The Best Week Of My Life (Part 3) (Part 1 of 3 of Day 2)


Sorry for the delay. I’m been busy with class registration at college, being gone in Canada for 18 days, and getting ready for 4th of July. Anyways, I promised myself to have this done by July 4th, so let’s hope this gets the fuse on your fireworks going. :)

Triple Trouble (Part 1 of 3 of Day 2)

“Will…?” Erin said.
“Meet me at the access road by the power station. You know, the one up the road from the construction company. ”
“Yeah, I know what one you mean. See you there. ” I hung up and instantly threw on a pair of non-marking soled sneakers and an old grey volleyball hoodie an ex from the next city over had gotten me while we were dating, grabbed a small flashlight, and slipped out the back door, leaving a note that I was out with Cass and Paul. I walked across the street, walked the ½ mile to the access road. I didn’t see Erin anywhere and began to think that I had been stood up. The moon overhead was a new moon, so there was no ambient light except the beam of my flashlight. I heard a slight rustle in the bushes across the road, but thought it was the wind. I heard nothing after that, but then all of a sudden, felt something jump on my back. I thought it was a mountain lion at first, until the form clinging to my back spoke. “Surprise! Guess who?” someone said with hands covering my eyes.

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   “Could it be…Erin?” I said, smiling. “Congratulations! You win! Here’s your prize!” Erin said, taking her hands off my eyes and spinning me around to face her as we shared a long, hard kiss. Erin was dirty blonde like Stephanie, 5’3 and grapefruit-sized breasts. “God, get a room!” someone else said as they stepped out of the bushes. “Rockie!” Erin said as I shined my beam on Rockie. Rockie was a sophomore this year with red hair, green eyes, and C-cup breasts. “Anyone else in that bush I should know about?” I said, curious about where this could go.
“Nope. Just me. ”
“Fine…come on out, Sam. ”
Sam, too was a sophomore with honey blonde hair, tanned skin, and stood 5’4 with grapefruit-sized breasts.
“How did you know?” Sam said.
I said nothing, but held the flashlight up to my ear and tapped it with my finger.

After a little bit, Erin and I looked at each other and said started discussing quite loudly about what to do with Rockie and Sam.
“Well, Will…What should we do with them? Make them sit and watch? I told her not to bring someone with her and she did.


“I don’t know, Erin. . . We’ll have to see, now, won’t we?”
“Yes, we will. Should we make them sit and watch for right now?”
“That sounds good to me. ”
“But first things first, follow me. ”

Erin led the way off the service road and into the tall grass of the unmaintained ½ mile long strip that divided the 6 foot high chainlink fence to our left and the vast wheat fields by the lumberyard, broken only by the paved main road up to the school gate. After a short distance, we came to a stop in front of one of the places where the land dipped enough that it was in front of a drainage ditch. Luckily, it had not rained recently so the ground was dry and there was no gunk to step or crawl in. “Get down on your hands and knees. ” Erin said. Rockie looked at her, confused. “So we can slip under the fence. I know what I’m doing. ”Erin crawled under the fence and I followed suit, all the while with flashlight in mouth and trying not to let my jaw drop while staring directly at Erin’s ass.

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   I reached out and gave her ass a quick pinch, making her jump with a quiet yelp. “More where that came from. ” I said, smiling and spitting out the flashlight. “I’m gonna get you for that. ” Erin shot back with an impish smile. “Bring it on. ” I said as Rockie and Sam crawled through the tight space. “So where are we going now?”
“See this?” Erin said, pulling out a ring of keys out of her jeans pocket. “Bryce” she said, referring to the groundskeeper’s daughter, Bryce, who also was on the softball team with Erin. “made me a copy when I told her about my plan. This gets us on to every place on the athletic fields. Football field, baseball field, softball field, soccer field, tennis courts, even the press box. Follow me. WE have plans for YOU, Will. ”
“Do tell.

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I really had to wonder what she, Rockie, and Sam had in store for me.
“We’re here. ”
Erin unlocked the gate, led us up into the stands and into the press box, shared a kiss with me and led us inside and when all hell broke loose. No sooner than had we stepped one foot inside the press box than Erin had managed to work my jeans down and was sucking away like a pro. “Mmm…Stephanie was right. You taste really good. ”
I felt myself starting to get lightheaded and about to come. “I’m about to come, Erin. ”
Erin stopped sucking, but kept stroking away faster and faster until I felt myself explode. She sucked me clean. “How was that?” I was in awe. “I’ll take that as a good sign. ” I nodded my head and smiled at her.
“When is it our turn?” Rockie asked and as Sam looked on inquisitively.

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       I’m not done with him yet. ”
    I smiled at Erin. “Lay down on the desk over there and take off your panties, jeans, shirt, and bra; Sam and Rockie, let me show you a little preview of what’s to come. “
    Erin did as I said and laid down on the press box desk. I knew Erin wasn’t going to be as tight as the first time I fucked her, altogether getting farther than her previous boyfriends Dalton, Clayton, and Thomas had ever gotten.
    “You ready?”
    Erin gave an eager nod. I stuck 1 finger in her pussy at first and began to slowly fingerfuck her, then began to go in with 2 fingers while licking away at her pussy. She tasted like the purest honey I ever tasted. Eventually, after I was up to 3 fingers and still stroking away, I heard her cry out, “Oh god! I’m about to come!” and soon let loose with a mind-blowing orgasm. I consoled her for a little while letting her catch her breath. I checked the clock on the wall.
    “12:30 AM. ” I thought to myself, smiling. “Sweet. Still got time to do Erin, Sam, and Rockie and be home before the sun comes up.

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       If we ever finish that is. ” That put an even bigger grin on my face.
    I looked at Rockie and Sam, who were already rubbing themselves, and then looked Erin straight in the eyes, who had moved down to the floor to allow for better entry. “You ready, Erin?”
    “Oh, Will…I was ready the first time! I NEED you INSIDE me. NOW. ”
    Erin was wetter than water and ready. I entered her slowly until I had completely filled her up and began to fuck her slowly with her hands on her thighs and began to speed up over time, making her moan, pant, and cry out in pure ecstasy and delight. “I’m about to come!” I said. “Yeah, same here! Come inside me! I need to feel you inside me!” I heard Sam and Rockie began to increase their breathing too and I knew that if I timed it just right, we would all finish at the same time. “I’m coming!” I said, as I felt Erin’s 2nd orgasm of the night begin to come out and soak my dick and heard Sam’s and Rockie’s begin to cry out in pure joy. I shot out every single rope of my come, running thick and heavy from the newfound excitement. “Wow…” Erin said, panting like a dog on a summer day. “Yeah, you’re telling me. Whew…”
    “Who’s next?” I said after 18 minutes. “Tell you what.

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       First one of you two to come gets a crack at me---” Before I could even finish my sentence, Sam and Rockie were already going at it…


    Stay tuned for Part 2 of 3 of Day 2. Again…sorry for the LONG delay. Family stuff, college, and buying fireworks. Drop me a comment or vote for it if you want me to go on and I’ll get rolling on it soon as I can.