The best summer ever


Yeah that's what she said. She was a fine thing, she had all the right curves in all the right places. Her name was Debbie and she was my first sexual experience. It was all such a blur because it happened so fast. It would have probably have been a bit slower but her daughter was due home soon. My name is Chris and I'm 19 just finished High School and I was off to college the next fall and decided to get a part time job to save money. About two weeks before i was supposed to leave I was about to go see my girl at her house after work. It was not too far from my house so i went home to change into a tank top and shorts. We had made plans the day before to meet at her house after her soccer game. So I reached her house it was so hot that day and I ran to her house and knocked on her window like I usually do when she comes from a game cause she usually showers and cant get to the door. I waited a minute the sun was so hot and my shirt was damp which made it a little see through. I knocked again and after like half a minute the curtains separated and it was her mother instead in a see through robe. I could see she was wearing a tankiny and her breast barely fit in the top. I could tell the house was cold because her nipples were hard and shown threw the robe. I never looked at her that way but Hey!!. .

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  . . . . she was in a robe I would be gay not to look right? Anyway's she told me to go to the front door while I was walking over to the front door I kept thinking of her nipples and how I wanted to feel them, I usually get horny after a workout and the run was more than enough to get me in that state of mind. When I reached the front door she was waiting "Hello Chris, why didn't you use the front door" she said while adjusting her robe. While she was adjusting it I thought it was pointless because it was see through, seeing where my eyes had wandered she blushed and tightend her arms around her waist. I wished like hell that I had fucked someone before, I was fighting to keep from getting hard. She was about 37 and had an amazing body she had perky breast and a nice round ass. Seeing that I was staring at her body when I looked at her face she was staring at me like cookies out of a cookie jar.
"Oh I am so sorry come in have some water. " she said after realizing I was still in the sun. "It's so fucking hot out there I was in the pool just now. Would you like to join me till Lena get's home?" she asked while pouring the water in the glass. While she was walking over to me I noticed she had added a bit more swaying in her walk.

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  "So where is Lena she never came home?" I said as she handed me my water. "No she went with a friend" she answered "Oh do you know why?" I asked her after taking a sip. Her she seemed hesitant to answer me then told me a friend of hers got hurt during the game and went to the hospital. Her eyes were fixed on my chest, I looked down to see if I had a spot, my shirt was wet from the humid air and you could see right through it my shirt was sticking to my chest muscles and the a. c was making my nipples hard. I blushed and put my hands on my face, I knew she was staring at me a groan escaped my lips. I was so fustrated I knew what was going to happen problem was I wasn't sure what to do. She leaned over and felt my chest. "Your soaked!" she said while touching my shirt. Her hand on my body made a shock run through me "Take off your shirt and come in the pool your already wet and Lena will be home soon anyway's. " she walked away taking her robe off at the same time. She had a sweet ass and her skin was glowing from the sun hitting her. When I got to the back I dived in, the water felt so good but I thought she'd feel better. I asked her if she wanted to play a game to pass the time, knowing just what I meant. She gave me a sexy stare and swam closer to me, I was a little nervous and tried to act like I didn't notice.

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   Her head was just above the water and with every stroke she made she would thrust her breast forward so you could just see them. It took a life time for her to reach me she stood really close to my face and licked my lips,"I have a really good game for you" then she put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately while rubbing the back of my head.
Her other hand slowly moved under the water where she rubbed my already hard penis from outside my shorts, just in the instant that she touched me I lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and let out a soft moan. While I was kissing her neck she freed her breast from that damn top showing her hard nipples I then immediately put one in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue while I rubbed the other with my thumb. While I kissed her I told her to tell me what she wants. She only moaned, I asked again and told her to tell me now. With a loud moan she ordered "Eat me!" she moaned in my ear. I grabbed her by the waist and with one swift move lifted her out of the pool and sat her on the ledge. She pulled her suit to the side and showed my her gorgeous pussy I was hesitant and stayed staring at it "Oh new at this I see" she placed her hand on my head and moved me towards her bidding pussy "Just lick the ball and suck lightly". Still feeling a bit nervous I caught a scent of her moist the smell was so arousing, I wanted more I buried my face between her legs and licked her sweet clit. The more I licked the sweeter it got she moaned my name and spread her lips wider "Right here" as she pointed to her sweet spot I imideatly placed my tongue on the spot and swirled and whirled my tongue hearing her moan was driving me crazy I had to have her and fast. My hands found her waist again and I moved her back and pealed off the her bottoms that was sticking to her body,"Mm yes Chris show me how bad you want it. " I got out so fast that it seamed like I took all the water with me. As I lowered myself on her all the water dripped all over her and glistened in the sun.

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   I almost ripped off my shorts I was dying to be inside her I took her hands in mine and forced them over her head, slipped my hard cock in her warm wet pussy. She got free and began to claw my back and told me to go deeper. The deeper I went the closer to climax I got, she threw her head back in extacy she put her whole body into it now she wrapped her legs tight around me I could tell she was reaching orgasm she was urging me to cum I could feel her shaking under me, her walls contracting and soon after her wet pulsing pussy was filled with my cum. I layed my head on her chest. "She'll be here soon. " she warned me as she gently pushed me away "What about Lena do I- "Shhh don't worry she is doing the same to you now. "