The Hollywood Hypnosneak Ch 04 Camren Bicondova


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Jennifer Love Hewit, Camren Bicondova or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, MC, anal

The Hollywood Hypnosneak Ch 04 Camren Bicondova
By Muhabba

We sat naked in Jennifer's bed as she went over all of my old financial contracts from before I went to prison. "Basically you're broke," she said with a frown. Oddly enough my first thought was to start renting Jennifer out to deliver bad news to people. How much better would it be to find out you're broke or dying of cancer than by a topless Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"How can there be nothing left?" I asked as I stared at her amazing chest.

"You were arrested for embezzlement. The FEDs seized everything they could find and as for everything they couldn't find, well, that left a lot of your assets out in the open. The assets that weren't bought outright just dried up over the years," Jennifer said before giving me a sorrowful smile. "Basically you are worth whatever is in your wallet.

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"A Group-On for Chili's then," I said with a smirk I didn't feel. "And then there's you," I said as I playfully traced my fingertip up and down her bare thigh.

"I could certainly set you up with a loan," she said with another reproachful look, "But I'm married now, with a kid. All my money is tied up in my career and my family, easily watched and monitored by the IRS not to mention my husband. Even if you subdued him his family would get suspicious. "Jennifer sighed in despair, her wonderful chest wonderfully distracting.

I could tell that Jennifer was leading the conversation somewhere. "And then. . . ?"

"I'm not as young and carefree as I was," Jennifer admitted, "I have ties, a home, a husband, a child. I can't just take off to Hawaii or wherever to seduce a model or three, I'd be noticed and our life. . . Your life.

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  . . The life we had only works if we can be anonymous. "

She was still leading to something else and I had a pretty good idea of what it was. Reflecting on it, it was stupid of me to just assume that I could swoop in and sweep Jennifer back into our old lives. "Jennifer, are you tendering your resignation?" I asked with a chuckle.

"Kinda," she admitted weakly, "I mean. . . not completely. I still want. . . But I can't. Not like what we were.

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  . . " she let the sentence trail off.

"So we need to get you an assistant?" I smirked.

"Basically," she pouted.

"Any prospects you can think of?"

Jennifer's cute pout turned into a wolfish smile.

Two days later I stood in the cheap office Jennifer had rented me. It was basically one studio sized area, a kitchenette, and a modest sized bathroom in the middle of LA. It was furnished with a couch, a chair, and a small desk with a coat rack by the front door. It was the best that Jenifer could do without her husband or manager finding out about it so while she lived in Dallas and would fly back and forth I was stuck here. At least the couch was a fold-out.

When I reactivated Jennifer she had remembered all the things she had hidden for me. A cache of my old files that were severely out of date, a duffle bag full of cash which I would have to spend carefully since a lot of the bills had been changed before my release, and all of my old equipment. The equipment was as out of date as I was but it still worked and I set it up in my office. A system of subtle sounds, lighting changes, and my own talents would now ensnare anyone that came into my office. 

  All I had to do now was wait.

I couldn't just jump into my old life, it would be suspicious being a Talent Agent again which meant I had to eventually secure a new fake identity and a new job title. Twenty years in prison and they still didn't even know my real name. I needed money first, money I could spend to launder my old money below the FED's radar. They say it takes money to make money but it takes more money to clean money. But to get the money I needed a paying client.

Jennifer had managed to put me in touch with the talent manager of my new, prospective client, a young actress who was also an amateur dancer. The talent manager handled her much more lucrative acting career and for a cut of my profits he would sub-contract her dancing career to me. I waited patiently for her to arrive and luckily she arrived on time. And of course, due to her young age, she brought her family.

There was a knock on my door and I answered it and saw Camren Bicondova for the first time. She had a unique look with wild, lightly brown, wavy hair, wide set, sparkling eyes and a very sweet smile. I immediately wanted to cum on her face. She was dressed smartly with a simple white blouse, a dark purple vest and black slacks with a pair of sneakers the same color as her vest. I invited the young girl and her family in and took a seat behind my desk and could see why Jennifer wanted her.

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  Camren had a slender, dancer's build with broad shoulders giving her body a V shape down to her slender hips and her slacks could do nothing to hide her tight, muscular ass.

