The Idea 06


The Idea 6.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.


Rather unusually we were contacted by a couple, Todd & Kellie Hendrickson Todd was a 6’2” tall 60 years old white haired fine looking gent, his wife Kellie was 42 years old, 5’ tall with a slim figure, her statistics she said were 38B – 26 – 34 and she looked every inch of it with shoulder length auburn hair.

As I say it was unusual for a client to bring her husband to an initial consultation meeting because usually they choose to keep their fantasy secret from their spouse. Initially Kellie asked about setting up a session with her husband and another female, until we pointed out we did not supply prostitutes, and to avoid this we exploited a loophole in the English law that made no provision for male prostitutes. She then asked well if I had a liaison with another woman would he be able to join in. We explained that providing the fantasy was genuinely hers and no laws were actually broken, we would accede to virtually any request.

At this Todd, spoke up saying what about if I just watched the filming taking place without taking part.

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   There for moral support so to say. No problems we replied.

At length we discussed the possibility of Kellie’s fantasy and finally agreed to sort out the details. Photographs were shown and the couple made a joint choice of Karen, my now live in Sub. I quickly explained about Karen’s temperament, Kellie seemed even more delighted to find that she would have to dominate this other woman. She added it will add an extra dimension to my fantasy.

We talked about the sort of venue where they wanted the action to take place, the type of equipment which would be required and finally we gave them an estimate of costs involved. A final figure of £450. 00 was agreed plus expenses for Karen.

The Venue was no problem as they said we could film in their spare room which was already furnished and had ample space for camera movements etc. I explained that we use a twin camera system so one camera would be fixed with a panoramic lens, the other camera would be hand held by either Mick or myself. When Mick got up to go to the gents, Kellie said to me “Do I get a choice on who films the action?”

I replied “Yes but that’s a funny request because it is only Mick or I who do the filming, as we know from experience things like camera angles and pan shots!”

Kellie then said “To be honest, I find Mick to be too pushy, where as I feel comfortable with you. ” “So could you do the filming, please?” I nodded.

As Mick and I drove home I broached the subject and was surprised to hear Mick say “That fucking old cunt should be retired and out to pasture not fucking a sex bomb like her!” I told Mick, Kellie had picked up on his hostility to her husband and wanted him to stay away from the filming. I also reminded him of our original agreement when setting up the company that neither of us would criticize any possible client no matter what was said or who was present.

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   He replied “Yeah, I know but such a good fuck as her and a wrinkly old fart like him gets to do her when he wants.

This was most unlike Mick, so I said forget it, why don’t you go see that other contact and try to get their filming deal. I will deal with this client. He agreed, but added best I have nothing to do with this one; I would be tempted to push the old fart down the stairs. I admonished him, but the way he said it; I could not help but smile.

On the day of the filming, I spent a few hours setting up the equipment in the room before disappearing to get Karen. All the time I was setting the lighting, or camera angles and checking colour balances, Kellie was hovering and to be honest flirting with me. Never far away though was Todd, so in the finish I asked Todd and Kellie to pose laying on the bed for a brightness check. I did not need this but thought she would back off if Todd was right there.

Todd and Kellie, Stripped and climbed on the bed, I now had one of the reason’s Kellie was with Todd, for 60 year old man he had a fit body but his crowning glory was the 12 inch thick cock that now stood to attention between them. I took some snapshot pictures on a digital camera, the type of thing we often do to check lighting levels. Kellie immediately started sucking the monster cock and amazed me that she found somewhere large enough to feed the whole thing into her mouth, I almost checked her arse to see if it was poking out the other end.

When my lighting check was complete, I did not have the heart to tell them I had finished as Todd laid back his eyes closed, big smile on his face as Kellie worked up a sweat swallowing his cock. I stood patiently while they finished and was reward by seeing the biggest cum shot I had ever seen live or otherwise. He blew his wad all over her, in her eyes, her mouth, her hair, some even managed to find its way on to her feet.

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   Talk about Cumming, he must have continuously spurted for five whole minutes without signs of it tailing off. He must have cum gallons of the stuff. (Self memo. I have told you millions of times to stop exaggerating!!!!)

