The End of a Long Hard Shift


The End of a Long Hard Shift

This is a very short story. But it is a real story, YES, real story, that is to help you look at and understand the supplied two pictures.

M. M. was a graduate student in business administration at a midwest university. She was also an NCAA competitive swimmer. It was while competing that she was noticed by a local pimp from a special brothel. That brothel serviced local athletic teams - large guys with large cocks. The plan was that the guys could workout intensely on many pretty local white girls, without concern, and without condoms. She was paid well, and understood that her genitals would probably be eventually ripped to a new size. . .

M. M. had graduate degree costs, and thought the local brothel, with its specialized clientele, would be a way to contribute funding to her schooling.

She took the pimp up on his offer, and began working shifts at the brothel.


  The two pics, that you see here, were taken after a shift - several months into her new career. They are real, and un-doctored. They show her condition, relaxed, and long after the last customer.

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http://xhamster. com/photos/gallery/4427966/the_end_of_a_long_hard_shift. html

She worked at least 3 ten hour shifts per week, for another 18 months. She had a lot of pride in her work, and her new sized vagina. . . In addition to the money, and the orgasms, she had an extra kinky reward, in knowing that her pussy was as deep and wide as the most experienced professional whore. .