I have no idea what her family were wearing because I didn't care. All I cared about was the small, teenage girl that I'd be fucking before she got too much older. I used the computer on my desk to turn on my equipment and began talking to them, modulating my voice to slowly seep into their subconscious minds. My commands were slowly imprinted into their minds as we talked and I slowly grew erect staring at Camren. Eventually the meeting ended and as far as the young star and her family was concerned I was going to make Camren the next MC Hammer. Well, if he's still around. I spoke my final commands and shook hands with everyone and escorted them out my door. Now all I could do was wait. I had to wait for Camren to sleep so my commands would be planted deep inside of her unconscious mind and she'd return tomorrow for a more one on one interview.

Hating to wait for sex I ordered a prostitute and a pizza and daydreamed about Camren until the pizza arrived. There's and old con trick about paying for cash while keeping the mark distracted with conversation. You give them the money, far to much of it, and then talk to them, dropping different numbers into the conversation, confusing them. By the time I had finished I had turned the 40 dollars in various bill and change into 46 dollars and 72 cents. It's petty, I know, but I was living in a shitty office with a fold out couch.

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The hooker arrived twenty minutes later and was about as tasteful as the pizza. But much like pizza, even bad sex is good. I paid the lovely lady with the out of date bills after having spent a perfectly acceptable thirty minutes with the lady, which she thought was the greatest sex of live, and then sent her on her way. By now it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I only had twenty some hours until Camren would show up. And judging by the fold out bed I'd fucked the hooker on it was going to be a long twenty some hours.

And at the end of the twenty some hours there was a knock on my office door. I called for them to come in and there was Camren, dressed to dance for me. She was wearing a bright purple, tight, spaghetti strap tank-top and was obviously braless. I could clearly see the form of her small breasts, her nipples creating twin peaks on her chest, and the subtle muscles of her abdomen. The break-away slicks were hung low on her hips revealing about an inch of young, teenage flesh around her body, and just a old pair of sneakers. This young girl was in far better shape than most people, not just adults, and even more than me. After the wave of lust passed though me I was actually a bit jealous of how good of shape she was in.

"I'm here for the interview," Camren said with a merry little wave.

I smiled wildly and stood up, coming around my desk to shake her dainty hand as I closed the door behind her. I showed her to the couch and sat a decent bit away from her and began asking her some questions.

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  The questions were bland and general but I was mostly just checking to see if my programming had taken effect. I smiled widely when I realized it had.

I started asking her more specific questions involving her love of dance. Besides strippers I had no knowledge of dancers and had to look a few things up on the internet, which is awesome. I had no access to the internet in jail but I had heard wonderful things about it and it was even better than I thought it would be. So we chit-chatted about the different types of dance and which ones she preferred and the longer we talked about it the more enthusiastic she became, practically vibrating in her seat and ready to show me what she could do.

Did you know there is music on the internet and even radio stations you can personalize?I had spent nearly an hour this morning creating a play-list of music for Camren to dance to and she jumped to her feet, ready to dance for me. The music started and she started with it. It was a funky urban beat and she preformed wonderfully, her amazing body responding to the music, her slight chest heaving with exertion, her nipples diamond hard beneath her tight shirt. I was amazed by her slightly muscular abdomen and could barely contain myself I wanted to cum on it so badly.

Halfway into the song, Camren lifted her leg up high in a spin and stumbled slightly. She smiled sheepishly at me, her face turning red with embarrassment. "Sorry," she said meekly.

She looked so cute when she was embarrassed. "Did your pants get in the way?" I asked, licking my lips.

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She nodded quickly, never looking at me and staring sheepishly at her feet as she admitted her mistake. "These are the wrong pants for doing leg lifts like that," she said.

I reclined on the couch, completely at ease and trying to look every inch the professional. "Well, since we're all music people here, you should probably just take them off to finish the routine," I told the nervous, teenage girl.

Camren looked up at me as relief washed over her face. "Really?" she asked hopefully.

"Oh of course, of course," I told her magnanimously as I reclined on the couch. I was recording the whole thing as Camren jumped up and down with glee and clapped her hands. Of course, all of my cameras hidden around the office were VHS and I still hadn't found a VCR to view our encounter later on this evening but that was for later and right now there was a excited teenage girl about to take her pants off for me.

"Oh thank you, thank you," she said happily as she grabbed the elastic of her pants. With the rat-tat-tat of her snaps she yanked her slicks off and threw them nonchalantly off to the side revealing her ass to me.

