The Foundation Chapter 5


The Foundation
Fresh Meat

A dark blue Lexus slowed to a halt by the gate and Carmel De Bois stepped out into the fading daylight to examine her suit in the reflection from the car window before walking through the small servant’s door into a beautiful garden laden with flowers. The walls were coated with vines stretching across the arch that led onto a manicured lawn bordered by red, blue and yellow blooms. De Bois noted that Senor Ceballos had excellent taste even when renting a villa for a porn shoot.
De Bois saw one of her sex slaves, Pandora Kinky, perched on a wall and gasping for breath as she feverishly rode a bright green plug to the sound of a bell, Ortiz’s bell. She was also reciting a chant of humiliation and degradation, another signature feature of the county’s sheriff. A young blonde in smart casuals was smoking a cigarette and holding an electric baton as she stood over her breathless victim. A touch of the baton on her sweating breasts heightened the sound of buttocks pounding against brick and set the bell jingling on her chest.
“I see you are enjoying our wares. If you would like to enjoy her in more intimate surroundings …”
“No thank you, Miss De Bois. I’ve no need of these girls. Actually it gets rather boring after a while just abusing the same whores. ”
“I believe you may have a point Miss …”
“Hartigan. Sasha Hartigan. ” They shook hands. “We have not met, but we spoke on the telephone. ”
“Of course, it was you who brought us …”

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“How is Mr Tar?”
“No idea. I left that loser behind as soon as I got the money from this caper. ” The two women gazed at Pandora, panting as she thrust herself onto the green shaft.
“I’ve just let Miss Kinky know that I betrayed her to you and Judge Maxwell. All of the pain, the humiliation, the torment of the past six months is due to me, yet she’s still shoving her arse onto that plastic stick and panting like a dog. Do you ever wonder what she’s thinking? How she feels about being abused like this just for our entertainment?”
“I cannot be certain, Miss Hartigan, but I suspect that she’s not very happy about squatting on that wall buggering herself while we watch. I suspect that she feels pain and degradation, a sore backside and a lack of self respect. However, what she thinks does not concern me. She serves me by getting fucked on a regular basis. My interest in her begins and ends there. ”
“She’s been fucked on a very regular basis today. ”
“I can tell. ” De Bois waved her hand before her nose. “I must find a way to stop them reeking. After all, they’re not even wearing clothes.

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“I don’t know why I enjoy tormenting her, I just do. ”
“I can see. ”
De Bois looked down at Sasha’s rigid nipples rising from her blouse. The young woman was not hiding her excitement.
“You are not … aroused by these women?”
“No. I’m not a sadist and I’m not a lesbian. I’m a businesswoman, who has come to see Senor Ceballos about a … proposition. ”
“I believe he has a proposal. Please come with me, I’ll show you to his office. ”
They left Pandora to her anal torment and stepped into the villa to see Rosa Ortiz standing in a doorway with one of the film crew massaging her breasts as her hand strayed towards his groin.
“Good evening Senorita Ortiz. I recognised your work in the garden. Pandora is currently battering her arse while reciting her sins. ”
Ortiz shot her rival a vicious glare, angered by the ethnic reference to ‘Senorita’ but fearful that De Bois had seen her erotic encounter. She stuffed her shirt into her belt and almost ran into the garden.

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   Hartigan may have been either surprised or intrigued by the encounter, but she just smiled and led De Bois into a large room with two chairs either side of a small table. Senor Ceballos rose from one of the chairs and gestured for De Bois to join him.
“How did you find my slaves? I trust that they met your standards. ”
“There’s been quite a lot of damage to both holes. You need to be more careful if you want these girls to perform in the future. There is not much of a market for battered pussies. ”
“They mainly earn their keep from live shows at the prison for the local citizens. They are not a very discerning audience when it comes to naked chained women. ”
“A woman’s arsehole, you’ll be surprised to hear, was not designed to accommodate six inch wide plugs. There will be muscle damage over time. How old are those women?”
“Late twenties. ”
“They’ve obviously had a hard life. I’m not sure they would be getting much work in the real world. However, I have never seen such supple artists. They must be double jointed.