Kellie jumps off the bed, covering in cum and wants to see the pictures I took; Todd just lay back on the bed with the biggest contented smile on his face. As Kellie viewed the shots, the cum dripped from her face on to her tits and then down on to her toes. She did not care one bit. She asked if we could include those shots on to the DVD as a possible slideshow for after the main movie. I answered “Of course”

While Kellie went off to clean herself up, Todd said “That was the best yet; I think there is something really erotic about having your wife blows you in front of someone, even better when you know they are taking pictures of it!” I excused myself to go fetch Karen.

When I returned they had changed the sheets on the bed, Todd was fully dressed again and Kellie was wearing a baby doll nightie. I told Karen to go to the bathroom and put on her maid’s uniform. Kellie took Karen out of the bedroom and I could hear them talking in the bathroom as Karen changed. I quickly asked Todd “Do you want a token part in this movie to add realism”

“You think I Could” he answered excitedly.

“Yes, why don’t you strip off and get under the covers, when Kellie comes back, why don’t you and her begin playing with each other, The maid would then approach the bedroom door and see what you're doing, she would then play with herself whilst watching” I outlined. “Then you look at the clock and have to dash off, leaving two horny women who then use each other to get off” I added.

So by the time Kellie returned with Karen, Todd was already in the bed waiting.

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   I told Karen to wait outside the room until she heard a load moan from Kellie and then she was to come to the door and watch. I instructed her she was to slowly begin playing with herself until Todd rushed past her, then she was to join Kellie on the bed and the main filming would then start.

Todd and Kellie really got into their roles, so much that I had to pause filming to remind Todd about the clock and his exit. I restarted filming only panning round to the maid by the door, diligently rubbing her cunt through her frilly panties, when her face registered complete horror as she saw the size of Todd's equipment. He flew past her just as Kellie yelled, “Bastard leaving me high and dry in this state!” suddenly she spotted the maid by the door and beckoned her over. Patting the side of the bed, she threw her arms around the maid and made out to cry. Lots of there there followed as Kellie nuzzled her nose into the cleavage showing on the maid’s uniform.

She then looked up, saw the maid staring down at where her nose had just been and then suddenly they were kissing passionately. Out of camera shot Todd returned and chose to sit in a chair, by the window at the other end of the room. He was still stark naked. This man could have been a human tripod!

As Kellie and the maid kissed, Kellie slid her had up the front of the uniform dress. Pulled back from the kiss and said “My God your panties are soaking!”

“Yes, Madam, I am sorry but I could help it, seeing you and your husband so engrossed, and then to see his wonderful tool. It was just too much!” she replied.

“Remove those panties at once, child before you catch a chill” Kellie said.

The maid stood up and slipped the panties down her legs and kicked them towards the corner.

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   Kellie immediately replaced her hand up the front of the dress and eased the maid’s legs open a fraction. She worked her fingers in and out of the maid’s cunt, before demanding the maid stripped. Once the maid was fully unclothed, Kellie instructed her to go to the drawer beneath the wardrobe and bring back my bag of toys.

The maid placed the bag on the bed and waited; Kellie opened the bag and began to remove toys. Suddenly she brought out a 18 inch prick shaped rubber vibrator, and said “Ho all those happy hours I spent with this learning to take its length preparing my cunt for my husband’s hunk of man meat!”

She offered the tip up towards the maid’s mouth; she licked the end before slowly forming an O that Kellie used to push the dildo into. Soon the two women were both naked in the bed with Kellie latching on to the maid’s 44DD breasts. The maid had four fingers in her mistress’s cunt and was thrusting them deeper. Then she worked her thumb in to the equation as Kellie slipped back and said “Yes Karen, Fuck my cunt with your whole hand, shove it deep within me!”

The maid, continued to fist fuck Kellie, until with a loud scream, Kellie announced she was Cumming. Over and over Kellie thrashed around the bed as her passions over took her; Karen had a hard job keeping her hand buried up her mistress’s cunt. Then when her passion subsided, Kellie whispered; now it’s your turn to feel your cunt stretched and so full so deep.

