The Debate Team Part 4




The Debate Team Part Four

The continuation is here! For those who like this story, thanks and sorry for keeping you waiting!

1:15 PM Hotel Lobby

Joanna just arrived from her lunch with Cherry. Joanna was in a good mood, having bought a new pair of gold loop earrings that she now proudly wears and several souvenir shirts. But now she’s in the lobby, looking for someone who still wasn’t there. A bit disappointed, she decided to look for some of her teammates so that she can show the things that she bought.   Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone run for the elevators.  Hey that’s Paul!


But Paul didn’t hear her.

Where is he going and why is he in such a hurry? Joanna decided to follow. She saw Paul get in the elevator but it closed before she was able to get there. Luckily, the other elevator opened and Joanna got in. She pressed 5.

Joanna got off on the 5th floor and headed towards Paul’s room. Upon turning the corner, she saw Paul getting into the staircase.

 What’s he doing? She continued to follow.  Upon reaching the staircase, she saw Paul getting out on the 6th floor. She stayed back a little so that she wouldn’t be seen. But Paul didn’t seem to be noticing anything.

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   She went up and peeked into the corridor and saw Paul stop in front of a room. Whose room is that? She was deciding on whether or not she should call him but before she could, he disappeared into the room.

Huh? Joanna walked slowly towards the room. She could hear something inside the room but it wasn’t exactly talking. It was more of… moaning.

“Oh yes! Paul Yes! Ohhhhh!”

What are they doing?
“Oh yesss! Oh yess! Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh…. . ”

Are they … doing… it?

“Oh yeahhh…”

Joanna got a little bit more curious. She had to admit, she was feeling something weird. Like she was liking it. She placed her ear near the door to hear better.


Joanna was surprised and she had to move back. But she didn’t leave. She listened some more.

“Lick me… Lick me Paul.

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   Put your tongue inside my pussy!”

“Ooohhh… Ahhhhhhh…. Oh Yes… Right there. Put it in. Yesss Fuck me with your tongue!”

Whoa! Paul is licking her pussy? Oh my God! Who is this girl? What the hell is going on??

“More! Lick me…. Lick me Ohhhh…. Ohhhh…. Ohhhh yes. Right there. Yes Uhhh Ahhhhh…. Uhh… Ahhhh… Oh shit… yes…Uh huh… yes…. Ahhh”

Suddenly she felt something wet between her fingers. She didn’t realize that she already had her fingers between her legs and rubbing her pussy slowly. More importantly, she realized that she was wet. Very wet. And getting more so.

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   She looked at her fingers glistening and suddenly realized the scent of it.

Wait a minute. This is what I smelled inside Cherry’s room! Was she fingering before I got in? And what’s with Paul’s underwear? Was she using it? For what?

She was still thinking about all of these when she heard someone inside exclaim.

“What is that?!”

“I can’t even put my fingers around it!?”

Are the talking about Paul’s penis? She thinks it’s so big? How big is Paul? How big is big? She has never seen one except for a few times in the internet when nasty pop ups came out while doing research.

“Lick it Saheera”

“It tastes so good”

“This is delicious Paul”

“Ohhhhh yes…. Suck it… lick it,”Paul moaned.

She’s licking it?  She’s licking  Paul’s penis! Her pussy is drenched by now and she had been rubbing her pussy for quite a while now. She could not believe what’s happening. She could hear a lot more now. She could hear Paul moaning and some sucking and licking sounds. She was now beyond the point of any rational thought. She was imaging Paul now. She was imaging that she was the one in there, doing it with Paul. She wished that she was naked with Paul and having the time of her life.

She rubbed herself faster and faster.

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   She didn’t care anymore if somebody passed by. She just had to cum. She had to cum with the thoughts of Paul in her mind. She had to cum while thinking about Paul’s dick even though she has never seen it. She wants it so bad. Her pussy wants it so bad. She herself was moaning by now.

“Oooohhh…. Mmmmmm,” Joanna tried to suppress the sounds she was making.

She then heard them talking but she didn’t even care anymore. She was in a different world.

“My ass”

What? That startled her a bit. What ass? Her Ass? They’re gonna do it? In her ass?

She got even hornier. She could now hear them doing it. Saheera was screaming about how big Paul’s dick is and how good it felt in her ass.

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   Oh I want  Paul’s Dick! I want his dick! I want his Dick!  Paul’s dick! She’s rubbing faster and faster. She could barely keep from falling down.

“Cum on my face! My face Paul!”

She’s gonna blow it in her face? Oh my god! She’s gonna take it in the face!

“Ooooooh!,” Saheea moaned.


And Joanna moaned with her as she reached her own explosive orgasm. “Ummmmmmmmhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”

She felt a strong gush of liquid squirt out of her pussy and into her hands. It almost like she peed. This never happened to her before. Her hand itself was dripping wet after about three squirts of orgasmic liquid.

“Oh my god…,” she couldn’t believe what happened. What was that? She never orgasmed like that before! Is this normal? I’m a freak!

All three of them reached orgasm at the same time. Joanna was spent her legs were shaky and her fingers were drenched. Her panties were not set on the proper place, moved to the side a bit and warm juice flowed down her legs. There were quite a few drops that fell on the carpet as the result of her squirting her juices unexpectedly. But she was happy.

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   She orgasmed with  Paul and she was glad in some way that it happened. The euphoria of the orgasm didn’t last long however. Almost immediately, fear set in.

What the hell am I doing? What if somebody saw me!? How can I be so stupid!

Weak legs and all and still exhausted, she ran back to the stairs in haste.


Almost directly across the room, a curious and excited pair of eyes watched her leave the door and out of sight.

3:30 pm Room 607

After another round of ass fucking, Paul and Saheera lay in bed talking. They were exhausted, and Saheera’s ass has taken a beating.

“Hey… wipe your face already,” Paul said.

“Why? You don’t like seeing your cum on my face,” Saheera teased, smiling at him. Her face was again full of cum again.

“Of course not. I like… I love seeing my cum on your face”

“So why are you complaining?”

“I’m not. . ”

“It’s good for your skin you know? Maybe we should put some on your face,” Saheera scooped some from he cheek with her forefinger and tried to wipe it on Paul’s face. Paul pushed her hand away playfully.

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“Come on,” Saheera tried again.

“No… come on!,” Paul pushed her hand away.

“It’s okay!”

“It’s not!”

“It’s yours you know?”

“I know it’s mine. But it’s my gift to you!”

“Hahaha!,” Saheera looked at Paul in the eye and put her finger inside her mouth licking the cum off.

