The dirty filthy sick adventures of Bella and Sticky Vicky in Afghanistan


I will have to warn you that this story is very sick but yet it could be alot sicker if i was going to write about people dog, chicken and horse fucking.
This is my own story for your enjoyment. . . . . . . . . . . . Enjoy :-)

Bella got onto the phone one morning slurping sounds to Sticky Vicky from the midst of her deep wack cum ridden vagina.
Sticky Vicky loved what she was hearing, it inspired her to be the same big ol ginger butt freak that Bella always was.
So early one morning Bella and Sticky Vickygot on a plane with their dirty smelly phone and headed out to Afghanistan on the hunt for cUnt with Osama Bin Laden in mind.

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They found Olsama hideing in the hills adjusting his knob turban and replaceing his emerald that sits on the Mc Donalds side of his knob and slowly wrapping a shemagh around the neck just under the turban so it can flow in the breeze.
Bella liked what she saw and slowly reached her hand out to feel Olsamas left testical. Within a heartbeat Olsama slapped her hand, waved his penis and said Ar Ar while the Talaban watched on egerly awaiting to see what will happen next.
Sticky Vicky pulled out Bellas dirty filthy smelly phone and waved it under Olsamas noes, he said. Ala Akba, Ala Akba, Ala Akba. Bella knew Olsama liked that, so he ordered the six hundred Talaban to wack off over the three of them showering them in thick creamy white Talaban sput.
Olsama, Bella and Sticky Vicky started washing them selves in the thick white shower of sput with their tongues lapping and eyeballs rolling back up into their heads makeing gargling noises and vigorously larthering up the thick creamy white sput into a smooth bubbly throff attracting big black arse blow flies from Africa.
Little but what Olsama did not know at the time was that an American patroling force spotted what was going on from two miles away in disgust. Olsamas spotter warned of the American presents in the area so he grabed his new dirty filthy sluts and orderd the Talaban out to safer ground before the Americans fly in the warthogs.
The Talaban safely made it back to their terrorist training camp unimpeded. Without waiting Bella put her hand on Olsamas package and cried with surprise. Dat tis ma lil ala said Olsama, core blimey she said it feels like a gun. Sticky Vicky, Bella and Olsama stripped offquick and Olsama entered them fast and turned up the speed knob and gave them full blast.
Now as the pace hotted up in the room Olsama started to choke as he saw an American soldier peering in through the window analyzing the situation and chucking in blue smoke. Olsama waved em down with his penis to (said in a gay accent) come inside sweetheart.

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   The American soldier didnt wast any time and came right in stripping his GayCUs off and gripping his weapon of mass destruction firmly in his right hand and cupping his pride and prejudice in the other.
The American soldier mentioned his mission, Operation copulation, its been a while Sir''# as he stood to erect attention. Sticky Vicky felt a little bit hungry at the time noticeing the dirty smeg on the US soldiers penis as he hadn't washed in six weeks.
Bella pulled out the sea-weed crackers she saved just incase and used the soldiers filthy smeg as yummy fresh patay.
    Olsama looked on drooling wishing he had a taste completly forgetting how much of a wanted man he is.

    To be continued.


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