The Business Trip – Part I


My husband, Rob, had a very important business meeting in Las Vegas. Normally I would never go with him on these trips, but this time I learned his boss suggested I go and even agreed to pay for our hotel room over the weekend. It turned out part of the purpose of the trip was to entertain a potentially new client. I guess Rob’s boss felt that having a young attractive brunette with big firm tits and a tight round ass around wouldn’t hurt the schmoosing part of the trip. Rob made it clear if he could land this new account it would be huge for his company and would guarantee him a promotion, he also said if he blew this he was screwed. He set the ground rules to me, which was that this new client is always right; that I should be very friendly to him and that we were both going to have to kiss his ass for three days.
I asked him for clarification, “Does being very friendly mean flirting?”
He hesitated then replied, “Let’s just say I won’t mind if you flirt with him in front of me. ”
I asked, “Is he married?”
Rob answered, “No, he’s recently divorced and probably has been out of action for awhile. He’s in his 40’s so he’d probably cum in his pants having a beautiful girl in her 20’s flirting with him. ”
I felt kind of guilty being a cock tease to this guy just to get Rob his business but told Rob I’d do anything I could to help him secure this new client.
The first day we were in Vegas Rob had to attend some meetings, so I was left by myself. I had a very relaxing day which included lunging by the pool, getting a massage by a hot guy and having my hair and nails done. I was feeling really good and may I add horny from that massage, so by time Rob got back I wanted to fuck him so bad! He said we had no time to fuck and rushed me to get ready for dinner. He was clearly a little nervous and was being very anal about every detail. He picked out the sexiest dress I had and told me to wear it for tonight. It was a short, tight black dress with spaghetti straps and a low neckline.

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   I wore black heels and stockings, a little thong and no bra. I looked hot, but Rob was so preoccupied he didn’t even notice or comment! I was very disappointed especially after he turned me down for sex.
We arrived at the restaurant and that's when I was introduced to the man Rob was so desperately trying to land as a client. His name was Jonathan and I was very surprised to find that he was a very attractive man, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was over 6' tall and I noticed he had a nice built from the tight silk shirt he was wearing. I was expecting some ugly out of shape guy; I was going to enjoy flirting with him!
During dinner we all drink a lot. I was feeling quite buzzed from the alcohol and was flirting big time with Jonathan. He wasn’t what I expected though; he was a very confident and charming man and had no problem hitting on me right in front of Rob. I guess a man that is that successful has no problem saying what he feels and taking what he wants.
He would say things like, “Britney I love that dress on you. I girl with a body like yours should not be shy about showing it off. ”
To which I replied, “Thanks I’m glad someone at this table appreciates how I look. ” That was a low blow to Rob and I regretted saying it.
Jonathan teased Rob after that saying things like, “You better satisfied her because if you don’t a hot girl like Britney would have no problem finding a man that would. ”
The conversation turned to sex and Rob was clearly uncomfortable with that topic.

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   I on the other hand was not and answered most of his questions. Like how often we do it (two or three times a week), my favorite sexual position (doggie) and the most outrageous place I’ve ever done it (Victoria’s Secret dressing room – pre Rob). That’s when Rob finally changed the subject!
When we had a moment alone Rob said, “Holy shit Britney I asked you to flirt with him and you’ll not holding back are you!”
I asked him, “Do you want me to stop?”
He reluctantly said, “No, it’s okay it seems to be working. He totally loves it, I just wish you didn’t answer every question especially about things you did with other guys!”
I replied with a grin, “Hey you knew about Victoria’s Secret!” then quickly added, “Ya know I wasn’t expecting him to be so good looking. ”
Just as I said that Jonathan came up from behind me and as he sat down he had a big smile. I was embarrassed that he probably heard me say he was good looking. After dinner we went gambling. We played craps and I rolled the dice for him. I was doing really well and winning him and a lot of other people on the table money. We continued to drink and I was drunk. Jonathan was standing behind me to the side as I rolled and had one hand roaming over my body. He tried to be discrete about it, but I sure Rob noticed. Rob didn’t say a word and I guess he was willing to let Jonathan feel me up to get his business. It was so turned on and when I felt Jonathan’s hard cock rubbing up against my butt I knew he was too!
After craps Jonathan wanted to play blackjack. I was getting late and it was obvious Rob was coming down from the alcohol.