“Wow that’s sexy. ”

“What’s sexy is the fact that you didn’t use a condom that second time. ”

“I wanted to feel you, Saheera”

“Yeah? I’m glad you did what you did. Although my ass kinda hurts you know?”

“Hahahaha! I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. It was worth it Paul,” Saheera scoped another finger full of cum and sucked her fingers.

“Hey can I ask you something… personal Saheera?”

“Paul, you just fucked my ass. Twice. I think you’re entitled to at least one personal question. ” Saheera licked another fingerfull.

“Okay… you sure?”

“Yes, Paul”

“Okay… here goes… When I was… you know… about to do you from behind, you didn’t seem… uhm, tight…back… there. .

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“And…?,” Saheera asked… licking once more.

“and… why is that?”

“So you’re asking if I’ve been ass fucked before…”


“Paul,” Saheera sat up. The blanket falls to her waist, exposing her perky breast. Paul had to bite his tongue upon seeing them.

“Paul, my husband, Malik… likes to do that. He’s Arab and… I think he’s gay”


“Yup… feel better now?”

“A little bit,” Paul nodded.

“I thought you were worried about him finding out about us having sex? I mean pussy sex”

“Yeah I am. We’ve had sex before. Three times to be exact. When he was still trying to hide the fact that he was gay. That lasted 2 days. But every day he would finger me to … you know… check me if I’ve been unfaithful”

“Wow… Really? Jeez…”

“Yeah I know. ”

“How do you feel about it?”

“I don’t know. These past two weeks have been like a whirlwind you know? I can’t even think about the sex…”

“I see… I wish I was the first person you had sex with”

“I know…”

Paul sat up and brushed Saheera’s hair with his fingers.

“You know, if it makes you feel better, I thought about you every time we had sex.

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“Yes. It was the only way I could get through it”

He kissed her. “I better clean up. Mahmoud might be on his way back. He stood up and exposed her soft but still enormous dick.

“Hey Paul…”


“We’ll do this again okay?”

Paul smiled. “Of course. ”  He got dressed and left.


Outside Room 507 3:40 pm.

Paul was just about to enter his room when he saw Rica arrive.

“O Rica! How was the meeting?,” Paul asked. He hoped he didn’t smell like sex.

Rica came up to Paul. “It was okay. Nothing special.

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   The usual dos and donts. Hey I saw Mahmoud there…”

“Yeah I saw him before he went to your meeting,” Paul replied.

“Ah okay…”, then she smelled it. She knew what it was but she wasn’t too sure.

“Hey Yoohoo…”

“Ha? What?”

“You blanked out there for a while Rics,” Paul said.

“Ah hahaha… nothing. Was just thinking of something,” she searched her bag for her keys.

“Looking for this?,” Paul asked showing her the keys.

“Yeah! I forgot I gave it to you,” she smiled sheepishly and took the key from Paul.

“So see you at the pool?,” Paul asked.


They both disappeared into their rooms.


Room 507


Paul went straight to the bathroom to wash up. He wanted to go to the pool as soon as possible. Rica’s gonna be there and he’s excited to see her in whatever it is she’s going to wear. He got out of the shower and searched his bag for an underwear to wear.


   Unfortunately he remembered that he only brought one pair briefs and the rest were boxers. I can’t wear boxers with my boardshorts, that would be weird.

Maybe I can still wear the briefs I wore. I’m only going to swim for an hour anyway. He searched his bag for the briefs. He found it and grabbed it. God this is disgusting. Why the hell is it so damp? It’s not like I peed on it or anything. It doesn’t even smell like briefs. He took the briefs and got some detergent and soaked it in and washed it. He decided not to wear it, considering it unhygienic. I’ll just hang this in the closet.

Now he didn’t have anything to wear. Fuck it. I won’t wear anything.

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   He slipped on his new blue gray boardshorts and left.


3rd Floor Outdoor Pool 3:50 pm


Rica and Cherry were talking and sipping Long Island iced tea by the poolside while Joanna was wading at the edge of the pool. They don’t really make it a practice to drink liquor in the afternoon but this may be the only chance they have for the next couple of days since the tournament starts tomorrow. Rica and Cherry had no plans to swim today but went anyway because Joanna wanted their company. Cherry was wearing a pink ultra short shorts and a white tank top. Though it was already around 4 pm, the sun was still shining and thus she wore her sunglasses. Cherry was in a similar attire wearing a green baby tee and white shorts as well as sunglasses. These accentuated their legs, especially Rica’s which seemed to go on forever especially since she was only wearing her pink havaianas. They were in the far corner of the pool, under a hut with a few beach-style chairs away from the bulk of the crowd which were quite few anyway. Joanna was wearing a yellow two-piece bathing suit.

“Hey guys you’re really not gonna swim at all?,”Joanna asked.

“Not me Jo,” Rica said looking up from her book.

“Me neither,” Cherry said.

“Come on it’s boring when you swim alone”

“I heard Paul was on his way here,” Rica told her.

Joanna blushed but nobody saw her as she had her back to them.

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   She felt a slight tingle from inside her and she got so embarrassed that she jumped in the water.

“So where did you and Paul go today?” Cherry asked Rica. She was getting more and more intrigued about them as their closeness has become a bit obvious. At least to her.

“Just shopping… you know? Got him a haircut and had some snacks and. . ” she noticed Cherry smiling.


Cherry said nothing.

“What!?” Rica slapped her arm.

“Haircut? Really…”

“Yeah so?”

“You like him don’t you?” Cherry said taking a sip from her long island iced tea



“Who my ass. You know who I’m talking about”

“Paul?”, Rica replied, trying to act non-chalant.

“Yes Paul!”

“Paul? I like him… as a friend…,” Rica said a little too defensively, and immediately looked as far away as possible.

“Come on… I know you too well, Rica. You tour him around, have him get haircuts…”

“He’s… okay,” Rica said pretending to be curious about something far away.

“Okay? Why can’t you look at me straight then?”

“What? There is nothing.

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   Nothing. Okay?,” Rica started to blush.

“Oh my God you’re blushing!,” Cherry teased.

“I am not!” retorted indignantly.

“Okay,” Silence was more deafening than any words spoken and after a few seconds, Rica could not bear it anymore.

“Okay I like him. Is that so bad? It’s not like he likes me you know?,” Rica said.

“Rica I’m not an idiot. You’re the hottest girl I know and I’m sure you’re the hottest girl he knows. I’m sure he likes you,” Cherry said.

“He’s not courting me though… I think he had every opportunity today and he made no moves whatsoever,” Rica complained.

“No moves?”

