The Castle...Part 2


Chapter 2

Jackie, although hungry ate very little at breakfast. She wished she had refused the request to come down to the dining room naked but the truth was she liked being treated as a slut… property of a black man. But now in a room full of family and friends the embarrassment was beyond imagination. She walked slowly to the man she was under the control of when he pointed to the vacant chair next to his.

The naked woman’s mind was full of questions, but again her state of arousal overrode the discomfort. Everyone in the room must know that she spent the night with her new son-in-law and if they didn’t, they certainly did when he wrapped his hand around her neck and drew her head towards him to engage in a full bodied French kiss. If her nipples were not hard and erect before the kiss they certainly were after it.

As she gazed around the room without making direct contact with anyone’s eyes, she wondered if the rest of the gathering knew about the private sex orgy that those select close family members participated in the previous night. She wondered if they knew how her perverted daughter had engaged in having sex with a dog. She did observe that her depraved daughter was not down for breakfast. Thoughts of the degrading act of being a dog’s bitch made her unable to decide whether she felt ashamed or jealous. As she sat next to the man that was now openly fingering her wet pussy, she wondered if the promiscuous fifteen year old was enjoying that long rough tongue between her legs instead of having breakfast … or even be on all fours being mounted by the frisky mutt. Her cunt instinctively tightened around the finger at the thought that she might be ‘forced’ to try that rutting hound between her spread thighs.

Jackie was at least comforted when looking over he saw Carl openly fondling one of the two married women guests breasts through her blouse whilst obviously being orally pleasured by the other guest seated the other side of him. The two husbands looked uncomfortable but remained silent as the audacious youth openly molested their spouses.

The naked mother’s attention was diverted when she heard a load moan of orgasmic relief from the father of the bride, and her eldest daughter rose from her knees, wiping her lips with the back of her hand removing the traces of saliva and semen.

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   Walking over to her newly wed husband, leant over his shoulder and leered at her shameless mother spread thighs with two penetrating fingers working a wet and swollen cunt.

‘Fuck… he has a small dick and not even enough fucking cum to get a taste… stop fingering the tart and come and give your horny wife a decent fuck…’

Jackie felt more ashamed her daughter publicly announce to the assembled guests that husband’s cock was not as up to Jason’s dimensions and shortage of seminal fluid produced than the fact she confirmed to all that her mother was a slut. Mind you the degraded woman could not argue with any part of her daughter’s declaration.

Jackie took a glance at her own husband with antipathy, who appeared to be confused and bewildered in what was going on. She wondered how Chloe approached her father and talked him into accepting a blow job as he sat amongst family and friends. She knew that her marriage was never going to be the same from that day on…she just hoped that he would not want to divorce him…for although sex was a great disappointment he was a good man in every other way.

Jason pulled out his fingers that were glistening with the wanton woman’s juices and to emphasize his control over the shamed mother, held them up for her to lick clean… who instinctively and ignoring all the eyes that were focused on her took them between her lips and sucked her glistening juices off.

Rising from the chair and taking his wife by the hand, Jason spoke directly at his mother-in-law and not caring that his words could be heard by others gathered in the dining room, she should go and ask his father if she can be of service to him.

The depravity of the situation in the breakfast room had aroused the fallen woman to such an extent to make her rise and walk over to the grinning black man before the bride and groom were out of sight.

‘Would you like me to suck your …your cock…’ …she hesitated knowing that all eyes and ears were focused on her at that moment… ‘or… you can use my … bottom… as my pussy is only available for Jason this weekend. ’

‘Why is that … pet’… the grinning stout man already knew the answer but wished to humiliate the woman even more.

Jackie also knew why he asked her…it was his intention…and Jason’s to belittle the once proud and respectable lady as much as possible. It only stirred deeper passions inside her.

‘Jason wants to breed me… plant his seed deep inside of my womb… make me his child bearing slut. ’ The defiant woman looked directly at her husband as she spat the words out proudly.

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She glanced over at her sister who along with her nephew stared wide eyed at her admission. She shrugged as if apologizing for letting her side of the family down, but with an expression that said that she really had little choice in the matter…although she knew she was only fooling herself as she could end it there and then. The truth was…she didn’t want to end it.

