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It all started when one of my friends (jenny) had a cousin move to our town.   Jenny (who is a year older than me, I am 18) and I had never had a real close personal relationship, in that we were never extremely attracted to each other.   A year ago, Jenny's cousin, Christina moved to our town from Texas.   My friends and I had arranged to have a big table set up at Outback to watch a NFL football game.   Jenny brought Christina with her and introduced her to us all.   Christina was absolutely gorgeous.   I've never met a more beautiful 18 year old.   I have no doubt that all of the other guys there were thinking the exact same thing.   I have a good thing goin with my girlfriend who is nearly as pretty, so I chose not to get involved. The guys couldn't take their eyes off her, and for good reason.   Christina has straight brown hair, and the most beautiful tan face, and body, with perfect unfreckled skin.   She has large round perky breasts which, on this night her nipples could be seen through her bra-less pink cammy. She has even tanner long muscular legs shown off by the short blue jean skirt she was wearing.  I could tell the other girls were getting a little jealous.   It seemed though that Christina was paying more attention to me than everyone else on her end of the table even though I was the only guy attempting to avoid her eye. She kept looking over at me and when I'd look her way, she would just smile and go back to talking with Jenny and a few other of Jenny's friends.

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    That night I never really talked to her personally, considering Jenny introduced her to us as a group, but we would get to know each other soon enough.
I graduated that year and went to the local university.   I had pretty much forgotten about Christina other than when I would see her around when she was with Jenny, which wasn't too often because she was still in high school, and her looks, got her "in" with a different crowd.   My girlfriend was on the dance team at the high school and when football season started and began attending the football games.   It was the second home game that I saw her.   Christina was on the front line of the Cheerleading Squad.   Now, this high school is a relatively large high school.   And with larger high schools the cheerleaders are extremely good looking.   Christina made these girls look like wanna-be's.   I was coming back from the consession stand when I saw her on the track in front of the crowd.   Suddenly, she started waving at me.   I couldn't believe it, she remembered who I was.   For some reason I got an instant hard on as she was smiling at me.   She watched me walk all the way to my seat and smiled at me again when I looked back down at her.   This continued all night, I couldn't take my eyes off her.

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    She looked even hotter in her white and blue cheerleading uniform.   I didn't even remember watching my girlfriend dance or even the score driving home that night.   For the rest of the football season, she knew exactly where i was sitting and would point me out to the rest of her friends every game.   I almost completely forgot I had a girlfriend, even though Christina and I had never done anything more than smile or say hey to each other.
After football season, I again did not see Christina for some time.   I later that year attended a basketball game.   Christina was cheering and I made eye contact with her from the first time she peered up into the stands, only this time her smile was not a big, hey I know you, smile.   I was a sexy, I know what you want, smile.   My mouth dropped, i felt all tingly, and my penis began to hurt because I was so turned on.   My friends asked what was the matter, and I couldn't say anything.   They asked what I was looking at and again I couldn't answer. They said whatever and went back to watching the game.   I looked down at Christina to see her laughing. She knew exactly what I was thinking.
After the game, I walked my girlfriend to her car and kissed her goodnight.

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    She had a big test in the morning and had to study, so I was just going to go home.   I was currently out on break.   Driving home, I noticed a black mustang riding my bumper and moved over into the right lane to let them pass.   The car pulled right up beside me and slowed to my speed.   I didn't take any notice at first, but the car stayed with me for half-a-mile. When I stopped at the next light, the mustang stopped even with me and the window began to role down, It was her.   Christina was driving the black mustang.   She signalled for me to role down my window, but I had it halfway down already.   She was still in her cheerleading outfit.  "It sure is hard to get your attention when your driving. "
I said,"I know, I wasn't lookin' for anyone. "
She said, "Well, do I have your attention now?"
"Damn right," I said.
She said, "Ok, well let's have some fun.   Follow me, if you can keep up. "
She roled up her window and took off, with me chasing.