“None. Except for the standard gentleman stuff but other than that… none. It’s like I’m in the friend zone with him. ”

“That’s not good,” Cherry agreed.

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“Yeah, so much for thinking that he thinks I’m hot. ”

“Well… not quite Rica”

“Not quite what?”

“I mean the fact that he didn’t make any moves does not mean that he doesn’t think you’re hot. My theory is he thinks that you’re way out of his league and he didn’t want to risk it”

“Really?” Rica asked. She was skeptical. But she was also hopeful that this was the reason.

“Yeah. That’s the only logical explanation. Guys would usually go for someone who is within their league or slightly beyond their league. Case in point… moi” Cherry explained.

“He courted you right?,” Rica said.

“Not really. He tried a couple of moves but I wasn’t interested. He tried me because though I think I’m beyond his league, I’m not way beyond his league. ”

“Wow… never heard you so humble,” Rica teased.

“I’m just being realistic here.

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  . and this iced tea may be breaking me down,” Cherry smiled.

“So you’re saying that he’s not making a move because I’m beyond his league?”

“Way beyond, girl. You’re uber-rich, you’re uber-smart and you’re uber-hot. That can scare a guy especially if he doesn’t have the same stuff as you do. ”

“Hey… Paul’s smart!”

“Not as smart as you and besides… that’s one out of three. 33 percent is not a passing score,” Cherry said truthfully.

“He’s not ugly either. Always thought he was kinda handsome, kinda rugged cute, right?” She wondered if she was the only one who realized this.

“I’m not saying he’s ugly. Yeah he’s cute. He is, really. I even know a couple of girls who have a crush on him. But we’re talking about leagues here, Rica. Leagues.

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   You get modeling offers, you’ve done some magazine shoots. If you had the time and you would’ve wanted to, you could’ve been a full time model right now. Paul looks good. But again, on a different league. ”

“Well you hate him right?”

“Well that’s just my personal opinion. There’s just something about him that’s like off with me. It’s like whenever he’s around, I get all riled up or something. ”

“I don’t know what I like about him actually,” Rica said truthfully.

“I like one thing about him,” Cherry smiled.

“What? What is it?,” Rica was very much intrigued.


Rica thought about it and remembered the bulge. Is that it? It can’t be anything about personality because Cherry hates him. It must be something that Paul doesn’t do and something physical may be something that Cherry might like without liking Paul himself. She had the opportunity to see it anyway since they are sleeping in the same room.

“I think I know what it is…” Rica said.

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“No you don’t!,” Cherry said cheerfully. She was sure that Rica didn’t know. How could she?

“How can you be so sure that I don’t? We did shop today you know… boardshorts,” Rica smiled, baiting her.

Cherry stared at Rica and thought for a second. Is she serious? Does she really know? She seems to know but does that mean that she does? Before she could answer, Joanna asked from the pool.

“Do any of you guys know who Saheera is?”

Momentarily distracted, the two had to ask, “What?”

“Saheera. Do you know who she is?”

“Saheera from KAU? Yeah she’s the sister of Mahmoud, Paul’s bestfriend why?”

“Nothing. ”

Before Rica and Cherry could go back to their conversation, Paul arrived.

Joanna disappeared under water.

“Hey Paul,” Rica greeted.

“Hey Rics, Cher… you’re not swimming?”

“Nah… go ahead Paul, Joanna’s. . ,” Rica said. “She’s over… there somehere…” Rica said. She was surprised to not find Joanna where she was a second ago.

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“Ayt…” Paul took off his shirt exposing his body in front of the girls. Hidden behind their sunglasses, their eyes tilted down and checked out Paul’s package.

The bulge was back and they had to sip their iced tea. Rica was unable to contain herself and let out a soft “Ohh”.

Paul didn’t hear it but Cherry did. Cherry glanced at Rica and smiled.

Rica suddenly realized that Cherry heard her and began to choke on her long island iced tea. “Ahhk, ahk! Ahk!”,” Rica coughed.

Chery laughed at her and Paul said, “Rics you okay?”

“Ahkkk… I’m okay. ” Rica said her eyes suddenly watery.

“Good thing you’re not swimming. You almost drowned on a glass of water,” Paul put his wallet on the table beside Rica.

“Rics ‘ll leave my wallet here okay?”

“Okay,” Rica said.


Paul jumped into the pool towards Joanna who was on the other end.

“Rics, you’re so pretty today Rics!,” Cherry imitated Paul, calling Rica, Rics.

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“Crazy!” Rica said, smiling.

“Rics my wallet is over here, Rics!,” Cherry continued. Rica laughed and took another sip.

“Guard my dick Rics!”

“Ahhhkk akkk,” Rica choked on her iced tea again.

“Hahahahaha! I knew it! You were looking at it weren’t you?,” Cherry laughed.

“Ahkkk akk . . uhmm . . Cherry shut up!! Paul might here you!,” Rica warned.

“But you were checking it out!,” Cherry continued.

“Well so did you! You were wondering what it looked like as well!,”

“Excuse me, I do not have to wonder. ”


“You heard me…” Cherry leaned forward as if she was saying a very important secret and whispered, “I’ve seen it,” Cherry grinned and her eyebrows went up and down.

“You’ve seen it?” Rica didn’t believe her.

“Yes,” Cherry said slouching back on her chair.

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“Like… for real?”

“For real”

“Wow,” Rica sighed.


Rica didn’t reply. In fact she was. She was jealous of the fact that Cherry saw it already and she hasn’t. But he wasn’t hers. They weren’t together so she really didn’t have a reason to be jealous. And she wanted to know more than anything what it looked like.

“So…. Is it really… big?”

“Yes. Bigger than Jason’s” Jason was Cherry’s ex who Rica also dated briefly. They both had seen Jason’s dick although all Rica did with him was a blowjob. Jason’s dick was big by any standard and Rica couldn’t believe that Paul’s was bigger. Jason was a six footer and Paul was nowhere that big in height.


“Yes. It’s not so much that it’s big but it was massive.


   Like it was a really muscular dick. It’s about as thick as this glass of iced tea actually,” Cherry described. Instinctively, she began stroking the glass of iced tea, imagining it to be Paul’s dick.

“Bigger than Robbie’s?” Rica teased. Robbie was Cherry’s current boyfriend who was about six years older than them and just passed the medical boards a few months ago.

“Yes. As a matter of fact yes,” Cherry said. In a way, she kinda forgot that she had a boyfriend because of all this Paul talk. Now that she was reminded by that fact, she lamented the fact that her boyfriend’s was smaller. Way smaller.

“But only just a little smaller,” Cherry defended her boyfriend and lied.