Mo rose from his chair and pushed Jackie slightly in front of him as they left the room. His hand immediately located on her soft buttocks and a finger with a little coaxing entered her tight rear orifice making sure the whole room was in no doubt what part of her body was to offer him his relief.


Jackie lay watching the portly man get dressed. He had not been as gentlemanly as the previous times. He was crude and at times quite brutal in the way she was treated. Nevertheless she still enjoyed her debasement.

Made to strip him slowly, kissing and caressing his body as it was revealed. He certainly had more body hair than any man she has known.

For an extended period she was instructed to lick and suck his cock and balls…and whilst on the bed he raised his legs high, holding them by his knees exposing his hairy butthole she performed oral sex on the tight orifice. This latest degrading act only spurred her on, spreading his cheeks apart and even pushing a finger into the moaning man, trying to open the tight hole even more to allow her to push her tongue as deep as she could into that nasty cavity.

Whilst she was on all fours and a pair of big hanging balls slapped against her as the huge member ploughed her back passage, her breasts were brutally mauled. Her nipples pulled and twisted with such force that she thought he was trying to rip them off her…and yet she still begged for more.

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   Her own fingers were attacking her swollen pussy lips and clit, and pushing them into her vaginal passage, she could feel her assailant’s cock between the thin membranes.

She felt spurt after spurt of semen enter her bowels… her mind instantly referring back to the remark made by her daughter about the sparse amount of cum her husband produces and although liking the feeling of her bowels being filled, she wished that she was savouring and swallowing the hot cream down her throat.

As soon as the satisfied elder pulled out, she turned and took the wilting cock in her mouth hoping to suck out a little more of the thick salty cream. The fact that she could also taste her own bowels only inflamed her more. It would appear that the more depraved the sex was the more aroused she was becoming. She did not stop until she had licked his cock clean and the sweat and juices of his balls and puckered hairy brown hole.

When he rose and went to the toilet she even thought about joining him. Although she knew about watersports she had always thought as them being sick but at that moment it would only have taken a nod in her direction and she would have willingly gone into that room.

Twice she had brought herself off during the session and yet she still did not feel satisfied as she pinched her aching clit in an effort to lessen the burning desire.


Jackie Roberts stood under the powerful jets of the warm shower, her mind trying to make sense of the events of the last twenty four hours. She still could not believe how she had so readily accepted her new role as a whore to her son-in-law and his family. She knew that she would not say no to any sexual demand made of her… by anyone one. She started to believe what the old man was grunting at her as she was on all fours… her ass being used for his pleasure.

She smiled as she wondered what her friends at the charity groups and women’s guilds would say if they only knew of the wonderful romantic wedding she had talked about giving her daughter, turned out to be anything but romantic… but purely perverted.

Her eyes were closed as once more she found her own hand slowly massaging her over sensitive clit… a finger not only gently touching her tender anus but actually slipping easily inside it.

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   She slowly finger fucked that most personal of private parts, enjoying the newly discovered sexual nerve endings in that tight orifice.

Once again…she cursed for teasing herself. She knew it was silly… stupid… but for some reason inside her head she could not bring herself satisfaction through an orgasm since no one had told her she could cum. Although she had decided on her own volition earlier, Mo… had implied that she was a slut… there for others to enjoy and that her body no longer belonged to her… which only endorsed her belief that she could not pleasure herself to completion without seeking permission.


Jackie Roberts did not leave her room to go down for lunch knowing everyone there would know that she had willingly gone with a much older man to have anal sex. No doubt she would also have been humiliated even more by probably having to perform some sex act on either her son-in-law or his father in front of the others.

In her excited condition she was tempted to go down and risk being degraded as long as it eased her aching and throbbing cunt…but her inner resistance prevented her from going down to the dining room… instead she left the castle and ventured for a stroll in the garden.

Sitting in a small stone folly she gazed up at the window her room where it all started. She wondered if it would have taken the course it did if she had not been caught watching the photo shoot.

The daydreaming woman snapped out of her thoughts when she heard the voice.