Her ass was a sight to behold. How a girl as young as her had developed an ass like that I have no idea. Her rear-end was finely sculpted due to her years of dancing, the lines of her lower body still softly rounded with youth keeping her muscles from looking overdeveloped or masculine. And my palms tingled with the thought that I'd get them in my hands shortly.

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  I licked my lips hungrily at the sight. The beautiful young girl was wearing a plain, athletic thong the same color as her top, the material sinking between her tight, taunt cheeks. "I bet I could bounce a quarter off that butt of yours," I said without realizing it. She giggled at me and blushed with pride at my compliment. She told me she didn't know what that meant and the weight of my age washed over me again but the thought that I'd be fucking her fit, teenage body made me feel better about it.

I barely heard Camren when she asked if I was ready to see her dance again but I managed to nod dumbly in answer. With the music still going she tapped the beat out with her fingers on her thighs before throwing her arms up and arching her graceful back. Her leg came up again and she spun around giving me a pleasant glimpse of her panties pulled up tight against her pubic mound as she danced. Her slender hips swayed hypnotically, her ass clenching and releasing, her back swaying opposite her hips, her nipples hard and pointed, a small sprinkling of sweat across the top of her chest. Her hair was matted against her face as she moved in time with the music.

Her body bent low, her eyes closed in concentration, Camren's arm "accidentally" slapped against the arm of the couch, momentarily breaking her rhythm. She shot straight up and looked at me with fear. Her lower lip quivered, her wide eyes blurring with tears she was fighting against caused by making her second mistake. A mistake I had planted in her the same as the first one. "OhGodI'mSorry," she blurted out.

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I let loose a small, off-handed chuckle as I watched her face blush with embarrassment again. She was so cute like this. "It's no big deal," I reassured her, "It happens all the time. "

"R. . . r. . . really," she stuttered as she looked at me hopefully.

"Sure, sure," I told her with a dismissive wave of my hand, "It looks like your arm was a bit constrained by your top. "It in no way could have been caused by her tight top but this is what I had hung our little fantasy on.

"Yeah, yeah," she quickly agreed with an enthusiastic nod of her head, her hair whipping back and forth, "It was my top's fault. "

I leaned forward a bit and smiled as warmly as I could. "Everything was fine up 'til then," I offered her, "Why don't you go ahead and get rid of it and we'll continue.



"Really?" Camren asked with hopeful excitement, "And it won't count against me?"

"Of course not," I reassured her.

She sighed in relief before gripping the bottom of her top and yanking it up and off, throwing it casually over with her pants. Her small, tight, little body was amazing. She was by far in better shape than I had been at her young age. Hell, she was in better shape than I had ever been and I swore to myself to get to a gym as I watched her muscles stretch and relax. Every muscle in her small, young body was clearly defined without becoming masculine, her definition covered by her soft flesh. God I wanted to rub my cock over every muscle in her body before cumming on her flat, rippling stomach.

In only her thong, sneakers and socks, the mostly naked Camren looked at me with warm, thankful eyes. "I really appreciate you letting me start over again," she said before blushing again, "I mean, letting me start over again for a second time. "

My prick was throbbing painfully in my slacks as I stared at the nearly naked young girl. "It's no problem," I said helpfully, "Just start over when you're ready. "

She smiled widely at me before slapping her hands against her firm thighs like a gymnast ready to go through a routine. Her dance was amazing, her technique nearly flawless as she moved to the beat. She used what had to be many different styles, mostly urban, shaking her hips, gyrating in rhythm to the music, dipping low, popping back up, not a single bit of her young, firm flesh jiggling, sweat rolling off of her body. I had to get my hands on her.

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I hated to interrupt the teen dancer but it was time to move on. "Did you do your stretching before starting?" I asked her, causing her to stumble a bit.

Camren stood up straighter and slapped her palm against her forehead. "Oh my God, I totally forgot," she said with a goofy smile as she stood unabashedly nearly naked like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"You're young, it happens," I told her offhandedly, "Let's go ahead and get those done so I can see everything else you'll be doing. "

Nodding her head enthusiastically, Camren skipped to the front of the couch. "Can you spot for me?" she asked innocently, "I usually have a trainer. "

"Lucky trainer," I thought. "Sure. Have a seat," I told her and she eagerly complied. She sat on the floor and spread her legs as wide as she could to her sides as I slid off the couch onto the floor behind her, my chest to her upper back and my erection pressed against her lower back.

