The Idea 05


The Idea 5.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

The Kidnap.

Mandy Gilmore contacted us to film her fantasy. She was 36 years old, 4’10”tall with vital statistics of 36 – 30 – 34, which she wore really well on a well proportioned frame.

We arranged a meeting, which unusually took place at the client’s home. We arrived on schedule and were greeted by a very sexy lady wearing a tiered mid thigh length denim skirt, a tee shirt with the logo 100% REAL DEAL printed on it. Obviously she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were clearly already erect and pushing out through the stretched material of her top.

Introductions over, she offered Mick and I a cup of tea or coffee.

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   We both chose a cup of tea, so turning to Mick she said “How do you it?” Mick cheekily said “OH, I most definitely do like it!” which raised a titter from Mandy, turning next to me she said “And How do you like yours served?” I quipped “Strong, white, two sugars and topless!” Again she laughed and added “I think you two are best suited for the job you do, you’re both so bloody cheeky!” I offered “please don’t take offence but we find a little humour helps settle every one down and you can’t get any littler than my mate Mick here! (He stands 4’ 4” tall). As she turned to head for the kitchen she said “it works, I feel comfortable enough around you now”.

We sat around waiting for our tea’s to arrive, when the door opened it was our turn to be a little shocked for Mandy walked in with her tee shirt pulled up over her tits, smiling. She handed Mick his cup and then me, mine then she pulled her tee shirt back into place. “Well you wanted it served topless, but that’s as close as you get!” she laughed. “Besides you’ll see a lot more than that when you do the filming!” she added. I thought her attitude was really positive so she has already decided that she will go all the way making this fantasy into a reality.

Basically the basis of her fantasy was sound however some aspect we had to point out could not be handled the way she wanted. We explained that our company would not break the laws of the land to complete a movie. The drugs she wanted to be used on her were illegal and therefore could not be part of the film. I suggested that an alternative would be simulated asphyxiation which would render unconscious like the date rape drug she wanted to use.

We also pointed out that one of the side effects with the date rape drug was residual memory loss in the short term, and the amount of times she suggested it be used would have long term memory problems. Happily we compromised by substituting the tic-tac mints in place of the date rape drug.

This is the revised story of her fantasy coming to reality.

There were no special considerations as to internal views on venues; the start of the action would take place on a public street outside Wembley Arena on Concert night.

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   The only concern was that someone may witness the filming and call the police suspect the action to be real. However Wembley Security agreed that any public response to our actions would be dealt with and no police would be called.

Next we needed to select a group of three males to act alongside Mandy. Which Mandy eagerly scanned the ever growing actor’s picture file and selected Ted, Francis and Roger? That really worked out well because Francis had a transit van which would serve as the getaway vehicle.

The final destination venue was no problem because I agreed they could use my wet room at home. So with everything agreed I called the three actors and between us we arranged a provisional filming date.

On the night in question, Mandy dressed in a mini rah-rah skirt and low cut top, a short coat, and no bra, was stood outside Wembley Arena, she walked to a phone box and entered making it look like she was phoning her friends who obviously were late. As she exited the kiosk, the back doors of the van flew open and two figures hopped out. Quickly walking up to Mandy, as if to ask her something, they grabbed her and bundled her into the back of the van. This pulled away and then sped off.

Technical note here. It was the very first time I have operated a camera mounted on the dashboard inside a moving vehicle. The first amount of footage was facing the direction of van was moving showing traffic shots. Later when parked outside my house the internal shots were taken with Mick rocking the van gently to stimulate motion. I was genuinely surprised how good the shots turned out.

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Mandy was held down by Ted and Roger, whilst Francis Drove. Ted kept warning Mandy “Do as your told and you won’t get hurt” Once outside my house they escorted her straight into the wet room and tied her hands over the suspended shower rail. Then Francis Reached up under her skirt and pulled her knickers down. Ted slapped her when she screamed (again this looked very realistic when reviewed) she suddenly stopped screaming. Roger then pulled her tits out over the top of her low cut top, he then roughly man handled then squeezing them this way and then that. He bent his head down and nipped her nipple between his teeth before slowly pulling his head back elongating her nipple.

Slowly they teased her, as they undressed her calling her a wanton whore by the way she dressed. They tried to get three fingers from three different people inside her cunt at the same time, obviously impossible without breaking someone’s finger. But it all looked good as proof of them abusing her helpless body.

Francis then popped a pill into Mandy’s mouth held her nose until she swallowed. Within 5 minutes Mandy slumped forward and the three men quickly stripped her naked. Ted took a tube of lipstick from Mandy’s handbag and wrote across her stomach ‘Bitch’. Roger not to be out done drew an arrow pointing to Mandy’s tits and wrote ‘Suck here’. Laughing they placed a chair under the shower unit, as Francis knelt between her legs and he in turn drew an arrow head pointing to her slit and wrote ‘Cocks here’ Then all three produced digital cameras and took several shots of Mandy’s decorated body.

Roger said “Here watch this?” he took the shower head from the wall and unscrewed the unit, pushed the hose up into Mandy’s cunt, set the shower temp to cold and turned on the unit.

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   Water gushed from her cunt; the cold must have brought Mandy round as she began stirring.