Back in her room Jackie was once again surprised by the turn of events.

When disturbed in the garden by Phil and John, she had no intention of going down on either of them but such was the disorder of her mind that it was she that instigated the sequence of events that would eventually turn out to her in a 69 position under John as his friend’s cock ploughed into his tight bum hole.

It started of quite innocently as both men appeared to be worried how she and their wives could have become black men’s whores. They did not actually say it in so many words but certainly the inference was there and they hoped that she… as a black man’s slut … could explain it from a woman’s view, as neither of their wives were available to ask since they were always‘whoring’ themselves to any black cock that was available.

The way they described what their wives would do in front of the cuckolds to these ‘donkey’ cocks only amplified the poor woman’s frustration.

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   Unable to resist the temptation for long, the naked aroused woman soon had the white flaccid penises hard and erect as she alternately stroked and sucked them with their trousers about their ankles.

As Phil lay prone on the stone floor, his cock glistening as the horny woman fellated him, she noticed how close John had leant to see his friend being pleasured by her mouth.

What happened next was hazy. She remembers asking John if he wanted to suck his friend’s dick… of him dumbly nodding…and her moving slightly away to make room for her first experience of two males together.

For the next thirty minutes or so, the three continually changed positions, with both men at one time in a sixty-nine position sucking on their friend’s cocks as Jackie tongued and fingered John’s tight anus.

It was Jackie that said she wanted to see Phil fuck John’s ass… and whilst both were voicing their opposition to the suggestion John was getting on all fours and Phil was maneuvering behind him.

It was trying to get a closer view of the action that she slid under John and as he sucked her wet and aroused cunt she fellated his cock looking up at his ass getting fucked…and fucked hard.

Having swallowed John’s cum, the shameless woman pushed aside the spent cock and leaned her head up to clean the remaining dick of its slimy deposit…occasionally lapping up the semen that oozed out of the abused asshole.


Jackie smiled as she made her way back to her room once more. It was her intention to freshen up and try and find her sister… there was a lot to talk about… she was not sure what her sister would say to her… or if she would still have a sister that wanted her and her degenerate family to remain part of her family. Mind you… her sister could hardly say too much since she had performed a lesbian show while other’s watched and even had sucked on her own son’s cock… willingly or not… she still did and swallowed the sweet seed rather than spit it out.

She did not make it to her room…


As once again the warm water cascaded over her body, the sexually liberated mature woman moaned as her finger’s teased her aching pussy. She should have felt anything but aroused at the humiliation that she had just endured at the hands of the three kitchen staff. The grossly obese cook was the worst of the three… mind you he had a few years on the young boy and girl who seemed a little embarrassed at first, but soon their hormones kicked in and they too made the most use of the disgraced rich bitch.

She did not question Charles when he told her to follow him when she passed him on the way to her room.

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   When he led her into the kitchen, the three workers stood silent as Charles told them that Mrs. Roberts were here to thank them personally for the fare they were preparing.

Carlos, the unshaven, fat fifty something year old smiled as he obviously knew what manner the thanks were going to be…where the two teens just stared questioningly.

‘Do not disappoint me or Jason… Mr. Farrah… will hear of it’. Charles spoke just a few words to the stunned woman before he left…

The aroused woman moaned as she slowly fucked herself with the phallic shaped shampoo bottle recalling the degrading acts she willingly did in the kitchen… mostly at the prompting of that dirty disgusting pervert… but even the two youngsters started to join in and offer suggestions that would demean and belittle the compliant woman.

At one stage as she was laying across the large wooden table…fucking herself with long necked oil bottle as she sucked on the tiny pungent dick of the cook she swore she heard him encourage the young girl to suck on her brother’s cock…

Once Jackie had sucked and swallowed the most unpleasant foul tasting cook’s cum… she sucked off the young lad to the encouraging demeaning remarks of both the chef as the teen’s sister. Whilst Carlos was recovering until his small 5” dick was once more erect she was subjected to put on obscene act after obscene degrading act until the obnoxious dick was once more pushed between her lips. She had hoped that offering her ass to loathsome cook she would avoid having to taste that foul ejaculate in her mouth but he seemed to get great pleasure of her discomfort.

