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The golden blonde,was really great and satisfied me to completion. I called her on the phone, and after hearing her sexy-soothing voice I could not help but getting her erotic services. She gave me detailed directions and I quickly drove to her private secluded location where she met me at the door in a robe with a devlish smile. She took me to her quaint massage room and watched me undress. I was so embarassed my thick cock was hard as a rock. She giggled and looked me in the eye and provacatively said while caressing my pole, "I'll take care of that for you" She politely asked me to lay on the comfortable rub table face down and she waltzed out of the room. She rapidly returned in a white thong and high heels, then began rubbing my back with a soft touch rub. We chatted and laughed while she was caressing my back. I whisked my hands across her great ass and thighs. She has very soft skin. This masseuse was very conversational and worldly.

FUN! She tickled my testicles and notified me she was done with my back. I then rolled over and she happily told me, "Well it's my turn now!" Nothing beats a fully nude mutual massage with a hot, mature blonde! She laid on her back and I began massaging her beautiful soft perky breasts, II began licking and kissing her erect nipples and enjoying her nice, soft, tan body. We french kissed and she fondled my erection with her hand. I then went down on her, pulled off her thong and and went for some DATY on her trimmed blonde pleasure trail! Her pubic hairs were blonde too! Ecstasy! Pure indulgence, her kitty tasted like a vanilla sundae and she became quite moist When I looked up at her she was squeezing her breasts, eyes closed and her head was arched back. She was enjoying the fruits of my skilled tongue.


   I then began licking her belly and working my way up, sucking on her perfect boobs and licking her neck. Again, we french kissed and I rapidly tapped the head of my cock on her clitoris. I kept riding my cock between her labias while we were kissing. She squirted, smiled and licked my neck. She seductively whispered in my ear, "It's time for your flip. " I then stood up, she removed herself from the table and I laid on my back. Mr. Johnson was very hard and ready for some action. She lightly caressed my thighs and then began soft kissing my balls while stroking my shaft.
She looked and me with those seductive blue eyes and sensually uttered, "He is ready.
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       At one point she jerked my rod and tongued the head of my penis while staring at me like a starving virgin who never enjoyed life's sexual pleasures. Then finally ,she began deep throating and bobbing on my cock. She wanted my load and I was going to inseminate this seductress's sexy mouth. She grunted, squirmed, swallowed and stroked. I could not hold out any longer! I could not resist, I EXPLODED inside her pretty mouth, grabbed her head and held it on my cock until I was done cumming. I let go and she pulled her head back with some of my warm jizz dripping from her lower lip and asked me if I was relaxed! I replied, "Very!" She stood up and grinned. That seductive-evil grin and she reminded me that she never saw so much sperm in her life while cleaning off her chin. "You must have release about a pint!" she exclaimed. I smiled, stood up and went to get my pants. Before I began to put them on Dr. Ziploc fell out and she was amazed. "Oh my, I guess it's 420?" she said. I hope you don't have to go?" I answered, " Not exactly". She then grabbed my arm and picked-up mary jane and escorted me to the living room. We both were still naked.

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       We sat on the couch completely nude and enjoyed some 4:20! She had the eye, the look I have seen before. The look of she needed my seed. She desired to be inseminated by my DNA. She gazed at me directly in the eye and licked her upper lips. She announced to me, "You are spending the night sweetie!"And fortunately for me I did. . . . . .

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