She smiled sweetly at me from over her shoulder before getting into her stretch, bending down as far as possible with her arms straight out and her palms flat on the floor. I ran my hands down her bare, graceful back and ran my fingertips along the elastic of her thong before sliding them up her silky smooth sides to just under her arms. She groaned with exertion as I began grinding myself against her taunt, little ass and I slipped my hands across the carpet to her legs.

Camren's legs were spread so far apart I couldn't reach her ankles which made me feel old and out of shape again but I did manage to reach her toned calves.

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  I slid my hands up her legs, my fingers caressing the insides of her legs up to her thighs. I playfully slid my fingertips on either side of her heated mound and heard her groan again but this time it wasn't in exertion.

Slowly she straightened back up, her back pressed to my chest as I ran my hands up and over her muscular stomach to her slight, bare chest. She looked over her shoulder at me again, a blush creeping across her face as my hands softly palmed her small, firm tits. She looked at me with wide, expectant eyes as I delicately squeezed her tits, her hard nipples scrapping against my palms. She chewed her bottom lip coyly, hesitantly as I lovingly caressed her small chest causing her to groan out again. I leaned forward over her shoulder and she met me halfway, my lips pressing against her's as we kissed. My tongue slid across her lips as I used my hands to hold her to me while she moaned pleasurably into my mouth.

The young dancer relaxed into me as I slid one hand down her toned body, cupping one of her small breasts in one hand and then her heated pussy in the other. She gasped into my mouth as I squeezed her firmly, using one of my middle fingers to tease her hard nipple and the other to slide up and down her tightly covered pussy. I parted her warm pussy-lips through the material of her thong, slipping it down below her slit and then up to where I knew her hard little clit would be. She grinded her moistening cunt up against my hand as she arched her slender back more, pushing her slender chest into my hand.

My tongue explored Camren's gasping mouth as she rubbed herself against me, her taunt little ass rubbing up against my erection as I ground myself back against her. She turned more into my embrace, kissing me passionately, wrapping her arms around my neck. I held her to me with one arm as she began rubbing her chest against mine and my other arm slipped down her nearly naked body.

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  I cupped her ass and my eyes went wide at the feel of her, soft flesh over rock hard muscle, my fingers sliding over her as I squeezed her tightly. Her hands began removing my clothes, pushing my business jacket off, loosening my tie, unbuttoning my shirt. With both of my hands I gripped the elastic of her thong and pulled it down leaving her, finally, completely naked except for her shoes and socks which just made it all the more kinky.

I shucked my jacket off, followed by my shirt, completely forgetting my tie as I lifted myself up and sat on the edge of the couch. She stayed on her knees on the floor between my legs, her hands attacking the front of my pants, yanking my belt off. I quickly unfastened my pants, afraid that she'd accidentally rip my button or zipper. With my current financial situation I couldn't afford to buy another pair. She yanked my slacks down to my thighs, tugging them down to my ankles.

Camren grabbed the elastic of my boxers and yanked them down my lap, freeing my rigid cock. Her wide, bright eyes lit up at the sight of me throbbing in front of her before a wide smile broke across her face. She looked just like a kid unwrapping a puppy on Christmas morning. And then with all the enthusiasm a teenage girl could muster she eagerly grabbed onto my stiff pole with both hands and shoved it into her mouth. She sucked hard on me, frantically, bobbing her head up and down quickly, fast enough for her hair to whip back and forth as her tongue thoroughly explored me in her mouth. Her lips were stretched tight around me as she sucked me in and out of her mouth, my sensitive cock-head hitting the back of her mouth with every suck.

My eyes rolled up into the back of my head as the tiny dancer sucked me hard enough I thought for sure that the tip of my dick was going to pop off. 

  The young girl was sucking on me hard enough it was nearly painful, her dainty hands squeezing me even tighter, jerking the base of my shaft. My hands were twisted into fists, holding firmly to the couch cushion, afraid she was going to devour me whole. I started rolling my hips up, not to fuck her talented teenage mouth, but to relieve the pressure she was putting on me.