The showering slut rammed the bottle deep in her pussy as she recalled her being asked to use object after object in her holes… most kitchen utensils, containers, and vegetables… in fact anything that could be pushed or squeezed in her pussy was handed to her to entertain the trio for the two hours she spent in the kitchens.


That evening, at least Jackie was permitted to dress… if you can call what she wore as being dressed. A new red basque that held her breasts firm but three-quarters totally exposed… her nipples and areola completely uncovered. The attached stocking straps supported a pair of sheer black stockings with the seam perfectly straight running down the back. A pair of black 4” stilettoes completed the outfit… except for three matching pieces of jewelry.

Jackie would have found the jewelry rude twenty-four hours ago but now she found it exquisite.

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   Attached to a silver chain was a two inch long black metal amulet in the shape of a penis, that has a small pearl drop ‘leaking’ from the cock head. The matching earrings although smaller were similar in design. The pendant was engraved on the back… ‘Black Owned’

Jackie smiled as the food was served to the guests, by the two youngsters that she had kept amused for that very afternoon. They were smartly dressed unlike that afternoon…the girl stunningly attired in a French maid’s outfit that accentuated her pert boobs and long legs. Jackie knew that beneath the small black panties her pubic mound had only recently started to grow its downy hair. She wondered if the girl enjoyed sucking on her brother’s cock for the first time in her young life.

The small groups ate in relative silence…no doubt each feeling guilty for indulging in their own sexual debauchery. For the first time since the ‘dog show’ last night, Jackie spoke with her youngest daughter. She was completely naked except for a dog collar with a tag pendant in the shape of a bone cum penis. The gold earrings that she did wear were replaced with matching bone penises.

The young teen look radiant with her pert boobs. Although not fully developed…they showed signs that they would grow to be of similar size to that of her mother and elder sister. Her pussy was devoid of pubic hair and her lips swollen and puffy.

‘Happy?’ Jackie asked after reading the words ‘Bitch’ written on the pendant hanging from the dog collar around her neck.

Diane just nodded and asked the same question getting a similar response from her mother.

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Jackie hoped that the dog phase was only a short lived ‘affair’ and that her daughter would remove the collar once she was in the car going back home… and yet the concerned mother knew that she would like to enjoy her new found sexual lifestyle of being owned by Jason and his father for as long as she could and at that precise moment she had no intension of removing her necklace of submission.

Her sister fully dressed sat on Jackie’s left. The conversation was stunted…neither really knowing what to say to each other and yet both wanting to clear the air. Elaine’s daughter and son sat fully dressed… although Diane wore a see through blouse and no bra … her small rosy nipples and areola clearly noticeable perched on her lily white breasts. Alan could not decide whether to look at his sister’s chest or his aunt’s.

The two married women, seated either side of Carl, were also devoid of clothing except sexy underwear… they at least were permitted to wear panties. Carl, when he was not eating, either had his hands inside their bras, fondling a breast or fingering their pussies under the table. The girl’s respective partners looked uneasy and continually glanced over at Jackie hoping that she did not let their afternoon dalliance into homosexuality become common knowledge.

Jason’s aunt and uncle sat at the same table as Carl. Jackie had not really paid much attention to the middle aged pair. The aunt was quite an attractive woman whose breasts were of noticeable size, accentuated by her slim waist. Her husband was a short rotund man who seemed to have a perspiration problem as he was continually mopping his brow.

The chief bridesmaid was seated between the two very black music makers. Halfway through the meal the coarsely spoken woman slipped off her seat and under the table… there was no mistaking what she was doing to the pair of lads by the expressions on their faces. Jackie figured that she was a slut well before that weekend… in fact it would appear that the mother of the bride…and maybe her own sister were the only ‘decent’ women there.

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  . .

Mo was seated at the table with the bride and groom.

While they were waiting for the dessert course, Alan was called over to the head table and Jackie could not help but notice the young teen continually glance over at his mother and aunt rather red faced whilst nodding and shaking his head to the questions he was being asked by the three adults.