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   Also, they were very responsive. We barely used those batons. My complements on your training regime. ”
“It’s just a lot of hard work and stretching exercises. ”
A shadow passed the doorway and Ceballos shouted out in Spanish. Two men appeared at the door, one wearing nothing but a dressing gown. The gown was draped over his shoulders, and his hands were clearly bound behind his back. This, Carmel surmised, was the legendary Ramon. He was average height and the body beneath the gown appeared muscular and strong. He was handsome, but his blank expression made him appear dense.
“Miss De Bois, I believe that you have not had the pleasure …”
“I have not, and I was hoping to see your prize bull. ”
A nod from Ceballos and the man untied the belt and removed the gown to reveal Ramon Hernandez in all his glory. Carmel did not attempt to hide her admiration.
“Ramon, my complements on your … superb cock. ”
“May I?” She asked Ceballos rather than the owner of the impressive tool.

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“Miss De Bois, I insist. ”
Carmel stroked the skin, tapping her fingers against the muscle.
“It really does feel like wood. I always thought that was just a boast, but Senor Ceballos, I am impressed that you have acquired such a splendid instrument. ”
“Sadly, I only rent Ramon. The United States of America owns dear Ramon, at least for the next eleven years. I manage to procure him for my own … modest interests for two or three days each week. ”
“A shame about his arrest. ”
“Not really, like your girls, Ramon was betrayed by his boss. There’s no shortage of Mexican drug mules, but handsome men with seventeen inch dicks don’t grow on trees. He was sold for a tidy sum. Don’t worry. Ramon has the brains of a cow. He still hasn’t learnt English. There’s a circle of women in the wealthiest district in Dallas who meet every second Wednesday to worship Ramon’s totem pole.

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       He’s in demand, but I am sure that I can arrange a private session, just you and Ramon. ”
    “That sounds very tempting. ” De Bois, still holding his shaft, glanced up at Ramon and she was intrigued by his alluring smile. Carmel was not sure that he was quite so dense.
    “You have only three performers, and there is only so much money you can raise from just six holes, no matter how hard you work them. Those porn stars were a good pilot scheme, but it is time to move to the next level. ”
    The coffee arrived and Ceballos poured both cups.
    “We are alike, Miss De Bois. We are both … visionaries. I can tell because you have come today to listen to my proposition. ”
    “What is your proposition?”
    “I can supply you with fresh young girls, girls you can train to become as depraved, as perverted, as shameless as your porn stars. They may be getting rough around the edges, but I was truly impressed today, and I speak as someone with more than twenty five years’ experience of buying and selling pussy. I can also introduce you to Dr Cartrwight. ”
    “I thought she was in jail. ”
    “She was given a suspended sentence.

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       She claims to have perfected her methods and is able to offer a … relatively safe serum. Imagine the advantages. I have approached her, but I am not the only entrepreneur interested in her augmentation drug. ”
    “What do you get from the deal?”
    “First choice of the finished product. You can’t survive just on prison visitors and sneaking girls out to a rented villa to shoot porn films. You need to get your product, your performance artists, beyond the prison walls to the rest of the state, and then the rest of the Union. Are you really planning on spending the next ten to fifteen years sticking your finger up the arses of those three whores out on the grass? You’re better than that, and you know it. ”
    The last of the large steel boxes was being carried through the garage to the waiting truck as Carmel and Senor Ceballos stepped into the garden to find Pandora Kinky sucking on Ramon’s glistening foreskin as she continued to bounce on the green phallus. Ortiz was shouting at both prisoners to increase their pace as she cradled Ramon’s testicles.
    Ceballos whistled softly as Ortiz squeezed the naked man’s scrotum.
    “You should be careful when playing with other people’s toys. ”
    “Senorita Ortiz is not proving to be a suitable business partner. For her it is all very, very personal. ”
    “As the local sheriff, that could pose a problem for our plans. ”
    “She’s just a peasant with a badge.

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       I will deal with her when the time comes. ”
    Pandora Kinky was now soaked in sweat, her hair matted to her crimson cheeks. Her obscene and demeaning discourse was now no more than a breathless whisper.
    “Please Mistress, I’m begging you. Please, water. ”
    Ortiz held out an open bottle and poured a stream just beyond Pandora’s outstretched tongue. Then she splashed water onto her face for her to lick the drops.
    “Thank you Mistress, but please some more. ” Ortiz laughed and drank the remains of the water bottle.
    Ceballos shook his head and offered his hand to Carmel.
    “Farewell Miss De Bois and please consider my proposal. I suspect that we will talk again … soon. ” Carmel would only offer him a smile. “I think you know it is time for some fresh meat. ”

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