The best friend


Ok this is a true story of what happend to me a few years ago.

My best friend, let's call him Ryan, came over for the weekend. We where both in our last year of school together around 18 years old, we both considered ourselves to be straight as we both had our fair share of gf's. We talked about sex all the time and wanking was somehting we talked about very often u no typical teenager talk. We often went round to eachothers houses for the weekend and got drunk and justed played on the playstation for most of the nite and then usualy we would go upstairs and wank over a porn film or a video on the Internet, we did this all of the time and wasn't phased by the fact that we were wanking infro t of each other. This nite howevr
r my friend said that he was bored ofthe same porn all the time and he sed he would find something else, it was about 1oclock in the morning at this time everyone was in bed and we had been drinking all nite and was very very drunk. I went for a piss and told him to find something good. When I got back he sed iv found something but I don't know if you will like it, he gave me the laptop and it wastwo young guys fucking each other, I asked him why he put it on n he told me that it just turned him on, and j admited to him that I watch some gay porn as well and zed that turned me on. So we took our cocks out and started to wank to it, he was around the same size as me sound 6inches, after about 5 mins I was really geting into it and sudenly my best friend grabbed my cock and started wanking me, we had never done this b4 so i was quite shocked to say the least.

I was about to tell him to get off me but if felt so good I didn't want it to end. After about ten mins he stopes and toldme that he had always wanted to do that and asked if I would experiment with him and after what had just happnd I could resist, so he grabbed my cock again and wanked me fast and the started to suck me, it felt so fucking good he was boning up and down on my hard cock it was amazing. I then got up and went to work on him wanking him slowly at first and the geting fast and faster he was moaning like mad, I then put him hard cock into my mouth and suckedhim off the texture felt amazing and I sucked him for ages loving every minute. He then asked me if I wanted to go further and I sed yes so we got on the floor and 69ed each other ohhh it felt so good, Nd after about ten mins both got and he bent mr over and pushed his tongue deep into me asshole, he licked me out so fucking good I hadd never felt pleasure like it I was moaning like crazy. I then returned the favour and licked his sweet ass he was moaning my name and lovingit. He then asked me to fuck his ass, I thought that mite have been going a bit far but he sed that he wanted it so bad so I sed yes. I spat on my fingers and rubbed him till he was lubed up I then puta finger inside his bum and fucked it he let out s smLl moan, after I few minutes he begged for my cock so I put on.

defranceska gallardo 

   A condom and slowly guided it to his ass. I pushed it in gently and let out a moan, he was so fucking tight I fucked him doggystyle I went slow and then fast we were both moaning like mad he kept telling me to fuck him harder and harder it was awesome. I got so worked up I wanted some so I asked him to fuck me he bent me over fingered me and then pushed his cock In my bum, it hurt at first but after a minute or so it felt good I askedhim to fuck me harder and harder we where going crazy. I was so good it felt amazing and hearing him slapping against my ass turned me on even more. He reached round and started wanking my hard cock while he fucked me and within minutes I sed I was going to to cum and he sed he was too so he went as fast as he could and we both let out huge moans as we came to a hot sweaty orgasm.

That nite was awesome and we have experimented a few times more since.

And that's about it really that was my firstever story so please comment and if u wana email me please do I'm 18 by the way cheers longy1989@yahoo. co. uk.