Elaine gave her sister a quizzical look, asking if she knew what they might be talking to her son about. Jackie just shrugged her shoulders in response but judging by the happenings of the weekend thus far knew that they were plotting some evil sexual humiliation for either herself or her sister.

Jackie had not seen her husband since breakfast… and at that precise moment she didn’t really care where he was. Elaine mentioned the jewelry and how erotic it looked and asked if it were her intention to wear it after they got home. Jackie just shrugged not wishing to admit that at that precise moment she had no intention of ever taking it off… although she might when attending meetings and charity functions.

Alan returned to the table totally red faced and unable to look his mother in the eye and when asked about what he was called over to Jason for, he only responded by saying… ‘Nothing… just about his computer and stuff’… Elaine’s complexion went bright red.

As they sat drinking their coffees, Charles walked over to Jackie and asked her how the food was. Having responded with a favorable reply, her jaw dropped and her whole body froze when she was asked in a way that it was more of a command than a request, that she should go and thank Carlos personally…

She jumped and rose quickly from her chair when Charles added a rather stern…’Now’

They sat on two wooden benches down in the cellar of the castle. At one time it must have been the dungeon as there were hooks and rings cemented into the stone walls. In fact it still looked like it was a dungeon with its sparse wooden furniture…chains and stocks. Jackie looked at the few that were in the dark damp room and wondered what show was going to be put on for them that night… although by the surroundings she had a rough idea…the only question was who was going to participate in the show.

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The small group was singly invited to accompany Charles as he led them from the small dance hall. Jackie was pleased that she was at least given a small reprieve from having her tits and pussy so openly fondled as she was passed around the dance floor… mind you at least she was not the only one that was being so flagrantly abused… all the females present were equally molested.

Seated next to her on the hard wooden seat was once again Mo, dressed in a smart evening suit…as were all the men gathered… had his cock exposed and had placed her small hand upon it. The other side of her was her young nephew who could not keep his eyes off her bared aroused nipples. Next to Alan sat his slightly older sister… who was told to remove her dress and sat rather coyly in exquisite undies complete with garter belt and silk stockings. She looked her age.

On the other wooden bench sat the newly-wed couple.


Jackie sat in stunned silence as Chloe told the small assembled group of the interesting conversation between her husband and Alan. There was a small gasp of horror from Nancy when she revealed that Alan had admitted he watched porn involving incest and s&m… and he often masturbated into a pair of his sisters or mother’s panties whilst imagining doing all sorts of perverted acts with them.

Poor Alan sat red faced and stared at the stone floor in front of him. He knew that his mother often went into his room and looked at the same sites, pictures and stories that he visited and had told his cousin and her husband when questioned earlier during dinner.
    He knew because it was easy to check the computer’s history to know that someone else had been on his computer, and the only person it could have been was his mother.

    The grinning bride… who was fully clothed in a full evening gown… went on to say that her aunt when questioned by her husband and his father admitted that she did use her son’s computer and would frequently end up naked and masturbating on her son’s bed uttering words of encouragement to an imaginary ‘lover’ to subject her to some of the pornographic pictures and words that she had just seen.

    Jackie could not believe her mousy timid sister was even interested in such perversions never mind fantasising about them and actually masturbating to them…in her own son’s room.

    Alan continued to stare at the ground as his cousin revealed the sordid details of his and his mother’s sexual vices.


       His sister’s head swung from looking at her brother in disgust and her cousin in disbelief… and yet her sick brother did not deny anything that was being said about him… or his mother.


    Jackie, who seemed to be grossly underdressed compared to the others, had never stopped stroking the hard cock throughout the revelations jumped when the thick studded door opened.

    Irene was immaculately dressed in a stunning evening gown was accompanied by her husband who looked striking in his full Scottish outfit. The tartan of his kilt matched the tartan of the sash his wife wore. Jackie’s immediate thoughts were sexual and would not have cared which one of the two she was with.

    Charles spoke just a few words informing everyone should remain seated and quiet… before he joined his wife on the wooden bench where the bride and groom sat.

    All eyes were focused as Jason’s rotund uncle led out his totally naked wife, whose eyes never left the floor, was led through the wooden door and without being told went straight to the wooden stocks and allowed the leather clad dominant man to strap her in. Her breasts…were indeed large and hung invitingly as she stood there slightly stooped.

