The first time I saw a girl pose (2)


I not really a voyeur, more a girl-worshipper. I don't peep, and I'm in awe of girls, especially those that pose or show. I started my huge collection of 'dirty mags' when I was still at school, and it was at that time that I first had the experiences of girls making me cum in my pants seeing them show their knickers or in a bulging top. That was also happening when I saw girls showing on TV, and even when I was looking at photos in my magazines.

I dreamed of seeing a girl pose for real, but knew I could never get up the nerve to do it. I looked longingly at the photos in Escort magazine of Aunty Jayne's amateur photo seminars, with a few lucky balding blokes grouped round with their cameras watching Miss Donna Ambrose pose topless.

I knew I could never do that, because just looking at Her photos in Escort or Peaches magazines made me cum in my pants, so there was no way I could hold it seeing Her pose for real, and everyone was bound to notice. I'd be embarrassed and humiliated and kicked out, I thought.

I often went into photo studios, usually in Soho, or once Miss Debbie Ann Trent's studio in Stoke, and asked if they had any spare photos. The girls on reception were usually very nice about it, but never had spare pics, but it was enough for me to ask them the question, knowing I looked every inch a 'perv', and these girls were usually also the models that posed for the photos.

One day I went to a studio in Peterborough which I'd seen advertised in the Sport and as usual asked to buy spare photos.

This time the young lady was happy to sell me as many as I could afford. Obviously then I had to go back for more.

I phoned first to ask about more photos, and this time spoke to one of the models. I'm not sure how the conversation got on to why I could only buy photos, not take them, but Miss Lisa seemed to understand why it would be difficult for me, and said it would be no problem if I 'couldn't hold it' seeing Her pose.

Even so I nearly bottled it several times before I found myself in Her studio, buying 'spare' photos of Her.

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   She'd done nude photos, bikinis as well as miniskirt and knickers, but I only bought miniskirt and bikini ones. Even though I didn't have a camera, She said I could see Her pose. I was allowed to open my case full of my magazines so She could copy poses from my Spick & Spans, as I couldn't tell Her what poses I liked - I could hardly speak at all, I was so nervous.

I'd never shown anyone, let alone a lovely model, my magazines, full of pervy captions and cartoons (and other, things). As She looked at the mag, held open at the page with a lovely pose, I was very nervous and limp, then when She went to copy the pose, I was very excited and stiff.
It was the 3rd or 4th pic, a lovely girl in a miniskirt with Her foot up on a desk, and Miss Lisa went back to Her desk, sat on it in Her short black skirt and put Her high-heeled foot up on it, showing Her knickers. Now over the years I've been able to cum in my pants unnoticed hundreds of times, even if the lovely barmaid in Her low-cut top who's making me do it is only a few feet away.

But Miss Lisa took me completely by surprise, and I crumpled, bent double in front of Her, my head nodding up and down as She made me do it in my pants instantly.

There followed many years of divine worship after that. She'd done 2 or 3 packs of photos for me at every visit, lots of raised skirt, miniskirts and knicker-showing, but I wasn't allowed to see Her show as much as that again during my visits. After all, I didn't need to - seeing Her sit 'carelessly' in Her short skirts, reading out loud from the pervy 'worship sheets' and made-up mags I did for Her, soon had me doing it in my pants in front of Her.

She must have seen my wet patch on the front of my trousers dozens of times, and my collection of Her photos became enormous, along with videos She'd do for me, and videos of the whole 'Worship Session'. I was even allowed a phone call after the visit to say the things I couldn't say to Her when I was there.

It was all so wonderful for a girl-worshipper, allowed to worship a girlie-goddess for real. But unfortunately before too long Her modelling fee got too much for me to afford, and I never saw Her again.

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