The Cul-de-Sac Chapter 4 : Irish Coffee


The Cul-de-Sac
Chapter 4: Irish Coffee
After Laura had left (read Chapter 3: Rise and Shine), I took another shower and started my day. I had to go into town to pick up a few things and do some shopping.   As I was walking out to my car I look over to the Yan’s house and saw Mrs. Yan smiling at me from her bridge. I had the feeling that she knew what I had done with Laura. I found out later that she did and it leads to quite an adventure.
            I spent most of the remainder of the morning and the early afternoon doing my errands and some shopping. When around 2:30, I figured that I would stop and get a coffee at a near by coffee shop. As I walked in, I saw a familiar face and figure. It was Mary O’Conner, I would have recognized that figure (38D-24-35) and that long bright red hair anywhere. She was sitting at one of the tables all alone drinking a coffee and picking at a donut.   I got my coffee and walked over to her.
            “Hello, Mrs. O’Connor. Taking a break from your day?”
            She jerked her head up startled. “Oh, Mr.

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   Martin, I didn’t see you come in. ”
            When she look up, I noticed something that I had only glimpsed in our first meeting. She had a black eye that she had tried to hide with makeup. She saw that I noticed the bruises and as I looked close I saw some scars around her mouth and cheek bones. It was sad as this woman was lovely, with her bright red hair, smooth clear pale skin and dark green eyes and when you placed that face on top of her figure that any man will notice had to put up with getting hit.
            “You look like you’ve got something on your mind. ” I asked.
            “Yes, quite a lot. ” She replied.
            “Want to tell me about it?”
            She looked at me and I could see the struggle in her eyes as she decided what to tell me or if she should. With a sigh and a shrug of her shoulders, which caused the most interesting movement in the shirt that she was wearing, she started to tell me what was causing her problems.
            Her husband, Mike, was a controlling type of person and had some notions of what a wife should or should not do for her husband. One of the things that he wanted was a son to carry on the family name. Mary told me that after the birth of her youngest daughter Joanne, she got an infection that caused her to be sterile. Mike didn’t accept this and that’s when the trouble started.

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    At first, he blamed the doctors, and the hospital, and then he started to blame her.
            “For a couple of years after Joanne was born, Mike forced me to have sex with him 3 or 4 times a day. Not making love or even being gentle, just grab me, stick it in and shoot of his load. His idea was that He could make me pregnant and get his son.   After awhile, when he realized that nothing was going to happen he started to hit me when he was drinking. He hasn’t had sex with me for the last 5 years. I know that he is fucking other women and he has said that if one of them gives him a son he is leaving me.   The thing is that Mike now has a low sperm count and he’s not going to get any body knocked up. ”
            “Why are you staying with him?”
            “The girls.   The bastard told me that if I leave him, he will get custody of the girls and they will give him a son. ” She sobbed. “I caught him looking at Sammi and Joanne last week like he was going to rape them and I’m afraid that he may. ”
            “Mary, get a lawyer and protect your girls. ” I said.
            “I guess your right.

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  ”  She replied. “I got to go and catch a taxi to get home. Mike took the car and is gone with some of his friends on a fishing trip. I got a ride in to town with Harold Yan this morning.   I guess his nosey wife will give him the third degree when he gets home.   She is a bitch. ”
            “Well, why not give her something to talk about, I’ll give you a ride home. ” I said, not mentioning the fact that my two encounters with Laura had already made me a marked man with Mrs. Yan.
            We finished our coffee and went out to my car.   On the drive home, Mary kept looking at me and smiling.   I would look her over every chance that I got and I liked what I saw. Her body was a bit soft as having two kids and an abusive husband was not something that forced you to watch how you looked.   The soft roundness of her breasts and the curve of her hips were still eye catching and the tight jeans that she wore today snuggled up to her pussy and defined her crack. Looking at her tits bounce as we hit the odd bump in the road made me grow hard.

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            As we turned on to our street, she asked me what I had planned for this evening. I told her that I had just planned to relax and watch a movie as I had to go into the city tomorrow.   I stopped in front of her house and said good bye.
            As I pulled into my drive way, I saw Mrs. Yan looking out her window at me and I knew that she saw me drop Mary off at her house. I waved to her as I entered my home, she smiled and waved back.
            After dinner, I prepared what I had to take with me into the city the next day and settled down to watch a movie. I had just gotten comfrortable when my door bell rang. I thought that it might be Laura sneaking over for another go. When I answered it, it was Mary.
            “Come in” I said. “This is a surprise. ”
            “I came over to continue our talk from this afternoon. ” She said. “Mike will be gone for a couple of days and the girls are out with their friend for a few more hours.

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            “Sit down, can I get you something to drink?” I asked.
            “Coffee, if it is not too much trouble. ”
            I had just made a pot of coffee, so I got a cup for each of us and carried them in to my living room.   I had tuned to the Playboy Channel before she came and  a couple on screen were just starting to have sex when sat down. I reached for the remote and changed the channel being a bit embarrassed at what I was watching.
            “You didn’t have to change the channel. ” Mary said. “ I haven’t done that for so long that looking at it might refresh my memory. ”
            “There is no substitute for doing it” I said with a  laugh.
            “I know. ” She said. “I talked to Laura. ”
            This was a bombshell. What had Laura told her, and why.
            “What did Laura say?” I asked.

