The Boot Club


I was 18 years old and I played golf almost every day in the
summertime anyway i was 5 18 maybe 150 lbs so pretty tall
and kinda thin. I played golf with a lot of different people on
any given day however i had been playing golf with this older
guy named Chris pretty regularly and we hit it off pretty good,
we were a fair match in golf terms. We would make some kind
of small bet every time we played and it was usually for a coke
or something cheap as i never had much money inevitably when
I did lose and i had to pay he would pay for both and just tell me
that he would put it on his tab and he would collect later. getting
towards the end of summer my tab had reached almost a hundred
bucks and while we were playing he told me it was time to pay up
and he knew i didn't have any money so he said he would make a
deal with me, the deal was he had a date on Saturday night and
the only way she could go is if she brought her niece and that is
where i come in, he wanted me to double date so I quickly agreed
to after he told me this would make us square.

Saturday night came and Chris picked me up at my school as i had
told my folks i was going to a friends house and might stay the night.
I got in the car and Chris said we were going to the drive in and that
the girls would meet us there, Chris handed me a joint and told me
to light it up, i lit it and took a nice hit on it then passed it to Chris
back and forth until we finished it. We arrived at the drive in and he
found a pretty quiet place way in the back to park, then he got out
and opened the trunk and brought out some cold beers and we drank
while waiting for the girls to arrive, well the show started and the
girls still hadn't shown up so he went to make a phone call to see if
everything was ok. Well he came back and said the girls weren't gonna
make it they had some kind of problem, anyway as we watched the
movie Chris told me that we didn't really need the girls to have atime
and that we could take care of ourselves as he sorta rubbed my leg a
little then got out and got us a couple of more beers and as he handed
me the beer sorta rubbed me a little more and a little higher up my
leg. I trusted Chris pretty much and i was pretty high and i kinda liked
the extra attention he was giving me, well we both had to go take a
leak so off we headed to the restrooms and in the restroom there is
only 1 round basin to piss into so we pull them out and we pee and
as i am peeing he is sorta checking me out and says that i have got
1 pretty cock and i sorta look at his cock and see that it is much more
different than mine it has skin hiding the head and he needs to peel
it back to pee anyway we shake em and put them away and head back
to the car and on the way he puts arm around me andpulls me close
in to him and says he is going to take me to the Boot Club when the
movie is over, i ask him what the Boot club is and he tells me that it
is a special club he is a member of and that i would really enjoy how
nice it is there and with that he rubs my ass with his hand and then
says you have got such a nice ass and a pretty cock have you ever
had it sucked before? I told him i had never had it sucked but that it
was getting hard a lot and that i jacked off regurlarly, he said we will
get that taken care of at the Boot Club. I could hardly wait. Anyway
the movie was about over when we got back to the car and Chris said
we should just go the Boot Club and get our cocks sucked and leave
the movie a little early. I quickly agreed thinking about this magical
Boot Club. On the way i realized how buzzed and horny i had become
as i was pretty high and pretty happy looking forward to the club.

We turned onto this gravel road and then after a couple of miles we
turned onto this dirt road that was a loop and parked, as we got out
i could see there were tables and a fire pit then Chris opened the trunk
and got out the ice chest and set it on the table then set to starting a
nice fire then he came over to me and handed me a beer and asked me
if wanted to try the Boot Club. I was feeling no pain and was ready to
try it so i said i am ready. Chris told me that there are certain rules to
seeing and joining the Boot Club and that i had to walk around the fire
pit and each time i walked completely around the pit i had to stop and
he would give me instructions each time and that i agreed start walking.

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I went around the pit the first time and i stopped at Chris and he said
take a drink and remove my left shoe i did as i was told then walked
the pit again and this time took a hit and removed my other shoe the
next trip around a drink and 1 sock, next trip my remaining sock and
a drink, off i went around the fire again and this time he told me to take
off my pants and take a toke and as i toked he rubbed my ass under my
underware and said time to walk, this time i took off my shirt and had
a drink of my beer with only my remaiming underware left i had a very
obvious hard on waiting to explode anyway i go around the pit again
and this time i stop and am told to remove my underware and take a
toke then off around the pit again as i stop Chris tells me to close my
eyes and not say a word, no sooner had i closed my eyes when i felt
his mouth cover my dick and as the beer and weed andmy dick
being sucked i felt awesome this was the funnest thing i had ever done,
suddenly i felt like i was going to burst and tried warning Chris to no
avail i erupted rope after rope into his mouth and he hungrily swallowed
every last drop then released me and told me to walk again, i went
the pit and when i stopped Chris had pulled his dick out of his pants and
without a word being said i went to my knees and sucked this big meaty
dick into my mouth and sucked like my life depended on it, in and out
of my mouth as he sorta fucked my face the sensation was so strange
and the smell and flavor of his leaking precum, as strange as it was i
absolutely loved the way it tasted and felt in my mouth and throat as
he got closer and closer i wanted it and wanted it now, then it happened
he started shooting his cum right in my mouth and down my throat as
i swallowed every last drop and continued sucking until he went soft
and then hard again, he then pushed me away and told me to walk the
pit and as i came around he handed me a beer and asked me what i
thought of the Boot Club,i said i loved it and he said good now lets
let the real fun begin. Chris had me bend over the trunk of his car and
spread my legs he bagan by feeling me out everywhere rubbing and
kissing and kneedingthen he went to licking and kissing my ass and
then my asshole oh my god what an incredible feeling getting your
asshole licked while buzzing and being in the great outdoors this
went on for another 18 minutes when he stood up and kinda hugged
me from the back and then he started playing with my nipples and
sucking on my neck when it happened he slid his dick slowly but
surely right up my assalittle bit then a little bit more to be perfectly
honest i never felt any pain i just absolutely went wild as he finally
got it all in there and started to fuck my little virgin ass, i was
pushing back with every stroke as he fucked my ass for all he was
worth i was shooting a load all over the trunk of his car as he continued
to pump me in and out with that magic rod of his, then he started
moaning incredibly hard and very loud as he erupted deep in my
asshole and as he came i started to come again i simply couldn't get
enough of this fun stuff, he continued to fuck me for another minute
or 2 then sort of just fell back and sat on the bench with his entire
body shaking uncontrollably as he was recovering i drank another beer
and played with my freshly fucked ass it felt like the Grand Canyon it
felt like it was wide open and dripping cum but i had never felt anything
ever to feel so good in my whole life as my first sexual experience.

Chris finally recovered and we got dressed and we went to his house
to spend the night and as we were driving i asked him if i was now
a member of the Boot Club? He said that i have have now earned the
right to apply for membership as there are many other members of
the club and i must be voted in first and that he would sponsor me
at the next meeting and if all went well I would become a member.

Part 2 is coming soon, email me your thoughts on this real story at
juxaxme@juno. com

Thanks for reading




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