The Best Week Of My Life (Part 3 of 3 “Triple Trouble”)


The Best Week Of My Life (Part 3 of 3 “Triple Trouble”)

Hi, sorry if it didn’t seem like I finished my story. Busy with college stuff and my computer up and quit on me, so I had to get it shipped out to get repaired and first got it back today. If you’re a first-time reader, then you can catch up by reading my earlier posts.

All 3 giggled amongst themselves as they put their plan in action of pleasuring me in the greatest way they could imagine: Forget fucking twins, and forget a threesome, because in that short amount of time, they had organized the most major blow-out (pun most definitely intended) any guy or girl could get: a FOUR-some
“Lay down. ” Erin said. I did as I was told, letting her take control as I laid down on the 50 yard line. Erin told Sam to put her pussy over my mouth and Rockie to position herself over me and between her and Sam. I felt around and tweaked Rockie’s nipples as she positioned herself over me, responding with a positive reaction by growing wetter and letting out a low moan. Sam sat down on my face and I gave her pussy a couple of licks, making her shudder in ecstasy. “Oh my god!” Erin said as she lowered herself down onto my dick. It took everything I had not to come right then and there. “Ready? You’re in quite a treat, Will. ” Erin said to me with a huge smile on her face. “Go for it!” I said, ready to get it on with Sam’s pussy to my mouth, Rockie hovering over me, and my dick inside Erin. After a long time, just when I thought the idea of having a FOUR-some and the simultaneous expressions of joy and pleasure were enough to make me come, I heard something squishing and sucking sounds. While I was busy fucking Erin, Erin was finger-fucking Rockie with two fingers fast and hard, with Rockie close enough to Sam and greedily sucking away on Sam’s tits.


   “Oh, Willlllll, oh, God, don’t stopppp!” Erin said at one end while my tongue was busy licking and sucking away at Sam’s clit so hard and fast with a responding drawn-out moan from her. “OHHHH GODDDDD!!!” Rockie, Erin, and Sam all moaned in unison, their orgasms all building up at the same time. “OHHHH FUCKKKK YEEEEAHHH!!!” The multiple orgasms were too much for me, driving far over the edge with enough power to nearly go cross-eyed and knock me out cold as I came rope after rope in almost the double digits into Erin’s pussy, with Sam’s honey juice shooting all over me, nearly drowning me, and both being driven by Rockie still sucking away hard like there was no tomorrow with Erin coming up to the ends of her knuckles, now up to 3 fingers and moving faster than a V8 piston and sucking away hard at Rockie’s pussy. Sam removed herself from me and Erin got up off of me, leaving me and Rockie in a long, hard French kiss while I fingered Sam and Erin with both free hands for a little bit. Rockie broke the kiss as I stood there in a haze, staring into space for about 18 minutes before being shocked back to reality by 3 hands: one on my shaft, one on my stones, and one on the head of my dick with fingers like silk, touching all the sensitive and pleasurable spots, making me harder than blue steel again. Erin, Sam, and Rockie had a hard time deciding, so by process of elimination by roshambo, Erin got the head of my dick with a tongue like silk, Sam sucking away on my shaft, and Rockie sucking away like a black hole on my stones. As the sun began to come up, so did my dick. I gotta say, to this day, I’ve never had a better dick-sucking and I don’t think any girl could ever top it like they did with a dick sucking at dawn. I was hard enough that I swore I could’ve broken a diamond with one *thwhack!* and have not felt anything. It felt SO GOOD, better than Heaven, I would imagine! I held back to the point of feeling like the slightest breeze could send me in an explosion white-hot come until Rockie stopped sucking, as did Sam, and Erin, who had stopped sucking, but kept pumping at supersonic speed until I came in an explosion in all their mouths and on their tongues with all 3 trying to control my exploding dick to get their fair shares and licking it up off each other. “Consider it a reward for the greatest night ever. ” I said with a huge grin on my face. “Thank you, Will!” The trio said in unison. I swore to myself that this could only be a dream: the most perfect dream ever to be exact, but this was really and had just happened, which put a huge smile on my face.

All I could remember after that is walking home with them at my sides, coming home, showering with Erin, Rockie, and Sam, us drying each other off, then them leaving after borrowing 3 pairs of my blue jeans, 3 belts, and 3 t-shirts, sharing a kiss with each as they left out my back door as I went into my room and sleeping straight in 3:00 in the afternoon.

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   About 3 weeks later, I met my current fiance, “Rachel”, and we are engaged currently. “Rachel” says I am allowed to finish up this series of events, but no more.

Of course, I would never have sex in minors or at least unprotected sex, so this is all pure fantasy, except the names.


I’m done for right now until I can get some more inspiration. Have fun!



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