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    She drove until four lanes became two and kept driving. We must have gone 18 miles before she put on a blinker.   I followed her down some back roads until she came to a dark boat dock.   When she came to a stop, she turned her car off and got out, I did the same, asking where we were.  
"You better get back in that truck (I actually drive a tahoe)" she said.
I did what I was told and climbed back into the driver seat.   She walked straight up to the driver side door, climbed into the truck and straddled my lap with her back to the steering wheel.   She kissed me deeper than I had ever been kissed, and showed no signs of quitting.   I could feel her d breasts pressing agaist my chest.   She moaned saying how long she has wanted to do this.   I could feel her wet cheerleaders bloomers grinding on my fully hardened cock.   I moved my hands down and began to touch her silky smooth legs that fascinated me from the first day I saw her.   She suddenly reached down to my left to grab hold of something.   I realized what she was doing when my seat suddenly leaned back, there was no stopping now.
She ran her hands up and down my chest and arms never breaking the kiss.


    I massaged her back and she got chill bumps everytime I touched the base of her neck.   She broke the kiss and leaned back to pull up and off her cheerleader top, and then her bra.   She grabbed my hands and placed them on her  perfect firm breasts and made a massaging motion.   She then let go of my hand and moved hers to my belt.   She opened my pants and released my throbbing hard-on.
"Oh my gosh, It's huge. " She said
I must admit, I don't have a small penis.   8 to 9 inches is normal, but this night I was more turned on than ever.   She began stroking my cock, while I continued to massage her breasts. She leaned in to replant her perfect full lips back on mine and continue our kiss.   After a few minutes she asked if we could move to the back seat.  
"Gladly", I said.
My back seat is a bench seat so there was much more room.   Christina then helped me pull off my shirt and pants and proceeded to removed the rest of her cheerleading uniform.   She pushed me back on the seat and again took hold of my cock and resumed the kiss.

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    She was now straddling me and began to run my cock head up and down her wet slit.   I almost came right there. She felt it coming and squeezed the base of my cock to subside my climax.   She then moved her lips to my neck and then my chest.   She kissed all the way down to my ball sack never letting go of my cock with her hand.   She began to kiss the base of my cock and run her tongue up and down the length of my now bulging hard-on. I held back as long as I could but when she put the head into her mouth and stroked my cock with her lips twice, I came harder than ever.   She never stopped bobbing her head on my cock as I came in her mouth.   She took it all down and kept slowing stroking me with her lips.   She then climbed on top of me and turned around to straddle my face never once taking her lips from my cock.   I buried my face in her pussy.   She moaned on my cock as I plunged my tongue in and out making sure to lap up every drop.   I did this until she had my hard-on back only minutes later, and then I really began working her pussy.   I moved up and down from her g-spot to her vagina. She moaned louder for more.

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    I pulled her down on to my face to get my tongue deep into her.   I moved my hand around to anus and began probing it with my forefinger.   She moaned for more and I began to insert my forefinger into ass still working her pussy with my lips and tongue.   I moved my fore and middle finger down to her vagina opening and worked them around the get them wet and placed them back at her asshole.   I flattened my tongue to clean her pussy and then inserted my tongue in to her vagina while pushing my two fingers into her ass.   She began to shake with her first orgasm and had to back off my penis because she was shaking so violently.   She moaned the sexiest moan I've ever heard. I wanted to fuck the shit out of her right there, but I decided to make it special, since thus far it had been nothing but pleasure.
She turned around to lick all of her leftover juices off of my face and moved down my neck and chest and again to my even bigger hard-on.   She moved back up to me to resume our kiss and began to run the head of my cock up and down her slit.   She broke the kiss and sat back and slowly began to lower herself onto my cock. She got the head and two inches in and had to stop to adjust herself.   After the got three more inches in she layed down on me to rest for a few minutes.   She looked up into my eyes and said, "I love you. "
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    We began to have our first actual conversation right there in the love making position and talked for what seemed like 45 minutes with my penis still inside her.   I could then tell she was ready for me when she began to slow fuck herself on my penis.   I stopped her for two more seconds to tell her, "I love you, too, Christina. " It was then that I felt the second most passionate kiss of my life, second only to the first kiss that night.
I began to massage her back as we slow fucked, not yet having plunged my cock in to the base.   She kissed my neck and tickled my ears for a few minutes before leaning close and looking into my eyes and saying, "Fuck me, baby. "



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