“Wow…Wait…How did you see this?”

“This morning, when I went back. He was in the shower and I saw it. Made me masturbate the entire morning. ”

“So that’s what you were doing all morning? I thought you were going to sleep?” Rica asked incredulously.

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“Yep… just thinking about it makes me horny. And I did have a nice nap afterwards”

“Ssshhh!” The waiter was approaching them with a glass of iced tea.

“For Mr. Paul?” the waiter said.

“Paul!,” Rica called.

Paul saw what was happening and answered. “Rics can you pay for me? The wallet is there with you. ”

Rica opened the wallet and got the money and paid. Before closing the wallet however she saw the condoms again.


“What?” Cherry asked.

Rica searched the wallet. One, two… two. Two? Two condoms? It was three just a few hours ago! Right? It can’t be two. It was three! She counted again. Slower.

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   One. . Two… Two. Two! It’s supposed to be three! Could it have fallen somewhere? She knew it was impossible since the three condoms were together like it was fresh off the pack. If one fell, all would have fallen. What the hell happened? She remembered the smell awhile ago when she met Paul outside their rooms. What the hell happened while I was in the meeting???

“What is it?” Cherry asked.

“None. Nothing… I thought I saw something…” Rica said.

“Put it down then. It looks like you’re stealing something. ”

Rica put the wallet down. She decided to let it go. “So what else happened?”

“Nothing,” Cherry lied. She and Rica were very open to one another but she couldn’t tell her that she inadvertently took a facial from Paul’s massive dick.

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   She thought she’d keep it a secret.


In the Pool


“Hey Joanna, nice bathing suit”

“Thanks! You like it  Paul?” Joanna asked. She was happy that Paul liked what she was wearing.

“Yup!,” Paul did like it. It was revealing without being so much so and it looked good on her.

“I didn’t know you loved to swim. . ”

“Mmmmm actually I don’t know how to swim. I just like being in the water,” Joanna replied.

“I see. I thought you knew how”

“How about you? You know how?”

“A little. I can hold my own. ”

“Can you teach me?”

“Teach you what?”

“To swim…”

Paul was a bit surprised. He really didn’t know what to tell her. It’s not like he was an expert swimmer.

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   He can barely manage on his own.

Joanna noticed his hesitation and was quite embarrassed by it. “Okay nevermind…”

“No it’s okay. . . I’m just not sure if I know how. ”

“Just teach me what you know, . ”

“Okay… Ok come here… You’re sure about this?” Paul said. He was still unsure of what was happening.

Joanna let go of the edge and jumped into Paul’s arms. Immediately Paul felt the softness of Joanna’s skin in her arms. He felt her legs struggle to find footing and in the process her left leg pressed between his legs for balance. Paul immediately felt his member get hard. Despite the cool temperature of the water, his dick started reacting to the feeling of having a nubile young teen press her bare left leg on his groin. He was sure that Joanna could feel it but he couldn’t move because the more he moves, the more Joanna struggles and the more she presses on his dick.

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   Joanna felt it. Wow.

Paul shifted. “Okay lie on your stomach. ” Joanna did so and Paul placed her hand under Joanna’s belly. Damn it’s soft.

“ Paul don’t let go!? No matter what!,” Joanna was scared.

“Yeah I won’t I promise… now paddle your legs. ”

Joanna paddled her legs furiously. “Like this?”

“Yes… you’re doing a good job. Keep your legs straight. ”

“Okay…,” Joanna answered.

Suddenly, Joanna moved forward because of the paddling and in the process Paul’s hand that was on her bare belly was now directly underneath Joanna’s pussy. Paul could feel her pussy and he noticed that she had very sparse pubic hair as he felt that it was bare skin behind the bikini. Instinctively, Paul moved her hand down to avoid the awkward situation.

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“ Paul don’t let go!,” Joanna screamed.

Paul put his hand on Joanna’s crotch again and pressed p so that Joanna wouldn’t sink. What the hell is happening here? He could feel Joanna’s slit rubbing across his thumb and moved his hand back to Joanna’s belly. A few seconds later, Joanna stopped paddling and put her arms on Paul’s broad shoulders.

“How was it?,” Joanna asked between gasps.

“It was good. You were good Joanna!” Paul said grinning.

“You’re a good teacher,” Joanna said and smiled at him.

“Hahahahaha! I don’t know about that,” Paul said.

“Go to the other end and I’ll try to swim towards you okay?” Joanna suggested.

“Okay!” Paul swam towards the end and Joanna swam after him in an awkward yet successful fashion. Nearing Paul, Joanna began to sink and scrambled to swim. She was about to reach Paul in a state of panic and she kept on trying to grab for Paul. Instead of getting his arms though her hands fell on his still hard thick cock and she held on to it for a second before letting go and thrashed her hands some more like she was about to drown.

“Whoa Whoa Whoa! Easy there Joanna! You’re grabbing my…,” Paul laughed.

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Joanna was gasping for air. “What?”

“Ah wala hehehehe,” Paul said, he realized that this innocent girl didn’t know what she just did. “Joanna I’ll go drink my iced tea first ok? Don’t want to waste it”

“Okay , I’ll follow in a while” Paul swam across the pool towards the other end.

Joanna thought about what happened. She couldn’t believe how bold she was and how she was able to pull it off. She got him to touch her pussy and she was able to touch his. Truth is she doesn’t know which she liked better, being touched by Paul or touching Paul’s love muscle. Wow… That was big. About as thick as my wrist! Maybe thicker!

Paul got out of the pool in front of Cherry and Rica. Because of the wetness of the boardshorts, it clung to his body, perfectly embossing his dick. Anyone in a twenty meter radius could see it, what more a couple of horny girls merely 3 meters away. Paul didn’t notice it, thinking that all that he was feeling was his boardshorts clinging to him. Rica and Cherry now had their mouths wide open, behind their glasses their eyes were as big as saucers. Their eyes followed his cock every step he took towards his iced tea. Paul sat down in front of them and took a sip.

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“You know you guys really should take a dip,” Paul suggested.

“We’re okay Paul,” Rica said.

“Hey Cherry you should order something if you want to eat. Stop gnawing at that straw!,” Paul laughed.

Cherry felt embarrassed. It was Paul’s cock that made her chew on the straw that was now beyond recognition.

“I’m just nervous about the tournament,” Cherry said defensively.

“That’s why you should take a dip! To relax!,” Paul said. He shifted his position as he stretched his legs. With this, Cherry chewed harder on her straw and Rica did the same. The right leg hole of the board shorts became lose and Paul’s cockhead was now clearly visible like a slithering snake waiting for a kill. Cherry and Rica pretended not to notice but none of them were reading anymore.

