The forgotten wallet


The night I forgot my wallet - This is about three people Eddie James and Becky.
Eddie went out to have some beers with the lads for his one night of freedom - Eddie
And Becky had been together since college they did everything together, Becky is 21 about 5ft 3 she has brown hair and brown eyes, she has long mousey brown hair with a body that seems like it was made from every mans fantasy dream. I mean most girls wanted to be her and most guys wanted to have their way with her! She has big moist lips which thrills your cock every time she gently brushes her tongue along her bottom lip.
She has a sexy j-lo bum, the type that always needs grabbing.

One night Eddie was on the way out to meetthe lads for a drinkhe got there but remembered he forgot his wallet, he had to go back home, as he arrived he saw a car parked outside so he thought he better sneak in quietly, Eddie heard music playing, so he looked round the corner and to his surprise he saw Becky deep throating James
cock whilst he pushed her head quickly up and down. He then reached down and started rubbing with her clit, moaning whilst she's gagging on his big boy. After a while James pushed her down on the sofa, slid her ruby red panties off then began to lick her pussy, making her extremely moist. Eddie was starting to get hard, not a clue on what to do. He decided to swing the door shut, loud enough for them to hear, demanded answers from becky . speechless that her partner was watching closely on all the action.
Eddie spoke up and asked have you got room for one more, grabbed hold off Becky and started to kiss her on her lips slowly making his way down her chest, making her nipples go hard, she brought James close to her teasing his hard cock rubbing it against her wet pussy.

James was starting to get extremely hard. Eddie pulled Becky towards him and put his cock in Becky mouth James then spreads her legs so Eddie demanded him to keep licking until she begs for one of them to fuck her pussy deep and hard. It didn't take long for the her to scream out for one of them to fuck her, James decided to take control of the situation and plaster his 8 inch cock into her, beginning slow to make her beg for him to go faster, but she decided to change position as she wanted more inside. She got on all fours, James stuck his cock back inside her pussy whilst he fucked her, he grabbed her dildo and started fucking her ass at the same time, she screaming in pleasure so Eddie placed his cock inside her mouth and fucked her mouth making her gag hard on it. At this point she was dripping, Eddie had never seen her so moist before, he was so turned on by it he exploded in her mouth, his cum shooting the back of her throat! So it was time to make her have the biggest orgasm of her life.

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   Whilst James was doing her from behind, Eddie gently sucked on her tits whilst rubbing her swollen clit at the same time, her moaning immediately got insanely loud, she screamed I'm going to cum, baby I'm cumming! Her body began to jerk, whilst James was feeling her pussy pulsate he shot one deep inside her. . He then pulled out and she sucked him clean making the end of his cock tingle, she then said same time next week lads, Eddie said hmm Ok, if I can fuck jess. . .

To be continued!!!
Hope you liked part 1.