lace bra. The red-head moved the straps down and gently began to remove my bra. I yelled to be let go, but the black haired girl (I later learned her name was Katie) smacked me and told me to shut my face fucker. The red head (again, I learned later her name was Ahna) pulled the cups away and slapped my tits. Katie put her mouth over my left breast and sucked gently on it, flicking the tip with her tongue. I'd never been with another girl before, let alone two while tied up. Ahna put her hand down my skirt, sliding away my panties and began to finger my asshole.

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   I let out a surprised scream and bent my knees together. "Ahna," said Brandon, "don't go for the asshole just yet. . . We still have stuff to do with her. "Ahna removed her finger and stuck it in my mouth. It tasted of shit. In doing that, Ahna had forgotten to put up the gag cloth. I immediately told them to let me go, but Brandon simply shook his head. "It's time, he said. "