The Idea 02


The Idea 2

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

Our Third Customer.

The third customer to go all the way and have her fantasy filmed was Susan. Susan a 25 year old, 5 ft 4 inch, bi sexual woman with 38 c breasts, long black hair. Her fantasy was to get gang banged by at least 6 young looking guys, whilst camping.

Mick and I, thought long and hard about this fantasy, we scouted various locations before we found a willing farmer near Theydon Bois, who would rent us a private field and barn for one day and night. The extras we proving to be even more difficult to locate, as our brief was that they had to be between eighteen and twenty-one years of age. Luckily as a fore thought we had been collecting possible male extras since the company’s inception. At this stage we had some 18 males on our books who claimed they had no difficulty in performing the required tasks in front of cameras.

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Unfortunately for us, Susan only approved 4 of the photo’s we provided, leaving us two people short of a full cast. One of the successful males actually came to our rescue, when he told us that he had some mates who were interested in taking part in other films. From these four mates we managed to find two suitable candidates.

So the arrangements were made for Susan, Bill, Terry, Alan, Richard, Paul, and Steven to be at the farmer’s field by 8 am on the Saturday. We supplied them with a large scouting tent, scout uniforms and cooking equipment. For realism we persuaded Bob my ex security manager to put in a token performance as a scout master. The story line requiring him to be called back home for an emergency, but not wanting to disappoint his six scouts he promised to return as soon as possible.

The tent was pitched, and everything ready as we began filming. The scene setting showed the scouts practicing knots when Bob took a call on his mobile phone. Almost as his car left, a mini turned into the field and stopped a short way away from the scout group. Susan hopped out of the car and asked the scouts if it was ok to pitch her tent over by the gateway. They agreed but told her to make sure she saw the farmer.

Susan was dressed in a white tee shirt, cut off jeans, and she received a couple of wolf whistles from these horny teenage scouts. Ignoring them she set about pitching her two man tent, but deliberately made a mess of things before asking the scouts for help.

Three of the scouts, set about pitching the tent whilst the other three offered Susan a cup of tea.

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   As they were chatting to her they mentioned that they hoped she would feel safe amongst them, despite there being no Adult supervision. A cheeky smile crossed Susan’s lips as she replied “I am sure I can handle six Horny teenagers, without too much trouble!”

After lunch, one of the scouts, Steven asked Susan “We are all going swimming in a pond, not far from here, would you like to join us?”

She replied “I would love to, but I did not bring a costume with me”

He then offered “Well as most of us have sisters, we are used to seeing females in Bra and panties, and as they are very much like a bikini, you could use them!” With that the seven of them all packed a towel and marched off towards the pond.

When they arrived, the boys quickly shed their scout uniforms and dived into the refreshingly cool water. Surfacing they turned to Susan and as one yelled “Come on in, the waters great” Susan shyly retreated behind a bush to remove her cut-offs and tee-shirt, before wading gingerly out to waist deep in water. Again the boys wolf whistle her as they witnessed her white cotton panties and matching bra.

Susan never thought about things too seriously, so she was shocked when she realized that being wet, her white panties now clearly showed the underlying black V of her pubic hair. She now realized that she would either have to show all or remain submerged in the water to save her embarrassment. As if by esp. , Steven had a similar thought, but decided to play to the situation. He dived below the water line and swam up behind Paul. Surfacing he quickly yanked Paul’s trunks down and by pulling them backwards managed to topple him forwards, resulting in his trunks coming clean away in his hands.

Screwing them up, he threw them in the direction of Susan, Hoping that Paul would then have to go get them from her. However his throw was far too long as the trunks flew out of the pond and landed on a bush some 5 feet from the water's edge. Paul surfaced coughing and spluttering, turned to Steven just as he saw the trunks leaving Steven’s hand. Susan Noticed the trunks now hanging limply on the bush and made no attempt to move away from the line between Paul and his trunks.