My survival instinct kicked in and I tried to pull the tiny actress off of my prick before she broke it off in her mouth. She struggled against me, fighting me to keep my cock in her sucking mouth. I slid my hands under her arms, trying to lift her up but she continued fighting against me, sucking even harder to keep my dick in her mouth. I kept up a constant, steady pressure, lifting her up inch by inch until finally my cock popped out of her mouth with a wet, slurping sound. Halfway off of the floor she looked up at me with her wide, hungry eyes and another, wolfish smile spread over her face. She bucked against me, breaking free of my grip and began scrambling up on me, pushing me back into the couch until I was laying on my back and she was straddling my thighs.

Camren pushed me down roughly, nearly knocking the air out of my lungs before gripping my prick possessively. She raised her small body up, aiming my cock up between her toned, well-formed thighs. Contrary to everything she had done so far she gingerly placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her wet, dripping pussy. She was completely shaved, a necessity for the tight dancer outfits she'd wear. Who ever decided that young girls needed to wear clothes that tight to dance for the enjoyment others was a godsend. She groaned out as she teased herself momentarily, slipping my prick back and forth across her wet, hot little pussy.

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  She slid my soft cock-head into herself before releasing me, bracing herself against my chest. She gasped out in pleasure as she took another inch into her, her tight walls parting around me, hugging my prick.

Suddenly Camren smiled wickedly down at me before slamming herself down on my cock, pinning me to the couch with her vice like cunt. I swore out loud, grunting in pain, sure that the teenage girl had just broken my pelvis. And amazingly, despite the pain, I kept my erection. She squealed out in glee above me as she came, holding still and getting used to the feel of me inside of her as she shivered in pleasure. Her hips started rolling slightly, getting used to being positioned above me with prick buried inside of her small, little body. The sight of her muscles moving below her heated flesh was mesmerizing, her abs and hips moving like a coiled snake as she got started fucking me.

Rolling her hips more and more as she lifted herself up and down my cock, Camren began moaning out, gasping in pleasure as she began riding me faster and harder. She left red marks on my chest as her delicate hands balled into fists, her ass lifting up and down as she treated me like her own bucking pony. Sweat rolled down her body as she fucked me harder and faster, her wild hair whipping out as she grunted through gritted teeth. I held onto her body for dear life, trying to keep a grip on her taunt ass and guide her up and down. I was torn between the joy of fucking perhaps the most enthusiastic teenage girl I had ever met and the fear of her missing a small stroke and breaking my dick in half.

The petite, small teenage girl hadn't spoken a word since we'd started, the only sounds coming past her lips were her grunts and moans of pleasure. Continuing to ride me like a horse I slid my hands to her hips, my fingers nearly encircling her small waist completely as her toned body whipped up and down like a piston.

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  Suddenly she stopped moving, holding herself down, grinding herself against my lower abdomen, the muscles of her amazing little body tightening like coiled springs. She cried out in pleasure as she came, her tight pussy gripping down on my abused cock as she shuddered above me. Her wide eyes glazed over as she stared down at me in lust, her mouth open as the sounds of her orgasm escaped past her lips. She slowly started to come down from her high, her eyes clearing as a smile spread across her beautiful face.

She giggled as she stared mischievously down at me, like a kid getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "That was fun!" she gasped, her slight chest heaving with exertion, sweat cooling on her skin, her tight cunt rippling around my shaft.

I slid my hands from her small waist up to her small tits and gave them an affectionate squeeze causing her to groan out. The smile never left her face as I lightly thumbed her still hard nipples and she pushed her slender chest more firmly into my hands. She cooed as my hands traveled down her body, over her flat, toned stomach, and around her to firmly cup her dancer's ass. She wiggled her taunt rear-end against my hands and giggled again like the child she was that had just discovered a new toy. I throbbed inside of her as she continued wiggling against me before bending down, the sweat from her hair dripping down on top of me. I raised up and kissed her and now it was her tongue that was thoroughly exploring my mouth, diving past my lips as she began rolling her hips again, already ready for a another round.

As much as I was wanting to fuck this beautiful, little, teenage girl I knew that I had to get control of the situation before she put my cock in a sling. Using my hold on her tits I pushed her up, forcing her to break the kiss and causing her to pout down at me. I gripped her hips and pulled her up off of my cock, her juices dribbling down my shaft as she squealed in displeasure and struggled in my hands.