Quickly all three men stripped, Roger being the smallest cock, insisted on fucking her first. So holding her legs over his shoulder he pulled the shower hose from her cunt then slid his 6 inch member deep inside her. Mandy began to moan as if aroused but in a stupor, Francis stood on her left and fed his 8 inch cock into her mouth, forcing her to swallow. Ted, now standing on her right was pinching her right nipple whilst slapping her left breast. Roger started shortening his strokes as his Climax approached, when he suddenly jabbed his prick deep in to her cunt and held it there as his cum blasted her cunt walls.

When he withdrew he immediately replaced the shower hose and washed his cum from her saying “Let’s see them find my DNA’ now!” Roger moved to where Ted was standing and eased him out of the way saying “your turn, let’s see you fuck this Slut”

Ted replied “No, Francis you fuck her cunt, I want the bitch’s Arse!”

So Francis said “OK, let’s lift her up and I’ll sit her with her on my lap that way we both can fuck her together!”

Whilst Ted and Roger held Mandy up, Francis sat in the chair then slid himself forward, between them they manage to position Mandy so her legs straddled Francis and he guided just the tip of his prick into her cunt. As Mandy drooped forward her anal ring became exposed. “Just look at that, anus!” Ted said “Can’t wait for it to be engulfed around my prick. I’ll fuck the shit out of this whore” he added. “But first!” he said as he knelt between Mandy and Francis’s stretched legs, he lowered his head and began rimming his tongue around her anal ring. Mandy was taken by surprise by this and jumped slightly causing not only Francis’s cock to slip from her cunt but also it to spring up and trap itself between Ted’s tongue and her arse. As soon as it registered, that Ted was now licking Francis’s cock, he jumped back.

Standing he was furious, he lay into slapping Mandy’s arse cheeks until they glowed an angry shade of red.
    Roger had to grab him and calm him down, saying “Come on man, it was an accident! No one thinks you wanted to lick Francis’s cock!” “Just Chill and take it out on her arse when you are fucking it”

    Ted finally calmed down and after they helped Francis replace his cock, Ted resumed his rimming of her arse causing her to squirm and experience her second Orgasm.

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       He then knelt up and eased his cock into her tight sphincter muscle, pausing briefly until she grew accustomed to his size. He never took his eyes off his prick as it slowly disappeared up her shit chute, stopping only when his balls rested against Francis’s prick. Between them they sorted out a rhythm where as Francis entered her cunt, Ted was withdrawing from her arse. Mandy was now sweating profusely and almost screaming her oohs and aagh’s as her body thrashed to the rhythm of her climax.

    When both Francis and Ted had shot their deposits deep within Mandy, Roger again sluiced out her cunt before easing the shower hose up her anal ring. He left the hose up her a good 5 minutes before removing it. As her anal ring closed some of the fluid splashed onto the floor. She was then allowed to stand over the toilet and with all three men looking on she had to empty her bowels. Thoroughly humiliated at her private act being so openly view, Mandy was red faced when she said “I have no proof of what you have done, so I promise that if you let me go now, I will not involve the police!”

    Francis stepped forward and said “Ok, we will let you go, but first you must take this pill, so we can get you away from this house without you being able to track us back to here!” Mandy thought this sounded reasonable so she opened her mouth and swallowed the little white tablet offered her. Again she slumped forward.

    They quickly re tied her to the chair but this time with her knees on the floor. Ted doused her with now freezing cold water to waken her up, before he laughed and said “little miss trusting bitch, are you back with us now?” “I don’t know about my friends but I am far from finished with you, my little cum bucket!” he then pointed down towards his stiff shit covered cock and said “You dirtied this so you can suck it clean!” Grabbing her by the hair he raised her head and shoved his slimy prick between her lips. Mandy had no choice but to taste her own shit mixed with traces of his cum.

    Both Roger and Francis then started stroking her arse. Roger said “We should spank her until she begs us to piss in her mouth!”

    Francis jumped in and said “NO, I have a better idea! Let’s go get some toys and make her cum and cum till she can’t cum again.

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       There is a big bucket in the garden we could make her fill that with her own cum juice and then take her back where we found her, naked of course, and just before we leave drench her with the fluid” At this Mandy struggled against her bonds, pleaded but making no sense because of Ted’s prick beginning to swell with in her mouth. Ted announced “oh shit, this bitch is making me cum again!” and with that he flooded her mouth with his pearly white man seed.

    The three men then dressed as Mandy collapsed, as the men untied her, taking her out to the van the tossed her inside. Roger climbed in beside her and kept fingering her cunt as Ted and Francis climbed aboard. They drove back to the venue, Mandy whimpering all the way. When they arrived they slowed to a crawl and had Mandy sit on the rear bumper panel with the doors wide open. Suddenly they pushed her out causing her to stumble but not fall. All she heard as they pulled away was the laughing of her three captors. She still had the words written in lipstick clearly visible upon her body.


    We were waiting with fresh clothes for her; she was immediately taken to her home where we stayed to make sure she was well and happy. All the time she could not thank us enough for her wonderful fantasy, “I will always be able to look back on this night with the DVD to help my memory. ” She said “please thank the three men; it was almost better than what I imagined”.




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