    Once secured in the old fashioned wooden stocks, the master stood by his tethered slave and nodded at the open door.

    Jackie and the two youngsters let out gasps of surprise when Elaine entered the room.


    Jackie lay in the big bed staring up at the canopy that covered the lush four poster bed… unable to sleep. Next to her lay the slumbering man whom she now accepted as the man she would run to if he called… knowing that the amazing sex might well stop as soon as it was confirmed that her belly was growing with his child inside of her. She hoped that he would not but he seemed to get most pleasure knowing that he is breeding the mother of his wife.

    Asleep on the other side of her lover, with her arm draped across his chest was her eldest daughter.

    The groom had decided to fuck his wife that night whilst he made the older woman lie in a sixty-nine position under her.

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       The somewhat reluctant mother soon gave in to his demands and started to kiss and pleasure her daughter’s slit as he slowly fucked the moaning bride.

    Whilst the black cock disappeared and re-appeared from the sopping cavity, her daughter was instructed to perform orally on her prone mother. It appeared that her incestuous daughter was not opposed to performing such a naughty act on her mother.

    Often the rutting man would pull out of the warm pussy of his wife and push his juice coated dick into the open mouth of the older woman who readily sucked on the hard flesh. Occasionally it was not the conventional hole that he inserted his cock back into… but the tighter puckered one an inch or so higher.

    She once again reflected on how she had fallen from the well-respected woman of society to become a slut prepared to suck and fuck any cock that she told to by her new son-in-law and his father…

    She knew that she had become a plaything for her new in-laws, and her youngest daughter enjoyed the depravity of bestiality… but she never at any time would have thought that her sister had fantasies that she disclosed to all present that evening in the dungeon.

    It came as a shock to the mother that her sister often masturbated in her son’s bedroom whilst on his computer. That was not so bad on reflection…it was more of what her fantasies were that were more disturbing.


    When the fully dressed 38 year old woman entered the room she looked uncomfortable…probably not because of what she was there for…more because of whom were in the audience. She looked alarmed on seeing her son and daughter… and her older sister… sitting there. She went to voice an objection but was immediately quietened by a slap across her face that left a red mark upon her cheek.

    With question after question, the tormented middle aged mother revealed what she thought and did whilst in her son’s room.

    Looking at the web sites that her son had visited, she would imagine herself in the pictures or video clips … being the female participant as her son played the male role. She admitted that she knew of her son’s ‘cum sock’ and had smelt, tasted and sucked on the often damp panties in an effort to taste his spunk.

    She admitted to wanting her son to dominate her… tie her up … flog her … use her as a slave and let his young teen friends enjoy fucking her whilst her tits or ass were slapped or beaten.

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       She admitted to wanting to expose herself to her son and school mates… and often wore no panties intending to flash them but never plucking up the courage.

    The questions and answers went on for thirty minutes or so, and as time progressed revealing more and more of her dark thoughts…knowing that all eyes were upon her but unable to look in the direction of the stunned onlookers.

    The professing would be slave admitted to her desires to be owned by someone and had even thought about going on line to find such a man… or woman. Again she lacked courage in taking it any further. She made sure that the used panties were always the last thing that she placed in the laundry basket… hoping that her son would find them and ‘use’ them. Yes…she did lift, smell and taste her daughter’s discarded soiled panties.


    As Jackie continued to recall what she had seen she could not help but start to feel aroused once more…and slowly searched out the limp soft cock of her lover. It felt warm and mouthwatering as she held in in her small hand… and slowly edged her head down his torso to kiss and lick the phallus that now seemed to control her mind.


    Elaine was instructed to squeeze her tits… hard… whilst she was fully dressed…then to stay dressed but expose her tits and again abuse them as she would whilst in her son’s room. Jackie was surprised and how much pain her sister inflicted on her own large white orbs.

    Whilst the submissive woman had her bare breasts exposed she was told to hold them and offer them to the rather comically dressed rotund man. He was not gentle as he slapped the orbs leaving a red imprint every time his hand landed. Besides the muffled moan Elaine accepted the painful blows.