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Fighting against me, I still managed to get some form of control of Camren's writhing body, nearly losing my grip on her due to her sweat slick skin and how fiercely she was struggling to get my prick back inside of her. "Gimme," she demanded as I pressed her her chest against the back of the couch and managed to roll out from under her. She finally managed to slip out of my grasp and I quickly shot to my feet behind her, grabbing her shoulders before she could get away.

I got on my knees on the couch and used my weight to hold the growling teenager down as I straddled her calves. "Will you hold on a second," I grumbled as I tried to get into position behind her.

"I wasn't done yet," she grumbled back as she stared back at me from over her shoulder, her eyes frantic.

"And neither was I," I continued to grumble as I grabbed the base of my prick and aimed myself up at her pretty, pink pussy.

Camren stopped struggling as my words sunk into her lust addled brain. "Oh. Hurry up then," she said as she turned back around and pushed her tight ass back at me.

With the "Gotham" actress finally waiting I was able to get the tip of my cock positioned at the wet entrance to her tight pussy. I slid the spongy helmet of my prick into her hot, waiting hole before sliding my hands up her smooth ass and grasped her waist. I pushed myself forward into her wanton, little body and she groaned out as my prick parted her tight, grasping cunt, her juices dripping down onto the couch as I filled her. I relished at the feel of her frothing pussy gripping my prick, enjoying the sounds she was making, the pleasure that my dick was giving her and the pleasure her body was giving me. I slid my hands up her body to her slight chest, once again squeezing her small, firm tits, sliding my palms across her hard nipples causing her to coo out in pleasure.

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  And then the excited teenager shoved herself back, enveloping my prick completely and nearly knocking me off of the couch.

"Ohhhh fuck me," she groaned out softly in contrast to the frantic movements of her athletic body. She thrust herself back again and again, her up-turned ass slapping wetly against my hips as I held onto her slight chest to keep from being pushed off of the couch. Her hot, slick juices coated my balls and I could feel them sliding down the insides of my thighs as she rocked herself back and forth reducing my efforts to nothing more than a hard prick. Most people would accuse me of treating women the same way Camren was treating me but no matter what you say about me I always took care of the sexual needs of the women I ensnared. Camren was just simply using me to get herself off. The irony was not lost on me.

I took a moment to admire her ass as she worked herself back against me over and over again. With ever wet "thrap" of our flesh meeting a small ripple would course through her out-thrust ass and I was once again simply amazed at how tight and toned her entire body was. But then I became distracted when one of her thrusts shoved me off the couch nearly causing me to fall. I kept my hold on her chest, pulling her with me as I was rocked back but the young, enthusiastic teenage girl never stopped shoving herself back against me. I used my strength to lift her up off of the couch by a few inches, my prick and my grip on her chest the only thing keeping her from falling but despite that she began struggling in my grasp again.

I nearly lost my grip on the struggling teen but manage to fall forwards to the side onto the couch. I had planned on a more traditional doggy-style but Camren failed to catch herself, her hands sliding on the material of the couch leaving her chest, and my hands, pressed flat against the cushion with her tight ass high in the air. My cock punched into her writhing body farther than ever, so far as I fell flat against her and she squealed out loud enough I was afraid that anybody that happened to be in one of the neighboring offices would think there was a murder happening here.

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  Instead of screaming bloody murder, the young actress came with even more force than before, her entire body thrashing as her orgasm tore through her, her cunt gripping me like an angry fist. Her hot, slick juices gushed out of her soaking my lower abdomen as well as my couch as her screams of pleasure became groans of bliss. Her head was facing sideways on the couch and I could see her blank eyes fluttering as her body calmed to a series of erotic twitches, her amazing muscles tensed and once again coiled until she finally started to relax.

As I slowly pulled my abused cock out of Camren's body I couldn't help but be impressed by Jennifer. Even with her libido and true personality hidden under dozens of layers of programming in her subconscious she still had an amazing eye for talent even after all these years. My cock bobbed in the air at the entrance to the young star's gooey cunt, shiny and slick with her cum and I figured that she wasn't going to get any more relaxed than right now. I opened the drawer in the table next to the couch and pulled out my bottle of lube, cherry flavor because they made that now, and spread a generous amount on my cock before dribbling it into the crack of the teen girl's ass. She moaned out as it dripped onto the crinkled little rosebud at the entrance to her rear-end and swayed hypnotically in front of me. She knew what was coming.