“I think we’re going to have a good tournament,” Paul said. He was checking his phone messages and wasn’t really paying attention to the girls too much. He wanted to stare at their legs but they were wearing dark sunglasses so he couldn’t tell if they were looking at him or not.

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   He didn’t want to get caught.


Cherry’s book fell on the ground and Rica looked at her while Paul glanced for a while then went back to his phone. Cherry took her time getting the book back. In truth she dropped the book on purpose so that she could have a better angle on Paul’s dick. She stooped low, the whole time her eyes were glued towards Paul’s shiny dick. She let her hands do the searching for the book. Rica noticed this and picked up the book herself.

“Here’s your book! You don’t have to look anywhere else!,” Rica said in a loud voice so as to draw Paul’s attention. Cherry acted like she got caught doing something wrong and immediately sat up and pretended to read. Paul glanced at them. Rica looked at Cherry and mouthed the words “Idiot!”.

Cherry playfully hit her arm with the book.

Rica just smiled and said outloud, “Trying to pull a fast one on me!” which made

Cherry hit her again.

“What?”  Paul said, not knowing what was happening

“Nothing Paul,” Cherry said through gritted teeth. Rica smiled at her.

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“Cherry do you always read your book upside down?” Paul said.

Cherry looked at her book and adjusted it. “There. Happy?”

“Yes ma’am!” Paul mocked her. I hate that arrogant bitch.

Rica, who sat between Cherry and Paul, stood up and stretched exposing her belly button to Paul. Paul was excited by it but before he could stare at her waist she turned around and now her butt was about two feet away from her face. She put her foot on top of the beach chair and bent down. Now her butt almost hit his face. She knew that Paul liked her butt having caught him check her butt out several times. She now has something special for him. Her shorts were so short and so tight that one can see her pussy lips slightly cameltoe on it. Moreover, by bending, she knew that her panties would be exposed on top, revealing a red silk G-string. She looked at Cherry while doing this and smiled at her. Cherry knew exactly what se was doing and she was enjoying this little battle of theirs.


   Rica pulled down her glasses a bit and winked at her. She whispered, “Is he looking?”

Cherry took a glance at Paul who was openly staring at her pussy and butt and biting his lip at the same time. He was amazed at what was happening.

Cherry whispered, “Definitely”

Rica tried to jut her butt a little more but in the process she lost her balance.

“Whoa!”, Cherry tried to grab her but she couldn’t do it and Rica slammed her butt on Paul’s forehead and even felt Paul’s nose hit her pussy squarely. She continued to fall and ended up on Paul’s lap. She could feel Paul’s shaft on her thigh and even the tip of the cock at the back of her knee. She stood up immediately. Her face was beet red with embarrassment.

“Aw! Aw! Aw!”

“Oh shit I’m sorry Paul! I. . I… I uhhhmm… lost my balance!,” Rica explained.

Paul helped her. “It’s okay Rica, don’t worry about it. It was an accident.

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   Are you okay?” Paul was genuinely concerned.

“Yeah yeah I’m…I’m okay,” Rica stammered.

Joanna suddenly went up from the pool. “Hey what happened?”

Cherry saved Rica. “Rica was fixing her havies then lost her balance and fell on Paul”

“Are you okay Ate Rica?” Joanna asked, concerned.

“Yeah yeah I’m okay. I’m just a little wet…”

“I bet. ” Cherry teased and smiled at Rica.

Paul got his towel and began wiping Rica’s legs.

Rica felt embarrassed while the others felt envious of Rica. After a few seconds she said, “Hey, hey Paul, I can take it from here. Thanks!”

Paul realized what he was doing and sheepishly handed her the towel. “Sorry sorry,” Paul apologized.

“Paul can I suck… I mean sip?” Joanna asked.


“iced tea…”

“Ah okay,” Paul said.

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After sipping, Joanna told Paul if they can continue their swimming lessons and Paul, wanting to avoid the awkward situation he was in and wanting a chance to touch Joanna again, obliged.

After they disappeared in the pool, Rica and Cherry sat down again.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” Rica said.

“That was embarrassing!”

“I know! Why didn’t you save me?” Rica asked exasperatedly.

“I tried! But it happened so fast!” Cherry said. “ That’s what you get for doing stupid stunts like that”

“Me? How about you?! Pretending to pick up a book? Really?”

“Well at least I was just trying to sneak a peek. You were trying to openly seduce the guy!” Cherry said

“Hahahaha! Yeah I couldn’t believe what I was doing!”

“I couldn’t believe it either! But yeah… I guess, wow! Did you see it?” Cherry said.

Rica immediately knew what she was talking about.

“Yeah I did! You were right!”

“I told you… but that’s nothing. All you saw was the tip. Wait till you see the shaft,” Cherry explained.

“I know… I can just imagine…”

“That made me horny all over again,” Cherry said. She shifted her position. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs as if she was trying to squeeze something in beween them. Indeed she was.

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Rica observed her. “I know what you’re doing”

“I don’t really care. I can’t help it!”, Cherry said. She then reached down and made a quick three rubs.


“Hahahaha… Cherry!”

“Come on Rica. Tell me that didn’t turn you on,” challenged Cherry.

“It did… yeah it did,” Rica had to admit.

“Yeah… I’m thinking about how it would feel to have it in my hands you know…” Cherry was fantasizing now and Rica was just as happy to join in.

“Yeah… to stroke it mmmm,” Rica said and repositioned herself as well.

“Up and down,” Cherry continued.

“Faster and faster,” Rica went on.

“Licking its head”

“Kissing it”

“Sucking it”

“Hard. Yeah…. Ohhhh” It was really turning them both on. But it hit Rica harder.

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   She had a crush on Paul and there is a real possibility that they could be together someday. If only he would man up and make some moves.

“What do you think I can do to make him make a move?” Rica asked.

“I guess just do what you’re doing right now. Be friendly to him. Be a little bit more aggressive…”

“More aggressive? What do you mean?” Rica was confused.

“I mean you have to be the one to make the mini-moves. You know? If you want him to have dinner with you, you have to be the one to ask. Or pretend that you need help with something, ask him. Just like what you did a while ago when you asked him to go shopping. Something like that…”

“Then he’ll come around?”

“Hopefully. For you’re sake. He’d be stupid to not notice that you like him. Maybe eventually… you know, he’d be the one doing the inviting…”

Rica thought about it. She’s right.

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   That’s what she has to do.

Her mind then wandered to something more carnal, more raw.

“What a cock…,” Rica quipped, biting her lip.

