The Idea 09


The Idea 9.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

At the time this client came to us, for those who have been following the story, you may be wondering about my business partner Mick. Well after the fiasco involving our last client (Chapter 6), we split the partnership with him taking the glamour photography side and the modelling agency, whilst I retained the Fantasy to reality section. On the toss of a coin I won the right to keep the name of T.

X. Enterprises and Mick became Pussy shot photographer.



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Not all the requests from clients are filmed; we have had to turn down several requests because of the legalities of the scenarios presented to us. As a rule if it is legal in the United Kingdom, we will do the filming.

Here are a few of the ones for legal reasons we refused.

Tanya and her horses.

Tanya ran a breeding and horse riding stable in the country, her fantasy involved firstly giving a blow job to a young pony and secondly being suspended under a stallion whilst he fucked her. Bestiality is illegal and as such my company does not condone it. However I did give her the name of a less scrupulous person who may have filmed it for her.

Trudy and her dog.

Again another instance of bestiality which this time included sucking off her dog, having the dog lick and fuck her and her boyfriend. Again I passed on a contact number. As above.

Nursery fantasy.

Rebecca wanted to be dressed in nappy and diapers, and an older man was supposed to molest her and finally fuck her. But because of the interpretations of this it implied sex with minors and paedophilia we declined the contract for legal reasons.

Sharon’s tattoo.

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Sharon wanted us to film her having a cock tattooed on her cunt. Mild and bitter on her tits and Cocks go here on her arse. Whilst the company has nothing against tattoo’s per say, apparently it is against the code of practice for a tattooist to allow you to film the work in progress.

So you can see from the range of true tales I have related to you there is in fact nothing stranger than life. It is thought that through sex surveys the figures for women in the UK over the age of consent, who would be willing to have their fantasy turned into reality with in a safe environment stands at some 18 million for a total female population of 35 million. If that’s the case and my company is the only one doing this line of work, I am going to be busy for years to come.

Good luck to you all and thanks for reading.




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