A languid smile spread slowly across her face, her body glowing with sweat as I nuzzled the little wrinkled entrance of her ass with the tip of my cock. I pressed the spongy tip of myself inside of her and moaned in pleasure as her smile spread into a sloppy grin and her little hands balled into little fists, gripping the material of my couch. I managed to press another inch into her and she began rocking herself slightly back and forth, helping me penetrate her as I rocked in time to her, slowly working myself deeper and deeper.

Her moans joined my own, our voices getting louder and louder as I burrowed deeper and deeper into her incredibly tight ass. Her clutching, teenage anus gripped me tighter than her clutching, teenage pussy had, toeing the line between pleasure and pain as sweat rolled down both of our bodies. My hands danced across the slick flesh of her ass and lower back as I penetrated her more and more, burying myself inside of her body.

Πρακτορεία συνοδών 

  My hands reached underneath her and gripped her small tits, thumbing her nipples as I finally bottomed out inside of her and she groaned in contentment. I left myself there for a moment, relishing the feel of her spread around my shaft, my balls resting against her soaked pussy-lips as she wiggled underneath me.

This time I kept a firmer hold on Camren's small waist in fear that she'd go wild again but the teenage actress simply held still this time, waiting for me. I pulled back slightly and pressed in slowly, just barely an inch, just getting used to her ass and giving her time to get used to my prick. My balls were boiling with the need to cum, to empty inside of the young girl's willing body but I was set on holding out for as long as possible, holding myself back to give myself the time to enjoy her.

With every stroke I pulled out a little bit farther, pushed in just a little bit harder, stroking myself just a little bit faster. Camren lifted herself up on her hands as she began rocking herself back against me, stuffing me inside of her just a bit more forcefully, our pants and moans growing louder and louder, still in perfect sync. Our bodies moved together, as joined together as our voices, as we both moved me in and out of her. At first we had been battling against each other, her will against mine, and it had ended in a draw as we worked together instead of against each other.

Our bodies slapped wetly together as our thrusts became more and more forceful, my bloated balls swinging up to bump against her drooling pussy. Her hair was matted to her head and I was pretty sure mine didn't look any better as I fucked her harder and harder and she fucked me faster and faster. I kept a firm hold on her small, firm tits, her nipples digging into my palms as she looked over her shoulder at me, her large, wide spaced eyes bright with coy lust. She chewed her bottom lip as she concentrated on the pleasure she was getting, far more than when she had been fighting against me, and kept her eyes locked on mine.

Our eyes remained locked as I kept a firm hold on her chest, using her small tits to pull her back against me as I thrust myself forward into her small body. She started keening like a rabbit stuck in a trap and I could tell she was about to cum and I hoped that I could hold out until then.


  Like I've said, I always take care of the needs of the women I have sex with even if they don't ever remember it later. The need to cum was nearly primal, animal, pure, as we worked ourselves together. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her little shoes moving around and guessed her toes were beginning to curl as she gritted her teeth and I knew she was there again. Her body shivered and twitched like she was having a fit of some kind and I held myself still and kept a firm hold on her body to keep her from falling off of the couch until she finally started to come down and relax.

Camren's ass had gripped me hard enough to be painful but I just gritted my teeth and soldiered through until I felt she was relaxed enough not to fall to the floor. I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass and heard her whine in protest. She was insatiable!I tried to move as carefully as I could but the need to cum was nearly overwhelming. I managed to flip her over on her back and spread her toned legs wide as she continued to stare up at me. I gripped my cock and the moment I touched myself I exploded, my cum raining down on her fit, toned body. I covered the happy teenage from her slight chest to her flat stomach, my white seed standing out in contrast to her tan skin. And then I collapsed onto my ass sitting opposite her on the couch.

We struggled to regain our breath, the young dancer needing annoyingly less time than me and I once again promised myself to get to the gym before I got to much older. She giggled at me as I stared at her naked, sweaty, cum stained body, me just enjoying the sight of her and her enjoying the sight of me. I still needed to post some more, non-sexual, commands in her mind before moving her out of her family's house and making her my full time assistant but there was still some things about her I needed to know. "So how are your filing skills?"

To be continued.

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