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   She smiled to herself thinking, this cute teenager would now have to wade past her stark naked to get the trunks back. She cherished the idea of seeing his manhood as he passed.

All hell broke loose as the others saw an opportunity to de bag each other and soon all six pairs of trunks were hanging on the bushes near to each other. The then ganged up on Susan, trapping her between the water line and the bushes, saying “We are all nude so fairs fair, we think you should be too”. Susan pretended to fight them off but secretly relished the feel of six pairs of hands grabbing at her bra and panties. Soon she too was naked. As she looked around she saw six hardening pricks all facing her. Steven then said “What was it you said about handling six horny teenagers?”

She blushed as her words came back to haunt her. “Steady on boys, Remember we are too exposed here!” she said.

“Oh if that’s your only worry!” Steven replied. Then pointed over his shoulder at a large barn just the other side of the pond, “Let’s get comfortable in there then”

Realising she was outnumbered and trying to think on her feet, Susan said “I am not so sure that’s such a good idea”

Grabbing her hands Richard and Bill began to escort Susan around the edge of the pond towards the barn. “Grab all the clothes and towels, Alan” Steven shouted. When they entered the barn, Steven organized the guys to make a bed out of the straw covered with the towels.

Susan now warming to the idea that her deepest fantasy could be about to happen, said “Ok but no one must ever know!”

She hopped upon the bed, and said “Well let the dog see the rabbit!” “Let me see what you have all got!” The boys formed a semi circle around her, each displaying his now fully erect prick. Susan licked her lips as she beckoned Terry’s medium frame forward.

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   As he approached she began by taking his 5 inch prick in her hand, marvelling at its hardness and warmth. She lowered her head until her lips caressed the purple head and lightly kissed it.

Turning back to the others she then called Richard forward. She again took his rigid prick in her other hand and purred “beautiful, fucking beautiful, how big is this exquisite monster?”

“Ten Long Hard inches!” replied Richard.

Almost drooling, she eyed the rest of the pricks and said “Each of you in turn must tell me how big your cocks are!”

Terry said “5 inches, but still growing!” She smiled.

Bill then said “Six granite inches just for you”

Paul added “I don’t know, I never measured it, but it looks the same as Bill”

Steven chirped up “nine inches to heaven waiting here for you” Again Susan smiled.

Turning to Alan, She said “What about your gorgeous cock, young man”

Alan blushed as he replied “eight inches”.

“Well looks like my birthdays have all come at once” replied Susan, “tell you what why don’t we start with the smallest and work my way up, after all that will give my cunt the chance to stretch to fit these handsome specimens!” “Besides that way my Cunt will feel just as tight for each of you, there’s no need to worry about condoms as I am on the pill and I love bareback riding, besides I love licking the cum off a freshly fucked prick” she added.

“Now if any of you are good at licking cunt, say as now as it would be better to start with a soaking wet pussy!” Susan ventured.

Bill stepped forward and without thinking said “My sister tells me I am an ace at licking cunt” Suddenly Realising what he had said he blushed.

Steven came to his rescue when he said “Gee Bill, if you knew how long I had hungered for a taste of your sister's cunt, and now you tell me you have already tasted it”.

Susan released Richards Prick, which she had absent mindedly been wanking, patted her cunt lips and said “Come on, Bill, show me what your sister was talking about!” As Bill stepped forward, Susan said “I will suck each prick in turn but in reverse order of it fucking my cunt, So Richard your first to fill my mouth”.

Richard approached Susan’s head, whilst Bill began to dip his head between her legs. Bill started by licking the top two inches of her right thigh, lightly tonguing into the crease of her hip joint, running the merest touch of the tip of his tongue fleetingly across her pussy lips before paying the same attention to her left thigh. Susan shuddered at the featherlike contact his tongue had made upon her pussy lips.