    Whilst still dressed but with her tits hanging bare she was led to a tall wooden table and told to bend over and lay her tits upon the wooden surface. Jackie could not understand how her sister was able to take the cropping her breasts received without crying out in pain… although tears in her eyes could be clearly seen.

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    Jackie watched on, as did all the others did… as her sister was stripped naked and her body similarly treated the way her breasts were. Her sister did indeed appear to enjoy the pain that was being inflicted on her.

    Halfway through, when her breasts were bound with a white cord rope, the pain slut was led on all fours to her seated son and told to remove his aroused cock and suck him off. One could tell that she wanted to do it but perhaps not with an audience, hence the slight hesitation in exposing her son’s dick. A sharp blow with a riding crop on her red ass dispelled her reservation.


    Jackie broke from her thoughts as the cock in her mouth started to grow. She slowly sucked harder as her free hand started to toy with the huge balls that hung between the slightly parted thighs. She wondered if she could make her son-in-law cum without him actually waking from his sleep… akin to a wet dream maybe. The whorish woman was determined to see if it could be done and let her hand slip from his balls to tease the dirty puckered star of his ass.


    Elaine’s first excursion into the S&M scene for real appeared to be one she knew her sister would enjoy as she was led from one stock to another, each offering an alternative to the way she was to be ‘punished’ Only once did she call out what Jackie assumed to be the stop word… where on hearing the word the portly Aaron immediately put down the thin cane and released her from the restraining stock. After a short recovery time the agreeable slave was led to the next stock.

    Jackie wondered how it felt to have her tits bound and her whole body being suspended by them as one’s back and buttocks were being flogged… or to be bent leaning forward, with clips biting into one’s teats as weights were being hung from them and ordered to swing the pendulous orbs to obviously cause more pain.

    Once Jason’s aunt was released, they were ordered to perform both sadistic and sexual acts on each other… an episode during the proceedings where the males of the audience were encouraged to expose their cocks and the gathered women were ‘requested’ to satisfy them with their mouths.

    During the mass fellatio period all eyes were turned on young Diane when she was told to get on all fours and under the cover of the long evening gown of the hostess, perform cunnilingus on the well-dressed Irene. Even Elaine and sister slave, Lara, momentarily stopped to watch as Charles rose and went to the fourteen year old teen and led him to kneel behind his sister.

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       Unknown to the 18 year old as her head was well hidden under the tartan skirt, she did not object to her panties being pushed aside and her young tight pussy penetrated by an eager hard dick. She no doubt would have objected if she had known it was her brother that was fucking her from behind.

    Eyes were still upon the kneeling teen whose head was being firmly held as Elaine was silently ordered to first clean her son’s cock and then to get behind her daughter and clean the seeping semen from the puffy cunt. She remained on all fours behind the unsuspecting teen as she was brutally fucked with a huge white dildo strapped to Lara’s waist.

    The young girl rose from her kneeling position and red faced turned to take her seat on the wooden bench that she had previously occupied. She looked about her wondering who had fucked her and who had licked her clean. As she gazed around it dawned on her… she looked at her brother in horror…knowing that it had to be his cock as his was the only one that seemed appropriately sized compared to the others that were on display. He had a smile upon his face that meant that that would not be the last time her cunt was going to be made available to him. The thing is… she would not object to him if he so asked.


    Jackie could feel Jason’s cock starting to swell… his hips moving in time with the gobbling woman’s head. Slowly she eased her finger into the tight anus… hoping that he was not adverse to such an act. She heard a slight moan and stopped all her movements for a second… now hoping that she did not wake the sleeping until he had shot his creamy load down her throat. Convinced that he was still asleep she continued with her sexual goal.

    ‘Fucking whore…suck that fucking cock and make sure its deep down your fucking throat when he cums… I want his cock so fucking deep that your tongue doesn’t even get a fucking taste of his fucking seed’

    Jackie’s eyes opened wide in horror as she saw her daughter staring at her with her son’s cock deep in her mouth.

    ‘And once you have satisfied him… I have a fucking aching cunt that needs your fucking attention’ …


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