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   He had a long day and was jet-lagged. Jonathan knew Rob had an early meeting the next morning.
He said, “Rob you look beat! Go get some sleep. ”
Rob replied, “I’m fine, I’m having a good time. ”
Jonathan insisted, “Rob get to bed. It’s okay. Just leave your beautiful wife here. ” He laughed, “Don’t worry I’ll be a gentleman. ”
Jonathan then asked me, “Do you want to gamble with me a little longer? You’re my good luck charm. ”
I answered, “Sure” then turned to Rob and said, “Why don’t you listen to him and go get some sleep. ”
Rob seemed uncomfortable leaving me with Jonathan, but he couldn’t say no to him. As he kissed me good night he whispered to me to behave.
Once Rob had left Jonathan said, “No offence, but I’m glad he’s gone. If you hadn’t joined us tonight I think I would have shot myself if I was alone with him. ”
We gambled and drank for another hour and during that time he took every opportunity to compliment me and feel me up.

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   He also made a number of alarming remarks that Rob didn’t have a chance to get his business. I was trying to convince him to give Rob his business the whole time we were together, but it wasn’t working. At the end of the night while in the elevator alone with him he leaned over and began to kiss me. I didn’t stop and he shimmied up my dress over my hips and was running his hands over my ass and in between my legs. I was so wet and horny I would have let him fuck me right then, but the elevator door opened and a couple caught us! It was humiliating as I quickly pulled my dress down. We both got out at my floor and then he asked me to come back to his room. With the moment broken I told him that I should just go back to my room.
That’s when he told me, “If you want Rob to get my business you’re going to have to fuck me. ”
I was stunned. I said, “What…are you kidding!”
He answered, “I don’t joke about business. ”
I said, “That’s not right!”
He replied, “That’s business honey! If I don’t get you Rob doesn’t get me. ”
I asked, “How do I know if I fuck you you’ll give Rob your business?”
He replied, “I’m giving you my word and I didn’t become successful by breaking my word. ”
He started to fondle my big tits in the hallway. I didn’t know what to do. I knew how much this trip meant to Rob’s career, but I also knew he wouldn’t want me to fuck him either.


   I then thought to myself “Well Rob wanted me to flirt with him and he was letting him feel me up right in front of him. ”
I then offered, “I’ll give you a blowjob. ”
Jonathan smiled and took me by my hand and lead me back to the elevator. When we got back to his room he removed my dress within a minute. He squeezed my tits with his big strong hands and complimented me how awesome my tits were. He then started sucking on them. As he sucked on them he slid his hand down my flat stomach and into my panties. My pussy was so wet as two of his fingers easier penetrated me. He finger fucked me for about five minutes as he sucked on my tits.
I knew if I didn’t stop him soon I’d wind up letting him fuck me, so I undid his slacks and pulled out his hard cock. I was stunned by the size. It must’ve been at least nine inches and it was very thick. The head was very pronounced and was the size of a doorknob. I just stoked him and looked down at it.
I said, “Wow you’re huge!”
He asked, “So how do I compare to your husband?” as he pushed me down to my knees.

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I answered, “You’re much bigger than Rob!” he liked my answer!
I started licking up his shaft. When my tongue reached the top of his cock I twirled it around his fat head. I then opened my mouth wide and took his cock in. I slid my lips about three quarters down his cock until I felt his head hit the back of my mouth. I knew deep throating him would be a challenge but I was determined to take his big cock completely in my mouth. I would slowly withdraw his cock from my mouth until my lips were around his head. I'd suck on his fat head for a moment then I'd slid my lips down his shaft again. I'd go a little bit further down then slid it back out of my mouth. I kept repeating this process until I was able to reach the base of his cock with my lips. His pubic hair tickled my nose and I desperately tried not to gag on his big cock. After a moment with his cock buried down my throat I slowly slid back up his shaft. I deep-throated him about seven or eight time in a row.
He was moaning as he said, "Damn Britney you suck the best cock!"
Then I started sucking on his cock with shorter and faster stokes. I was bobbing my head up and down his cock really fast and I could taste his precum. He was moaning loud and I knew his was about to explode in my mouth.

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    That's when he pulled his cock from my mouth and said, "Aaaaa you're going to make me cum!" He breath heavy and said, "I don't want to cum yet. "
    He then sat down on the bed and lifted his feet on the bed too and leaned back on his extended arms.
    He commanded, "I want you to lick my balls and my asshole!"
    I went over to the edge of the bed between his legs and got back down on my knees. I started to lick his balls and ran my index finger around his asshole. After a couple of minutes licking his big balls he once again told me to lick his asshole. I didn’t want to do it, but listened to him anyway. I ran my tongue from his balls to his asshole.
    When I got to his puckered hole I twirled my tongue around it. He moaned loud and I started to squeeze the base of his cock very hard with my hand, his cock swelled. I continued my rimjob for five minutes. I started to get into it as I rubbed my clit with my free hand. My pussy was so wet and I wanted his big cock in me so bad! I began pushing my tongue in his asshole.
    He moaned, "Oh yeah you little slut! Bury your tongue up my ass!"
    I felt embarrassed by his comment, but stuck my tongue as far up his ass as I could get. I was bacisaly fucking his asshole with my tongue as I moved my head back and forth against his ass. I was stroking his rock hard cock and had him on the verge of ejaculating again.