With that Kellie turned Karen over and slowly stretched her cunt with the 18 inch dildo whilst sucking heavily on her tits. Then moving down Kellie began nibbling at Karen’s clit whilst deep fucking, Karen suddenly went rigid as her orgasm washed over her. I quickly glanced over at Todd, who was sliding his hand up and down his throbbing cock, eagerly watching his wife lick this other woman.

By the time, both woman had calmed down their bodies were drenched with sweat, when Karen surprised me by saying “On your knees bitch” This was not part of the script and I was just about to intervene when Todd motioned for me to wait.

Meekly Kellie obliged, as Karen lowered her head towards Kellie’s arse, she said “I want you to tell everyone exactly what I am doing to you, don’t make me cross or your arse will suffer” With that she buried her head into the crack of Kellie’s arse.

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Kellie began, “Oh, yes lick my arse, yes that’s it lick my ring, oh it feels wonderful, push your tongue deeper into my arse, Oh god, I am in heaven, yes deeper. ” She was thrusting back towards Karen. “Oh more please fill my arse with something long and hard!” Kellie begged. Karen reached into the bag and brought out a long run of Thai beads, and without ceasing her tonguing began to push the beads past her tongue and deeper into Kellie’s arse, Stopping only when the top ring was preventing her from licking the anal ring further.

Then ‘WHACK’ Karen’s hand came down across Kellie’s arse, I looked at Todd, thinking this bitch Karen is going to cost me this job. None of this was in the approved script. My attention was drawn back to the action when I heard a second ‘WHACK’. Kellie was actually panting for more, on the third ‘WHACK’ Karen suddenly yanked the Thai beads from Kellie’s arse as Kellie slump forward spraying cunt juice physically from her cunt.

Todd rose, tapped me on the shoulder and made a cutting motion across his neck, indicating to stop filming. I turn off my hand held camera and placed it on the table, walking over to the fixed camera I turned that one off too. I was just about to verbally assault Karen about her not sticking to the script, when a panting Kellie turn kissed her full on the lips and thanked her. It appears that whilst they were in the bathroom Kellie instructed Karen about this ending having cooked it up the night before with Todd.

Todd reassured me that the filming had been excellent and there was no problem with the revised ending, He turned to me and said “I understand Karen is you’re live in Sub, what would you want to let her stay here tonight with the two of us”

I replied “Nothing, Karen although my sub, is not under contract to me in any way” Any Arrangement you make with her would be outside the contract we had for the film”

“How about, Karen stays here tonight, I will give her £200 for expenses, and As her Master I will buy you an state of the art digital camera for the company” he added.

“Todd, Karen is free to choose to stay here or not” I repeated.

“Look Ray, I know that you’re her Master so ultimately you would have to agree and I certainly would not want to spoil your relationship with her” He continued.

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   “So how about it, I don’t want Karen to be punished by you for staying on our account” he added

“Todd and Kellie, What I am trying to get over to you is that, Karen signed on for this film of her own free will, her master I maybe be when it's our playtime, but the rest of the time we are equals” I stated “so she is tonight she is an actress employed by my company and my equal” I continued “therefore the decision is hers without fear of repercussions from me!”

Kellie then climbed off the bed and came round and kissed me full on the lips. “I knew I was right to ask for you to do the filming, and If I ever decide that I need a Master I hope it will be you or someone very similar” I looked at Todd, He smiled and nodded.

So Karen stayed, I packed up the equipment and let myself out of the house with the distinct sounds of female orgasms ringing in my ears. Karen returned home the following afternoon clutching a box and a very broad smile. Todd had kept to his deal and sent along the latest digital camera for me and had indeed given Karen £200. Karen thanked me and threw her arms around my neck saying “I love you, I love you being my master and this is from a certain young lady!” as she slipped a note into my pocket.

I read the note and it asked me to arrange for her to be trained as a slave to the same standard as Karen. PS you can start the training when you bring the DVD and I can’t wait. Luv K.

I thought to myself neither could I?