“Yeah…” Cherry said.

“You still imagining it as well?” Rica asked.

“I’m way beyond that girl…sigh”

“What do you mean?”

Cherry turned to her and it was obvious that she was a bit tipsy.

“In my mind, we’re on a beach and we’re doing a hot 69…,” Cherry smiled.

“Damn that’s good imaging. I think I’m wet,” Rica said.

Cherry continued. “I have my left hand fondling his balls and my right hand pumping his dick. At the same time I have his dick in my mouth and I’m going down on him and sucking him hard. ”

“Oooohhh… getting wetter,” Rica cooed. She kept shiftng her position. She was getting wetter by the second.

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   Cherry really knows how to verbalize a fantasy and she was enjoying the little story.

“He has two fingers up my pussy and he’s sucking on my throbbing little clit…”

“Oh god Cher…” Rica said. She looked at her watch.

“What are you thinking?” Cherry asked, noticing what Rica just did.

“The Opning Cermonies got moved. Our shuttle to NUS leaves at 6:45 pm,” Rica said.

“And?” Cherry asked.

“It’s 4:45,” she answered. Her eyes pleaded with Cherry in a way that only Cherry knows the meaning.

“We’ve got 2 hours. ” Cherry smiled and stood up.

Rica looked for Paul in the Pool and found him and Joanne talking on the other end.

“Hey Paul, Joanne! We’ll go ahead okay? We need to fix some things. ”

Paul just waved at them. Cherry was already near the pool entrance and Rica followed.

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Room 507 4:50 pm

Rica and Cherry burst through the door of the room.

The door barely even closed when they were already all over each other. They weren’t lesbians, they weren’t lovers but they sort of became bisexual by necessity. Debate tournaments can be pretty intense and they’ve met several guys before from different countries who were more than satisfactory in terms of physical qualifications. Only problem is a girl from another school slept with a couple of guys from different countries in the same tournament and suddenly had a bad reputation. Nobody wanted to be a slut but they were horny all the time. This is why they decided to just relieve themselves with each other… and a few little toys. It wasn’t Rica’s idea, nor was it Cherry’s. It was Layka who first initiated it when she came onto Cherry after they had a double date with a couple of South Africans about three years ago. A few months later, they introduced it to Rica who was initially hesitant about it but eventually warmed to the idea as well. The other girls then followed and it became sort of club between the girls in the Organization.


Cherry raised Rica’s top exposing her bra. She unclasped it immediately and began sucking on her left nipple immediately. Rica moaned in ecstasy as Cherry encircled her nipple with her tongue while she squeezed Rica’s other breast. Rica reached from behind and with her long arms was able to reach the Cherry’s butt from behind She placed her fingers between her crack, feeling her warmth as she gets closer and closer to her crotch area.

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“Oh yeahh suck it Cher… mmmm hmmmmm suck it. . suck it oh god…ooohhh ahhhhhmmm huhhhhh”


Cherry spread her legs a little enabling Rica to reach through the leg hole of her shorts and feel her pussy through her panties. Her middle finger looked for her slit and felt it. It was damp.

“Ohhh you’re wet Cher…”

Cherry stopped sucking for a while and said, “Let’s go to bed”

Cherry led the way to the bed while Rica took her top and bra off completely. She put on the safety chain lock just in case Paul came. She began removing her shorts when Cherry said, “I have a great idea… let’s use Paul’s bed!”

Rica felt her pussy juice up a little bit more with the thought of doing it in Paul’s bed. “Yeah…” Rica said enthusiastically. Cherry took off her shorts and panties in one stroke while keeping her top on. She dove into bed on all fours and was just about to turn when Rica caught her waist and prevented her from lying down.

“Wait,” Rica said. Immediately and without warning, she shoved her middle finger inside Cherry’s dripping pussy. Cherry was caught off guard and it shocked her sensations. She immediately orgasmed.

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“Ohhhhh FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!,” Cherry screamed as her orgasm took over her body. With her butt up in the air, her pussy was opened wide and when Rica took off her finger, her pussy gushed out a lot of love juice. Rica immediately shoved her tongue deep inside Cherry and this brought her over the edge again, sending her to another orgasm.

“OH SHIIIITTTT!!! Ahhhhh… ahhh. . uhh uhh uhh. . ahhhmm . . uh … ahhh haaaa… ahhh…”

This time her cum wasn’t wasted as it dipped straight to Rica’s waiting tongue and down her throat.

Rica was making all sorts of sounds with her pussy.

MMMM… Slurp…. Schlluppmmmppfff…. mmmmppff shllpppff… Ohhhh yeah… mmmpff Shhhlllppppff

Cherry was loving every single second of it.

“Mmmmmppfffff uhhhh… ohh  shit… uhmmm.

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  . yeaaah Paul. . ahhh. . ooohhhh ahh…”

She now had her head buried in Paul’s pillow and she was dripping her cum all over his bed. Rica continued to lick her pussy. Rica was very talented with her tongue especially since she was familiar wit what Cherry liked. Cherry liked having the inner outlines of her labia licked up and down and loved it when her pussy is kissed like it was an actual mouth. She loved it when her labia was also kissed separately one after the other. Cherry was going crazy with ecstasy especially when Rica started flicking her clitoris with the tip of her tongue.

“Oh god Rics don’t stop…Ahhhh uhhhh ahhhhh…. Yeaahhhh ahhhhh huhhhhhhh hmmmmmpppfff”

Rica stopped for a while, “Love it that you called me “Rics” Cher,”

“I know. Please lick mo pa please? Please Rics? Suck on my nub Rics… Oooohhh…. There.


  . just like that…. oohhh god…oh! Yeah. . uhhhh ahhhh uhh… ohhhh yes…. Fuck… there… uh huh. . ”

Rica pulled on the hood of the clit and began sucking her bare nub”

“Ohhhh shhiiit… yes! Yeah! Right there Rics… Oh shit… ahhh ahh ahh ahh … Oh god… yes…. Yes…. Right there fuck Rics…. Yeah!. . Ahhhhhhh ”

Cherry’s butt kept on wriggling as her sensations became less and less controllable.

“Rics… ahhhh…. Wait… uhm… wait….

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  . ”

Rica paused. “What honey?”

“Get my bag…” she pointed at her yellow bag beside her bed. “Over there!”

“What is it?” Rica said as she walked towards Cherry’s bag.

“You’ll see,” Cherry said. Rica was no longer behind her but she kept her position. Her butt was still high up in the air, her body in a triangular shape.

Rica opened the bag and immediately found what Cherry meant.

It was a big black dildo.

