The Idea 07


The Idea 7.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.


At the time this client came to us, for those who have been following the story, you may be wondering about my business partner Mick. Well after the fiasco involving our last client (Chapter 6), we split the partnership with him taking the glamour photography side and the modelling agency, whilst I retained the Fantasy to reality section. On the toss of a coin I won the right to keep the name of T. X. Enterprises and Mick became Pussy shot photographer.

Anonymous sex

Elisabeth Livermore contacted us with her fantasy.

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   It was a simple story and involved anonymous sex. Elisabeth was 52 years young, a slightly overweight appearance for her 5’6” frame what is commonly called a BBW by today’s society, her 48EE breast were her greatest asset and prize.

I met her at a local public house close to where she lives. I showed her the brochures and testimonials, talked to about the way costing’s are worked out. She finally relaxed enough to tell me her fantasy. When I offered to show her the pictures of the ‘actors’ she declined saying you pick four healthy well endowed guys with staying power. It was back to my workshop and a visit to a salvage yard to acquire the equipment. Within 2 two weeks everything was set.

We used the old venue, where we stored our false walls and were allowed to film once the main storage depot had closed. In fact we took one of their largest units, and a midsized one close together. We were lucky that the two units happened to come available side by side. I boarded and sound proofed the largest unit putting in a false wooden ceiling above their wire frame even manage to put our own light plan in run from a 30KW generator running from our smaller unit next door. The reason I explain this is because I now had a permanent studio to work from when needed,

Elisabeth’s fantasy required a small cubicle being built 3’ wide by 4’ long and converting it into a toilet cubicle, Complete with two glory holes one on each side. I even built a scaffold platform around the outside that allowed most of the filming to be from above, so I set up the fixed camera above and used the hand held through sliding panel slots.

You will have guessed by now with the chapter title and the glory holes, she want anonymous sex mainly oral but with cum shots at the end.

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The day duly arrived, Elisabeth arrive and went into her fake toilet, she then removed all her clothes and sat on the pan, began fingering her hairy pussy andwas soon moaning, whether this was because of anticipation or the fact she was easily aroused I don’t know. The first two guys came in appeared to walk down the side of the cubicle. In real life they would have been in the cubicles either side of Elisabeth’s one.

Again she moaned and Guy one got down and peered through the glory hole, before sticking his now erect cock into the hole. Elisabeth quickly knelt before the penis and slowly licked along its 9 inch length. When she suddenly felt a hand on her arse, she turned her head to see a black hand stroking her arse and seeking out her slit.

She returned to the cock she was sucking and took the whole length in to her mouth, as the hand behind her finally found its mark and began inserting a finger into her cunt. As she was being finger fucked the guy she was sucking managed to get his entire bollocks through the four inch hole and she was now sucking his prick whilst playing with his balls.

A second finger was quickly added to her cunt as the thumb stroked her anal ring. Her moans became louder but more muffled as she gave way to the building desires with in her body. Also she bobbed her head quicker on the prick in her mouth. A third and then a fourth finger made her cunt stretch and on fire as she continued to suck the cock before her. Suddenly the cock slipped from her mouth as she wailed like a dog barking at the moon and her cunt literally squirted its juice over the fingers embedded in it and quite a lot shot through the glory hole splashing on the guy fingering her.

She soon resumed her head bobbing with renewed vigour, she felt the prick in her mouth suddenly swell as the hot semen flew into her mouth, so much was pumped in that she could not swallow it all and some even came down her nose. The softening prick retreated through the hole as she continued rocking herself back on to the hand with in her cunt.

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   As her second orgasm broke, this was not as powerful; she stood up and placed her mouth close to the hole where the hand had been. The hand was pushed back through and she attempted to clean her juices from every finger.

The hand withdrew and an eight inch cock replaced it, she licked round the head and then stood up and backed up to the rock hard penis, slipping it easily into her cunt. For a while it looked like she was banging her arse against the wall in some weird ritual. But she was being well fucked. I signalled guy number three to stick his cock through the other glory hole.

He stepped up to the glory hole and slide his eleven inch cock through the hole, without missing a single beat with her arse, she simply bent at the waist to engulf his prick. The guy fucking her cunt must have felt the change in tempo because he was suddenly shooting his load deep in her cunt and causing her to come yet again.

The last guy walked up to the door and knocked saying “this is the Lavatory attendant, I know what you’re doing so open up”. She never stopped but managed to slide the bolt on the door. The guy opened the door out wards and went “OH my Fuck, Thought you were some homo shit,” then silence as he watched her continue her assault on the prick in her cunt and doubling her efforts with her mouth.

The attendant, slowly unbuckled his belt slid his trousers to the floor and stood stroking his thirteen inch solid black prick. The guy in her cunt was now so soft he slipped out, the Attendant realized this and slipped between her and the wall and quick as flash he had his prick buried to the hilt in her cunt. Because of his length he must have been knocking on the door to her womb as he reached over and began playing with enormous tits. Wave after wave of orgasms ripped through her body, no sooner did one stop another took her higher.

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   By the time the guy shot his load all over her face, she was babbling like a gold medal winner. Over and over she groaned, but never missing a counter thrust to the attendant. The sweat and the cum slid off her body and pooled on the floor. She reached behind her as she gasped for air and managed to slip a finger into the Attendant’s arse. This caused him to shorten his strokes as he felt her stroking his pancreas. He just could not hold on any longer and at the first spurt he pulled his cock out of her and rested it on her back as it spit its white venom in to her hair. I looked just like a big black snake resting on her back.

She could not thank us enough, but did have one complaint, what was supposed to be anonymous was ruined by the attendant coming into the cubicle, she said laughing. It was well after midnight before we managed to get away, what with the dismantling of the cubicle and the cleaning up of the mess on the floor. The whole place smelled like a brothel. Elisabeth did not hang around she got stuck in helping clean everything up. I gave her a 10% discount for that off her final bill of £400.

Now as a one man company, filming was going to be hard, so I decide to take on an assistant. One of the security guards I used to work with came on board as film camera man part time.

I deliver the Finished DVD to a very embarrassed Elisabeth.

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   I asked her why she was embarrassed, she said “never in my life have I come that often or that much!” “I could not believe I actually shot my juice three feet through a four inch round hole” I laughed and said “But you enjoyed it, didn’t you?” “You bet your bottom dollar I did and I’ll tell you something, it was even better than the real thing in America!” “I knew I was going to get fucked rather than hoping I would” she added. Good praise indeed I thought.