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   Thinking she needed something to distract her thoughts, she reached out and took hold of Richards’s large erect penis, swirling her tongue around its bulbous head. Slowly she sank inch after inch into her warm wet mouth. It was Richards turn to shudder and moan.

As she engulf his prick into her mouth, her fingers lightly stroked the lower rear of his ball sack, dragging a light fingernail upwards, his cock jerked in her mouth. Moving her finger further up, she began to flick away at his anal ring. The barn was now full of moans and slurping sounds. It was difficult to distinguish whose voice was making what noise, because not only was Richard moaning his delight at suck a skilful blow job but Susan herself was now slobbering over his magnificent prick. Added to their noises, was that of Bill, a skilful cunt licker as he slurped his way around her labia and clit.

Susan felt Richard’s prick swell even more as he rapidly approached his orgasm, she skilfully thrust her index finger into his anal opening as she felt his first spurt hit the back of her throat. Then everything became blurred to her as her own orgasm, induced by the skilful tongue of Bill, exploded with in her flooded cunt.

Richard shot so much cum into her mouth, she was unable to swallow quickly enough and large amounts escaped the corners of her mouth and began to slide past her ears. Bill stepped back from his lapping duties to reveal a cunt juice soaked face. Terry quickly stepped between Susan’s legs and in one thrust buried his five inches into her spasming cunt. Such was his excitement that he only lasted about five minutes before he blasted a coating of white thick spunk all over her cunt walls.

Richard’s prick although spent never lost its erect strength, Susan remembered thinking how wonderful the stamina of youth.

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Terry quickly walked round towards Susan’s head for her to clean his sticky cock and was instantly replaced by Paul. Paul thrust his six inches into her cunt, slowly withdrew fully and said “Look guys, Terry’s spunk makes excellent lube for my prick! Imagine what Richard’s prick is going to look like after all of us have fucked this fucking slut”

When Susan heard him call her a slut, she realized that for once in her life she had found her ideal niche. All her slutty thoughts raced though her mind, just as Paul re introduced his prick back into her cunt. Paul’s stamina was fantastic as he rapidly plunge his prick in and out of her Cunt. He fucked her as fast as he could, inducing a second and third orgasm to rip through her body.

Terry Said “This is going to take ages, for us all to wait our turn on just two of her holes, let’s change positions so we can use her butt as an extra hole. ” Susan’s eyes grew wider as she heard this, she had heard of anal but in her 25 years she had never thought to try it.

Weakly she tried to protest, but either because of the prick in her mouth or because they chose to ignore her, no one seemed to take any notice of her, as she was unceremoniously turned over. Paul’s prick never losing its place in her cunt. Now directly above his face hung her swinging tits, so he nipped lightly at the nipples with his teeth, all of which added to Susan’s excitement.

Soon she had forgotten, about her forthcoming first try of anal as her passions mounted and she resumed her assault on terry’s prick.

Bill quietly climbed between her legs, and slowly began to force his six inch boner in to her arse.
    Instinctively she tensed up, but an extra hard thrust from Paul took her mind from her anal worries. She relaxed just as the head of Bill’s prick broke through her sphincter ring. He stopped his movement, to allow her to accommodate his thick prick.

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       Slowly but surely he sank his full length into her arse.

    For Susan, the initial pain as her Arse was invade, began as a feeling like she needed to shit but couldn’t. Then the stinging pain of a large object stretching her bowels set in. But now her pain had subsided and in fact replaced by a warm pleasant feeling of passion. She could feel both pricks rubbing against each other separated only by the anal membrane. A stronger orgasm than she could remember ever having achieved suddenly wracked her body.

    Suddenly Terry’s prick was gone from her mouth as she gulped in a lungful of air in between her constant moans. Alan quickly replaced him, slowly forcing his eight inch cock into her gaping mouth. Paul’s cock finally spurted copious amounts of cum up her cunt. Using all his strength he manage to push Susan’s body upwards where Richard and Steven held her until Paul managed to slip from beneath her.