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            “She told me that you and her had sex, and that you were very good at it. ” She said. “She also told me something that really interested me. That you’ve got a big cock. ”
            With that she stood up and walked over to me, opening her blouse as she came. I just sat there and stared at her big bra covered breasts.   She sat down next to me on the sofa, grabbed my head and started to kiss me.
            “Mary” I gasped. “Do you know what you are doing?”
            “Yes, I’m trying to get you to fuck me. ”
            With that, she reached down and started to rub my cock through my jeans. I quickly got hard, and started to rub her breasts through her bra. She leaned back and took of her blouse and reaching behind her back she unhooked her bra and threw it across the room. I started to suck on her large breasts and felt her bright pink nipples get hard. For a woman with such large breasts, her nipples were small and very pink. She started to moan and rub my cock harder.

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    I leaned her back on the couch and started to undo her jeans. She gasped and kissed me hard. I reached in side her jeans and ran my fingers through a fine patch of hair. As I slid my fingers down toward her slit, she started to wiggle and moan louder. I touched the top of her slit and could feel the wetness already.
            “I want to touch your cock” She moaned as she started to undo my jeans.
            I stood up and took off my jeans, standing there in just my boxers which were tented by my cock. She sat up, gabbed my shorts and pulled them down. My cock sprang free.
            “Oo, “ She cooed. “Laura was right, it is big. I bet that it is tasty too. ”
            As she said this, she wrapped her hand around my cock and guided the head in to her mouth.   She was not experienced at cocksucking, but she was enjoying what she was doing and so was I.   She would take about 4’ of my cock in her mouth and when it reached the back of her throat, she would pull it out.

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   Her beautiful green eyes were closed and her hand was busy between her legs. I knew that I just had to see what she look like naked. I pulled my cock from her mouth and lifted her up of the couch. I undid her jeans and pulled them down. I was smart as I pulled down her jeans, I hooked my fingers in to the waist band of her panties and pulled them down as well.   I stepped forward and kissed her on her forehead. I then started to work my way down, kissing her nose, lips neck between her breasts, each of her big beautiful breasts, her slightly rounded tummy and the top of her fur covered pussy. The hair on her pussy was a bright red to match the hair on her head, she had it trimmed from the lips and sides leaving just a small patch in the center. I spread her legs and while kneeling on the floor I started to lick her slit. She gasped and grabbed my head as her knees buckled.
            “Damn, Tom, that feels great. ”
            I laid her back on the couch and spread her legs wide. Her pussy slit glistened with moisture and look so inviting. I leaned in and started to lick her from the top of her slit to the bottom and at each pass of my tongue she let out a groan.
            “Tom, God, I haven’t felt like this for a long time.

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            I slid a finger into her and she arched her back and grabbed my head. As I nibbled and sucked on her clit, I slowly slid one and then two fingers in and out of her hole. The faster I finger fucked her and the harder I sucked on her clit the louder she moaned and screamed. I guessed that both Laura and Mrs. Yan were getting an ear full about now.
            “Oh Tom, I just got to have your cock, Please fuck me, fuck me now. ”
            I knelt up and pulled her ass out near the end of the couch. Her slit was dripping and she reached down and pulled it open.
            “Put it in” She begged.
            I leaned forward and the tip of my cock slid in to her opening. She gasped and wrapped her legs around me and started to pull me forward drawing my cock deep within her.
            “God Damn, It’s big. Laura was right. It does feel good. ” She moaned.

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   “Fuck my cunt, fuck me hard. ”
            I started to stroke in and out of her cunt and stroke her nipples at the same time. With every stroke, she arched her back and screamed. Her cunt was stretched around my thick cock and she felt tight. Laura was tight as well, but Mary felt like a virgin. She grabbed my arms hard as she came and her body shook. I kept fucking and she came again. I felt my cock tensing as I started to come.
            “Come in me, fill me up,” She gasped.
            I came with a groan, as I did I felt her pussy wall milking my cock for every drop. She shook again as she had another orgasm.   I collapsed on her and kissed her lips.
            “That was wonderful, Mary. ” I said.
            “I needed that more than you could know.


  ” She replied.
            “What did Laura tell you about me?” I asked.
            “Everything. ” She replied. “ Laura told me that you and her had sex twice, that you ate her out, that you had a big cock and you were good in bed. ”
            “Why would she tell you that?”
            “She tells me everything and I tell her everything. ” She said. “Do you want to know something else, Laura and I have been have sex with each other for the past two years.   We both needed it as our husbands are jerks. I’m glad that you moved in as now we can get a real cock when we need it and not a rubber one. ”
            I was taken back by this admission, but the seeds of some fun and games with the both of them started to grow in my head.
            “I better go home now as the girls will be home soon. ”
            “I’ll see you soon, I guess. ” I said as we started to get dressed.
            “Sooner than you think.

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  ” She laughed.
            I watched her leave and walk up the street from my doorway. As I turned to go back into the house, I look over at the Yan’s house. Sure enough, there was Mrs. Yan looking out her window and smiling.   What was she thinking?
            I find out in Chapter 5



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