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    He ordered me in a stern voice, "Suck my cock you little slut I wanna cum in your mouth!"
    I obeyed him and stopped my tongue assault on his asshole and licked from his asshole to his balls up his shaft, which precum was running down, to his head. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him off as fast as I could. Within a minute he exploded with huge burst of cum! Thick streams of cum were fired into my mouth. The first stream shot with such force it hit the back of my throat causing me to impulsively gag! The next two burst of gooey cum filled my mouth, coating my tongue and the roof of my mouth.
    I removed his erupting cock from my mouth and quickly was hit on my forehead and left eyebrow with cum that drip down my face. I coughed and some of his cum in my mouth spilled out over my chin. Before I could get his cock between my big tits I took another shot of cum across my left cheek. The cum that was still in my mouth I swallowed down. The whole time he was moaning very loud.
    I wrapped my tits around his huge cock. Even though he had stopped ejaculating he looked liked he was still enjoying a very nice orgasm. He encouraged me to tit-fuck him as every muscle in his body had tensed up. I began to pump his cock between my tits very fast and the head of his cock swelled. He looked so big and looked as if he were about to exploded!
    Jonathan couldn’t speak, he just grunted loudly as his cock erupted once again. I looked up so as not to get hit in the face with more cum.

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       He covered my tits with his cum. I was amazed at how much cum this man produced. I kept pumping his cock between my tits until I had milked the last drop of semen from those big balls on his. I removed his still rock hard cock from between my firm tits and slowly stroke him. After he was done ejaculating his cock became super sensitive and his whole body shivered as I rubbed his bulging head.
    He grabbed my hand with his and stopped me from rubbing his cock while he said, “Please Britney no more!”
    He laid back on the bed and said, “Damn Britney that was the most amazing blowjob I’ve ever gotten. ” as he tried to catch his breath.
    I didn’t say a word; I just picked up my dress from the floor and headed to the bathroom. When I looked at myself in the mirror I just froze. I was such a mess, my face and tits covered with cum! I just stared at myself in disbelief at what I had just done, but the cum on me was proof it really happened. After a minute I cleaned myself up and got dressed.
    When I left the bathroom Jonathan was lying naked on his bed. He patted the bed and told me, “Come here. ”
    I continued to head towards the door and said, “I can’t. It’s late and I really have to go.

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      ” Right before I opened the door I added, “This was really wrong. You have to promise never to say anything about tonight to Rob!”
    He replied with a big grin, “Fine. I won’t tell Rob what a little slut his wife is. ” As he laughed I left his room feeling so used and dumb.
    When I got back to my room I tried to seek into bad without waking Rob, but he was waiting for me.
    He said, “It’s so late! What happened after I left?”
    I answered, “Nothing I want to go to sleep. ”
    Rob then said, “I’m sorry Britney, I hope you’re not mad at me. ”
    I asked, “For what?”
    He answered, “For making you flirt with that asshole and for not saying anything as he fondled you at the craps table. It killed me to watch him feel you up! I feel so bad letting him do that to you. ”
    I said, “Don’t worry about it. ”
    He added, “Britney please be honest with me. I know he wanted me to leave so he could make a move on you. I just need to know how far he got with you. I won’t be mad I promise. ”
    This was my opportunity to confess, but I knew he couldn’t handle the truth of me telling him I gave him a blowjob and rimjob.


       I figured I had to tell him something cause he would believe me if I said nothing happened. I told him how we kissed in the elevator and that he pulled up my dress and felt my ass.
    Rob asked, “So you kissed him back?”
    I answered, “It happened so fast and we got caught by a couple when to doors opened, so it didn’t last long at all. ”
    Rob snapped back, “Well I’m guess I’m lucky you got interrupted because you wouldn’t have stopped him. You probably would’ve let him fuck you in the elevator right? You said he was so good looking!”
    I said, “Maybe I should’ve! At least he wants to fuck me! You know I put up with him for you!”
    Rob apologized and took all the blame. I told him let’s just forget this night. That nothing bad happened and that Jonathan probably did cum in his pant like Rob had joked about earlier and he is definitely very jealous of Rob. I told Rob that when he lands Jonathan as a client it will be worth it.
    I said to Rob, “It’s over let’s go to sleep. ” As I kissed him good night I hoped he didn’t taste Jonathan cum in my mouth!
    Unfortunately for me the next day I would find out it wasn’t over!
    To be.



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