The Ceremony


I am placed gently into a car, strong hands grip my waist, burning into me where they touch, and I feel pressure on the top of my head as I am guided carefully but assertively into the front seat. I can feel the fumbling of fingers around the seatbelt as it is buckled in place at my hip. My breath catches at the feel of his hands skimming against my thigh. I fidget in my seat, my hands tremble.

As the door clicks firmly shut, I am left alone. I place my hands on my lap and strain to hear his footsteps round the car as he makes his way to the driver’s side. My blindfold is comfortable as I wait shaking slightly, wondering what he has planned for me. I hear the driver side door open and I turn a little in his direction, a wide smile on my face as I try to convey my excitement and confusion to him. I feel soft fingers stroke my cheek and I tilt my head into his hot hands, rubbing affectionately like a kitten. I am almost purring. I open my mouth to ask where we are going, but before the words fall from my lips he grabs my face hard, digging his fingers into the hollows of my cheeks. I want to flinch back from the pain but remain still.

“Not a word little one. . . not till I say.

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I nod silently and his grip softens to a caress again before turning the key to start the car. As the engine purrs to life I feel the delicious vibrations through my thin white dress, made all the more intense by the fact I had been instructed not to wear any underwear. I squirm slightly in my seat, trying to generate a little more friction, but also worried at the punishment I may receive if I stain his seat.

I can almost feel him smirking at my predicament. I sit myself back into my seat and basque in the warm pool of light beating down through the windscreen, trying to calm myself. After a short while, I feel the car slow to a stop and before I can even register what is happening I hear his car door slam shut. I sit bolt upright, awaiting my fate. I love this bit. . . the unknown, the anticipation, and his ability to tease me so efficiently.

My door opens and a hand reaches across to undo my seatbelt, lingering across my belly longer than is needed for the task. I can feel his breath on my face as he reaches for me, taking my waist in his hands again and lifting me with confidence from the car.

I feel the cool breeze instantly penetrate my thin dress, the material billowing slightly, causing a delicious tingle over my body. My nipples react to the cold, but also to the surroundings and to him.

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   I can tell from the slightly damp smell of moss and bracken that we are in some kind of wooded area. My bare feet rest against the firm, coarse surface of the ground beneath them. I hope he would not make me walk far, but know I would walk to the ends of the earth for him if he instructed it.

He leads me gently by the hand, I can hear him kicking things away. . . maybe making my way a little easier, as his firm grasp drives me forward. As the blindfold takes on an orange glow through the black material I become aware that we are no longer under the canopy of trees, but bathed in the warm sunlight again.

He pulls me forward a few steps and stands me still. I can feel him walking round me and I sense his eyes looking me up and down. He moves closer, tightening the circle, predatory and sure. I feel my body, my cunt, react to his proximity. Without warning he is in front of me, so close I can smell his dry breath, musty and woody. I take a deep breath, drinking him in, before he crushes his lips against mine, our tongues dancing and our souls merging. He steps away quickly, leaving me breathless and wanting so much more.

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   I feel instantly vacant, alone. . . and I hate it.

“Mine,” is all he says, I almost moan aloud at that word.

He circles some more, before standing behind me and gripping tight at my shoulders. I wince at the firm grasp he has on me, then he releases just as suddenly. I feel the ghost of his fingers digging in to my flesh long after he is gone.

“Mine,” he repeats.

Again, as he circles I can feel my juices begin to drip down my inner thigh, so slightly. He takes hold of my hands.

    “Mine,” he whispers softly.

    He circles me again, I am whimpering now, delighting in the way he claims my body as his. . .

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      each part his own. I feel my body shake with want and need as he is suddenly behind me again. He spanks me. . . hard, once on the right cheek, and then again on the left. The force almost sends me tumbling forward, but I mange to stop myself just before losing my balance.

    “Mine. ”

    He sounds so calm, so composed compared to my desperate moaning. I long to see his face, read his expression. I want to know where this is heading, but I relish the anticipation of the unknown.

    He stands in front of me now, just inches from my face. He takes each of my erect nipples between his fingers and twists and pulls at them through the thin material of my dress. I stick them out towards him, proudly displaying myself for him. He pulls them so hard tears begin to well up in my eyes.

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       As he releases them he palms my breasts, rubbing and caressing them. . . easing the slight ache.

    “These are. . . Mine,” he proclaims, so matter-of-factly, I shudder at his words, my juices now flowing freely from my cunt and trickling down my thighs. Before I have time to know what else he might claim, his hand grabs firmly at my cunt, parting my lips and running his fingers over my soaked clit.

    “Mine. ” He rubs once.

    “Mine. ” His finger finds my opening.

    “Mine. ” He thrusts his finger deep inside me as I moan out loud.

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    “What are you pet?” he coos in my ear, his breath tickling there.

    “Sir, I am yours. . . always yours. You have my body, my mind and my soul. You are the keeper of my secrets, my fears, my inner most demons. You own my laughter, my tears, my frustration. Everything I have is yours. . . to do with and use as you see fit. . . always,” I reply breathless and confident.

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    “You are mine. My possession, my angel, my slut, my whore. I will use you whenever I desire. I will guide you, teach you, hold you, correct you and punish you. I will treasure your gift as the most precious thing in the entire world. You will obey me, and I will listen when you need me. I will be there for you, just as you will be there for me. We are one, unbreakable and connected. You will need no other. . . as I will need no other. You are mine. Now and always. ”

    As he says those last words I feel something cold snake round my neck, a cold metal choker of some type.

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       It is then that I realise what is happening and the tears flow freely now. . . understanding his words, feeling the conviction of mine.

    He removes the blindfold and I squint into the light. I see his black silhouette before me as the sun shines behind him. His dark figure hovers over me as I reach out for him with one hand and reach for the collar with the other.

    “Say hello to your Master. ”

    He kisses me softly then pushes me roughly to the floor, ready to claim his possession in full.