The Crew: Wilson


The Crew: Wilson
by Bebe

I was in my back yard, puttering around in my garden, when one of the new neighbor girls decided to lay out and get some sun.
It was the blonde one, the one the others called Cat. She lay in a chaise in the middle of the yard, wearing only sunglasses and the bottom part of a bikini bathing suit.
As you can probably already tell, these four girls were neighbors to take note of.
I live in a neighborhood north of the university with a mixed population of students and homeowners like myself. Most of the neighbors -- even most of the students -- aren't remarkable at all.
But you couldn't miss these girls. They dressed in what I guess you'd call punk-rock fashion and they acted like they owned the world. In addition to the blonde, who appeared to be their leader, there was one girl all covered in tattoos and twins who always dressed the same -- and very sexily. I knew they were students because I'd seen them with their textbooks waiting for the shuttle that would take them to the campus. They all looked to be about 19 or 20.
I'm 60 now, but I'm no old man. I eat right and go to the gym five days a week. So, naturally, I welcomed the bevy of beauty that moved in next door, even if they were only eye candy.
But I wondered whether the blonde might be more than just something to look at.
I decided to test the water.


   Casually, I moved closer to the fence that separated our yards, pulled down my zipper, took out my ten-inch cock and began to piss on the grass.
The blonde didn't move a muscle, but I could see a smile -- kind of a smirk, really, an Elvis smile -- playing across her lips.
"That's a pretty good size pecker," she said from the chaise, still not stirring.
"Gets good wood, too," I said, just as casually as she.
"Mind if I try it out?" she asked and didn't wait for an answer. She got up off the chaise and made her way through the two adjacent gates that led to each of our back yards.
As she walked over, I cleared my cockhole of its remaining urine by shaking it lightly back and forth.
"Mmmm, looks good," the little blonde said as she knelt on both knees before me. She lifted her left hand and took hold of my cock, formed her mouth into an O and took me inside of it. She stroked my balls with her right hand.
I wasn't really worried that the neighbors or even passing traffic would see us. It was midafternoon. Most of the students would be at school and the other neighbors would be at their jobs. Even if someone did see us and complain, I could handle the cops. I'm a retired cop myself.

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   My word against theirs and who's another cop going to believe? Besides, I'm 60. Sixty-year-olds don't behave like that, do they?
The girl had an incredible amount of skill, aided by a stud that pierced her tongue. She used the stud to lick up the underside of my penis and when she got to the top, she twisted her lips around the head and fluttered the underside of it with her tongue.
As soon as I got hard, she broke off, shagged the bikini bottoms down her legs, and turned to put both her hands on the top of the fence.
"Show time," she said and I put my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy and pushed in.
God! It was glorious! As I pushed into her, she backed into me, and at the bottom of every stroke she twitched her hips, grinding not only into me but around my cock.
From this angle, I could see the tattoo that spread from the top of her spine down and across her hips. They looked like leopard spots. I didn't need the tattoo to tell me I had hold of a jungle cat.
"Fuck me harder!" the little blonde demanded after only a couple of minutes. "Fuck me harder and faster! Come on, you dirty boy!" You could have heard her from half a block away.
I increased the pace, but it still didn't satisfy her. Finally, I began ramming her with the same force I used to slug an insubordinate perp in the stomach.
By the noise she was making, I could tell the blonde had come several times already. It kind of surprised me when she stood up abruptly, causing my cock to slip out of her snatch.

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She turned around, hocked up some spit and spread it around my cockhead, then bent back over the fence.
"Fuck me in the ass, now, dirty boy," she demanded.
I slowly worked my cockhead into her puckered anus, trying not to hurt her, but once past the rim she backed up violently against me.
"Fuck it just as hard as you fucked my pussy!" the little blonde yelled.
I worked up the momentum as fast as I could and the little jungle cat climaxed again.
"I'm close," I said as I felt my own orgasm about to burst.
Without a word she disengaged again -- just as quickly as before -- and got down on her knees in front of me.
"Cum on my tits!" she demanded and I did -- it seemed like gallons.
The jungle cat took my cock in one of her hands and wiped it across her chest and those beautiful little titties of hers. She stroked it to get as much out of it and onto her as she could.
At last I was milked dry and the little blonde got up to go. She picked up the bikini bottoms but made no move to put them back on.
"By the way, name's Wilson.