    Terry then replaces Steven holding Susan up like a rag doll, whilst Steven slipped beneath her and awaited his turn to fuck her cunt. Bill merely stopped thrusting until Steven accommodated his nine inch long three inch thick prick into Susan’s stretched cunt. Once fully embedded, Bill slowly began his sawing motion and Steven managed to align his thrust to the rhythm. As Bill pulled out, Steven thrust in. By Now Susan limp from her exhaustive session, was whimpering like a puppy, never had she been so soundly fucked nor so completely filled.

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    Bill suddenly announced “Fuck, I can’t hold on any longer, bitch, feel my cum filling your arse!” this sent Susan into yet another Orgasm as for the first time in her life she experienced the scalding feeling of hot spunk blasting her anal canal.

    Weakly she begged for them to stop and give her chance to recuperate, but Richard said “No No my little cock sucking slut, your finest hour is nigh, Ten steely inches of rock hard cock meat to fuck your arse all the way up into your stomach, You prick teasing bitch” With that he eased the head of his prick, into the gaping hole left by bill and delighted in announcing “There Bitch, that’s the first two inches, You love that feeling Don’t you, you whore? Well just think eight more inches are right behind that and they are all going up your fucking arse Bitch. ”

    Susan had lost count of her orgasms now and in fact could not tell where one stopped and the next started. By the time Richard announced “That’s half my length up your tight shit hole, Bitch, Now tell me you don’t want the rest?”

    Susan cried “Fuck my arse you bastard, Keep filling my shit hole with your cock even if it comes out my mouth, I want your entire prick in me”

    “Just as I thought, you’re an anal cock hound, you sex crazed slut” Richard countered.

    Just then Bill Stuck his shit covered cock into Susan’s face and said “Lick me clean you skanky Bitch!” Susan meekly opened her mouth and began to bathe his cock with tongue.

    Steven began to finger her nipples and just as he was about to shoot his first spurt, he twisted Susan’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger. This sent Susan over the edge yet again and he was rewarded with a rush of cunt juice flooding his cock. Again after his final spurt, Susan was held up until Steven had slipped from beneath her body. Then Richard went to town pushing his cock ever deeper into her arse and informing her of every inch as she took it. “Eight inches now bitch, Nine inches, you fucking slut, Oh my god, you have just taken all ten inches of my prick up your fuck hot incredible arse, you whore bag”five minutes later he was slamming into her as he came.

    As he pulled out, Susan flopped forward, exhausted and covered in sweat, her eyes barely focused on Richard’s prick as he proudly showed her the size of it and delighted in telling her, you’re the first woman that has managed to take all of this up your arse.

    The Guys were not quite finished but Susan begged to be left alone, however she agreed that they could finish their hard ons by wanking off over her abused body, provided they helped her back to the pond to wash herself and refresh her body. They all stood in a ring around her and proceeded to cover her tits, face, hair and cunt in a fresh deposit of youth’s finest cream.

    Then good as their word they helped wash it all off in the pond, before drying her off and helping her dress. Once back at the campsite they cooked an evening meal before asking her if her fantasy was complete.

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       She surprised them all by saying “Now I have rested, I want to carry on as originally planned and spend the night servicing each of you in your large tent”.

    True to her word she did exactly that, and with additional lighting close by it was all captured on film. Two weeks later she had a viewing of her draft copy of her finished fantasy, before ordering 6 copies of the final DVD. Susan sent us a glowing testimonial for us to show to future clients, minus her personal details of course.

    As a Footnote, when I delivered her final copies of her DVD, I asked why she wanted 6 copies, which I explained was highly unusual. She smiled and said “One is for my Ex husband to show him what he missing, two more are for Ex boyfriends who had the cheek to call me cold and sexless, another two copies are proof I have won my bet with two women I work with and they have to pay me the wager of £500 each, of course the last copy is my to remind me of my excellent adventure!”




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