Whoa! Where did this come from?

Rica immediately brought it back to bed.

“Did you find it?” Cherry asked. She had her hand between her legs and was fingering herself with two fingers.

“You mean this?” Rica replied and rubbed Cherry’s wet slit with the big black cock.

“Yes!… Ohh yeah…” Cherry moaned.

Rica rubbed the dildo back and forth.

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“Ooohhhh … ahhh… yan… sige …. Sige lang… uhhhhhh ahhhhhh”

It was also turning her on that she can see Cherry’s pussy lips puff out and open a bit every time the dildo passes through the love hole. By now the entire shaft of the dildo was getting wet and slippery. Cherry’s pubic hair were matted and glistened in the low light of the room. Rica couldn’t help but give another lick on her sweet cunt. Her tongue outlined he cunt lips again.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh,” Cherry cooed.  She bit her lip and whimpered softly. “Mmmpppfffff…”

Rica realized that it was time. Slowly she pressed on Cherry’s opening cunt and slid the shaft in. Cherry closed her eyes and imagine that it was Paul’s dick that was slowly invading her wet love hole. In her mind it was Paul’s hard magnificent cock that was penetrating her and sending er all these sensations that make her mind go on overdrive. She could feel his shaft rub against the walls of her pussy and it goes deeper and deeper.

Rica seemed to have read her mind. “Think of me as Paul, Cherry… Imagine that this is Paul’s dick.

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   Rick herself was imagining that she was holding Paul’s dick. Cherry moaned.

“Mmmmmmm ahhhhhhh yeahhhh…. I was thinking about that actually. Faster Paul…” Cherry pleaded. “ Faster… oh oh oh yan sige oh… ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh… uh uh uh uh uh uh uh yeahhhh ahhhhh… mhhhhmmm ahhhh ahhhh ahhhmmm… uhhhhmmm…. ”

Rica pulled the dildo out and pushed it back in fast. Rica herself had her hand inside her shorts and was beginning to feel around her pussy. She was having a bit of a difficult time  and decided to completely remove it and she was able to accomplish such while using only one hand. She was now naked and sat on Paul’s bed.

Cherry was getting wetter and wetter and the sound of her pussy’s juices have become audible. Squishing sounds were made as Rica pounded her pussy faster and faster with the black cock that Cherry had. She made sure that it went as deep as possible before pulling out. She even twisted it a bit so that Cherry would feel a little more texture.

“Ohhh shit… Oh god Paul…Oh oh oh oh shit… ohhhh oh shit… uhm um uhm uhm uhm yeah hummm hmmm uhmmm uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm ahhh uhm uhm ahhhh ahhh mmmmmmppppppffff  uhmmm… ahhmmmm uhmmm”

Rica not only started to pump faster but she also began to pump harder.

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   It was like she was stabbing Cherry’s pussy with the clack cock.

“Oh shit… Oooohhh… Ahhhh Come on… more … More… Paul. . ooohh aaahhh! Ahhhh please… ahhhh ah ah ah”

Rica already had her middle finger encircling and rubbing her own engorged clit. Her pubic hair was neatly shave to a landing strip. The sheets underneath her were now soaked with her pussy juice. Rica, even when she hasn’t orgasmed yet, has a lot of juice that come out from her pussy. She loved the feeling that she was creaming on Paul’s bed at that very time. She pounded Cherry faster and faster.

“Ohhh Paul… aaah … Shit ahhh Fuck me… fuck me fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Yes. . FUCK it! Fuck fuck fuck fuck oooohhhh Ahh fuck. . ”

Rica herself was getting more and more excited. She was absolutely leaking by now.

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   She slapped Cherry’s round butt.


“OH!” Cherry screamed in surprise.

Whap! Another one came.

“Oh fuck!”

Whap! Whap! Whap! Three slaps in succession and Cherry’s butt was now beet red and the heat emanating from her got her even more excited. Rica pounded her pussy again with the big black cock.

“You want this? Huh? You want it rough Cherry?” Rica shouted at her. She was pretending to be Paul and she roughly fucked Cherry’s cunt.

“Oh yes! Yes Paul! Fuck me rough… fuck me hard! Ahhh Slap me hard …. Uhmm ahmm ahhh ah hhhhmmmppphhh uhmpppfff” Cherry screamed.

Whap! Rica slapped her butt while she fucked her with the now slippery dildo. It was amazing to Rica how such a big rod seemed to slide easily through Cherry’s cunt.  

She saw Cherry’s pussy getting wetter and wetter and knew that Cherry’s pussy was about to burst for another orgasm. Rica leaned in and placed her mouth directly where the rod enters Cherry’s pussy and began licking there. Her mouth gently glides in and out as well and she reached in to rub the pulsating clit. The multiple sensations drove Cherry over the edge and her pussy exploded.

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Rica’s mouth was immediately filled with the warm love juice from Cherry’s pussy. The cum streaked down the black cock and dripped down Rica’s neck as Rica continued to lick Cherry’s cunt lips. She removed the dildo from Cherry’s tired pussy and more cum flowed out of her cunt as it remained partially open. Rica replaced the dildo with her willing mouth and tongue and licked the edges of her quivering cunt again. Cherry was still shaking and finally lost the strength in her legs and finally collapsed, burying Rica’s mouth in her pussy Rica continued to lick Cherry’s cunt as the last few drops flowed out.

Rica got out from underneath, half her face moist with pussy juice. Cherry looked at her and was satisfied at what she saw. Rica proceeded to place the dildo near her mouth. The black manhood was now a shining dick with gobs of white cunt juice all over it.

“I’m gonna suck Paul’s dick,” Rica said sexily while looking at Cherry.

“Suck him. Suck him…,” Cherry encouraged her.

Rica went on and licked around the dildo, licking every single drop of cum around the dick. She sucked on the head and immediately shoved half of it inside her mouth. She was imaging that it was Paul’s dick that she was sucking and licking.

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   From what she saw awhile ago, Paul’s dick seemed to be a bit thicker than this and this got her worried since she couldn’t put more in her mouth than she already has. Still, she continued to lick and suck as much as she can.

“MMmmmmm…,” Rica was making sucking sounds on the dildo. Cherry moved in and removed the cock from Rica’s mouth and proceeded to French kiss her friend. She could taste her own cum from Rica’s mouth and wildly sucked on Rica’s tongue. Cherry reached down on Rica’s naked body and felt her pussy. It was, as usual, as wet as a pussy can possibly be. She herself has been astounded as to how wet Rica’s pussy can get. It was truly one of her hidden assets. One second on her cunt and your hand would be as wet as when you washed your hand. Cherry loved feeling Rica’s pussy. While she was straight, she knew that had she been a lesbian, Rica would be her choice as a lover. Rica was so beautiful that even girls had a crush on her. Cherry loved the fact that she was making love to a beautiful woman

“It’s your turn Rics,” Cherry said.

“Yes Paul,” Rica replied.

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Their fantasy of having sex with Paul went on but this time it would be Cherry who would be playing the part of Paul.

“Lie down Rics…, Cherry said.

Rica laid down on Paul’s bed. She could smell Paul’s body all over the sheets. Cherry reached for her knees and spread Rica’s legs apart. Rica was now exposed to Cherry and her pussy lips slowly spread apart as well. Cherry felt so horny looking at Rica this way. She was so sexy and beautiful. To put her in this position was like a blessing in itself. She could see the surrounding area of Rica’s pussy glistening in her own cum. It was inviting to cherry and she started to lick Rica slowly from her right knee down to her thigh.

“Ooohhh …shit Paul… Lick me…Lick me… uhmmm yeah that’s it Paul. . yeah. .

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   uhmm,” Rica cooed.

Cherry licked down and was now right at the base of her crotch area. Rica squirmed in anticipation. Lick me already please!

Cherry put her thumb on both pussy lips and spread Rica’s pussy apart. The inner folds initially wouldn’t open, the sticky cum between them holding them together. As Cherry spread the lips some more, the inner lips finally opened and inside was watery soft flesh. Cherry couldn’t stand it any longer and stuck out her tongue to lick the moist flesh.

“Oh shit… Mmmmhhhhmmmmm … yeahhh… that’s…hat’. . uhh. . that’s it… yeah…. . ahhh uhhhh ahhhh…. Uhmm ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh uhhhh ohh oh oh yeah oh uhuh yeah… ahhhhh ahhhhh…”

Cherry was enjoying herself as well.

κορίτσια στην θεσσαλονικη 

   Rica smelled fresh and pure and and she tasted sweet. She flicked her tongue up and down Rica’s wet slit.

“Mmmmm go on… lick me some more…more… uhmmm” Rica demanded.

Cherry had no plans to stop just yet. She licked deeper into Rica’s cunt and she felt Rica’s hand brush her hair while ding so. She tasted every surface of her beautiful cunt and as she went deeper, Rica pressed her head more and pushed it into her pussy. Cherry went up a little to lick her waiting clt and this made Rica put her left leg over Cherry’s shoulder. Rica shuddered and shook and pressed her pussy against Cherry’s mouth. She was having a massive orgasm just then and she came like the flood on Cherry’s waiting mouth. It was her first orgasm of the day and she had been horny all day. Her cum came in waves and it was the most that Cherry remembered seeing her friend climax.


Cherry continued to lick despite Rica’s orgasm. She wasn’t going to stop.

“Mmmmmm sluurrrpp… mmmmmmmm scchhhuuupppp…mmmm”

She fucked Rica with her tongue but knew that her little rubbery tongue wasn’t enough. She slipped her middle finger inside Rica’s waiting lovehole and searched for her G-Spot.



“”Oooohhh…. Ah, ah, ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhh Ohhhh Shit Ahhh… Mhhhhhmmmm hahhhhaaaaaaahhhhh Oh shiiit… god… Oooohhhh… Maaahhhh…” Rica was going crazy with all the exploding sensations.

Cherry loved the fact that she was making Rica feel this way. She loved the taste of Rica and she wanted more of it. She fingered her juicy cunt some more.

“Oh shit… mmmm… Lick me, suck me, eat me Paul… oh yes… ahhh ahhh . . yeah. . more. . ahhh uhmmmm uhhhh”

Rica was creaming so much that by now the pillow underneath was very much soaked with her cum. She would cream even if she did not orgasm. Cherry was now sucking on her clit. Rica had a pretty big clit, nearly twice as big as Cherry’s.

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   It was also a very sensitive nub and she would cream every time it was touched or licked.

Suddenly the door opened but was stopped by the chain lock.

“Whoa! Cherry? You there?, Paul asked.

Cherry and Rica were shocked to hear Paul’s voice and stopped what they were doing.

Paul couldn’t see anything and he tried to put her face in. He had a glimpse of a female leg on his bed but before he could see enough, the door was shut close by Cherry.

“Ah… uhm… ah Paul…ahhh” Cherry stammered.

Rica went to the shower and turned on the shower as hard as it went.

“Hey?!”  Paul complained from the outside.

Cherry had to tell him something. “Ahhh Paul, Rica is taking a bath right now…and I’ll be next. You can use our room”

“Wait, are you guys still gonna take long? I mean I’m dripping wet here”

Cherry looked at Rica who was back in bed smiling. We’re dripping wet here too! Rica was checking Paul’s bed. There were at least five spots in the bed where either she or Cherry creamed. Right now she was covering her pussy with a pillow which was probably wet by now as well.

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Rica nodded yes.

“Yeah Paul… either you wait outside or you use our room,” Cherry answered.

“But Joanna’s inside already… she’s probably taking a bath already…”

“Well you can’t come in here Paul, Rica’s taking a bath…,” Cherry explained. “What am I going to do then? I’m wet here…” Paul complained.

“That’s not my problem Paul. Besides… we’re wet too!” Cherry had to prevent herself from laughing. Rica was giggling in bed and at the same time was touching her pussy with her right hand. The sound of Paul’s voice was heavenly and the fact that they were talking to him while they were both wet and horny was thrilling for her. She continued to knead her pussy as she waited for Cherry to come back to bed.

“We’ll be done in about…30 to 45 minutes, I’m sorry!”


Cherry then went back to bed.

“What will we do?” Rica asked.

“Don’t mind him!” Cherry said and dove underneath the pillow between Rica’s legs where she found her pussy with a solitary finger inside. She began licking her finger and tasting the juices again.

“Mmmmmmm… Fuck Rics you really have a sweet pussy…” Cherry licked and sucked Rica’s pussy as much as she can.

“Yeah?… uhhhhhh ahhhh yeah….

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   More Paul… more…. uhhhhhh … ahhh ahhhh ahhhh … hhhhhmmmm ahhh ahhhh ahhhh” Rica was back in full creaming mode.

Cherry had now replaced Rica’s finger with her own middle finger and was now gently sliding in and out of the wet crevice.

“Oh yeah… yan… right there… yes Paul…. Oh yes… uhhh” Rica whimpered.

“I’m gonna use the dildo okay Rics?,” Cherry told Rica.

Rica didn’t say anything. Her eyes were closed shut and she was biting .